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  1. Wouldn't be surprised with all the hype that Charlie is back as DD, we see a movie or D+ show getting the fast track.
  2. Likely at this point a Ken Ellis movie is everything but off the table, I'm sure they are thinking of every last character they could squeeze a movie out of, Glory Grant movie is in the works đŸ˜‰ but I wouldn't be surprised if a Madame Web movie did get scrapped....heck look bigger names have seen their movies scrapped...cough cough Channing Tatum's Gambit
  3. Yes true, about the characters obvious similarities, but I don't think it would matter too much, these days everything's the same and if it says Marvel nobody will ask questions. Yeah that's my thing you had two great characters that would work very well on the big screen and are way more popular (well Black Cat) then Madame Web and Kraven, well maybe we can get a Ben Urich movie, and The secret Diary of Aunt May.
  4. I'm sure, but it's not likely at this point most would care, the last Catwoman movie...well we'd like to forget that, I also think Silver Sable could have really worked, she just does Merc jobs runs around looking cool and hot, seems like a winner there, seen movies about less. I was always surprised they scrapped those movies the Black Cat and Silver Sable films, plus remember they were going to do a movie where they two teamed up Silver & Black , guess the eyes got to big after Venom. Well I wish Sony luck..in all of their endeavours into the spider-verse but...
  5. Question is Sony thought that Madame Web and Kraven movies were better bets then the 2 movies they scrapped about Black Cat and Silver Sable? , becuase those actually could be okay movies, worthy of being movies...not Madame Web.
  6. I want this, but these always cost so much I never get em, I wanna collect marvel dolls.
  7. Hahaha honestly you are not wrong, Yeah I trully question what a Madame Web movie would be like, I'm really trying here but maybe she forms a team to yeah know do something about something in the future she bugs them to fix?
  8. Art work looks awesome, really good stuff, still only really want Siryn and Maggot, but probably will also get Vulcan and Darwin, Havok, Wolverine and Sabretooth noooot for this guy. Why even do this Wolverine, there are still some outfits they have not done that would be far better then this like Training Suit and Team X (I'd actually buy that), a single packed re-release of Days of the fugure past Logan would be cool, or Fang, but no we get this Wolverine..I don't gather people are too excited for.
  9. Yeah sadly they will continue to buy the over-priced tripe, there are so many out there who will buy it all, Hasbro knows this Hasbro has us beat, we just gotta take it or speak with the wallets. It's feels pretty mean actually at this point, the fat cats play us hard, and so many don't even want to acknowledge it, We're probably the most outspoken lot of collectors here, go elsewhere and they gush over everything, "OMG Iron Man in a bathrobe!, Finally!" "Hasbro says yes Iron Man in a bathrobe, from the non existent issue where Tony washes his armor in the shower" but it's just the A.I. Iron Man with a plastic jacket that's the same jacket they used for 6 plus years (aka you know the one) oh...it's exclusive to Bed Bath and Beyond and costs 65 bucks, "I'll pre-order 6" at EB Games when the cowboy hat Wolverine first came out they were selling it for 40.99, people bought it.
  10. Seriously I don't even want a fancy stand that says anything on it, just pack in a stand, Tadd can do it, and still keep costs down, but no stands for Legends collectors, It makes no sense this is a collectors line..we want the figures to stand when we display them, I'd imagine it would cost almost nothing to provide.
  11. Vulcan is the first figure using the "Vulcan Buck" so therefore the Vulcan buck ain't going to be on anyone but Vulcan yet, and he's not even released, don't worry you can get bored of the massive use of the Vulcan buck very soon. Ha!
  12. I really wish we could see Stands being packed in with every Legend, not just this anniversary program going forward, We need stands like this one for all of our legends, Remember when every legend came with a stand? yeah what happened there? we all just love that half our figures can't properly stand up.
  13. Well totally it's not just one man's departure from a company that would be the focal cause of this situation, as you state well if people are already and have been in the past asking where these figures are at retail directly to the managers of their stores, well clearly there is more wrenches in the cogs of this partnership between Walgreens and Hasbro, I wish I knew a remedy, maybe perhaps they in the past few years have spread these exclusives to thin, alotting to many to non US markets resulting in less product for the states, If I remember correctly in the beginning when Walgreens first got exclusives we in Canada didn't get them, but we In Canada do now get these Walgreens exclusives at EB games and they have been fairly bountiful, perhaps the supply has been shifted towards the markets they see as having more sales of said figures (which would be all supply and demand issues), maybe since these figures do well in Canada (because they are easier to get) they think they sell better here, and send more, and then the US gets less, which is because they never got them they see them as not selling well, the opportunity isn't there for buyers, it's a terrible thing honestly that these two companies can't figure things out, but the worst part is neither Walgreens or Hasbro are willing to admit that they have failed and need to alter their game, I mean the Legends team addressed it but what does that do, they don't put boots to the ground. it's naturally the whole exclusive formula that causes the most issues here, it's a real thorn in the collectors community's side, and the companies...they don't care about us, bottom line dollar sign , no matter how they obtain it.
  14. It was being Facetious about that obviously, no likely you won't want to do that. But I'm not joking when I say a good plan of action is start by bringing it to the managers attention, if people go directly to the people in charge and demand they want the product at their location, it could work, maybe it won't just doesn't hurt to ask you know. I had a store by me (not Walgreens) and they stopped stocking legends because they never sold them, I asked them if they would, the guy said sure we can bring in a case, which they did. If they see a demand they might put product on the shelf, clearly most stores see no demand since they arn't selling mustard daredevils they've had since 2016, so all they see is that this product doesn't sell.Most retail stores won't put new product on a shelf until previous inventory is depleted.
