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  1. Yeah I like that this figure does a great job on the Bale likeness, but I actually just don't like this figure much, that being said I don't like how they decided to depict Gorr here in the MCU, he looks so bad ass in the comics, and like you said something that's slightly scary to gods, this just looks to white walker/voldermort, they could have really made Gorr look awesome in cinematic form, but gave him to much of a human look, I'll pass on this figure, but I do have high hopes Bale is going to give us a good character on screen.
  2. Yeah in terms of the people saying, yeah don't buy that overpriced Mojo box set because they will just re-release him another way for potentially cheaper down the road, I don't know if I think thats a given, like people have Said look at the case of MODOK or even Surtur, those figures didn't do to well as single releases and got the priced knocked down, they might or wait not might have seen the numbers and could or will say this is it for Mojo, because the more obscure yet wanted to the dorks like us, but not everyone else, figures just might bog up mass retail, I'm currently still on board with biting the bullet on the price for a Mojo and Longshot (Dazzler W/e, but I do like the figure) it is what is is at this point. I'd be bummed out if I didn't get a Mojo and Longshot for the best price I could at the time. Also came in to say that I ended up pre-ordering MCU Sharon Carter, and thought it would be cool to say why, because that body would be an excellent Mary Jane body! and I thought that the head would be a better head for the Comic Sharon Carter since at least this new head looks generic enough but nice, and that original head for the comic sharon is looking pretty dated these days.
  3. Ah yes ha, from the end of the movie when she's at Kamar-Taj with Rintrah, yup remember now.
  4. Happy for everyone who's happy but I dunno, never really cared about this Morph, and now we are finally getting him after all these years it's an animated deco Morph, sure I get it makes sense with the gimmick, but kinda seems a bit mean to the collectors to put him out this way first.
  5. Loving this figure, I of course ordered 2 of them so I can have Quake and Maria, Head sculpts are quite good, cool to see that the SHEILD Helmet heads work on these ladies and look pretty okay.
  6. What hasn't or did Carnage do lately?, going to hell cool fun, He looks awesome gimme a BAF of this Carnage.
  7. Wowzers that Mojo Box Set Sheesh, I'm really bummed out Hasbro hates Canada, I wish they would open a Canadian Pulse so we don't have to get embezzled every time we order from Pulse here in Canada, this set cost me after taxes 181 USD, shipping was 30 bucks, Please Hasbro next announcement give us a Hasbro Pulse Canada, I can't afford yer exclusives, either way pre-ordered Mojo set, because of FOMO, and also got shocked when I pre-ordered The 3.75 Sentinel which in Canada is 32.99, eeek.
  8. Guess I gotta be on my toes tomorrow to pre-order that Mojo pack, I don't want to miss out on Longshot and Mojo, also Firelord , I gotta laugh, what was so hush hush about an MCU Sharon Carter that we couldn't have seen it months ago? not like any spoilers there, it looks pretty good though, but I wish we saw a updated Comic Sharon, Please Hasbro Mandarin better be coming on that Iron Man retro card back this year, contemplating getting that Sentinel just to have a representation of a Sentinel on my shelf despite it's barely existence articulation.
  9. I am pretty hyped we are finally getting a Longshot and new Mojo, and will be getting that pack, I just wish that it didn't come with Dazzler, and Spiral or Quark was in that pack, I don't care about a new Dazzler at this point. I know everyone is stoked about Japanease Spider-Man and Bag-Man, but those are easy passes for me, Firelord is a great figure though and I will be grabbing that. War Machine is just a less exciting re-paint, that's an easy pass, but I'm pumped to see what they do with those beautiful Iron Man retro cards in the future, Ha I realized first watch I missed that Sharon Carter..yeah maybe, you could barely see her.
  10. Yeah was pretty darn annoying that they never zoomed in on any of the figures, so we only saw things from a sizable distance, was pretty bad camera work.
