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  1. Got my first Haul of the year, nothing exciting, but I wasn't to fond of the Legion figure, but he is a new character in the 616, so I was waiting for him to get a price drop, finally he was found cheap, and AOA Cyclops was even cheaper, so I decided might as well just build AOA Colossus. so Built AOA Colossus today, and got Legion, and a Cyclops figure I don't care about, but I guess it makes it basically a full AOA legends set, with now me only missing Magneto.
  2. Yeah this doesn't seem like any shocking news, when Adam first appeared in the books he wasn't really good, or bad, kinda morally ambiguous so I wouldn't have imagined he'd in his big screen debut just be a good guy. I still don't know how I feel about this kid playing him, he looks I guess better then I expected but still..
  3. Val looks really good, and this comes with some good accessories, Val seals the deal for me, I want this set, looks good and two new characters we don't have yet.
  4. to address the more then 1 female in a multipack, that argument doesn't really work, I don't think Hasbro is afraid of more then 1 woman in a pack, case's in point, A-Force 6 Pack and Excalibur which had both Meggan and Kitty, and those both sold very well. I agree we need a new Mystique at some point with the less wonky legs, but the truth is the Walgreens figure is actually still awesome to me, it is one of my fav legends, sure she could have used a less scrawny buck, but hey.. this figure here though, it really bugs me, it's a terrible shade of blue, horrid blue weapons, a less then stellar face sculpt, and really should have been an update to the older figure but just keeps all of it's downfalls and makes it uglier, no reason why this couldn't have been better, people have wanted a Mystique forever since that Walgreens one was so hard to obtain, even if I didn't have a Mystique this one wouldn't be the one I'd get, even though the Cellshading is minimal.
  5. No exactly it was a strange occurrence, that I think likely came down to just to many Wasps in circulation, She was double packed in the assortment, and from what I know there were full cases of her and Ant-Man, which lead to her shelfwarming, it wasn't because she was a bad figure, she was actually one of the best figures in that wave IMO after Black Knight. but I still see Wasps around, it's likely the greatest shelfwarmer of all Marvel Legends time, and since it's release has yet to be dethroned
  6. I as well just wasn't woo'd by this Daredevil, sure it's fine, but something about it just doesn't work for me, and I think it's how small it is, I actually still like the Defenders 4 Pack DD better despite it being somewhat outdated, it's more of the DD I want, But this Elektra was worth the ticket price for me, I'm a huge Elektra fan and the new Headsculpts especially the wild hair one is way to awesome not to have on a shelf, I do like her red outfit far more, but I can have both, The Bullseye yes is a bit strange with his more recent outfit, but for me I missed out on the incredibly hard to find Man-Thing wave Bullseye and I'm not paying what he was going for, so this was a good option. DD still needs another Update I agree and Yes Vulcan's buck would be likely ideal, but until then and maybe even then I'm just gonna stick with the DD I got.
  7. I actually now notice that Jubilee and Forge seem to have updated face sculpts, and it's not just Storm with a new Face, the features are less soft on those two, These figures Definitely look good all together, but I'm still passing on this specific 3 pack and the Wolverine, I don't need to build this team up, it's really all about Banshee and a new Psylocke variant for me with these 3 packs. Likely I'm assuming we will see these figures all get released soonish, if they are showing up internationally.
  8. Maybe they reviewed the numbers from the last time they released Ant-Man movie figures and realized they still have a warehouse full of Wasps.
  9. Upon closer inspection, I believe this might be, his lips are too feminine, looks to be too full, yeah he needed something different going on with his facial expression maybe something more gruff, like a grimace or gritting his teeth.
  10. Interesting, I guess we are not seeing any pictures of Valeria yet? Either way I'm hoping we start getting the Puff Adder wave, I doubt it will be long before that starts coming out.
  11. Yeah I mean Arcade isn't that hated by me in terms of his character, he has some interesting and fun stories in the books, I just absolutely hate his clowny ronald mcdonald appearance, The Hood was just a lousy figure, that head really nailed him in the coffin, and Imagine if you own the SuperSkrull or Retro Doom, unless you want to build that world White Doom is from, why would most want him? I ended up putting The Hood in my collection though and switched his head out for the Infamous Iron Man unhelmeted head which made it less painful to look at, and after sometime ended after getting rid of Arcade got him for cheap again and just for the sake of him being another character in Marvel's universe added him in the dark background of my collection, It was a good wave, and The Hood and Arcade were actually good additions to a collection simply on being new characters, but they could have done The Hood better, and Arcade probably was done the best way he could be, he just suffers from a goofball look. The Doom was nice, just not something I wanted to pay for, or even care to have for free.
