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  1. Holy Moly, so this figure in Canada is 52 bucks, that seems pretty crazy to me, yes I guess it's a deluxe, but that's just a ton IMO, it's not that deluxe...I dunno guess I'm just feeling like it's getting really expensive to buy some of these things that feel like they should cost less.
  2. I want to hate them, but I kinda love them, they are just cute and silly, not much else about them. I wouldn't waste my money on these but I'll look at the pictures.
  3. Wave is already available at CMD https://cmdstore.com/collections/new-collection-arrival-3
  4. Yeah the Articulation in the torso area does look really well done here, wasn't sure if that was what Kro had as well though, Honestly Have not looked at that Kro figure in a reallly long time, since it's in my very pushed to the outskirts of my collection MCU area which I forget exists most of the time. Well all in all I'm glad they went with something totally new here, it's a great looking figure, from a really no good movie!
  5. This is def one of my fav figures in this wave, might be my fav, love this characters look, only thing about this figure is that the cape/tunic seems super cumbersome, it's just plastic lumps, Overall a really delightful figure to get, and a out of left field selection, she does look quite good with her team-mates as well, I'm actually still really impressed we have this many members of Winter Guard at this point
  6. really nice looking Cable, I still prefer the Sasquatch wave figure, but that's just personal, because that's my fav look for Cable, this does come a close second, Never would have said I needed another Cable but this came with a BAF part and does look really good so why not double up.
  7. Ah okay, looked a ton like the Kro figure, and Thought it would have seemed appropriate to use those parts, but guess they thought bigger, I should have worked on this figure I could have saved them some tooling budget LoL.
  8. Yeah Count, Blacklash and Shulk are super excellent figures, really just so happy for Nefaria and Blacklash, Shulk is just a nice fun figure to add to my Ladies or Marvel shelf, The Iron Men are so not even a consideration for me, don't want any of them, still wish that they had filled at least 2 of those Iron Men slots with new characters, but it is what it is. I just hope they keep putting these waves out, and frequently, because these IM retro card waves could really be the source of some awesome characters.
  9. Is this Carnage using the buck from Kro? and other parts? it really seems like it, which if so is pretty genius, and hilarious because that Kro figure was being bought solely for people to make Movie Carnage customs.
  10. Yeah me too, Blacklash is for sure my favorite figure in this wave, much needed villain for IM, it truly is shocking that this is going to be the first time he's gotten a Legends figure, IM villains are so underdone and he's next to Spider-Man probably the biggest seller, but it just seems like villains in general don't get enough love at Hasbro, we need a 2nd Villains wave already.
  11. Oh I've had this happen many times, it drives me wild, what makes me more cranky about it is that I'm well known at that store, and they actually consider me their "friend", like to the point of people there text me, and I've bought them cookies, and they have given me gifts😅 , so when you do something Unfriend like and put my pre-order on the shelf I feel betrayed LOL, I';ve also just had pre-orders never come in, mostly during Pandemic times, which I get, stuff was weird then, but like even more recently I.E. Retro Symbiote Spidey, and a few Joes, but I'm still waiting for a Retro Scarlet Spider which I almost feel at this point is a lost cause, but I already put the money down, guess that means nothing...and it shouldnt
  12. yeah no it's actually a real problem, Symbiotes are my main collection in Legends, I actually need them all, and it's just kinda sad, I've really rarely said no to any that have come out at this point, it's kinda bad, but Symbiotes are my main jam, and I have a hard time passing, and really if I already have Movie Venom I certainly need movie Carnage it would just be nonsensical. i don't want to want it butttt... it's like I gotta have it, not having it would be like missing a member of Fantastic Four.
  13. Oh , I actually had not paid any attention to the fact the 3rd film was coming out this year, mainly because I feel like it's going to be a bag of poopy, I guess Sony really plans to pick the ball up, Madame Web, Kraven, Venom 3, ugh what a stink show. I'd kinda be into seeing what they could do with a Movie Riot Legend though, could be pretty cool, as much as I also didn't really love that Interpretation of Riot, I'd obviously buy it for my symbiote collection Ah that likely tracks, but it still seems so late non the less, when did Venom 2 come out 2020? that's a long time ago, even the movie Venom figure wasn't that far removed from it's films release, since it was what 2018 when the movie came out and the figure was 2020.
