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  1. Rude, how dare you make such statements about D'Spayre Getting this figure is one of the reasons why I could never say I'd drop the Legends line, it's amazing oddities like this guy here that keep me at least excited and happy with the choices that Hasbro makes in character selection, that they at least have some interest in keeping the line new and clear they listen(sometimes) I would never have imagined I'd cross this guy off my list, Insane! LOVE IT, now I can go on and on about how we need more members of his team from now on, more Fear Lords! (oh and cough cough can we get back to the Serpent Society please)
  2. Hey despite these figures being for the kids, they actually look like they have decent face sculpts, the likeness isn't bad especially for Wanda, not awful kids figures, the quality seems to have improved these are not just yer average uninspired Titan Heros.
  3. I would imagine however we won't be seeing the last of the Guardians of the Galaxy, just these characters as the members, they will likely have a new team step into their place, whether that team gets their own movie..well who knows, but it's like they are reformatting the avengers, I'm sure the same goes for Guardians, I could see them moving towards adding members like Adam Warlock, Keeping maybe Mantis, bringing in Phyla-Vel, Moondragon , maybe Vance can show up, or hey maybe they wanna do that ANAD version once X-men appear in MCU we can have a Kitty lead team. Who knows , but I'm sure it won't be the end of Gaurdians just of that specific team.
  4. I was just about to, well something is going on with this figure...maybe it's just MCUCollector24's figure, but he has some odd issues with his eyes, and facial hair, his eyes are looking in different directions and it seems like his facial hair is lopsided... if this is just how this figure looks on the daily, I think that the NWH face sculpt was better....on that note, 5 MCU Stranges in 4 (give or take) months...did we reallly need that NWH one? couldn't that just have been someone else? I dunno seems overkill. I'm starting to get confused at what I'm looking at, since this figure barely has anything new to offer, it's so similar to the NWH one.
  5. This mordo is such an upgrade from the last figure which barely had Chiwetel Ejiofor's likeness, the first figure was boring and bland, this has a much better likeness and a far more interesting costume (which is guess is more on marvel studio then hasbro), does that make me want this figure no, am I happy that MCU collectors finally have a decent Movie Mordo yes.
  6. It's very awesome we are getting a Rintrah , never would have expected that, but the MCU is a big place filled with surprises, I would have probably built this and had him as a stand in for the comic version, but at this point I won't buy the other figures I don't want just for BAF parts, it's not that big on my want list to spend an extra grip of money just for BAF parts, gone are those days thanks to the price increase.
  7. I could say a lot about this, but people have made most of the claims I will, this isn't it Hasbro, this is a cheap cash grab, this figure should have been his 1st Apperance Suit, since Hasbro hasn't gotten to that one yet, now I know that the 1st apperance IM was not in the first wave of Toybiz figures..but yeah know what I think people would have been happy if they played with the rules a bit because Toybiz did do the figure in the Mojo wave. This or bust So it's not so I guess it's a Bust.... people would have bought this figure, this figure they are releasing well I doubt will be a hit. I'm sticking with 80th.
  8. Yeah he has everything except of course the box and BAF piece.
  9. It's the Single release from the BW Wave, Loose , sorry if that's not the one you'd be interested.
  10. Here in Canada most retailers are already charging 39.99! (which happened about 2 weeks ago) a figure, some are at 36.99, You wanna come to Canada and collect legends?, these figures are nowhere near worth 45 dollars after tax, I'm pretty angry about it, I'm already selective but now I'm going to be extremly selective, and 1 more price hike here I might just get out of it all together, how is Mcfarlane producing figures for 25-29 (CAD) ? but Hasbro needs to be making 40 dollar figures worth half that, and are hardly giving anything new at all or better for it. I'd say it's a 50/50 5 out of 10 figures are the same, 5 are worse, but hey Pinless ! and Vulcan Buck wooohooo! đŸ˜‰
  11. Likely this is correct, but I won't stand for that obnoxious behaviour, so what it's 2022 Pinless tech isn't a new form of reusable energy, it's not working on me anymore with this, you can have sprinkles but no syrup, so what it's pinless, you really still couldn't paint those lines, we already know you hate painting lines, every spider-man based on an MCU appearance apparently isn't allowed to have painted lines, 1% of Shocker's depictions in media have him without the lines in the quilted outfit, so therefore that's not his look, he's got black lines it's really quite iconic, Like I said 75% done, I need to buy a marker myself for 5 more bucks to paint the lines myself? what is this a Gundam kit? No finish the figure, or pack a marker in and call this a special DIY figure, it looks bad, I'm glad I'm not alone, also agree on the effects, isn't it about time we seem some diverse new effects not the same ones all the time, this effect represents every power at this point...nope, sorry we saw what you can do with ahem the new Havok. Hasbro is playin us harder every year.
  12. You want an MCU Red Guardian? just throwing stuff out there. I don't really care about Wen Wu, but I'd take a Wen Wu, for a something else ya know what I'm sayinnn.
