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  1. Basically looks like Fortnite mashed with Marvel Future Fight, I'd probably play this for like 45 mins and then just lose interest.
  2. I love this Psylocke, not the one I would have asked for, but they did a wonderful job here, finally a great Betsy face, I really hope that they keep that energy going forward with new figures of her, sadly this Wolverine is a big dud to me personally, I want that Psylocke so bad that I'm willing to basically pay 70 bucks for her, I know I know it's crazy, but I must have all Psylockes.
  3. They certainly are really dumping these DP re-releases out, Gamestop Canada just announced they were getting the Smokey DP variant Re-release, sheesh and now this one, I mean cool because people did want this figure yet it was stuck in a 2 pack that actually wasn't easy to get (as far as I saw), that Wolverine was also kinda hard to get (?) it was Amazon exclusive am I wrong? kinda crazy they are putting so many DP figures when no doubt about it once it's closer to that movie release date we are going to get a ton of new Deadpool figures anyways happy for those who are happy to get second chances at these figures, I don't care about this for myself
  4. I love this figure, it's already my fav figure of the year, it's not the costume I would have desired but Hey whatevs, it's beautiful and a stand out among st these toon figures, I love the everything about this one, totally cool with it not being comic, I will take what I can get and this one isn't a let down.
  5. At first I loved this Wolverine, then kinda fell out of interest in it, but now having this in my hands I love this Wolvie all over again, cool it has jaw articulation, really appreciate when Hasbro does that, but really this 2 pack is all about Lilandra and she doesn't disappoint, after the head tease with Mystique, I feel like I've just been waiting it out for her to get an actual figure I knew it had to come one day and it's a real winner.
  6. Pre-ordered this, and now I feel like I should have gotten 2 of these sets, they have such good modication capabilities, could have a ton of SHIELD agents, but I will just stick with 1 for now and wait and see if they get a bit of a discount at some point, awesome set. Glad to finally get a Dum Dum & Fury for my collection, always was mad at myself for skipping that previous Fury, and glad I then passed on buying it for 50 bucks.
  7. Yeah the Shoes were always a throw off, they look horrible, and I'm not sure where they got that from, did she have those silly tap dance shoes in the comics? ah well, still want it. My need for 99% of all comics lady figures won't let me scoff. I would have desired this far more, for me it would have given a chance at an alt costume that was different for sharon, sure this is an alt costume, and as I said before one of my main collections is Women of Marvel, all costume variants are considered but I do think I'm going to make this one in the set my Sharon, and the previous Sharon will be a White Widow stand in since I already gave her the SHIELD/HYDRA set blonde head, it works enough for me.
  8. Just got a sweet haul, LilandraxBrood Wolvie, Spider-Shot & Hallows Eve.
  9. OOOh yes this is such a must have for me, I can finally have a Nick Fury, and with the two heads I can have both Nick Furys, gonna put the Sr head on that body, and Ultimate Fury on one of the other Agents bodys, and we got a dum dum, and I'll make my older Sharon Carter into White Widow, super awesome set love all of the accessories, good value here.
  10. This game does look very cool from the trailer, but it didn't really show much of the actual gameplay, just tons of cut scenes, sure some characters moving, and that looked really quite good, but it still doesn't exhibit what the final product we actually get is going to be like, Either way might buy this once it gets discounted, most games tend to eventually.
  11. Agreed, they could have done a real banger of a figure, with how nice the recent Hulk figures have been from DST, Weapon H figure could have been pretty sharp 😉. Probably isn't a character that's really up on the radar, so if Diamond had done an action figure, likely it would have been the one to buy.
  12. I think this is a great looking figure, but I still feel like no company get's 2099's body type right, he always appeared to be taller and buffer then other Spider-Men, at least that was my perspective, this still seems too small.
  13. Mostly Instragram, and it was mostly about it being "woke" which is not anything we are getting into here, but you know how folks go. but I watched the first 2 episodes last night, I dunno why anybody would complain, I loved this show, animation was excellent, it felt true to the original series, had a good story I felt compelled to get into, the 2nd episode was moving, that whole finale scene dialog was touching, I like this show, very happy with it, it gave me feels, I can't wait to see where it goes.
  14. Oh I don't know how it slipped my mind this was out yesterday, I really am excited to see this show, despite I have heard a lot of people in internet land whining about it being bad?, not that that ever matters to me, I like to make my own opinion, and I and gonna watch it tonight. Glad people here are giving this praise for the most part. I think so many people have such high expectations for things that of course they are going to be let down by something, also this isn't 1997 anymore sheesh..
  15. Diamond has been really doing some great work in these last few years, I gotta appreciate the game upgrade, they have been doing things that rival Hasbro, I love what they are doing here, a good bunch of accessories and awesome sculpt, but I don't see a need for this myself I still do think Hasbro did a really nice Job on the comic Rhodey we got, I'm fine with that, but go DST on this one.
  16. I can't wait to get this Scarlet Spider just gives me feels, I loved Ben when he first came around, as a Kid that whole story arc just had me so interested, I know a ton hated it, but I was young and dumb and it was so exciting, and I was so into Scarlet Spider, I just always loved this look for ben, it's my fav Spider-Man costume ever, was so 90's cool, More red, ripped hoodie ankle adornment, and this is the perfect Scarlet Spider, I can replace my scrawny Rhino wave one now.
  17. This is pretty cool, reminds me of something you could slip into a Warhammer 4000 display, I always like these Medieval Marvel figures but they have really no place in my collection.
  18. uGH I hate the title, this franchise is a train wreck, and judging from how it's been going, this one will be the worst, I just have such low expectations, Let there be Carnage was pretty horrific, the first film was filmsy and okay at best, Venom is one of the coolest Marvel characters, it was never hard to make these movies cool, but sony is gonna sony all over them, Also Tom Hardy is awesome, but why is he such a goofy Eddie Brock? ah well the best take away is this movie has "last" in it's title, so I can't wait for it to be the Last one. Sony give it up.
  19. Ugh soo guess Amazon Canada still doesn't have this Zemo x Zola pack up, kept trying to find it, but nuffin, what the hey Amazon.
  20. Yeah felt that way as well, that head wasn't it for me, so I put the Love Triangle head on it, looks quite good, it does sit a bit higher but it's not a huge deal, but now this is my ideal cyclops.
  21. Oh I almost forgot this was coming out so soon, I am excited to watch this, I should probably have gone back and re-watched the older episodes but I think it's too late to do that at this point.
  22. The Sabretooth is a real nice looking update, body wise, but the face just bugs me, I also don't like the muted colors as much, I just can't bring myself to get this 2 pack, no interest in Logan, and while Sabretooth is really for the most part cool, I am surprised that I still don't mind the previous figure and don't feel the need to move on from it. I guess if I saw this discounted I might be swayed but at this point it's still a pass for me.
  23. Yeah I actually just opened this figure, it's alright, I got it solely because it's a new character, never was ideal in my eyes because it's clearly cartoon based, I thought I could get past that, seems it can't really, it's far too stylized, but I already opened it and it is maybe the only X-cutioner figure we might ever get so it will make do, but I find it only okay.
  24. Yeah I agree, the more I see this DD, I like it, the cell-shading works here at least for me, it gives off a comic vibe, I dig it, never liked any Cell-shaded figure before but since this does have a very off the pages of the books aesthetic going on it appeals to me, now as a Animated Cell-shade this doesn't work. still not gonna buy this pack, despite actually being pretty into it, I already have a red DD and a Hydro-Man, just gotta pause on that "buy it alll" mentality.
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