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  1. Oh my my, yeah shes beautiful, how did I miss this, yeah I wondered if it was a Loosecollector piece, looks like it, I'm sad I didn't even know about this figure, I just looked it up, seems to be sold out everywhere...ugh, I love loosecollector, yes I own a bunch myself Vampirella, Lady Death, Red Sonja and Purgatori, they are really expensive for what you get, so I'm trying to stay away from them, but Darna!
  2. Ha, actually more like whenever I see this figure I think, my has that one Garbage Pail kid grown, I like this figure quite a bit, but it also creeps me out just a tad, I mean Blob is kinda creepy I guess..he's a massive obese guy, whos powers are being massively obese, mutant ability to max out a BMI, can this mold be used to give us a Big Bertha figure some day? that's the question one must ask, it's important.are you rad enough Hasbro for that one??
  3. Oh they are still doing this, I woulda just thought they scrapped it like all of the other doofus things they plan and then nuke, anyways this might be the best idea they have had, but knowing Sony they will botch this with elegance, I have pretty much zero faith in what Sony does at this point, just some second rate money making riding on the coattails of Marvel Studios, case in point can't wait to have my eyes wrenched back like a scene in clockwork orange while I watch Kraven or Madame web, and pretend I like at least 5 minutes of the movie, while feeling like I'm being force fed wet tea biscuits.
  4. This was the only figure I didn't have any interest in from the Mindless one wave, not a bad figure by any means, just this look does nothing for me, but oddly enough that being said, the Elektra in this outfit is amazing, weird, glad this didn't come with a BAF piece and could be skipped, like I said not bad for what it is, but just not a look I have an attachement to, nor do I like the whole Matt with a beard thing, Also really hate that the Baton holster seems so big and cumbsome, was it that dumb looking in the source material?? also this review showing that the red and blacks don't match to the Elektra, bugs me, Why Hasbro? makes no sense, you did this with Guardian and Vindicator, make the colors match!!!!!!!! also off topic, but what is that Wonder Woman figure there? I love that.
  5. seriously, if I was Brie Larson I'd be storming into the SHF offices now, asking why they made me look like my face was sculpted out of a chicken nugget. word, they really just don't do it sometimes, they hate making figures look like people, looks like Chat GPT made this. someone loaded a template of "bray lardsan az capoton mayvol" into a program and hit send. because it's not just the weirdo face, it's the body too, it looks like gumby cosplaying, it weirds me out that this figure looks more like me, then the actor it's supposed to
  6. Yeah good, his death was glorious (I know Morbid right?) it was such a great send off for the character, for them to undue that for some money making would be such a travesty, I mean sure it wouldn't be weird or out of left field to have him return for some cameos as A.I., but RDJ is an expensive cameo, and should be handled with some flare, doesn't need to be splashed all over, but maybe in like Armour wars and Iron Heart he can be an A.I. for a bit, but don't have it a mainstay thing, either way keep him dead, it was too "epic" of an end, don't treat it lightly.
  7. and Got Monica for a lowish price, just grabbed her to build Amadeus Cho, and glad I did. because I actually love this Monica figure, I broke my rules, no movie figs, but she's a winner. Way to go Hasbro making this BAF nice, and forcing me to buy a wave I didn't exactly want...ick. Awesome Hulk completed!
  8. Lizard looks insane, a really cool lizard, Beast...brooo, that guy is roided here, these are really cool, imagine they were not statues and had articulation...🥲
  9. I boggles my mind that after all of these years, they would never have done a Monster wave and/or set for Halloween, it would be perfect timing, still after all of these years of people asking "where are the monsters at?" they just don't touch that, even after having a Werewolf by Night movie, no Jack Russell? no Man-thing re-release.. why it's money in the bank to make some monsters, I bet even non Marvel fans, whom are Horror fans would be tempted to buy a Marvel's Dracula or Frankenstein etc, if Hasbro can make stupid dookie Christmas Star Wars figures you'd think..maybe Hasbro could get some Horror stuff out, it can be any time of the year but would be bang on for Halloween.
