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  1. I wish, that would be rad, I do still own all of those Toy Biz Life Foundation Symbiotes, I have most of the figures from those Venom lines, as obviously before Legends were in the swing of putting out Symbiotes I had to have that collection, I have a few of those weirdo color variants, I really doubt Hasbro would ever give us those weird variants, that really doesn't go with their steez, however if those weird color variants were not just toys and had some comic source material we could, Hey I'm still waiting for Hasbro to give us an actual good Lasher on a appropriate buck, that spidey buck they used for him was so wrong and awful it hurts, he never looked like that in the books, I hate that (but love that it exists) figure, what a dookie. I also really would like them to give us a classic Riot, I want the original gray version.
  2. Yup that's what they are going for I guess, Yeah Venom in the toy lines always gets a Green Variant, I love it, I'm all for wacky color variations of any Symbiote. that being said, I want this little green Venom, I will grab this if I see it just for the fun of it.
  3. Yeah Episode was and could be a whole series on it's own, and a whole wave of Legends, but really odd that not one archer ha! I agree. it is true that Cap Carter seems to always get the better episodes..she's actually kinda the focal point of this show secretly it seems. I will bet in the nearer future we see Live Action Cap Carter in the MCU (even yes though she was already in it), she'll be back, Hayley wants that.
  4. As Soon as I saw that episode I thought, that's gotta be a BAF/or Deluxe, it's too fun not too be, Personally out of the current other options of likely BAF's I.E. Racing Car Iron Man, Happy as The Freak is way cooler.
  5. Same here, I think this figure looks pretty damn nice, but I have said No MCU/non comic figures, and I gotta stick to that, it's cool in so many ways, fair enough likeness, bendy tentacles, all kinds of good, but I am on the no MCU/Animated/Game etc figures so I gotta say no to this, but it's tough when you see cool things like this.
  6. Love this figure, ever since I saw this character I said "I need this as a figure" it's pretty damn awesome in terms of a design IMO, it feels like the character I would have created had someone gave me the opportunity, a Halloween lady, uh yeah.,..that's my jam. I am actually shocked, not shocked at the same time Dan has this wave already, I mean I guess that means we should be expecting it earlier then we thought, like second week of Jan, which spooks me because the Void wave is likely to hit right before this one, oh no...wallet gonna scream.
  7. I want to not like this, but I always liked this look, sure it's pretty basic, but something about it does it for me, I thought I'd pass on this figure, but it turns out I'm not going to, it's just a darn cool looking Spidey, I do agree with everyone that the Thigh Gap thing is a bit jarring, I might be able to look past it though, I will wait till I get this figure in hand for the final verdict. something about this figure just says What If Spidey was Snake Eyes homie and joined the Joes?, I like that.
  8. Yeah I'm sure you are right here, with this figure being released, there isn't much chance they have any plans of re-doing that older outfit on a newer buck anytime soon, having 2 Tombstones in Legends form is already pretty pushing it, honestly didn't really expect this Suited version to be out anytime soon, but I guess it was an easy do, plus I don't think a lot of new collectors can find that older one anymore. I might have been interested if they did re-do that older look, but I might not of as well, at this point it takes me a lot to be convinced to update figures I already have, they really gotta have that it's waaay better factor.
  9. Really hope we can get a 2099 on a better newer buck, that is more appropriate in height and mass, the last two Migel's have been wrong in the buck department, just way too slim, I really thought when they announced the retro carded figure they would have at least up him on the Retro Spidey Buck, but they just went with a re-paint, almost exact re-release of the previous figure and it's not that splendid, I'd be surprised if we don't see 2099 get another update on a proper buck fairly soon, since he's super popular.
  10. Watched the first episode already, was really enjoying it, loved the whole detective element, I like that they are doing an episode a day and not making us wait a week between.