  14. Sure both of those would work as well, Wizard just came to mind first, Wizard is kinda a more big deal to the world of FF then the 2 you mentioned, which is why I thought it Oh really, well then I guess it's more then a rumour honestly at this point seems like they might be doing too much with this movie, Silver Surfer, Galactus, Doom, some maybe other villains like Mole Man etc, they don't need to pack this film full of everything on the first outing, but whatever. I would have saved Galactus for a sequel if I was the one calling the shots.
  15. Hmmm When I saw this the first thing I thought was now? why now?, this was like years in the waiting, wouldn;t this have better fit being released when the actual movie was? also I hate this movie, what a stinker, I hated what they did with Carnage in this and Woody seemed less then inspired, Carnage being bigger then Venom was so sony, I almost saw this figure and said No...heck no I won't because I hate this Carnage he's so awful, then I took a moment and said...well it's a Carnage you don't have, you need like all symbiotes, you already have a movie Venom...Fine then, I'll be getting this one, like my collection tells me I need to..but ugh I Hate it, I wanted to pass because this movie made me so mad, but no as a collector this is a thing I'm getting, but I hate myself for it. does look really good though in terms of the character it's depicting in toy form, can't deny that.
  16. John Malkovich would be a good Wizard IMO, that's the role I feel might best suit him a whole bunch of swirling rumours on the internet are saying Ralph Ineson could be Galactus...hmmm🤔
  17. 😵Yeah don;t you Americans worry, it's the same here in Canada, Gamestop since it was the lowest prices, and generally has the exclusives more or less before anyone, like this figure, well it's the same, seems it's getting weird again, like it did in the pandemic, things selling out in minutes, it wasn't so bad last year, but so far this year I keep seeing this BS, yeah Warbird just blasted out of stock, annoying, but whatever this is the game.
  18. Eeek, yeah this didn't go so great here in Canada either, Gamestop ship to home was sold out while I was checking out, bummer fest, much like Danny Ghost Rider and Scarlet Spider, people are swooping in on this one, I luckily made an order for store pick up, but that always freaks me out, because even though I put reserve money on it, I've been burned before, looking at you retro symbiote spidey, and still waiting for a Scarlet SPider. guess everyone thinks this figure is awesome, I mean because it is.
  19. Ohh good luck my fellow Canadian friend, remember this is a walmart exclusive, so it's gonna be yucky. but I was recently re-looking at this figure and I'm even more cool with passing, it has these weird gooey arms, that's not really a look I'm into, but fine enough since I was already passing, since I really don;'t need this Venom.
  20. Ha this is so silly and cute, I Actually love this, I don't have any space or place for this in my life, but if like someone bought it for me I'd probably squeal with joy. I can't wait for this movie!
  21. Awesome the US is getting this early, still seems June 1st is when Canada is getting it, I'm just so stoked on this Zemo, Love to have father and son in the collection, Also I know most don't care much about Zola because they probably already built this figure, but I never did and just have the Purple one, this is the classic Zola so I'm happy to add it to the collection, I'm totally down with having both.
  22. Yeah Hasbro be pulling those moves, but whatever, I'd personally like them to just re-do the previous figure with today's standards, but likely they'd give us a more recent covered up look J'd imagine, like the figure they did in the Marvel Universe 3.75 line some years ago, which is fine I'd take that one too. Although we got a Tigra. 🤔
  23. They really just should have done that, and not have had Ka-Zar in a wave with a Zabu BAF, would have been a better decision to just re-do that 3 pack, but here we are, let's hope we get a Shanna and she's not included with another Ka-Zar or Zabu so we all don't have to double dip, and be mad we bought entire wave to build the BAF, but Hasbro loves doing things like that, and Since I would need a Shanna, I'd be that dork who bought a 3 pack, just for 1 figure.
  24. Well there is supposed to be more Venom figures coming this year so rumours suggest, and a two pack with a Carnage or something, maybe you'll get a brock head somewhere in there, it would be cool to have a better looking Eddie head then the one that we got a while back that look like a character from Small Soldiers. I'm sure that's a pretty easy Kitbash, I've seen people use the Hydro-Man body with the arms swapped out and with the Brock head on it.
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