  11. Yup Frog-Man is about to skyrocket in price on the aftermarket, that's how it works right 😂
  12. Yeah that was pretty awesome, I'm guessing JayC will post stuff up in a few moments, I think people will be fairly pleased with that was shown here, Bag Man Spider-Man, Japanease Spider-Man, Mojo, Longshot, Firelord, retro Iron Man carded War Machine, and Giant 3.75 Sentinel.
  13. Firelord Firelord!!!!!!!!, so far some interesting stuff if you are not watching it. Won't spoil except for the first one I did.
  14. Yeah Armadillo was a pleasant surprise when he was revealed as the BAF for this wave, I knew I instantly had to build him, and for me that says a ton because I try to make sure I only buy whole waves 1-3 times a year for a BAF's sake, Armadillo was one I knew I had to choke up and buy the figures I didn't need to build him so I could safely get him, and he's amazing, only reason why anyone should be on the fence about putting this guy together is because they don't even know who he is, but with even that being a factor this figure looks great, articulates really nicely for a hefty guy and look super accurate for his more recent renditions in the comic, but is classic enough works for any iteration, BAF's like this are why I still love Marvel Legends, because we get cool stuff that really makes you think that Hasbro's crew love the collector, never would I have thought we'd have an Armadillo BAF.
  15. Guess everybody noticed Frog Man with the quick lil glimpse, MCU Frog Man... 😏
  16. The more I see this figure the more I think of how easy it would be to kitbash some parts to just make Astonishing Wolverine, just take off those shoulder pads, put some blue ones on (from some other recent wolverine) and switch out those hot claws, I'm sure tons of people will do this. I just don't know why they did this how claws flash in the pan look first, should have just done Astonishing Wolverine, because people seem to want it, I know I don't care either way. I don't want to buy more Wolverines if I don't have to. I wish I had less Wolverines at this point.
  17. I really do think this is a very fun figure, Bonebreaker is a wild character, I do think everything going on here is pretty cool, but I just hate the mad baby face, I think if this had a different head I'd be more compelled, but I also don't want to have to buy figures I don't need just to get this guy, because he's not that important to me, with the prices of figures now I feel like I can't just be spending like 80+ bucks for figures I can't get rid of to obtain BAF peices, I'll wait to see if eventually anyone wants to trade me for the parts I don't have, or an eventual sale happens. but the overall composition of this figure is nice, I'm digging it, but not quite enough.
  18. Yeah I think that he's pretty important in an Avengers Display, you can have all the heroes but I think you should at least have 1-3 baddies for each respective hero on the shelf or whats the fun in that, it's also fairly easy to build up classic avengers villains since in reality we don't have to many especially if you just count the substantial ones. I really hope Hasbro keeps on with the Bad Guys waves, there are still so many characters we need, that it blows my mind we don't have yet.
  19. Yeah perfect Idea Box x Marrina 2 pack, I put my vote in on that.
  20. Sure, cool one image, yeah I'm not sure about this show yet, seems like when they announced it I thought, but why Echo? but I hope this goes in a direction that feels more like the Netflix shows and has some DD and co involved.
  21. Ha that was super fun, I'm excited about this, looks like it has major potential to be super fun and different then anything so far out, I'm digging how these shows are going in different directions with each one. looks like I'm more pleased with how this show is shaping up over Ms. Marvel.
  22. Alright yeah I thought that was a rumour, hmm, and you may be right about it being an Animated version, if that's the case I'll take DST, because those images look perfecto.
  23. It's looking really good, as this is clearly just the recent DST Hulk painted Red, which that figure is insane, but again like that figure the Head is not what I would have imagined, I still like the ML Rulk, but hey for those who couldn't find that one this obviously makes a good stand in.
  24. I really want to see what this Apocalypse is going to look like, if it's as good as most of the DST stuff in the last two years I think I'm going to have to get that as a Classic Apocalypse, plus it will be cheaper than an ML, which isn't it rumoured we are getting some new Deluxe Apocalypse? this year I forget.
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