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  1. Man that's a ton to leak, while I'm sure most of these will come true, it seems unlikely it all will, Hasbro team will shuffle things around, also no Iron Man Retro carded wave? no Ghost Rider Retro carded wave? , most certainly out of all these "leaks' looks like some possible amazing stuff coming for 2023, the comic offerings sound really promising, some of it seems to good to be true, but lets see, seemed as though someone from the Marvel Legends team did remark recently about this leak and made it seem like this was largely accurate information.
  2. It's sad, but also maybe a wake up call that since the Early Bird didn't get hit, this has lost about 500 backers in only like 2 days, doesn't seem to be gaining anyone, I think Hasbro really needs to pull out the reveals despite clearly not wanting to, or they won't entice anyone, sad thing is that if this doesn't get backed they likely will just keep a Robbie and Mephisto locked away for well...who knows maybe ever. as everyone has made the same points on why this is failing I just wont, we all know why, but it seems the collector community has spoken and drawn a line, they don't want to be gouged and they want it to be worth while, no light shows and slight of hand tricks, like we have been seeing so much of as of recent with Hasbro, case in point...make us pay up the wazoo for a Mojo and you secretly had a cheaper one in the back.
  3. Okay now this is a strange turn of events, single packed Mojo, before the release of the Mojoworld 3 pack? and without any announcement, this is going to hurt the sales of that 3 Pack, I'm sure people are cancelling left and right, the 3 pack was extremely expensive, sure it comes with Mojo plus Dazzler and Longshot, but its like 130 bucks....I don't know this puts me on the fence, I may cancel that pack, I really want Longshot, but holy for me in Canada that set was 183 USD, which is crazy I thought that we'd get no chance at a Mojo or Longshot if we didn't buy that....now it has me thinking...do I keep the 3 pack on order, or just go with this and hope for another shot at Longshot.... wow Hasbro is taking many L's this week.
  4. just got the new Comic Black Panther from Wakanda Forever Wave looks like this wave is bound to come in full soon.
  5. Really all they need is one warehouse someplace in Canada, just 1, and they certainly have one as far as I know already, so I don't understand what the deal is.
  6. came in to say this, You can open it up to Europe, but not Canada?
  7. yeah so some were saying, but also that box looks like it's a 2 pack, so who knows, not sure why though they'd be hiding the second figure when this was just somebody who came across this in a store. guess we will see.
  8. Yup here is a picture (not mine) apparently the figure has been found at Targets. looks to me like there is more to this, like it's a 2 pack, something else on the other side, not being shown, Likely more info will be showing up soon.
  9. Ah here it is Mephisto, and after all these years I expected more... long story short, this is still not enough to get me to back this yet, keep it coming.
  10. I'm still just not sure about this figure, I like it but I don't, I want it, yet I don't...hahaha, It looks good for what it is, but the fact it's animated kinda turns me off (the colors are just so...odd to me), but on the other hand it's currently the closest thing to a regular apocalypse I'll be able to get, I still just think the BAF is superior (at least for Comic fans), I can't accept that AOA Apocalypse as my only Apocalypse, AOA ain't 616. I'm going to get this figure but I guess I will mull over it once I have it. I do think it's cool Bluecomet swapped the torso out for the BAF Torso, I wonder if painting those arms and Legs blue would be the best way to recreate the BAF..hmm
  11. I almost completely forgot about this pack, totally didn't do anything for me when I saw it at first, just a bunch of suited body figures, I however likely would have bought just a Mr. Negative on his own, this figure is Comic enough, but I'm not in the least bit interested in his goons, couldn't justify paying the price for just 1 figure when I'm not even that much a fan of Mr. Negative's appearance to begin with, maybe they will tweak this figure to be more comic and put it out in a Spider-Man wave, I'll grab it then.
  12. I love this pack, two really nicely done figures, Knull in hand is way more impressive then any pictures could make him seem, the Venom is really nice looking as well only problem is the wings are a pain to get in, I tried all the tricks in the book and they still are not cooperating, which is currently fine I suppose since I don't really have the space set up to display him with the wings, but also man the wing span is pretty awesome on this figure, Venom fans need this set, I'd have been fine with this being my main Venom, if it wasn't for the Symbiote pack Venom coming out, but still this one may beat it once I get that one in hand.