  15. I'd be shocked if they gave us any of the above mentioned characters, but I'd be happy, but honestly you'd gamble on Walgreens getting an exclusive Unicorn đŸ˜…
  16. I have probably said this before (wait I know I have), in regards to why most Walgreens don't get Legends, is because the person (Steve Anne) who initiated the partnership and the big collector push with Walgreens left the company, they were the ones pushing the stores to stock the product, now that Walgreens didn't have someone form above motivating them to stock toys, they seemed to dwindled down on the keeping of figures, The Managers of each store are the ones who determine what is in stock or not, so each store might have a different view on stocking collectors items such as action figures, if a store manager doesn't feel like they are selling the items, they don't bring more in, Each store is accountable for their specific inventory, so if Bill Bobman at store 1889 doesn't see any sales from Legends, he ain't bringing in more inventory because his computers show they have 19 Medusas on the pegs for 5 years, as a store manager why would I want to bring in more product I have no reason to believe will sell? and I;ll just eventually have to take a loss on when I discount it? these guys don't care about toys it's a pharmacy likely Bill Bobbalaha doesn't even know what a Marble Leg-end is As fact from Walgreens On Managers duties maybe people need to go directly to their walgreens managers at store level and insist they stock legends. go buy every Legend on the peg, and say we need more!,
  17. Man how good would an Immortal Hulk movie be directed by David Cronenberg? but on to the customs here, yeah wild crazy work very cool.
  18. Seems the Theme of The Walgreens exclusives this year are Villains, as both figures shown already being this Zemo and the Jigsaw come in the Super Villains packaging.
  19. I know right, wow, someone must be a big fan of Zemo over their in the paint department this figure is awesome, I've been hoping for this exact Zemo for years, this is a must get, I really hope this doesn't prove difficult to find because I'm going to get all up in arms if it is, this is the Zemo I want for my collection! see Hasbro can do some good stuff when they really want to...but then they go and make this an exclusive, just a reminder Hasbro hates you all and it's all a cruel joke.
  20. I mean I would have probably spent some bucks on getting a 1st Appearance IM myself (granted it looked good) and I'm not even an big Iron Man guy really, but I already see what the fans are saying about this 20th anniversary figure all over the net and from what I can gather 1 out of 10 collectors plan on buying this, with most of those folks who want it being newbies entering the arena and wanting a "classic" Iron Man, and the other small percent are the Die Hard completionists. This figure is just more reasons to Sigh and face palm at Hasbro, runnning out the gate with big fancy price tags and giving us little in return. Yeah exactly, I think it's just a mass of "info" because I can't see those figures being in this 20th Anniversary Program, why would characters like Mr. Negative or MVC War Machine? makes no sense, so I'd say these are just figures listed as supposed to be coming out this year but someone got the information all twisted up and presumed they were in the 20th Anni line, I think they are just figures that are going to come out in various lines or forms. also yeah not one lady..red flag right there. Rektangular has been right in the past, but as of late he seems pretty desperate for youtube views and seems like he's just spouting random madness..he seems to be pandering to the fans, he's always talking about something everyone wants like a Blue Beast re-release, or 100 different Spider-Men every kid has been asking for. I'm also exhausted by how many people just take any rumoured "leak" and auto assume it's confirmed.
  21. Isn't the Agents of Shield boxset version pretty Classic MCU Nick Fury? Yeah it was a re-do of an old figure and now doesn't really hold up in the articulation department (he's still got those ball jointed hips) but the face and the outfit seem pretty spot on, not saying we don't need a New Nick Fury who isn't young, but they did give us one, and bet they will give us another 1 or 2 when Secret Invasion show comes out, Poor old Wong just got a figure now after being in 5 movies.
  22. Yeah most of that seems pretty out of left field for a line that's supposed to be based on the 20th anniversary of Legends, Celebrating Toybiz legends, I think Rektangular is pulling stuff out of his behind. Marvel VS. Capcom Warmachine? Mr. Negative? Firelord? (as examples) yeah I'd be blown out of my socks if that came true, sure those figures listed above I can see being released in some for in 2022 but under the Mock Toybiz card 20th Anniversary Banner...Why would that program include those figures seems totally inconsistent and extremely random. Toybiz never did a firelord or a mr. negative or gamerverse figure, Sure I will eat my words if this comes true, but I also think it would be stupid to include most of those above listed figures in a ToyBiz 20th Anniversary celebration wave, and what not include Thor, Namor or any of the figures it should, Hasbro would be wacked out.
  23. I'd say likely most of these anniversary figures will be heavyhitters, they wouldn't want to fumble up by releasing anything that wouldn't be a potential certified hit from a sales standpoint, I agree with you speculating we will see a Deadpool, Wolverine, Thor, quite possibly Magneto, Daredevil, Namor, Very hopfully Ghostrider it's about time we get a Dan, I could see them also likely giving us an Elektra, Punisher, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Here's to hoping for a Blade! and Nick Fury! but I mean who knows at this point, I really don't see them doing wave 1 and then also doing wave 2, since wave 2 had fantastic four members in it, that's way too on the heels of the recent FF wave. They totally put Toad in this line because they know everyone wants him and they can attach that nice big price tag on it, super money grubbing scheme there.
  24. Yeah I know they did say that they had plans to be releasing quite a few figures under this 20th anniversary program, I still think this Iron Man presented here is just not really necessary because it's hardly anything new or substantial and we literally got the inaccurate version of this like 6 months ago, ah well...yes looking forward to the idea that they will give us some much wanted characters, I could see them doing Doom and Namor from wave 2 , which wouldn't interest me inless they were massive improvements, but we really don't need another Doom already, Namor sure , I'm really hoping we can get Ghost Rider myself (wave 3) that would be my top pick, I don't have a damn Ghost Rider!
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