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  1. yeah as I said in my recent response above, couldn't agree more, the real sad thing is this is looking more and more like something that wouldn't even sell on a toy shelf, this whole thing robbie and charger would likely go discount after so many people passed on it, if you can't sell a full priced cool MODOK, you ain't selling this out, it almost now feels like this was the thought all along "this won't sell well in the store, no point in mass producing it, let's try this as a haslab" we have all seen great figures go deep discount quick, this looks like it would be it. an Oillies/Big Lot exclusive. 😉 this ol boy is losing numbers since this show off at NYCC, 5,297 right now , this thing is playing limbo.
  2. This figure I really like, I am a huge fan of this outfit, and the helmeted head is awesome, I am keeping this figure with the Helmet head on, I think they did a great job on that head, cool to see the visor is really clear showing Nakia's face through it.
  3. Hahah these review pics really would have benefited from a Black background, I feel like seeing these pics is looking at a John Cena action figure review (HAHA) I love this figure though, so happy to see such a cool cut like this, it's simplistic but it does what it should, although one issue the Hatut Zeraze usually are depicted with straps on their costume (at least in recent times), would have been cool to see this, I really think now we need a White Wolf now to go with this.
  4. I agree, I think either they should have a balance in waves, or the Bad Guys waves should be main stay waves, every year we get at least 1 or 2, because they need so many villains still, every Hero should have a villain to fight by now, I hate when I look at for instance comic Shang-Chi who's he supposed to go against? even a amazon box set full of villains once a year would be great.
  5. If anyone in Canada is looking to grab this it's up now on Walmart Canada for Pre-Order https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/hasbro-marvel-legends-series-star-lord-guardians-of-the-galaxy-comics-collectible-6-inch-action-figure-multi/6000205666852
  6. Honestly seeing the in-person pics this looks less like it warrants a value of 350, just the car and robbie alone don't seem that price and paired with the "bonus" stuff which shouldn't be in the price tag to begin with, I still don't see 350 worth of product here, The Car sadly looks more lacklustre on display, the fact it's just a matte black piece it's just a lump of plastic, also the showing people Mephisto and Maddy in person kinda wrecked the magic, they look like they should and are 30 buck figures, I don't think parading this out for the people is going to change many minds, I even think it might do it all worse, this scenario seems like online dating , in the glamour pics she looked like an 8, but on the date she looked like 4.
  7. Yeah really, it's just sadly universally considered Villains don't really sell, always has been, makes no sense though, for every hero we need a villain, always thought that say Marvel Legends in a wave of 6 figures should have 3 heros 3 villains always.
  8. I'd say it would be really cool if they released a second set with the villains. although from what I have seen there isn't a ton of bad guys in this series, it's quite minimal.
  9. Looks like some good deals actually wow, I was going to order some stuff, it seems to say I get free shipping? but I'm in Canada is this true? or just an error?
  10. To me this actually seems like a cool thing for the kids, or even adult collectors who want to get into this line, this is an awesome starter deck, it's got all of the base characters. it would be cool if Hasbro did a few Legends starter sets like this for the new collectors, sell em as online exclusives they'd fly.
  11. I think this figure is just fine, I have no desire to pick it up, but I also feel like it looks too shiny and flat, I think it needed more definition on the skin areas (which is like the whole figure) maybe a Wash, more muscle tone, his legs are like tubes, they have no defining muscles, it just seems really figurey for a figure that should be more detailed, looks more like a glossy mannequin, but that being said I never had an interest to get this anyways.
  12. This is where I want them to show us a Captain Britain Betsy and a Kelsey Leigh Lionheart. Thanks Hasbro, glad to know you heard me 😜
  13. Yeah well as I said from head to waist this looks good (although the helmet's eyes have a sort of pixar look), and feels like a good MCU version of her armour, but waist down I'm not digging, but this could be and likely is more based off concept art, and or could also be a final form like a MK 3, we do know she's going to have a more rudimentary look to start off with, and then maybe something more akin to the comic and then transition to this, who knows until we see the movie, either way whatever the look may end up being, this figure as it is will be an easy pass unless I'm seeing it on sale at some point then I might be swayed.
  14. Yeah if this does fail or even if it succeeds in the end, I think this needs to wake up Hasbro, it likely won't be it would nice that this opened their eyes, the collectors are very important element to their Legends brand, they might think droves of parents and kids are buying these but I would bet that if they actually crunched the numbers they would see it's not even an argument that adults are the ones buying these figures as the majority, already with 3 price hikes in a year, and amazing greena and arrogance they need to see that we are the life blood, and even more so the life blood of a Haslab, nobody is backing a Haslab as a birthday gift for lil timmy, they need to hear us out, I'm not saying lower prices, that's not going to happen, once they up, they up, but give us what it's worth, not what a 20 buck figure for 30, they can't expect everyone is a blind brand loyal follower, most of us have lives, we can't say no to a electricity bill to buy a wave of figures, we deserve better after keeping this train going for 20 years. I hope they wake up to that, this isn't the mr. potatoe head market. a car with lil led lights with a figure most don't know, isn't the same thing as a galactus, get yer head straight Hasbro. They think they can pull a fast one, people know what they are paying for. and with the last point, honestly if it could go the right way, they should just pull the plug now on this, say oops, and get to releasing the figures in 2 packs and put em out as fan channel, Hasbro would actually make their money.
