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  1. It's not super exciting, or really anything I really desire, and it's got some inaccuracies so we have seen, but I do think this suit looks pretty cool, I'm digging the way it looks aesthetically , it's growing more on me, I wasn't sure if when I got this wave in my hands I'd just keep the BAF piece and get rid of this figure, I sorta think I'm swaying towards keeping it.

  2. This so far has to be my least favourite suit in a Spidey Movie, just looks like a slightly tweaked version of the Iron Suit, which didn't do a ton for me either, I can't really dig these newer movie Spidey figs, I'm just not sure why they can't paint the weblines on the suit? why don't they they have in the past, I skipped this one (I ordered the whole wave minus this fig) thankfully it didn't come with a BAF piece, these newer figs just look cheap, like a basic figure

    this is still the best movie Spidey IMO



  3. Cool, but I'd imagine this show will be pretty limited, how much can we imagine occured before we saw his debut in Civil War?, he certainly wasn't fighting any significant baddies was he? he seemed pretty new to it all still in Cival War and Homecoming, so I'd be not surprised if this show had maybe 10 episodes, I'm for it seems cool, and a nice way to tell the story of how he became spidey (since we don't really know in terms of the MCU), but it has a definite end point, which would be when he met Iron Man.

    Anyways sounds fun.

  4. I'm excited I hope they don;'t stray too far from the old animation style and just give it a nice updated facelift, seems super cool, just continue where the last episode we saw left off, and man..that sounds wonderful, I gotta say it sounds like a dream, that show is still one of my fav cartoons of all time, I'm sure most of us would say that, I've watched it from front to back numerous times throughout my days and wow..so cool to have this announcement.

  5. I gotta say I'm not a huge fan of this Thing, I really just love the Walgreens version it's the best Thing so far, I won't be replacing mine with this new Retro version, the Walgreens just has the best rock color and line deco, it's one of my fav legends, I will just have a mismatched FF, I will get the Reed (since I never was able to get the Walgreens) and Sue to go with him, and then I might buy this Torch since I do like it, but I don't have a big problem with the previous one, so I plan on having a nice lil FF display with Negative Reed + Sue, Walgreens Thing and probably this Johnny,

  6. awesome, I would probably only buy this for a MCU Kate though, I don't know if I care that much about a MCU Clint, I'm fine with the Ronin since I'm not a full fledged MCU figure collector, but I need the ladies.

    would be cool if it came with an articulated Lucky, like they did with Timber or Guenhwyvar recently, they can do it, Let's hope if they do give us a Lucky it will be a nice one and not just a non articulated thing.

  7. Looks pretty excellent stuff to look forward to, most excited about Moon Knight, She Hulk looks like it's going to be good fun, the only two shows I'm iffy on are Agatha?, we are actually getting a Agatha show, well not sure about that, but let's just see when it happens, and Not sure about Echo, but I guess we will also have to see how the introduction of that character works out in Hawkeye, but could those slots be filled with a character more important to have their own show? sure probably.


  8. On 11/12/2021 at 12:50 AM, LordVenger said:

    Man that sucks. I guess I had just been lucky with my previous orders. Hopefully lord scareglows tip will work and I can get it off. 

    Should work, I have done it many a times and the outcome has been good, just be patient, sometimes they really have some strong adhesive on those stickers, but inless it's gorilla grodd glued on there it should eventually come off.

    once you do get it off, you might have to do a little wipe with some warm soapy water to get some of the tackiness off though.


  9. Yeah this seems like a problem a ton of people have, they have no care about collectors I guess, here in Canada Best Buy love doing this it's almost a certainty they will when you order a figure online, I know you are out of the box collector, but if for some reason you really want that carded fig, put a blow dryer over it, it will melt the glue from the sticker and slowly peel off!


  10. On 11/9/2021 at 8:42 PM, Satam said:

    It probably doesn't make things much better, but Man-Thing is actually limited to 1000. Motubi Man-At-Arms is limited to 500.

    Yeah I realized I was mistaken and it was 1000, not 500, still ultimately it's still the same, I have little hope in getting this Man-Thing figure, I'm going to have to just bow out and accept it.

    it hurts because it's so damn beautiful


  11. On 11/8/2021 at 10:57 PM, monron999 said:

    Never understood the point of these figures, but they keep churning them out so I guess they sell well enough.

