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  1. Jon Watts was a good choice, but hey if he needs time to chill that's fine, the important thing is they get the right person for the job and take their time with this movie, F4 done right is what the MCU needs. I think the Russo brothers could do a good job directing this, also as someone up above me suggested Peyton Reed, I agree with that, The movie should be brighter, but not too comical. I also still vote on Krasinksi and Blunt to be Reed & Sue, and still think Zac Efron would be a good choice for Johnny.
  2. I gotta say I like the BAF figure's colors and wash better, I also prefer the Mask over the eyes head on the BAF, but since I never could finish that BAF, this is an obvious must get, long overdue to get a Rhino Deluxe.
  3. The BP's sold well, and go for big bucks now on the aftermarket, because of Chadwick's passing, but Nakia, Killmonger and Shuri were not big sellers, at least from what I saw, I can still find Shuri for like 10 bucks currently, and I remember getting the Killmonger for like 15 bucks years ago, Nakia wasn't hugely popular from what I recall, but hey I guess Hasbro thinks it's time to revisit these figures, and they do what they please.
  4. This figure looks excellent (enough for what we get), should it have came with an open screaming mouth head, uh yeah, but whatever I can deal, I'd probably use the neutral head anyways in my display, her face sculpt is very nice, pinless articulation points are great, nice to finally get Siryn after all this time. This is the most wanted figure for me from this wave for certain, I'm hoping these start hitting everywhere soon, it feels like it's been awhile for me since figures I wanted came out. I still think it's a bit mean and a tease she's screaming in the box art, but the figure isn't, we know there is going to be a different costume version coming somewhere in the figure with that head they didn't want to give us this go round. Also my goodness, I have not laid eyes on that Banshee in so long, what a hideous beast that figure is, please Banshee next, that figure must haunt the Legends team...wash the taste of that one out.
  5. Yeah I think that firey character is Monica, it sure looks like her, also the blue effects on her arms. Man though Cap Carter in this, this movie just keeps getting more insane looking, I couldn't even imagine what else we might see if they are showing us all of this, we know how tight lipped Marvel/Disney are so if they are showing us this much, better believe there are a ton of things they have not yet. like I said many moons ago, seems like Cobweb (?) is in this, could sleepwalker? if in fact this is cobweb. looks a ton like it.
  6. Just saw they are re-releasing the kids figures, that's a weird choice, I have seen that Black Panther and Shuri still on store racks to this day with a price tag of 4 bucks, and that Titan hero is still sitting on shelves seems like such a strange idea to re-release these since they were super clearance and still ain't selling.
  7. Well interesting, these are truly re-releases, I'm not sure if I think this is a easy weird cash grab, a whole new subline based off previous figures, sure some of these figures people might be interested in getting again, not a whole lot of difference with them, I do appreciate the new deco on Killmonger it actually looks really good, but I don't think I'd be replacing the old one, just don't need more MCU figures in my life, in fact I want less of them, I've been contemplating selling all/or some off.
  8. Yeah no doubt, glad I could put that question to rest. I do agree with the Helmeted head being my preferred head for Cap Brit, if the colors matched I'd put that head on the figure, that would look best to me as well.
  9. I think this could have been done better, it's pretty obvious the love was put into the previous figure, better color and wash, this seems like an after thought, he is an easy BAF, they already have the base figure just add some accoutrements and he is ready to go, I have zero interest in this figure, if this was a standard release I'd have the same interest but as a BAF it's worse because this doesn't seem BAF enough, ah well, makes me more cool with skipping this entire wave.
  10. Yeah this current black series trend is likely the litmus test to see if the collectors would blindly pay the price for basically nothing additional, but if and can we fit this figure in a bigger box, such with this strange figure, is the effect likely bigger then a normal box and would not fit in a standard box, I'd say yes, but this this worth like almost double the price of a single figure no, and it's insane, going back to Boba Fett black series figures as of recent, they really are trying.. when I bought a Boba figure some time back with all the same accessories for the price of a single figure, is Defender strange worth almost double because of the effect...oh no no, that effect isn't using the same amount of plastic, technology or molding as a second figure would even if it was a re-paint... it's tough out there for a collector, they want to gouge you good, be careful.
  11. Here Ya go, both fit fine, but obviously colors don't match and the newer head looks pretty big on the old figure, old head looks fine on the new figure but obviously colors are off
  12. Hey I like this proposed Idea, it would work, and could fix the blunders of the first 2 films but keep at least Tom Hardy to reprise the role, and not have to change much, but integrate eddie/venom into the MCU proper, and everything can be all nicey nicey.
  13. I am not a fan personally of any song I've ever heard from him, but then again it's not my cup of tea, I guess Horrid was strong (I edited the original post, to less rude), but that's how I felt about his music when I've heard it. I am more concerned that he's not an actor and has never acted over his music being bad (to me) since it likely the movie isn't going to be a musical, it just seems like a not so great idea to get a musician who may have a big following(?) to star in a film when he's never acted before. Ah well, Sony is for certain just doing Sony. 🤷‍♂️
  14. Please No. After what happened with Venom 2, and recently Morbius... just don't Sony, just because you can doesn't mean you should.
  15. Lovin it, I'm a big fan of Kate's MCU look, and love the way she was portrayed. I'm digging the detail of the little bandage on the chin. However looking at the hair, sometimes I wonder if Hot Toys would benefit from actually having woven hair on the figures, it would probably make them way too "dollish" but would be the ultimate realistic factor.
  16. I find this funny, because at least here in Canada, Arcade was the hardest of the Bad Guys wave to find when they first dropped, but now I can't even give an Arcade away for a Rock Python.
  17. Yeah that Digibash might be the definitive Spider-Man, I'm sure they will eventually get around to giving this figure the paint job you did here, they gotta milk the Spider-Men as much as they can, Hasbro likely would love to make Legends soley Spider-Man and MCU if they could 😉
  18. Why is it getting pushed to 2023? what's up with that wonder why Oct 2022 wasn't a good date for it's release anymore? it's not like theatres are closed or going to be. seems strange.
  19. Yeah like I stated above, you guys think it's rough in the US, check out the Canadian prices, Iron Spider being what 28.99 for you guys it 47 for us, that doesn't even make mathematical sense in terms of the current exchange rate, it should be about 35 for us, but no it's 47 almost 20+ dollars more then the US price.
  20. I don't know why this had to be a thing, I don't care for it much, seems lacking in inspiration. No Thanks for me.
  21. Whoa hey hey, The Prices on these figures are through the roof here in Canada, ouch ouch, Iron Spider is 47.99 and same with Toad, I can't even begin to imagine what would justify such a premium price tag for either of those guys, even the Iron Man and Cap 20th Anniversary figs were less then that, Knull & Venom is 115 ! I mean Knull is a big boy and Venom has huge wings but...I don't know if they both are worth 57 bucks a each...waaaaa, Spidey & Jane were 72, which sorta seems regular for Canadian 2 pack prices,,, but still weirded out by Iron Spider and Toad being almost 50 bucks. I guess it might be a higher price tag on some of these 60th Anniversary figs because they tend to hike prices up when it's a special program..but that's a lot of hike. Hasbro hurtin my joy here.
  22. Jack Burton Thor is a pretty nice figure, Head sculpt is spot on, probably the best (non big beard/fat) Thor MCU face likeness yet, composition is cool, digging his vest look, but do I need this..not even a little bit. I do think this figure is going to get a ton of love in toy photography though, it's got a lot to offer in terms of whimsy.
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