  12. This is my least favourite figure from this wave, that face sculpt is just odd to me, I can't put my finger on it, in hand this figure just seems sorta Blah, but with that being said it's actually a good representation of Avalanache and I really wanted it because of that, I'm happy to have him for the roster of X-Villains, and it is a good figure, it's just not personally my fav, not sure how much better they could have made this but a few accessories showcasing his powers might have made this a bit more pleasing.
  13. Yeah didn't seem to sell well here in Canada, at first it did well when it initially came out, funny enough Arcade was the first figure from that wave to be hard to find. but now you can get that wave here super easy and for cheap prices, most sites at one point had these figures on sale, right now even you get get the wave for like 16 bucks a fig, which is dirt cheap for Canadian prices, I was surprised that Lady Deathstrike did so poorly and Red Skull (who likely was in the end the most desired) I personally loved the wave for the most part, except for Hood (for obvious reasons), me just hating Arcade and not having any interest in Variant Doom, but I wanted Xemnu so I bought all of the figs to build him.
  14. Yeah I get why they did it, and it makes sense in connective tissue and telling an arc'ing story, probably easier to go this route then just making a whole new character, plus MODOK could really be anyone, and there have been many iterations throughout the years, I'll reserve judgement until I see the film, I just kinda wished he was a brand new character, but I'm sure in the end it won't matter, that's just from my initial standpoint, since I like when they lean into the source material rather then going in their own direction.
  15. Yeah I was going to say exactly this, anybody who thinks because we are getting the figures a bit later, shouldn't think it means they are producing product based on more recent details from the movie, figures are a year in advance. anyways new Trailer looking great, but can I be the person who says I hate that they had to make Darren Cross MODOK, not feeling that, what couldn't it have been George Tarleton? why did they have to shoehorn in a old character, This has no comic connection. But I will just be cool, and see the final outcome.
  16. Yeah I wish that was in the cards for anytime soon, but seems like we got our little villains waves experiment and seems like they are not going that direction again for the time being which stinks, we need a villains wave a year. Sadly the Xemnu wave didn't sell well as one would have prospected, because people decided those characters weren't worth their time I guess 🤬, it was heavily discounted, so likely that factors in.
  17. yeah for real, I'm waiting for the reveal or the random finding of these figures at retail anyday now, I'm really fiending for more to see, I know it's a problem Hahaha.
  18. A whole Villains wave dedicated to some Masters of Evil would be fantastic, those teams through the ages have been full of some really interesting Baddies, a ton which would be really easy for Hasbro to do like Justine Crimson Cowl, Killer Shrike, Blackout, Icemaster, Brothers Grim, Slyde, Blackwing, Lasivicious, Squid, Mudbug and Griffin as BAF's, plus man Sunstroke and Cardinal would be fun figure to see in the future.
  19. Well here we are with Ch'od, not in the least bit surprised they just went with the Comic Abomination BAF mold, but I don't think anybody can be really truly mad they did, because well, that whole sculpt is pretty much spot on, yeah it's really quite old now, but hey, I ain't mad, finally Ch;od and he looks like he should minus a big gun and leg fins and some yellow paint on the nails, but ah it's cool, anyways I'm happy enough about it all, I always thought this sculpt was perfect for Ch'od who is pretty much space abomination anyways. Lucky I want 5 out of 6 figures here to begin with, so I'm down to get this wave, Emma will be the sacrifice to build this guy, but I'd rather having to buy the Emma then Cyc so I'm fine.
  20. This is such a great figure, a real testament to when Hasbro wants to really give it a good go they can make something really awesome, nothing about this figure is unlikable (IMO), now not on topic but on the topic of multiple arms, they could really make a great update to Doppelganger and Six Arm Spidey using the tooling techniques they applied to this figure.
  21. Excited about finally seeing the BAF for the X-Men wave, and putting those pre-orders in, I'm really looking forward to the wave really wanting Chamber, M & Corsair especially, Kid Omega and Fang secondary, and whomever comes with the BAF piece be it Emma or Cyclops, but I'm hoping it's Emma. also can it really be to far off we actually start seeing the Puff Adder wave hit stores? I feel like it should be soon.
  22. exactly my thoughts usually we see these movie waves even before it's about a month away, so it's actually weird we have not seen anything on these figures, in cases like Shang-Chi which we saw the figures months and months before, and Eternals almost a year before, and the recent Thor wave just hit shelves randomly, and already we have seen the Spider-Verse figures, these being still yet to pop up in anyway with the movie so close to coming out is different. I'm just hoping that the rumour of this wave having Crossfire, Ultron (likely Pymtron) and Egghead in it are true, because I'm looking forward to those guys.
  23. Very excited for this movie. I'm also really surprised this wave hasn't accidentally leaked by now in any shape or form, usually it's about this time away from when the movie comes out or sooner we see the figures, I'm actually surprised they have not just hit shelves yet.
  24. That's nice, I always like Stan Lee Stories, there was a Stan documentary like a decade ago that was good, I'd be happy to watch another one that fills in the later years and more tales.
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