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  1. I see they made that Layla Scarlet Scarub an official thing now putting her in the Comic, that's kinda cool.
  2. Both of these are looking good, that's a nice Green Goblin, it's very much spot on to the Animated Series, but could pass for comic, I do wish they gave us a face more like this with the Retro figure, but ah well, Mary Jane looks nice, but she's very specific with that outfit being the animated look which is great for what it is, I'll pass on both since, not doing Animated, but if I didn't have one of these guys I'd have probably got em to fudge into a comic display, I am pretty content with my Kitbash Mary Jane I got right now. This Spidey Animated Series looks like it's shaping up pretty nicely, they seem to be getting things pretty correct and the cellshading thing they seem to be doing better at then the sweaty looks of the X-Men.
  3. Yeah as much as I love all things Moon Knight, I think this isn't it for me, way too armored and mech-ish, just also does give off an unpainted vibe, for the price I gotta say no.
  4. I'm not that impressed with this offering from Diamond, they have been knocking it out of the park lately, but this seems like a step backwards, this definitely has odd proportions, and a small head, the articulation seems weird, this has more of a Toybiz vibe then a 2023 DST figure to me, it is cool they gave him the old style shield though, and clearly 2 heads, a cellshaded one and a regular one.
  5. I have got a ton of great steals over the years, I think my best gets though had to have been, I got Odinson Thor, Raganarok Loki, Ragnarok Thor and Netflix Daredevil new in box for 15$ (The whole lot!) and they were all pretty new figures when this happened, turned out the guy just had to many and wanted to get them out of the store, I also got at another local store MCU Astral Strange for $2, and Sentry for $4, both in box, at one point ended up getting for a con, new in box Cottonmouth, Hawkeye (Odin Wave) for 6 bucks both of them. But I always thought my best pick up was Juggernaut Wave Rogue for 20 when she was almost impossible to find, also did get Sasaquatch wave Cable for 10, Walgreens Torch for 10. Archangel deluxe for 15, all when they were new.
  6. Ended up just seeing the New Spider-Gwen in stores, and she looks amazing, so I bought her, that will be the only buy from the new Spider-Verse wave, it's a good looking figure couldn't say no.
  7. Despite what may be seen as some inaccuracies, IE having what appears to be no Wings, I'm down for this, I don't see us ever getting a second crack at Super Adaptoid and I like what they have done here, not much in the way of complaints for what it is, I find it kinda clever they used the old 12'' parts to make this, I will be getting this, I just do hope we see some wings, but if not I won't whine.
  8. I'm really liking how these figures look, Going to pass on them, but they look really good, but hey why does Paul still have a weird facial expression, they only ever gave us a normal unmasked head sculpt in the 10th anniversary, the rest they insist on making him look some kinda way, I'm only interested in Egghead, Future Ant-Man and Crossfire for this wave, but these movie figures are looking nice. That new Wasp especially.
  9. Clea, yes I also echo what you said Ransomz, I have been waiting for a Clea, how they didn't fit her into either Dr. Strange wave is a bug, but also in terms of unannounced figures I hope to see, but have a high chance of coming out sooner, Ghost Rider retro card back wave, and Iron Man Retro Card wave, I hope we see for Ghost Rider, Vengeance, Zarathos, Lilith, Blackheart and Outcast just to name a few, and Iron Man wave I hope will finally give us Mandarin, also Century, Hypnotia, Dreadknight (a new one or re-release), Blacklash, Crimson Dynamo (Alex Nevsky) and Classic Ghost. I also really hope we can get a Werewolf By Night figure some time soon, I mean he had a D+ Special we are long overdue, also they can give us a new Man-Thing. Also can we finally get Marrina for AF, and Racheal for Excalibur, also looking forward to filling out the Gen X team sometime shortly.
  10. Hey at least these Ashen characters look pretty cool and unique (ish), I gotta say they tried here. I do have a feeling these characters won't last or make a huge impact on the Marvel Universe in the end, it always seems these new characters appear for a bit then never again.
