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  1. I am still so suprised we have yet to see Cyber he would be excellent , always thought that it was a mistep in not releasing him, and Maverick for that matter as I said in the other post where you talked about Superpro, I do remember him and hell yes he'd be a great legend, but I highly doubt we'd ever see him , but hey I remember when he teamed up with Cap maybe we can get a 2 pack , in a Marvel Team Up line , cause a marvel Team Ups line of multi packs would be awesome
  2. Hahaha i remember Superpro, despite the fact I think he is a totally gone character, he would like really damn cool as a legend, i'd buy that I totally passed and still would pass on Vance, just because he is basically way to similar in color scheme and over asthetic as Blizzard, so Blizzard holds a place for me over him, but I get the like cause he does look cool, but that whole white on blue metallic was done enough with cosmic spider being another. I just can't have em all, the looks are too close
  3. You are correct, I realized there was a few adjustment's I would have made, that being one, swap out GR 2009 for Cosmic cause he is very popular, I also think a Robbie Reyes could go some where (he's popular or was) , also Lilith fig would be awesome (even though shes forgotten, what a good villain), I just wanted to try and get a good mix of both Horror & Ghostrider
  4. Yeah I mean i get the fact that alot of people didn't care or know Darkhawk, but same as you I was a huge fan as a kid, and never stopped thinking he was amazing, as soon as I saw he was coming out I went nuts, It's a really fantastic figure I think, but I also get he doesn't really fit into any teams at this point so for most he's passable
  5. Hey I just thought i'd start this thread dedicated to the game of Head Swapping, One of the best parts of legends is this factor, It gives so much more possibility . Anyone have any Head Swaps they wanna showcase, these are some head swaps that currently are in my display Psylocke (head swapped with Jewel) - I feel this is much more of an accurate look for her (plus I was never able to come across the purple hair variant) Paladin (head swapped with Madcap head) - Is there any other way to achieve Paladin's worth? and any other way to get a decent Madcap? Gwen-Pool (head swapped with Spider-Gwen Unmasked) - hated both of the head sculpts for Gwenpool always thought we needed a neutral face or unmasked, this swap is the best it gets at this point minus the pink in the hair and the headband Netflix Daredevil (head swapped with regular back in black Deadpool head) - really didn't find the head sculpt for the Netflix daredevil any good, his mouth area looked too blocky and squashed, but with a deadpool head he looks like a new character which I named Deaddevil! (people always ask me about this fig when they see it and non ML collectors think it's legit) I have a few more but thought i'd start here Anyone have any good head swaps, advice on swaps etc.
  6. hahha to me they were, I mean I like them both especially side by side. currently most TRU's have a bazillion Lady Beetle's still
  7. Black Cat (Claws Outfit) Black Widow (Gray Avengers) Domino (X-Force OG & New Solo Outfit) Carnage (Superior Carnage Dr. Malus) (not sure if this counts..since totally different build) Psylocke (Armoured, Fantomex Outfit, Mystery In Madripoor) / Ravanche (could count) Dr. Strange (Paradox .. does this count?) X-23 (All-New & Fang) Valkyrie (Defenders) Thyphoid Mary (OG) Scarlet Spider (Kaine) Proxima Midnight (Comic) Night Thrasher (Armored) Magik (DemonChild Armor) Jubilee (Vampire Form) Gamora (Armored) (we got a 3.75 so come on!)