  11. Love this figure, Really happy to get a new Jack, the last one was cool enough for me, except those horrid ball jointed legs, and that buck just doesn't in the slightest hold up, the legs for me and from what I've seen for many just warp, it's too scrawny, and for some reason the plastic they seemed to be using at the time was really rubbery, it looks terrible on the shelf, but it was a good design, however this is the superior Jack, This is the version I would have preferred from the beginning. I like also that this is a new Head, at first I thought it was the old head re-painted, but it's actually a new sculpt.
  12. This Spidey outfit does nothing for me, I'm totally fine without this one, I would have said this was a dud, but I see people are happy with it, and some people wanted it? ,I'm totally happy to be in the pass zone on this one.
  13. Yeah I'm going to get this, I actually can't imagine even if Hasbro did do this, which will likely be not for some time now, this will be as good, or better.
  14. Now this is finally the Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider I have been hoping for, as much as I was fine with the Rhino wave figure I've had for so long, I always knew this figure was bound to happen, and my goodness does it look sweet, I'm so stoked to get this one, I will be replacing the Rhino wave figure, this is the definitive Scarlet Spider for me, as one of my Childhood fav characters I'm more then pleased with this.
  15. My Only take away from this is, Cool gimme a Legend of Kid Venom. looks fun enough.
  16. While it looks good, and that new Face Sculpt is great, I still like the older one better, just for his costume, personally if I can avoid a character in a suit I will, rather have something more unique, sure this is a much nicer build for Tombstone, but not enough to make me bust open my wallet again for this guy, happy with what I got, But I do know so many people wanted this version of Tomb so I'm glad Hasbro gave us this.
  17. 🤔It will be interesting indeed to see where they go with this, recast? or new villain?, seems like they had a lot in place with the Kang character, so might be quite a lot to just scrap so many stories, but we never know, I think a recast could be fine, since it's Kang and could really look like anyone with the Variant thing, Also not like we have not recast in the MCU before. Anyways guess we will wait and see now.
  18. Oh they have been teasing it for quite some time (and some leak info rumoured), and I'm sure it's going to happen, they never make those cards for a 1 and done, that's also why Ghost Rider Retro carded wave has to be in the future as well, I'm making bets that Iron Man retro wave has gotta be coming this year, and Ghost Rider should be not far behind. Iron Man retro wave is just something we need, it has to be where a Mandarin finally gets released, and Century, Hypnotia would be nice, Classic Ghost, Classic Crimson Dynamo (although Select is doing something so I wonder), Blacklash, re-release Dreadknight. that wave just has so much potential.
  19. Oh yeah perhaps, well in that case I'd probably be out, Don't need a new Franklin & Val already, since they'd likely just be re-paints of what we got, plus more Spidey and Logan..🥱...would be really awesome to see the older team, because would be cool to get all those guys in one go in those suits, plus...I Mean I always want more Ghost Rider.
  20. Oh wow, if this turns out to be true, and it is a 4 pack of the New FF, Wolvie, Hulk, GR and Spidey, that's really cool, that's a set I'd be buying instantly, Hope you are right.
  21. Hmmmm, yeah You might be right about that being a Phoenix, makes sense, Probably a new Green Phoenix since the first one is really showing its age with that Head sculpt, probably due for a new one, could it come with a Space Suit Wolverine? also Fantastic 4 set? Future Foundation 4 pack?
  22. Don't remember that one myself, but also I won't pretend I didn't missed a ton of things happening in the comics at various points.
  23. That Rogue is fantastic, I don't do these Mondo figures but that Rogue is so hard to say no to, I might just have to cave in and get it, I can justify it as a statue like piece and Have it displayed in it's own little corner, dizzam it's beautiful.
  24. Weird because I'm not a premium member yet I was able to shop the vaults, and yes to the question and equally a no, there was no Marvel HasLabs, but some decent Transformers stuff like Unicorn and w/e that other guy of recents name was shooty shoot master? ugh I dunno, Proton pack from GB was there, that was pretty rad. I gotta imagine that they had like 2 at max of these items.
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