  13. I'm not sure about this one, Loveness is primarily a comedic writer, rick & morty, jimmy kimmel, the office, so I'm guessing Kang Dynasty is going to be a movie full of goofball jokes and side story antics, and lots of knee slappin good times, I think they need to dial back the funnies over at marvel studios not every movie has to feel like Thor Raganarok x 3. I'd like to see a balance, for Every Love & Thunder we need a Winter Soldier
  14. Yeah I knew I felt it was off, also look at the Render's Purple, although still not technically the Purple on the suit from the Show (still a bit dark) it's a much better purple then the weird plummy color the actual figure has. tisk tisk. ,
  15. Oh No, I don't like this sir, not 350, for what I presume is the most devilish trick Hasbro is going to pull on us, making this the vessel for a Mephisto, locking him behind a paywall of 350+ , I just don't think Robbie and his Car are Haslab material, I just don't think this screams 350, especially for someone like me in Canada where Hasbro Pulse doesn't support us in any way this would by estimate cost a Canadian 465 + likely 79 in Shipping , I'm sorry that's not worth it for us here in over 500 dollars, I also don't want to be that person who laughs at the fact they think a unpowered robbie is a real exctiting gift as an early bird special. I'm really kinda boiling about this, because I feel like surely mephisto and probably black heart are coming in this Haslab and Hasbro knows how much the people want those, this seems like a big ol plot, but let's see those tiers..are you going to force my hand Hasbro to pay way to much for something not worth it, simply because you are actually secretly know everyone needs a certain figure or two?
  16. while I do really like this figure I must say I was a bit disappointed with here face sculpt, the earlier images made it seem she was really quite a bang on likeness to Hailee Steinfeld, but the actual figure kinda looks like nobody, it's a pretty face, but it's not as accurate as I had hoped for, also isn't this purple a bit to plum, shouldn't her outfit be more lighter purple, too much red in the paint I was a bit sad to see that.
  17. I really don't care for this design, way too cartoonish, those legs seem like they couldn't hold up that big torso, also as others may have pointed out why is he so small? shouldn't he be the same height or around the same as normal Ultron? so feeble looking.
  18. like I said elsewhere I bought this solely to make her Mary Jane, this figure works great for that, the skin tones match exactly it's almost like Hasbro kinda thought of that on the low you can peep the head swap here
  19. maybe this will usher in a new age where big box stores actually pay attention to returns on collectibles and well anything returned, that's the best thing that could come out of all of this, but my biggest question is why does a state trooper need to toy swap? they get payed great money, seems pretty pathetic. Guess when he loses his job over this he's going to have to really toy swap, what a loser.
  20. Yeah the thing that bothers me is the fact that Mr. Knight is much smaller then Moon Knight, which makes no sense they are the same person physically, or did I miss something in the show where Mr. Knight wasn't as tall as Moon Knight, I guess there wasn't any point of reference since they couldn't be in the same place at the same time. I'm happy we have a Mr. Knight figure and this looks comic enough to be a "comic" version but it's still sorta a whatever figure, but Mr. Knight isn't a very wowzer design anyways.
  21. Hey wasn't sure where the best place to post this, so I just thought here, as I had said I was buying the D+ Sharon Carter figure to make her Mary Jane. Mary Jane heads (both the head from Gwen Stacy and Renew Your vows) work on this figure perfectly even the skin tones match perfect, this is a great figure to make into a Civilian Mary Jane
  22. Yeah I think that the She-Hulk show would be a great place to see the return of Leader, seems like the appropriate show, and I'd hope the same that the next time we see the wrecking crew they are fully powered and not such goofballs like they were introduced. Leader being confirmed to be officially back in this new Cap movie makes me think we are going to see him in his big green head form likely soon, since he clearly was going in that direction after his head wound and the blood infecting him in Incredible Hulk, She-Hulk seems like a great place to get him back in as a serious foe. I could see him being shown in the shadows in the final episode as the mastermind behind whatever transpires in She-Hulk, just giving us a quick glimpse of him before the series ends (ala Thanos first apperance) on another note, wonder if we will hear from Doc Samson again, since he is still looming around the MCU with Incredible Hulk characters getting themselves back in the MCU, I think a powered up Samson would be much applauded.
  23. That looks really good, so cool I might pick this one, DST really does some superb work when they want to, the inconsistency is the only issue with them, we have this awesome figure, and we have that recent miles morales...if they always hit with figures like this, titanium man and beta ray bill, Select would be on fire.
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