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  1. Oh No more of this....Just stop, I thought they were over these Deadpools in silly costumes, I was wrong they have a whole fleet of them and they are horrible.
  2. I feel pretty confident it will be sadly, and will be another missed opportunity to fill out our rosters, Black Suit Spidey is a lock for sure, since that was where he got that suit from, but we could probably get lucky on a She-Hulk, But I'd imagine it will be a bunch of heavy hitters, maybe one new character people have been asking for, and like I sadly think, they will shove a Deadpool in their...cause to be funny, remember..wait you don't remember he was in secret wars 😛
  3. Would really be excellent if they used the Secret Wars wave as an opportunity to give us those outstanding characters like Titania, Volcana, Wrecking Crew & Beyonder, even just seeing She Hulk, Wasp or Rogue in their respective outfits for that series. but I feel confident in saying it will likely be a re-paint/re-tool wave of top tier characters, I'd be shocked if this wasn't where they gave us a Black Suit Spidey on one of the new Molds, or new Brown Wolverine, a second release of 80th Thor, a repaint of 20th Cap and so on. Watch they give us a Deadpool 😉 I hope I';m wrong though.
  4. Uh yeah no, this is the Yikes Department.... Chibi Juggernaut is not a good look. 😬
  5. So I hear that Foggy & Karen are not being recast, well I guess this truly makes the netflix series Canon which I really am fond of, but I really didn't love that Foggy, ah well, Karen loved Deborah..so I guess that's a win, but mostly a win if it really means we are not going to erase the Netflix show from the books, I think those shows should be kept in Canon, keep the cast and put them in the MCU Proper, love Kristen as JJ, although I mean Iron Fist...at least he got better in Season 2.
  6. Ooh Movie Based means I'm out, so I hope that's true since I don't need more to buy, Xavier being his Warlord look...ugh I dunno, not really an Xavier I want personally, was hoping at least for his Jumpsuit look if anything, but since I'm yearning for an Xavier if it's Warlord I probably would buy it.
  7. Wow tons of info here.... this is my take Movie Colossus - Easy Pass Wolverine & Spider-Man F4 - probably a Pass, don't need more of these guys Venom & Carnage - really depends on what this is, likely I need everything Symbiote Venom Anniversary - Yet again depends on what this is, probably gonna want it Venompool Deluxe - probably a re-release of the BAF, so I don't need that Superior Spider-Man - probably a pass, I already have one, despite it showing it's age, but don't really think I need another one Captain America Sets (3?) - Don't know what this is, gotta wait and see Iron Fist & ? - well I need a new Iron Fist, so this sounds good, Maybe he's with Misty? Colleen? or Steel Serpent? Odin - if this is a comic Odin, I'm gonna want this, MCU nope Hulkbuster - really want a comic Hulkbuster, yes Ghostrider - always want more Ghost Rider, yes please be Dan Man-Thing - Hope it's a new comic one, but even if it's MCU probably going to get that, since MCU could be a decent comic stand-in Skaar - Oh Yes Prowler - No, it would likely be the Prowler I already have re-released Professor X - YES! but really hope he comes with a chair, not just a walking Xavier Quicksilver - probably the green suit, so no, not interested, Blue is fine for me Carnage - Probably the Venompool wave one again, so with apparently what another Carnage this year, I have a lot of Carnages, probably don't need this Warbird - Oh finally! yes Crossbones & Constrictor - Already have these 2, but these might be really nice Updates, we do need a better Constrictor Doom, Iron Patriot, Taskmaster & Loki 4 pack - Hmmm,depends on what this is, I'd take a new Iron Patriot and Tasky Destiny & Mystique - I'm gonna need a Destiny...so yeah Secret Wars Wave! OMG, I really hope that gives us new characters like Titania, Volcana, Beyonder, Wrecking Crew Members.... but I bet it's just carded on Secret wars cards figures we already have...with some extras
  8. I do always love when Symbiotes are involved, but sometimes it just seems uninspired, this being one of those times. Venomized Moon Knight does look awfully cool though.
  9. 😆Yeah I see what you are saying, does look stout and frumpy, it is mondo, I guess that's what I would have expected , weird proportions seem common place. Looks all upper body, and no lower body.
  10. Well this is good news, this show is shaping up to be a 4th season of the netflix show, but truth is I really am not a huge fan of Elden as Foggy, I just don't like that character, love Deborah as Karen, but the fact they are keeping everyone means netflix is canon and that is what I want.
