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  1. Well not exactly the look for Franklin I had hoped for but whatever, I wasn't expecting this teen version of him and in this suit, it looks good for what it is, I'm sure this will come with Valeria, and if The two look cool together I might want to get this, as it stands I'm not sure this moves the needle, if it was kid Franklin I'd be more inclined.
  2. Here's my pics for this current list Best Newcomer : She-Hulk - IMO best new MCU figure of the year, they did Jen really well, actor likeness, accuracy to the shows outfit, def a really nice figure Best Re-Paint : Winter Soldier (Flashback) - Massive improvement with this figure in terms of visual aesthetics, not even a new mold, but the definition of what some re-painting can do to make something all new again, plus the superb update to the actor likeness, this is just a good looking figure. Best New Costume : Nakia - IMO this costume is the best new costume for the MCU of the year, the colors are unique and look really good, the sculpted textures of the costume, the helmet with the clear visor showing her face through, plus it actually is pretty screen accurate, not a popular opinion but I really liked this figure, awesome new costume. Best New Villain : Namor - Honestly the options to pick from in this catagory made it hard to decide because I wasn't really into any of the choices, Namor took the win only slightly over Gorr, both of them are fine for what they are, but it seems that Namor has more intricate sculpting on his jewelry and so forth, just some finer details that stand out over the bland white canvas of Gorr, both have good head sculpts though. Best Female : She-Hulk - Jen is clearly one of the best MCU figures of the year for me, see first choice, Kate would have maybe been more of a contender had she actually looked more like the prototype and had a more accurate hailee steinfeld head sculpt, Jen was just overall a top notch figure (unless you got that 5 head qc issue) Best Animated : Animated Cyclops (VHS) - This figure is most certainly the best VHS/Animated figure they put out yet, awesome update for Cyclops it had to win this category for me.
  3. I dunno seems like it might not be far away, I feel like we could see a two pack with like Unmasked Shuri BP and Namora, or something like that. I contemplated buying this figure a couple times, but Ehh, don't think I really need it, the Comic Shuri BP is so nice, this one is just so so.
  4. I quite like this figure, but it's way to much like the previous movie version, so no reason for me to get it, if I didn't already have that version I'd have bought this, I do like this one better but not by much, it just seems more passable for a comic version, although in reality I would just like them to give us an actual comic Killmonger, not enough comic BP figures, which such a big title you'd think they could get some comic figures out there.
  5. This figure looks really good, an awesome update, they really should have made this a mass release, and not included the weird cell shading, although the shading isn't very noticeable, I would probably have got this guy to replace my current Cyclops but being exclusive to pulse and so expensive (for Canadians) I will just sit this out. It does look really good though, I hope they eventually put this out sans cell shading and in a non exclusive wave.
  6. This is pretty good minus those wonky eyes, what's up with those? looks like he's staring at a fly on his forehead , but this comes with good accessories, that should have came with at least any of the recent Reeds that were offered by Hasbro. I'm actually really impressed with the current output from Diamond in the Legends department they have really stepped up their game and become a decent competitor (although on a different scale) , let's see how they do a new Sue and Ben, they could really kill a good Ben figure (but may make it too big), but I'm curious to see if they can make a pretty Sue.
  7. Well good to see Walgreens in the US is keeping up to date with their exclusives, this figure was weirdly released here in Canada, it was only available initially as in store pre-order from Gamestop, and limited amounts on shelf, but now it's window of exclusivity is apparently up and it's coming to various etailers, still was really hard to come by, it wasn't announced as coming out, you had to ask at the cash about it.
  8. okay well, I will try this if you recommend it, if this will make the game less complex I'm all for it. I'm just used to Streets of Rage and Golden Axe if you know what I mean.
  9. I don't really like Modern games, I have such a hard time getting into them, and I try, I played the first Spider-Man, I couldn't beat Kingpin and got mad, gave up never came back, but boy do these games look cool, just too many buttons to push and too many things happening. I think Wolverine has a ton of potential, I really should try to play some more of these modern games and stop being such wimp.
  10. Whoa the real take away here is Feet, Ol' Robbie boy finally sorta figured them out, took what over 30 years or so, although his feet still look weird, and hardly seem to have any motion, you know he doesn't want to draw them, tries to obscure them when he still can, but he knows the "what happened to the feet haters" are lurking, I still can't really get into his art style though, when I was a kid I thought he was kinda cool, but I didn't know any better. He still seems to have a inconsistency in his art, like small heads sometimes, big heads another. Eh glad to see this guy has made it through the years getting paid big time yet he's kinda always been a bit of a hack.