  11. Cosmo actually looks good, but is way too big in scale, seems super off when displayed with other figures, If this wasn't the BAF of this wave I'd have likely bought it to sub in for a comic version, since this looks to work for that, but being the BAF of this wave I don't desire, and also being way larger then seems should be , it's an easy pass. I kinda have a feeling Hasbro won't let this tooling go to waste, a one and done things seems unlikely, so I bet down the road we will see this figure re-released in a multipack of some sorts.
  12. Iron Man mk1 already getting released in Canada, heads up peeps https://djccollectibles.ca/collections/marvel-legends/products/pre-order-marvel-legends-60th-anniversary-iron-man-mk-1-6-inch-action-figure
  13. Yeah this Hyperion & Dr. Spectrum 2 pack is already getting released in Canada https://djccollectibles.ca/collections/marvel-legends/products/pre-order-hasbro-marvel-legends-series-squadron-supreme-marvels-hyperion-and-marvels-doctor-spectrum
  14. Yeah I saw the whole Spider-Verse wave minus Gwen yesterday at my local Gamestop, these really did just come out, no pre-orders just slapping onto shelves, would have likely bought Gwen, but it seems like she is currently the hot figure from the lot (not surprising) because they had 2 full cases of these figures but not 1 Gwen.
  15. Oh man awesome, I never saw this pic floating around yet, I'm really digging him Cape-less, I'm glad they made it removable for more display options, and potential customization.
  16. I kinda really want to know if that Cape on the Super Skrull is removable, that's a question I'm asking now, it looks pretty attached, but would be neat if it wasn't so people could have more then one look for that guy. I also want to presume that you can use the parts from the BAF Super Skrull with this guy, he might look pretty cool with that Clear Stretchy arm, or the Rocky arm, could like I said with the cape coming off, get this guy into some different looks for more of a Skrull army.
  17. Yeah it looks cool, but the whole thing just kinda bugs me, and I'm pretty much an unapologetic fan of all things Symbiote, but they need to hit the chill button, which they never do. but would I buy a Marvel Legend of this, yeah totally.
  18. I don't like this Buff Teen look for Groot, I just think it's off, also the figure just doesn't do it for me, I hate that the torso swivel is lopsided, and his face is just weird, he looks like a Micheal Bay Ninja Turtle, I can't get past that, I'm super cool with skipping this, but even if I was collecting MCU stuff I'd say no to this figure.
  19. Movie looks better then I'd have expected from this trailer, really glad it seemed at least from what we saw here that Monica has the Lion's share of the story, seems like Carol is the least showcased from what we are seeing, I'm happy with that, Kamala still bugs me, but I like we saw her family, I enjoy her Family.
  20. I like that they included the Spider-Woman head so that people can have Varanke as a Jessica if they want, since that figure is hard to get for people since it's so old, but still is a really nice SW, Already have that figure myself but glad to see they are giving people a second chance at that.
  21. Totally digging the Super Adaptoid, yeah it's a strange thing they just used parts from old 12'' stuff but honestly it works, and clever of them to do so, I never thought we'd get a Super Adaptoid so I'm not going to whine about it, yeah should have wings and maybe in the end it does, but I can be cool without it, also def going for the Skrull pack, I do wish however that Varanke wasn't in a Spider-Woman outfit and was one of her regular looks but I'll take it.
  22. Yeah the more I see this, the more I think I'm going to get this, it would just be a nice addition to the Skrull roster, and it isn't the same figure as the upcoming Legends one, so I can get them both. I was really happy with the recent Titanium Man figure from Select and he looked really good with Legends.
  23. Speaking of all this kitbashing, help me brain storm, I was thinking of what head could I put on X-Men training suit Deadpool to make a new character, I thought of a few but none really worked, was gonna put a Miles head on and make it Prodigy but I don't have any glasses, you got anything?
  24. Sweet, I thought about this being a good easy kitbash, but I just didn't want to buy AOA Magneto, now I can't find him for a okay price, but looks great! excellent way to get a new figure from just some parts.
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