  10. I was under the impression Tom was always gonna keep going as Spidey for quite a while, wasn't there statements made he was signed already for more movies, they just had not written them yet?
  11. Oh those ones, I guess I say Outback Rogue, it was a pretty lovely figure, nice Head sculpt, and a wanted suit Miles doesn't deserve to win again, he already was one of the best figures when he first came out, MK1 almost as much as I really liked that suit, and was happy with the figure, shoulda been shiny vac metal IMO.
  12. Iman Vellani living the dream! I applaude it, she gets to play live action Kamala, and now she gets to write the comics, envious, it's pretty awesome regardless of what anyone says about her ability to write, she gets to do it, and they keep giving her chances at writing, so how bad can it be? it's pretty cool I say, I also continue to think Kamala looks cooler in this new Mutant style outfit, I'm happy for Iman and I'm happy for diverse race representation in the marvel universe and that this character is still popular, keep it going!
  13. well I can't go back friendo, so I guess I can't vote on Fan Channel singles.. 😑 unless you tell me the options, I can pick and you can add a vote to the total tally
  14. Yeah isn;t this redundant since Loki is already technically a god, so he's just more godly? sure yeah guess so, but god Loki is almost as odd as saying King King Arthur. anyways loved this show and season, but don't do pops, but even if I did I wouldn't buy these, they look like something out of a wyatt erp esque film. a bunch of people in funny westworldy suits.
  15. Alright here's my picks for this round Best Single Exclusive : Black Widow This was just a fantastic figure, multiple accessory's, worth the price, multiple heads for variation, awesome new articulation, it's the definitive BW figure everyone has been asking for, I don't think many have doubts this is beauty here. Best Exclusive 2 Pack : Space Agent Venom & Mania I'm going to be biased because I love Symbiotes and they are always gonna get my vote, this was an amazing 2 pack IMO, finally a second chance at that rare BAF of Space Agent Venom, which got some excellent updates with some effects and a second head, it was always a really nice looking figure, but it got better here, and the icing finally Mania, a really sweet figure and a highly desired one for me, they made her look right, Now it was hard not to want to pick Thor & Destroyer, because that was also a superb 2 pack, Drax and Moondragon as well, but because Symbiotes edged them out for me, the Symbiotes 2 pack was one of the most exciting things for me this year. Best Exclusive Multipack : X-Men Villains This was hands down the best Exclusive Multiple pack to me, it featured four brand new characters, and one extremely wanted update, to finally get Random, Pretty Boy & Vertigo was a dream, and Zero while being a bit of the boring one, still a character I wanted, that updated Stryfe was a winner here as well, since the wave he was in was an ancient TRU exclusive that commands insane market prices, but really to get Random, Pretty Boy, Vertigo & Zero was wild, and all at once. Random & Pretty Boy were stand outs of this set though with some unique scultping, especially Pretty Boy being all new in the body department.
  16. Decided to bite the bullet like a foo, because of lingering sales and bought Marvel's wave Captain Marvel, Commander Rogers and Kamala, soley for the BAF pieces so I could build Amadeus Cho... I knew eventually I'd cave just so I can try and complete Cho. what a Sucka. sadly Monica wasn't on sale, so still gotta track her down for a reduced price. funny enough I actually kinda like the Captain Marvel but would love to get rid of Kamala and Rogers (why is that Rogers head sculpt really the 20th one, but just slightly worse?)