  11. Oh oooof, seeing these figures I gotta say I'm not digging anyone except Gwen, holy moly is The Spot hideous, like what the proportions, he looks fat in the gut, like a beer bellied alien, Spider Punk looks like he was build out of sticks and his face is crooked, the 2 figures I thought I might like I don't, Miles is fine for what he is, Peter B is basically the same figure minus a jacket, 2099 is just way to big in the torso, Gwen is beautiful though. but all in all this wave looks too wacky, I get it's supposed to be really translating the movie characters into plastic, but it's not my flavor, most of these look like well articulated children's figures. Strong passes here, maybe Gwen...maybe.
  12. None of these really do much for me, but I would get Tempo since she is close enough to her original look, Cypher would probably be a get because he'd be the first Cypher, but would prefer his original look same with Askani, Jean and Magik I'd buy for sure because of my need to continue to add to my Ladies of Marvel shelf, and I like those looks. Storm would be a pass she's just not looking different enough. now if we are talking newer outfits I'd be all over an X-Men Red Jean.
  13. To My Canadian friends Ronan is now up on Canadian Amazon https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0B3FZ5R9M/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Yeah I keep noticing that as well, no real plot being showcased, not really sure what's going on in this movie other then multiverse antics. anyways looks awesome, if it's even half as good as the first movie I'll be happy. from what I hear I guess the villains will be Vulture and Spot, with 2099 kinda being a issue and likely becoming an ally, but the whole Spider-Verse thing is the real villain like Morlun on the hush? he should be.
  15. Yeah seems right, since all of these figures feature brand new and exclusive to each character tooling, it would eat the BAF budget, so I guess my earlier theory of Jessica Drew being the BAF is out the window, unless she is and Spidey 2099 just doesn't come with a BAF piece. because it still doesn't make sense that she is circled on the back of the card.
  16. I guess now that we see this image, likely no BAF for this wave. interesting choice that Hasbro went with a card for these. I think I'll be mostly passing on this wave, maybe Spot if he looks comic passable, but judging from this figure here, these are looking really toony, which I won't collect, but however would still buy Spider-Punk just because.
  17. here's my theory in regards to the BAF I think it's Jessica Drew, since as we can see this is clearly the Miles figure (if the figure you are buying was circled it would have been miles), the only figure here on this card with a red circle around them is Jessica, I think that's the BAF. anyways looks like a fine wave, cool for those who want ITSV figures, I would likely only get Spot since he might pass as a comic version and Spider-Punk because he's awesome.
  18. got a link I can't seem to find it ? NVM found the link, sources say this doesn't actually go live until 1 PM link is deadzo right now https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B3FZ5R9M?tag=comicbookcom-20
  19. Sorry maybe I didn't pay enough attention, but when is this figure going up for pre-order? I need this bad boy.
  20. After getting this pack open I do have one issue, and maybe I'm crazy but Terrax's arms feel like they are too short, kinda weirds me out when looking at it, other then that as I've said before despite this figures age it holds up and still looks good, if it ain't broke (enough) don't fix it. I just wish his arms didn't seem so stubby.
  21. New additions forgot to add Ultimate Symbiote Spidey from Box Set Symbiote Spidey from Kingpin wave New Daredevil from box Set
  22. This was really damn hard, I just went with my gut and personal feels with this here, it was truly hard for a lot of these. Best Newcomer : Gorr - like I've said a lot this figure is one of my favs of the year, great job on this one, and a character I have been wanting for a long time. Best Remake : Dr. Strange - While there was a ton of good remakes this year, Dr. Strange is gotta be the winner, it took them waay to long to give us a new classic strange, and despite the emblem just being a few shades to light, this is actually perfect, I can overlook the emblem. We really needed a strange. Best New Costume : Baron Zemo - always been a big Zemo fan, this is finally the best Zemo yet, and this is my most desired look for him, I have been waiting for this zemo and they did this right. Best Re-Release : Captain America (20th) - what can I say this figure is just awesome, we all know it. Best Villain : D'Spayre - yeah probably the only person who is going to vote for this guy, but this is one of my fav figures we got this year, it's D'spayre, I had always been wanting this guy, and still stunned we got him, he's a simple design but they did this right, we need the other fear lords, Best Female : Spiral - spiral wins the beauty pageant Best Spider Person : Silk - we had a ton of amazing spider peoples going on this year, RYV spidey is up there and retro symbiote suit, but Silk is still my fav, and this update was super. Best X-Men : Spiral - spiral wins again, she's the 6 arm beauty queen.
  23. got the DD pack and Heralds pack today. guess that about wraps up Legends buying for 2022.
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