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  1. 50 USD for this, that seems a bit much, I would have loved to get this if it was like 20 cheaper, I'm sure this is likely a Disney Exclusive but if it's not I'm going to look out for it here in Canada. I love these half Doll/Action figures.
  2. Christina Conan always does amazing work, I still don't know why Hasbro hasn't hired her yet, like for real for real, Everytime I see her work I'm stunned, this is another great one.
  3. Yeah these were the only 2 reasons I didn't buy this yet, I wonder if Hasbro is going to get around to this (I mean they should), and Legends have better articulation, but then I think the same as you, I don't think Hasbro would do this as well, articulation aside (really how much articulation does a giant titanium robot man need?), this is a really awesome figure it's pretty much perfect in terms of the armour it's depicting from the comics, it's also truly insane how nicely priced this is, I just looked and I can get this bad boy for 30 bucks with free shipping, whatttt!? if this was a Legend it would be 70+ at least.
  4. Yes This would be the one for me, but I kinda think they wouldn't dub it a Captain America if it was an American Dream, But I can hope Also what About Captain America 2099 , I'd run to get that one. or Danielle Cage Cap.
  5. Yeah this is one of those figures that Select really knocked out of the park, I keep on thinking I should get this, because it would look great among legends, and I almost don't think that Hasbro will do this guy better. I should just grab this figure.
  6. I'd take that, I'd rather that, most importantly it would be a new character, I don't need more Steve at this point. I hope that you are right.
  7. I'm not really huge on this story, and the looks are okay, I would however buy Magik, Emma and Jean if they made those, just for my ladies of marvel shelf.
  8. I liked the old Rumour better that it was a Ghost Rider, another Cap, eh sure whatever. Armoured Cap would be pretty interesting to see.
  9. Well it seems basically confirmed that the next outfits for FF are Future Foundation with the reveal of Turg head, but I wonder if we might see some characters like Dragon Man, and maybe like Nat Richards, Alex Powers, Franklin or Valeria.
  10. It;s an awesome figure, I'm torn on that Deco, I like it but I do prefer the Classic Blue on the BAF, I do wish this was a re-release of the BAF but hey I still want this. I guess having this and the AOA Apocalypse will be suffice enough. I still wish I took the opportunity when I could to build that damn Apocalypse BAF.
  11. Ha , funny enough I went into my stock room and I stared at The Hood for a couple minutes, and said, you know I'd hate this figure a ton less if he had a different head, in fact I actually want a Hood figure, because I like filling out the marvel universe with instances of as many characters as possible, so I thought I'd maybe break him out, and see if I have a head that might be less of en eye sore. I was thinking maybe Norman Osborn, or Victor from Infamous Iron Man, maybe even Daniel Bruhl from MCU Zemo, I'll see what shakes out.
  12. Oh boy, gotta say a bit about what they announced here hurt, another Amazon Box set? I could have used these guys being single releases, Amazon isn't a great place to rely on, they still don't have the Symbiote Box set up in most countries, I do however want this box set, cool to finally have a real Silvermaine (although this is just a repaint of a Ultron), and Molten Man despite him being way too short on the wrong buck, Purple spider-man isn't very important to me, but I do want all of those villains, weird decision to make this a 5 pack it's got such d-listers, might be a tough sell for many. the D+ wave is one that hurts, I really want that Khonsu BAF, but I really only want Howard from this wave, maybe I'm contemplating the Zombie figs, but I feel let down by those after we got such an amazing Zombie Cap, these don't have enough zombie details and are more like new heads slapped on old bodies. I had to laugh when I saw Jimmy Woo, who was it here that kept insisting we'd be getting a Jimmy Woo...Tarot you were right ha...I really wish this wave had the Infinity Ultron BAF and that previous wave had Khonsu ugh.
  13. I just hope my Hood figure I have sitting in box will now be wanted by somebody, because I am tired of looking at him in my storage room when I go.
  14. Yeah it's the 90's version Rob Liefield was doing, Jim Lee was doing something similar. I do as well wish this Toad was a classic Toad, a plumper version this would have been the ideal version for me but I guess I will just take what I can get, this version we got is fine enough...wacky head and all (which I'm not a huge fan of)
  15. yeah see I was thinking, like I said above, keep the retro wave going without any FF members, and if they still want to have BAF waves, they can toss in new costumes for the family in there, because the BAF would entice people to constantly dip in on buying new FF suits.
  16. I expect more as well, but just at what capacity and when, I know they have been fillers in the past, and tons of the characters can be, but they might have to move them from Filler characters to get some more intricate guys like Sidewinder and Bush Master, also Anaconda is going to need her own new Buck. one thing is I'd be mad, if they gave us like 75% of the team and then just never filled it out entirely, Gotta say even though he wasn't really a member (or for long) How is it that we have no new Constrictor figure?
  17. yeah I thought so as well, they did a good job on this costume, looks comic accurate but realistic, I hope the cape is related to Dormammu in this and they don't stray away from the character, and Yeah going forward he could really shake things up in the MCU as a stand out villain.
  18. Speaking of Iron Heart , is anyone paying attention to this, Anthony Ramos is The Hood
  19. I can't tell you how stoked I am that we got those last 2 members of the Life Foundation Symbiotes, but I didn't have any doubts about them coming relatively soon, Hasbro likes the Symbiotes. I'm more concerned for my Serpent Society, I'm about to demand a HasLab with very character that ever was in the team, I'm willing to drop that money, I need me the rest of the Serpent Society, it's been basically silent since Rock P in 2019, I am happy we got Madame Hydra and she counts..but she doesn't count in the same way as I'm worried we arn't going to be seeing anymore of the lesser knowns.
  20. I keep seeing these and They keep looking so cool, I really wouldn't think I'd fall for this silly gimmick every character in Iron Man suits, but man they look real good.
  21. well in actuality a ton of the wacky stuff has been pretty regular in the most recent comics, I agree though I was really not pleased with them going that direction in the show, if they wanted to take it to that magical god super battle evengelion stuff they could have waited for like season 3? Hahh, Moon Knight is my favourite Marvel Character I almost feel embarrassed saying that now thanks to what people saw with this show, I wish they just did the multiple personality psycho street vigilante thing that made Moony soooo good. Marvel Studios lost me on this one.
  22. this sounds like the best yet of these Arcade machines, I wish I had space, I'm about to just chuck things out into the street to accommodate this, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is my favourite Fighting game of all time, even with the fact I own pretty much all of these games in some physical capacity
  23. Of course they do, and with the fact that they have and promote Rated R or mature items on D+ , they know it sells, and I feel certain they have stated multiple times DP3 will retain the R rating, and if it's par for the course DP3 is going to be a huge hit unless they make some huge mistake and it's just not a good movie, it should open the doors for more rated R films in the MCU. they need to just drop some F bombs at least, nobody can tell me if you are dealing with Thanos (man Infinity war and Endgame should have just been people sighing face palming and swearing) or a huge battalion of Sentinels you wouldn't want to scream some obscenity's it's just realistic.
  24. Exactly, and Deadpool is case in point, both DP movies are rated R, and both of those movies did extremely well, we as grown ups surely as a whole didn't shy away from watching them, and kids wanted to watch em and likely ended up at some point, so it's not like making a Disney/Marvel Studio rated R film is going to make them flop at the box office (uh Joker was the the highest grossing rated R film ever, who wanted to see that? uh everyone), I bet it wouldn't do a single thing to change it, in fact bet that the first R rated Marvel Studios movie (likely DP3) will do insane numbers and some of it might just be because it's so well...rated R.
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