  15. Yeah I've never been a fan of this silly costume, I never found it amusing, and I never cared for a figure, but this figure kinda stunks, sure the head is good, they did a nice job there, the kick me piece for the back cool, but the body mold choice is just lacking...they have so many new Spidey Bucks, they shouldn't resort to using this buck, shoulda used the amazing fantasy, either way even if they did I'd still be out on this one, I got no interest.
  16. This has actually lost backers since Maddy was shown, it's actually rolling down hill right now, I think the outrage from fans and bad talk has lead to this being a current failure, not to say this can't be revived but as of now this thing is dead in the water, it's at a very low point right now at 5, 332 backers. I guess NYCC they will show off the last tiers to try and pull people in, I mean that's all they can do, but at this point can the stink get blown off with that? it seems like this is less about people wanting this and more about a stand against Hasbro. This seems like a protest on price hikes and not being considerate to the consumer, it also doesn't help that so many Toy influencers are getting people on the hate train.
  17. I for one don't think this is a "deluxe" figure, it's just not really warranting deluxe, although I guess this has the same amount of accessories that Deluxe War Machine did, but it just doesn't feel right, I don't think this is a figure I care for, not for a deluxe price and I also only sort of like this suit, it's cool until the legs, I absolutely hate the legs and feet it seems like such a weird design, if this just had normal legs and feet I'd think it was a really decent representation of the comic suit in movie form but they did something weird with that design choice, looks like she has robotic bell bottoms on and dance shoes.
  18. I like that they did this figure, it's a good 70's Classic figure, I always like when they go deeper, I like that this doesn't necessarily need a team behind it to clamour to get, since if I remember this was when he wasn't on a team (at least for the beginning of the run with this suit) he was just a solo character, I want this figure, but I won't cry if I can't find it off the bat, Walmart in Canada is really mostly miss, but i do hope this means we can get more GOTG comic figures, as everyone says we need the older team.
  19. Ah okay, gotcha. yeah I guess AOA Morph is a good contender for the foot swap, since he was super cheap. Good Luck on that
  20. They do appear to be the same color, as far as my eyes could see, I compared the two for you. also if anyone wants this figure still I have it for sale.
  21. This is an amazing spread here, I'd love that for my wall, it also makes me sad that we don't have all of these characters currently represented in legends form, or that they desperately need a new release like Hela, how did Hela get 1 comic figure way way back, yet she's probably considered one of the most loved MCU villains? and there has been so many opportunity to get her back out in Comic form, and Mandarin god forbid we can get a Mandarin some time...please, Iron Man needs his nemesis, I have hopes we get Mole Man and Annihilus soon in an FF wave. But Hela and Mandarin...Hela barely needs any work done her figure was pretty awesome.
  22. Hasbro's Cannon is amazing, in size,, stand, sculpt, it only lacks a metallic paint, that's Mefex's best element the paint (it's too small), but even then it's just all silver, the Hasbro has some additional deco, Hasbro got this one. I also find it just strange that Mafex would include this cannon with that Iron Man?
  23. Yeah I think that even though this figure is actually lacking deco and paint hits, and is clearly the inferior version of Mojo compared to the box set version, I still like this figure, and with the recent announcement of a single packed Longshot (which I actually like more), it was a no brainer to cancel that box set, I think Hasbro shot themselves a bit in the foot with the whole Box set, because intricate packaging, Dazzler (which I like, but I also am fine with the current dazzler) and a Baby Wolvie statue is not worth the extra bucks, and it's quite a lot of extra bucks, I'm sure most people already cancelled that Box set, However if they had got the box out prior to these new reveals, we would have already payed that price, because before Mojo and Longshot got shown on there own I was fine buying that Box set because I figured I'd have no where else to get those 2.
  24. Hasbro is looking very desperate with this out of nowhere reveal, remember when they were in a huff and said no more reveals, and then backtracked and gave a Robbie head, and now this, they really want this to work, this is trying to grab those X-Men fans, I have a feeling a ton of people are going to say this isn't exactly and accurate GQ, because the costume is more subdued. I think this actually looks really good, I would love this figure, but to spend 600+ for it and a Car and fine enough Robbie Reyes, Still has to be a no, the value still isn't there, even if Mephisto was coming, still gotta pass.
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