  11. I swear I saw this stuff already...oh this is an old post, do I secretly want a Doop Plush uh yaa, do I also want a Deadpool Action figure blanket...uh ya, a Spider-Man 2099 Lunchbox to keep fun stuffs in Yaaa... Am I upset that Harley Quinn can't figure out how to read a book uh yeahh really...she's a professional psychologist like huh? come on...pffff
  12. Okay, the Hood looking cool here...but no Bike? guess he's riding his Cape, oh boyy,,,But we all know this won't last long, Looks pretty neato though, ahem...Hasbro...Legend me.
  13. I only want Psylocke here, so when I get this pack, you can get a Wolverine, Bub. collector friends club. ☺️
  14. What ever happened to the actual character Vengeance? loved that guy, but has he even been in a comic in the last 15 years? anyways here's a twist...it's Egghead who is the new host.. woot, and he's now Egg Rider, and rides a Egg shaped Motorcycle, that's on fire, and he says "it's hard boiling time" as his battle cry. and then Sony makes a movie about him starring Tommy Wiseau
  15. Yeah I always thought, what's the point of wearing a mask...that's not actually covering your face? it's pointless, you just now look well dumb, what is the mask doing for you? the point of a mask is to hide your face..now it's just ornamental, what to make you look fancy and super hero'y, like come on, I know it's you. but like these masks look really dorky, they hold zero purpose, the Anya Corazon one is like...not even a mask it's just some eye thing. it's actually doing nothing for her, UgH🫠 this movie is gonna suck, if it doesn't I'd be shocked. Like really shocked.
  16. Just watched the first 2 episodes, hey I like this show, It's got a more sombre vibe then a lot of the Marvel things of late, the acting is good, nice movement, good action, so far so good, I'm saving the rest of the episodes, let's see how it all unfolds. DD in episode 1 BTW.
  17. I know a ton didn't like this movie, I thought it was a sweetie, I actually want to watch it again, looking forward to when it hits disney plus, I know it's not for everyone, I really enjoyed it, if you hated Love & Thunder... this isn't that 😄
  18. oH you are not, Comic Attuma, please, we need those Namor Villains, Orka...gimme that as well, Pirahana, U-man, gimme.
  19. Hmmm, I see this, still makes me feel like this is destined to be a stinker, with that being said, will I be there opening weekend for this movie, *groans* Yes.... so CW vibes, it's hurting, but it's ladies Spider people in a movie...gush it's awesome, but I know this is gonna be a stanker, but if you can make me go see Morbius day 1, I'm just a shame, so off I will go.
  20. You know I was talking about this with a friend the other day, you know what would have been way cooler then them doing this (obviously more expensive for their budget) would have been to revisit the Fox Studios stuff, could have done a nice little program like they did in 2020 with some X-Men Movie figures, maybe even something like Nic Cage Ghost Rider, I dunno, yeah I get it they had to put stuff out for the MCU/Movie collectors, and didn't have much in the way of movies next year, had to push things back, but it wouldn't have hurt for them to you know dip into the well of the past, that wouldn't have caused any feathers ruffled from no new MCU stuff...Yeah the old X-Men films, that stuff likely would have sold, this not so sure. ✌️
  21. It really just makes me say ugh..that I want that Betsy so bad, that I gotta pay the extra dollars for a Wolverine I could care so little for, but it's Betsy I'll just do it, fine, mean ol Hasbro, At least that Wolverine is much better then the previous one, it's not a horrid thing to look at, I liked this outfit for Logan, but I'd just skip it if I could, I also know that nobody else really wants it so getting rid of it will be an ordeal, but that Lady Mandarin...sigh, so niiiicce.
  22. Well David was right about things so far, so I imagine we can assume he will be right about all of this other stuff, Count Nefaria, Ka-Zar, Ikaris, Wolfsbane and Shield 3 Pack all sound excellent, would be interested in them all, but head scratcher on re-painted Herald Thor, but it's likely the Winter what not version, he will be darker, Heroes Reborn Iron Man doesn't do much for me, I mean X-Factor Wolfsbane would be nice but, Would way rather finally get Feral.
  23. Oh true indeed, would be amazing to get a Aragorn for Valkyrie, I always said they should do a animal rider wave, Black Knight needs a Valinor. oh that would be superb. Good thinking!
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