  13. I refuse to be cool with them being too lazy to paint lines, sorry this figure is only 75% done , with the price hikes, it hurts they can't even give a bit more of an effort.
  14. Yeah not to sad they pushed the pre-order date back, the more I see this wave the more I'm not even sure how much I care about it other then Siryn, still thinking I'll grab Maggot, maybe Darwin maybe Vulcan, but they are not all that thrilling.
  15. These are good and fine, not thrilled about the whole cartoon cell shading thing, now it just opens a box for a new sub-line they gan bleed extra money out of collectors pockets for, but I'm happy they are releasing figures most of us already have, hey if I didn't have Sinister, Jubs or TS Wolvie I'd be tempted, so it's good for those who don't have these figures in their regular version, but the cell shading to me doesn't look very good and the steeper price tag, ah I'm happy I already have these 3 I wouldn't really want to resort to buying these, boxes don't make a figure, which seems like what they think they are tricking us with here. But I'm sure a ton of people will be excited they can fill their gaps in collections with these, I'm sure that's what this line will really be about, re-releasing old figs with new gimmicks and boxes and of Course the big bait Morph.
  16. Despite the fact this is a let down that it's a gamerverse figure pretending to be a comic figure, I still really like this, the question is do we think down the road Hasbro will give us the real comic version? I mean this is close enough I'm fine with it, but I just always wanted that Mk1 the way I remember it as a kid. I will get this though, and then if we do see a real accurate version well...guess I'll have to swap it out, Wonder how soon it will be before we get MK2 armor, since we already have 3.
  17. I at first didn't care about this figure, I'm not going to go crazy finding it, but I'd like to, I'd like to have this as my Spidey Suit Ben Reilly, because currently my Spiderman Ben is displayed as Spider Carnage. Looks like a nice figure, I love that new buck, but yeah everyone does.
  18. I think there are so many cogs turning in the empire that is Hasbro, that it doesn't come down to 1 reason but so many why characters get made when they do, Most of it 1 has to do with Promotion, Tie In, Cross Promotion of product that ties with Media that is being promoted in the time frame (basically does it all fit Disney/Marvel Agenda), 2 Popularity over years of certain character (why you always get anchors, celebrity figures Cap, Tony etc), and Money, money is big..the 3 Budget, every year is broken down to molecules basically, of what they can spend, how they can spend it, how they can alot the budget, 4. is Hasbro's team imput, 5 is the consumer. Really it's that they have a set amount they can spend in a year, they have to break that down accordingly, so Eternals cost this much, then that means we can't have figure a in this wave, move figure b to this wave, nah...lots of shuffling trust me if Legends are going the way they are now...they will get to everything they possibly can, fear not!, well sorry to fans of Hatemonger and Leatherboy, but likely you won't be crossing them off yer list.
  19. Said this elsewhere but to my Canadian peeps or anyone who wants something early 20th Anniversary Iron Man out now in Canada https://www.imaginationhobby.com/en/marvel-legends-series-1-iron-man-20-years-6-inch-scale-action-figure-hasbro.html
  20. 20th Anniversary Iron Man out now in Canada! https://www.imaginationhobby.com/en/marvel-legends-series-1-iron-man-20-years-6-inch-scale-action-figure-hasbro.html
  21. Yeah that's one good looking figure, I was never super huge on this suit, but I think it translates well into toy form, So I plan on getting this, this seems like a real oooh and aaaah figure almost at times it looks import quality.
  22. I agree with you, I am having a hard time understanding Marvel Studios logic to move so quickly forward with a movie that really needs more time on the drawing board, I think they would have been making a good decision to keep Black Panther 2 on the backburner, Chadwick just passed, and return to the idea of it in some time, with a new actor taking on the role, but not skipping a beat from the last place T'challa's story left off, it seems like a dangerous move making Shuri Black Panther so soon, I think she is a good BP in the comics, but will her character translate well as the new BP, no I don't feel so, it would be too soon, she has not developed enough in the movies. I think its pretty distasteful to be just pumping out a new Black Panther movie for the sake of the dollar bills, which is why they are. Yeah I know and Shuri is next in line, and I actually am a big fan of her as BP in the comics, I enjoyed those books, she brought a different twist, but this MCU version of her isn't ready to be BP yet, or as cool as the comic iteration but Back on topic, yeah I wouldn't be upset if that was the Black Panther we got, but I would prefer an updated Classic one.
  23. Yeah I got that he was a comic version, I'm happy with that, and hoping we get an update of the classic Walmart Exclusive figure with a new buck, I want that, sounds very sweet. taking this totally off topic, the idea of not having a black panther in a movie wave for black panther makes me scared, so no re-casting, is he just going to be dead, is Shuri BP now....I don't know maybe Marvel studios should have chilled on a 2nd movie if they didn't want to re-cast T'challa, I know chadwick was so essential to the whole thing, his depiction of BP was amazing, but to just continue this movie franchise without T'challa seems like a bold move.
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