  8. Hahah yeah totally, I mean when you really look at the Blizzard figure it's nice, nice paint scheme, solid buck, simple yet effective, he may be not a huge character but looks aesthetic wise hes awesome, I like alot of figures I think people didn't I mean Top pick for me from that Spider-Man Homecoming wave was fucking Beetle, and I actually went out of my way to get that Lady Beetle (both of which are crazy peg warmers) But F#*$ what rad figs to me
  9. Man that Darkhawk was one of the most wanted figures for me from that Titus wave, I bought that day 1 along with Angela, can't believe Darkhawk wasn't one you thought was amazing from the jump, that figure is great
  10. here is another wave I would think wouldn't be too crazy A Horror/Ghost Rider Wave (released for Halloween) Marvel Horror/Ghost Rider Wave Blackheart BAF Werewolf By Night Satana (Legacy-Red Outfit w/Horns) Mephisto (No BAF) Ghost Rider 2099 Hellstorm Vengeance Dracula 2 Packs Zarathos & Lady Ghost Rider (Alejandra Jones) Zombie Deadpool & Shiklah Dr. Strange (Earth 928) & Nightmare
  11. I have totally done this plenty of times, probably top of this list goes to Paladin whom was the only figure I needed to build Sasquatch, I really didn't want him, but Once I got him and later put that Madcap head on him I loved it. The other ones were Valkyrie, bought her for 10 bucks, and honestly I fell in love, alot of people don't like that fig but something about how tall she is and just the overall look i really grew to like, The Jackal was another got him for 11 bucks, and it's a nice fig, another one people will think i'm crazy for is Blizzard, I dunno got him for 8 bucks and once he came out of the pack I was down, I actually am a big fan of those masked dudes, I bought Eel when he came out love that fig, Shocker, anyone masked like that so, i realized Blizzard was cool. Also got Odinson Thor for 5 bucks and I like that dude, so fucking bulky and I thought he was lame before I got him out of pack, X-Man Deadpool another one, bought for the BAF piece and I really like him now
  12. Long List but Orb Nightwatch Shiklah Emplate Death Ninja Stegron Bloodscream (Monster Form) Dinah Soar Styx (Jabcob Eichorn) Manphibian Swarm (i know not so obscure but, can we get this!) Skinless Man Doorman Penance (also not so obscure but) Wraith (Yuri) Clea (not so obscure again but) Darkstar Eternal Brain Morgan Le Fay Phantom Rider Shuma-Gorath Mung The Inconceivable Termantrix Doghead Jillian Basilisk Ursa Major Omaka Bloodhawk Warwolf Vera Gemini Iron Maiden (Vostokov) Sleepwalker!
  13. I'd love to see them do some more Venom waves, with those white boxes, and I think just because people are familiar with Symbiotes and Venom now on a global scale they could work Venom Wave 2 Riot BAF (Comic Oriented but the size of the movie version) Hybrid Agony (simple re-paint of Scream) Mania ZZZXX (Armoured Version) Andreas Von Strucker Bomblast Biohazard (no baf piece) (much like Death's Head 2..make him Translucent..would be a just cool figure I think people would buy) i chose alot of characters who generally don't need massive re-tooling and can use alot of peices and bucks from exisiting figs Venom Wave 3 Sleeper BAF (i know obscure but could be done easily) Phage (carnage re-paint) Blood Spider (spider-man fig to ensure sales) Scorn Vault Guard Coldwar (would be the most new interms of tools) Crime Master (easily made) Armadillo (No Baf Peice..another big dude)
  14. I'd say I agree with Thanos and Venom 100% so my list is Thanos Venom Groot (makes sense) Moon Knight (I know i know wouldn't happen but I could dream) Ant-Man aka Giant-Man (MCU) (Ant-Man and Wasp Suit) (would make sense)
  15. loving this, this is the Emma I wish we were getting, as much as I love that new black costume, this is really nice and classic
  16. I really hope we eventually get something along these lines of awesome with a 90's Storm figure very soon, this was amazing , still thinking Storm might be one of the unannounced X-Men vintage figs, but lets hope if it is it looks this damn good
  17. Based off of what I've seen now with Funko , I bet it's going to be Molten Man, and I hope it looks as rad as the Pop version with that creepy skull face, that would be a must have BAF for sure
  18. as soon as I saw this I thought April Fools, because this would be a terrible thing indeed
  19. Molten Man looks Amazing!, Hope this is the Far From Home BAF for the Legends, and that's exactly how he is gonna look in the movie (Skull like face and all)
  20. Did it, thought you had a nice amount of choices here, I went with Baron Blood Crystal Deathbird Firestar M Man-Wolf Nightwatch Silver-Claw there was a few others I would have picked if I could have like... Looter Lyja Moondragon Spot
  21. Just went out and saw that Toys R Us had a bunch of the Endgame wave, mostly a ton of caps (10), 1 Nighthawk and 1 Citizen V, EB Games also had 2 Caps, plus went to a local con, and ended up finally grabbing Red Goblin and Silver Sable, as well as Living Laser, and Hope Summers (for 10 bucks!), The one shop there had all of the Kingpin wave, all of the M'Baku wave, all of the Captain Marvel wave and all of the Endgame wave, didn't want any of the other Endgame figs, got what I wanted, Toys R Us was fully stocked however with all toys endgame (basic series) so thats officially going down now
  22. honestly I just want this mandarin, because it's great and it's vintage and soo soo 90's and his skin could be that green or as I would bet they'd go back with white
  23. I actually love the Blue variant from the Vintage wave, if you don't own this figure, see it in person, that blue really pops, but i am a huge wasp fan and still love that black/gold suit and the MCU wasp btw was brilliant
  24. Gwenpool is another one i love alot actually, last year she was a huge want for me, she has great accuracy as far as her comic likeness goes, especially that great backpack, but the problem with her was the head sculpts, we needed a neutral face, and an unmasked and i would have been truly happy, those two heads are not what i desire
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