    They are good for the younger folk, they have a good collectible approach, but are cheaper in price then a Legend, yet have decent detail and articulation and have a cartoony look to appeal to the kids, I'm sure some Adult collectors like them as well, not my cup of tea, but I can understand why people dig them.

  12. I am so excited about this pack, finally Meggan (one of my most beloved characters) growing up Excalibur and Alpha Flight were my first loves in the marvel world, the first books I really followed, and I have been asking and hoping for these Excalibur characters to finally get filled out, this pack is probably one of my fav things of this year, I love the re-do of Cap Brit, and this is the perfect Kitty for me, Meggan is fantastic my only wish would have been to have a neutral head for her as well as the smiling one, but I will take what I can get, now bring on the rest of these folks!

  13. On 11/6/2021 at 11:17 AM, Ironspider428 said:

    Wait, what’s wrong with Druig’s figure? That’s actually one of my favorites. I’ll give you Gilgamesh, that one isn’t the best at all.

    That Druig figure looks no beuno , like Barry Keoghan cosplaying as Pinhead, the Gilgamesh just looks like a poor representation of the actor IMO, in both Buck size and face print.

    but in the Movie they were great characters.

    On 11/6/2021 at 12:31 PM, Jmacq1 said:

    This movie had the best, most mature handling of relationships between characters of any Marvel movie so far.  Not just romantic relationships, either.  The Eternals really did feel like an estranged and scattered family coming back together again.  There was humor, but it wasn't an attempt at non-stop laughs or a constant contest of "Who is the snarkiest?"    All the Eternals were well portrayed and felt like fully-realized characters, though yes, I would agree that a couple of them were somewhat weaker performances than others, and one that I initially thought was kinda weak and wooden turned out to be one of the best in the movie after some things became clearer.  

    It wasn't perfect though.  The entire Kro subplot seemed like a waste, or a combination of Chloe Zhao being told by Marvel she HAD to have the Deviants in the movie and Thena needing a big hero moment in the third act (after, from my understanding, Thena's role expanded greatly as they developed the film, going from a glorified cameo to a major character).  There was a little bit too much "tell, don't show" though I'm not entirely sure how it could have been done better given the subject matter.  And bluntly there were so many characters that juggling them all did seem to make the movie a bit overstuffed (Makkari and Kingo both seem like they were slightly shortchanged for different reasons).  

    Overall I liked it, and even more so I liked that it set up a lot of interesting questions regarding other aspects of the MCU (Like Thanos origins and motivations), as well as planting potential seeds for future stuff (Seems REALLY obvious that there could be some serious intertwining of/conflict between the Celestials and a certain Devourer of Worlds).

    Also, while I don't think it's a spoiler at this point that Dane Whitman doesn't suit up as the Black Knight in this, I think fans will be pretty satisfied with the trail of Easter eggs they drop around him.   Also nice seeing Kit Hairington playing a character that's (at least initially) cheerful and good-humored.

    This review was on point, more or less this is how I felt.

    it's a good movie,and I hope people keep speaking up for it being good, and the hate can dissipate

  14. On 11/6/2021 at 1:44 AM, MRT said:

    I'm just curious.. did it make you want to buy the figures though?

    It didn't make me want to buy the figures I didn't already have, so no, I already had planned I only wanted a few of the figures which were Sersi, Makkari, Thena and Kro, the other figures just don't look that cool to me, and even a character being cool in the movie that won't change your figure which I don't really like, two of my fav characters ended up being Gilgamesh and Druig, and those are two of the worst figures, so no I'm not buying em Hahha

    but I could see this movie making people want to buy the Eternals figures, just not me.

  15. On 11/5/2021 at 12:41 PM, Inspection12e said:

    Selma Hayek is awful but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and like you I had low expectactions.   It's better than Shang Chi and Black Widow.  

    I did like it better then Shang Chi and I liked Shang Chi, but I found eternals better, and both are better then Black Widow. I think Eternals was a good fresh feeling film for the MCU, people need to give it a chance.

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