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  1. As much as I'm happy we finally got a second crack at Dark Phoenix, on this single card, and it looks very good, I'm still feeling like the previous 2 pack looked better and overall was a better figure, more heads, and the colors were really nice in the darker variety, the hair with it's translucent elements were much better, this new one is really bright and the lack of accessories is a bummer, plus the paint deco is lacking, I'm sure it's also just this specific item Dan has but the paint apps on the face look poorly done here, anyways all that aside I really want this figure, since well like most I never got that 2 pack.
  2. This is awesome, very nicely done, I have been asking where Gen X is for years now, not sure why Hasbro couldn't have given us even one of the members in these outfits by now, could have even been a good box set. Nice work morning woof!
  3. Wow this wave is hitting in UK already! , the UK distribution this year has been crazy, wonder how long we in North America will have to wait?
  4. It's so weird sometimes to see Toybiz renditions and Hasbro's side by side, so much to appreciated with Toybiz, it looks more like an art piece then Hasbro, which has a very stock feel, there is much good in the Toybiz still, the shading/wash, the detailed sculpting, but then again Hasbro has better proportions, size accuracy and a good modern fit, both are good in their own way. I still find it so hard to believe that Toybiz was making a new 1 off tool for basically every single figure they put out, the money pit they must have generated was crazy, no wonder they went the way of the dinosaurs almost seems infeasible at this point to be able to make figures that everyone gets it;s own tooling, even in that time period when things were cheaper it would have still cost a huge $ amount, gotta really give Toybiz a high five for what they did, and the doors they opened for adult toy collectors.
  5. Yeah I want to imagine that Hasbro's plastic free packaging Experiment won't last forever, I know from hearing about plenty smaller retailers here in Canada who have seen a major loss with Hasbro products since the switch over, not only does it make collectors feel weary about buying stuff they can't see QC issues on and also not knowing if someone has pulled a fast one, but it also eliminates 90% of in box collectors, that's a good chunk of collectors, I have several friends who are solely in box collectors and they have already proceeded to cap their Hasbro collections, this plastic free adventure has certainly hurt sales, and it doesn't help that the price increase has made the gamble less appealing for people. I'd say by end of 23, they go back to the old formula, also am I might be wrong but isn't there the ability to use plant based synthetic plastic materials for the plastic windows? didn't companies already do that?
  6. Yeah Ha, I forgot about this, well as we all know they didn't go forward with this new tech to curb figure theft/swapping, and the "save the environment packaging" backfired horribly, if they are going to continue with these blind boxes, they should really have implemented some form of tamper proofing, because I hear horror stories everyday about people getting swindled with these boxes. I'd say just give up go back to the windows and call it a loss.
  7. Pre-ordered that wave with the quickness, got everybody but IM, so I can build that Puff Adder, only interested in Yelena, Molecule Man, Strucker and Orb, only getting Cap and Wonder Man for the BAF parts, so if someone wants those lemme know.
  8. Finally ended up getting a Retro Symbiote Spidey for a normal price, and Gorr came today
  9. So I guess it looks like Tony isn't coming with a BAF part. I'm so stoked to see Puff Adder finally getting a Legend, More Serpent Society, this wave is niceee. Waiting for these to go up on Pre-Order!
  10. Sounds cool, I'm a big fan of Daniel, I'm stoked to see Spider-Punk make it on the big screen in Animated form, he's one of my fav Spider-People.
  11. Puff Adder as the BAF? I sure hope so, that sounds like awesome news, I'm always hoping for another member of the Serpent Society, I hope this is true! I already really want the majority of this wave Strucker, Orb, Yelena, Molecule Man, and if it's Puff then I'm going to have to just order all the figures that come with BAF pieces. so are they going to show us the BAF today? they say pre-orders at 1PM?
  12. All of these figures look good and look like solid updates in the deco department, The Killmonger in this Jaguar suit is an awesome deco update, and those BP figures are pretty well done, I just don't have any interest in having any of these, but at least they look very good for the people who would want them, although Shuri still looks like she has cardboard tubes for arms.
  13. Yeah I gotta say that Cyclops is looking mighty alright, they even dialed back the cell shading it seems, because it looks less obvious on this figure, I think that might have been on purpose, it seems like the most wanted figures from this VHS series have less Cell Shading, those figures that people have been asking for a re-release on like Jubilee, Cyclops and Wolverine, and Morph, I would probably get this figure to replace my current Cyclops (the jacketed one) but only if it was on a shelf at a regular retail price, I'm not paying double for a figure, The Jacket Cy is still a nice figure so I'll stay with that one.
  14. That Wonderman looks weird to me, it looks like it has some Ball jointed arms, that's new? and that's kinda ugly, also that weird off putting smile, anyways not like it dissapoints me since I don't like this outfit to begin with for Simon, but this looks less of a figure I feel like the people will want, all of those who really were asking for this, which was a ton of you. let's see that BAF already!
  15. Really loving this figure, as simple as it is, I always was a fan of this outfit for Moonstone, I'm happy with the re-release and with some updates, I always wished I had gotten my hands on that Thunderbolts set, and at least they are starting to get that box set re-released with this figure, we certainly need to see Satana and Ghost again, hopfully soon. either way, hoping this figure gets put up for pre-order here in Canada soon.
  16. New wave looks decent in terms of likeness on He Who remains, Old Loki and Jimmy, but I can't say I have any interest in getting those, I don't have any desire for that Red Skull but it looks decent, but is really just phoned in, I don't need any Red Skulls since we got the Villains wave one, I like the Howard and will get him as a placeholder until we ever get a comic version, this will do, yeah sucks they didn't give him any leg articulation which is really sad, because it wouldn't have been hard, the Zombies I like Wanda more so, but Tony is fine, I want to collect all of the Zombies so I'll be getting those, only thing that is a really stinger is how much I love that Khonsu BAF, but I'm not buying Skull, Jimmy, Loki or Hippy John Majors for the Parts.
  17. The more pictures I see of that Killmonger the more I actually like it, I think it looks pretty awesome, I might have contemplated getting it if I didn't already own the Movie version which is way too similar, Ugh I just wish we'd get a comic version, as the figure is just a stand in for that.
  18. I'm actually hoping the opposite, just because I'd rather maybe have that Cap, then the Iron Man, both look good, just both I don't want to keep, but Cap's more a shoe in to keep for me then IM, I feel like I just don't need anymore of either, but I have less Caps.
  19. Yeah I mean granted if this BAF for the wave is something I want I'll buy all of the figures required to build it, so Wonder Man would be a purchase, I wouldn't likely keep him though, I do wonder what this BAF will be, seems likely it will be a good one just judging by this wave, I wonder who will be the BAF part-less figure though IM or Cap, I like em both but have no desire to own either.
  20. Vision Quest what a name there, anyways sure, I'm cool with a Vision show. maybe Ultron can finally get a second glance in that series.
  21. Some nice reveals here, that 5 pack is looking excellent, so many characters I'd never have though Hasbro would give us, I def want that 5 Pack very much, despite having no desire to own them both that Cap and Iron Man look fantastic. Killmonger well isn't it just a repaint of the live action version of that figure? Unexpected G.I. Joe Crossover here, but excited about a lady trooper pack 😉
  22. yeah Wonder Man is off, but that's not why I'd be passing, I already am Happy with the Wonder Man I have which is my preferred look for him, I actually really don't like this outfit and never did, that's my whole thing about it, even if it was accurate I'd still pass easy.
  23. can't we stop this trainwreck from continuing, didn't the last one prove anything? someone blowtorch this franchise. Why are they insisting on making more of these movies? just quit while yer behind.
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