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  1. I'm digging this figure, we had been long overdue for a new Strucker and I think this one was done right, nothing about this other then maybe his upper lip being a tad too curled under those teeth, I'm good with this figure and how it came out, now speaking of that, this wave really ought to be out by now.
  2. Out of nowhere reveal, didn't expect that, Anyways figures look good, In fact these might have the best face likenesses of any GOTG figures yet, I think it's evident Cosmo was a "different" choice for a BAF and it's going to make people pretty upset, Early 20's Groot looks fine, still weirded out by the baby face on the buff body, Adam Warlock would have benefited from a soild painted gold face and not the plastic with marbling, Looks like a good wave, but I will be passing, would have got Cosmo if she wasn't a BAF because it's a good stand in for comic. I am sure this means down the road High Evolutionary and Gamora are coming some how since they were omitted here.
  3. Stoked about this figure, only wish she came with an unmasked head, but I love this look for Yelena anyways, and it's long overdue we have a comic Yelena.
  4. I really liked this movie, I liked the feel of it, the environments, the creatures and denizens all were really great to look at, the pace was good, it had just enough funnies that it didn't feel forced, and the serious tones were well done, yes Majors is really good here, liked everyone in this film actually, some good strong action sequences, overall a fun film, was surprised at actually how much I liked MODOK, it's so stupid it's lovable, and when you really look the whole MODOK thing it's pretty damn visually accurate to how a comic MODOK would translate on the big screen, and he acted like MODOK is generally portrayed in modern media. and don't forget to watch those end credit scenes.
  5. Hey good looking out on this, never knew about this company, these look like they might be solid, so they fit Marvel Legends pretty good I presume? I've been trying to find good stands.
  6. Going to see it today, I'm happy so far you guys have gave it more so positive reviews, the critics were trashing it, I was a big fan of the previous Ant-Man films so I have high hopes for this one, but no doubt the highlight of this movie is going to be Kang.
  7. Heads Up Canadians, several online retailers are getting in X-Men Villains Pack, Banshee, Psylocke & Gambit 3 pack, and Blob, and Forge, Storm & Jubilee pack has been out for about a month at select retailers, so likely more of these items will be getting stocked at more places.
  8. I am so happy this figure got made, Orb has been on my wanted list for years, and I'm still surprised they actually did him, but sadly this figure seems to have a ton to be desired, while I don't think the Bucky Cap buck is a bad one for him, it just looks a bit lackluster in the end, the way the head isn't fully rounded to go on the ball peg looks kinda tacky, I really can't complain that much since we got this figure and it is cool, but just looks a bit phoned in, I mean not really sure what they could have done better other then the head, which should have been fully rounded, because it looks like hes just wearing an eyeball helmet, and he's not wearing a helmet that eye is his head, and maybe just using like the Vulcan buck, it just gives off too much of a 2014 vibe the way I'm seeing it.
  9. I really hope they make Ross Red Hulk soon, I gotta say I'm really interested in seeing Harrison Ford Mocapped as a Hulk, as much as I loved Hurt (RIP) and loved Elliot, Ford is the best replacement I think of, plus if they just get him Hulked out, he can literally sit in a chair for years and just move his face, he won't have to worry about getting hurt doing stunts.
  10. Monica Monica! totally currently only excited about this movie for Monica, I really hope they give her a lot in this movie, and really build her into an important character moving forward, I wasn't a fan of Kamala Khan and am afraid of her goofy characterization, it worries me she's going to ruin the dynamic these characters have together, also wasn't really a big fan of the first Cap Marvel movie so meh. one can only presume this is how these characters might be portrayed in figure form, Monica probably be the coolest out of them all, if it were last year at this time I'd say I'd likely want to get the figure, but as of recent I've decided I'm going to be entirely out of collecting Movie figures.
  11. I was talking with my friend about this, and I realized, could this be finally finally a comic Nebula? now that is actually what is top of my want list out of these potential figures, Comic Classic Nebula, we never ever got one in all of the 20+ years of Legends in 6'' (sure we got a 3.75 in a SDCC Box Set, that don't count), I think it's most due.