  17. Hey yeah, could be fun to see, go ahead let Todd get a little Marvel action, if he's willing to pay for the license, I don't see why you can't break bread, I don't think I'd have any interest here, don't have any interest in artist specific figures, or 7'' Marvel figures, if Todd was doing this It would likely be very similiar in style to DST, also Todd really didn't draw a ton of Marvel Characters from what I can remember during his stint at the company, he's got some iconic art for like Spidey, Venom Obviously, Hulk, Wolverine..Moon Knight, but I don't think he would have a ton in his portfolio, either way would be cool to see, Hasbro needs to stop hogging up that license and let some love be spread, seems fair because of the way Marvel/Hasbro business model works I could actually see it be more likely that Todd would get his art style figures made in a Legends line of Art specific figures rather then him getting to make figures for his own company.
  18. Yeah you are not wrong, he has some potatoey proportions, and I'm sure in actuallity Tobey actually has some muscle definition in his legs, the tobey figure does kinda look like his legs are blue chubby tubes, I mean yeah he is a bit older, but he doesn't deserve to look like he's made out of sausage casings. If I was Mr. Mcguire I'd be a bit bummed you had to portray me in plastic like that, the other two look like humans, him not as much.
  19. Yeah potentially, but looking at the other offerings from Unlimited Subscriptions, we never did get any regular retail release of any of those sub figs, Daredevil doesn't count since he was intially retail released figure prior, so I don't have as high hopes as you do, but we can wonder...a better version of red suit Nova would be ideal, since this isn't actually all the great, infact I've realized that the Walgreens Nova is kinda a lackluster figure, pretty bland offering, sure it plays it's role as a classic Nova, but it's kinda Hasbro on their old tricks.."eh it's new, eh it's classic" but ew it's just an ancient buck with limited range of articulation and a face that looks like it was carved out of wood by an elf. his sad lifeless eyes says it all...he doesn't want to be here.
  20. that's good news, since Loki is super great, and if he was running that, then it's likely in good hands, but I thought Marvel Studios was backing out of the whole Kang Dynasty thing? guess not.
  21. Yeah it's not really that stupendous a figure, just another unlimited sub repaint, but I want it for some reason, like the red for Nova, but it's locked away behind a subscription I have no interest in, so like all of the other sub figures, I will just pass on it and pretend it doesn't really exist.. so whatever. if this was a regular release I'd have went for it.
  22. yeah like I said elsewhere, this just looks rough, uncooked pancake batter, arrowroot cookie figure, I want to say I think they tried but then again I almost feel like they didn't, at least it sorta looks like Thomas Haden in the face, but that's about it, it's a weird naked batter man...oof.
  23. Alright well here's my picks from this first portion of the Survey - Best Wave : Mindless One BAF wave. This was my personal fav wave of the year, awesome bunch of figures, Clea, Lady Bullseye, Great new Blade, classic Powerman, plus really cool Fist ninja (that Skull head makes it) and the surprise awesomeness of Midnight Suns Iron Man who seemed like a dud, but those colors ! , the Ch'od BAF was really close to coming up 1st here, but it had some things I could have been more stoked about, the Mindless One Wave just had me really happy! - Best Accessory : Ch'od 's Cr'reeee I couldn't think of many really outstanding Accessorys this year, but the one that instantly came to mind was that Hasbro didn't forget such an important element of Ch'od which they easily could have done, they gave us Cr'reee, thank you! - Best Package Design : West Coast Avengers Box Set This was the best thing to look at here, a really sweet comic art on the front, nice and classic, this is what Legends Boxes/cards should look like, something to feel nostalgic about, the rest of the stuff this year was meh...although the Avengers Anniversary white boxes were cool, they came close behind, the comic art on the front of the WCA set was great. - Best BAF : Mindless One brand new sculpt, super well done, rad character, yeah it's the best, but I mean Ch'od and Puff are awesome as well, but because Mindless One is basically all new it deserves the win, the other two were just bashs. - Best Deluxe Set : MCU NWH Green Goblin I don't even do movie figures, and won't buy this, or have seen it in person, but from what I have seen, it's the best deluxe of the year, really well detailed, tons of accessories for the price, awesome Willem likeness, it's def the best Deluxe out of the lot, no question.
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