  12. Oh darn that's a good looking Sue, Diamond has been really putting some good stuff out, although generally inconsistent, overall the past few years Diamond has stepped their game up heavily, this figure looks really nice, I wish it wasn't so out of scale with Legends, the effects and the alternate invisible limbs is such a good touch, I might just get this figure because I like it and for no other reason.
  13. Yeah weird the Neck is exposed, also is it just me or is the Helmet Black? and not Silver, if so that's two inaccuracies, but both of those elements aside it's a good looking figure.
  14. I like this, it feels like a What If McFarlane made Marvel Figures, well done job here, def like to see more.
  15. Yeah Kraven looks fine for his Animated appearance, but this was never really how he was depicted in the comics so it's kinda a hard shuffle in for those who need a new Kraven, I probably would have went for this just because I didn't have a Kraven, but I recently finally got the Classic Kraven from the 2 Pack so I'm not going to worry about this.
  16. These are fun for the kids, which is what they are about, I'd probably buy a set for my niece since she loves Spider-Man, and can probably have fun annoying people with a thing like this.
  17. I hope this one isn't another Multiverse escapade, I think this should be Spidey's most grounded film, spidey vs. the Sinister Six, or if they think they can do it (but I bet it would need some major tweaks) Maximum Carnage, Alt Carnage & Shriek though, and whatever Tom Hardy can try one more time.
  18. I hope we do hear about this soon, because all of the rumours about who is being eyed to play who is getting overwhelming, they need to just spill the beans already, and just put all the speculation to bed.
  19. Yeah as soon as I saw this Actress I thought Lady Deadpool, seems like a good call, since this is no doubt a movie exploring Multiple Universes and alt versions of characters as we know with Wolverine already. It would be really cool if she was Shiklah but I don't have a feeling it will be, I can see Shiklah being a character they wouldn't introduce into the MCU at this point, but I could be wrong about that.
  20. Yeah they leaked Noh-Varr was coming, so I bet this is the figure, but if it's not who knows because they don't actually mention what GOTG Team variation the figure will be from, but if it's following what we already are getting this year, I'd say Starhawk seems like a good candidate. Also Adam Warlock is another good bet since he's making his MCU debut, but who knows at this point. If it was up to me I'd want Aleta or Phyla-Vel
  21. So I guess the Legends team have not let anyone know in Canada where we Can Get Yondu and this Ant-Man, since I really want both, that new Ant-Man is a great update from the previous wiggly noodle body version, only have the Lang Comic Ant-Man, I was waiting for something like this, passed on the vintage one. guess no info though on when and where these are coming out for Canadians though>
  22. Yeah not that pleased with how far off from the comic look High Ev is looking, they did such a good job translating Kang from the pages into live form, not sure why they went so off the path with High Ev. either way movie looks to be a tearjerker, but I liked the previous trailer more, this showed the funny side of this movie, and I;m not really feeling Marvels Funnies these days, we need more serious film and TV, the jokes are getting lame and stale, looking at how much I hated Thor L&T and the Guardians Christmas thingy, that stuff was painful.
  23. I'm going to speculate that these figures are coming in the Blue Matching (more classic) outfits, as it seems that's their look for this movie, I want to say High Evolutionary is the BAF (but we could be wrong), and a Gamora exclusive to come out somewhere down the line, but at this point I'm not really interested since it's all movie figures, maybe Mantis because she can be a fill in for a comic version, if there is a Cosmo pack in some place I'd likely want that, because it's pretty easy to be a comic fill in, but other then that this wave is already on paper looking like an easy money saver for me, going to be passing on it, which I'm fine with.
  24. Really want this figure, I am going to presume it's going to be a TRU exclusive in Canada, but TRU doesn't put up pre-orders so I'm going to make a wild guess and say it's just going to appear sometime randomly on the website if at all and for roughly 50 bucks, Ugh.
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