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  1. I really wished that Legends had done more with the Super Villains series, like well...give us a few more waves, 1 was nice, but we really could use one a year, Villains are so under produced, and so many awesome villains we still need, it would have been great to see the Super Villains waves be more consistant, rather then just 1, but I fear Villains are not considered to sell well, and from the stand point of the fact that Villains wave didn't do so well, since most of the figures pegwarmed, despite it being a really cool wave (not looking at you Hood), we need just more villain representation, and I hope Tarot is on to something with this, but look how they did our boy Ghosty.
  2. moving away from any long blabs about this all, I'm glad they decided to change their minds, collector lines should have windows, for many reasons, thanks you Hasbro for this.
  3. Yeah it's just they can't seem to figure out how to make the Heels work with Legends, every figure I have with Heels with maybe 2 exceptions (and that was by a magical position which I held and ran quickly away from) they never ever work, I have to have them all propped up, I just wish they'd do away with them, yes a few characters out there need the heels I agree Emma is one, but Monica in her CM suit isn't one of them, if they insist on using em like I said they just need to find a way to make them functioning. and I can already tell you, that Monica with that hair, she's going to be a topple backwards kinda girl.
  4. I realized after looking closer at the card, the reason why he's wearing the sweat pants still, is because this figure is from the first movie, not this new movie, they just put this guy in the wave, but it says based off Into the Spider-Verse, anyways this figure is so meh it's just sad IMO, anyways hoping that somebody out there wants this, because the first one was at least more interesting and it pegwarmed hard. I get why this is in the wave because it's the filler and uses all old parts.
  5. Aaa, I didn't notice before but Monica has the horrible High Heels which will make her likely impossible to stand, sigh. I wish they'd just fix those or get rid of them all together, I get it its accurate to some characters to have high heels, but can we just not, if we can't make them work. I know she was wearing heels sometimes in this outfit, but it wasn't always, so it would have been preferred if they went heel less.
  6. I'm really stoked about this figure, sadly in Canada this still isn't scheduled to be released until May.
  7. I try not to ever buy pops anymore but I like the comic shading on this, I might get this if I see it available one day.
  8. Yeah this is the best figure of the wave, I might actually get this just because I like it and being a big Gwen fan, would put it on my random ladies shelf, and not with other Legends, but I'm not pre-ordering it if I find it in stores and I can peek at it first, but I only really like it with the Unmasked head.
  9. I don't know why but I just sorta put the Doomsday ahead of everything, and thought, oh DC sold the rights to Doomsday and he's a marvel character now, HA, well why are we days of the future pasting again?
  10. I'm digging that indeed this is the colour scheme for all of these Avengers Program figures packaging, looks good, but would have looked so much better if these were not windowless, man I wish the windows would be back, looking at windowless packaging on a store shelf just doesn't hit the same way, and I hate unboxing these, little bags filled with little pieces that get accidentally thrown out or lost when you rip the bag, the constant fear once you open this box the figure will look like it was painted by a 2 year old or mushed limbs, also so many layers of cardboard and paper, it stole the fun, it's the opposite of any LOL surprises more like SMH surprises.
  11. I love Spider-Punk, I actually really dislike this figure, as I am really disliking how they designed him in this movie, they really made this guy look wonky, way too skinny, drippy eye make up, lopsided face, they did too much here, too much going on, don't need stupid suspenders, they changed too much, something simple and great about his comic look, I don't think this looks good, which is a bummer because I was really excited to see this character in a movie and would have likely scooped up another figure from him, but I'll stick with what I got, this ain't it.
  12. Well nice to see they got this version of Wanda out, kinda weird they didn't give us this last year when the movie was fresh, I mean she was really important in this film (cough cough unlike a green bull man), not much going on here in terms of new, but she barely looked any different in this movie then how she looked in WandaVision so I'd have expected as much, this is an easy pass for me though, I don't collect movie figs anymore, and even if I did I already have the previous figure. I actually think that the WandaVision Wanda looked better, she had way more paint deco then this does, also the face looks really washed out here, looks like this is doing less in terms of details then the older fig, but she has sleeves and really orange hair! ha
  13. I really like that both M & Emma appear to have way better looking face sculpts then the promo pics, all of these figures look nice to me, I'm really excited for this wave, especially Chamber, M, Corsair, Fang and Ch'od BAF, good wave in terms of getting a good bunch of undone characters out, I'm for sure in for this whole wave minus Cyclops, want all of the characters and the BAF, if the BAF wasn't something I want I may have passed on Emma but she looks good in the end and comes with a Piece. I really hope this means the rest of Gen X and Starjammers won't be to far away.
  14. I think this is pretty awesome, not really any issue for me here with Scale, I'm just glad to see a Comic Yondu after all these years, this figures looks pretty darn good IMO, happy to have this coming out, if only Walmart wasn't such a pain here in Canada with Exclusives, I wouldn't have thought though in the end when we finally got a comic Yondu he'd look this nice, I'm overlooking any minor issues.
  15. Wait what BP turns into an actual panther? now that's pretty wild, I think this looks pretty damn cool for it being such an oddball gimmick, Would I want something like this absolutely not, but do I think it's fun, yeah.
  16. As much as I do like Bruce & Gray Hulk 2 pack, that's a super definite pass for me, I don't need a Bruce in the least and I'm happy with the Previous Gray Hulk I have, the new one does look great but not enough for me to replace the one I got, I do think it's good to see a comic Bruce figure after all these years, I'm sure there are tons of people who are very excited to get that in to their collection, but for me happy to say no to this set, and keep the bucks for the next items up for order.
  17. I love the direction this show is going in, feels very different from the majority of MCU product, a spy thriller/Mystery, with a grounded take, no super heroes seem to be in action, just SHIELD mainly Nick Fury and cohorts, I like this approach, gives things a higher stake, since it's only humans with limited to no special abilities taking on such a important mission, also Sam Jack as Nick is a character I love and it's good to see him getting a chance at being the main star, I think after all these years he deserves that, it's crazy to think Sam is 74 years old, he's in good condition, but how much longer is he going to be doing Marvel films for? so being someone who really tied the MCU together in it's early years getting a chance on a important mainly solo mission is a nice beginning to a send off point.
  18. Ah the Legends Cyborg Spider-Person is actually growing on me, I hated the design, but this ML is actually pretty cool the more I see it a ton of intricate sculpting went into this, I'm almost thinking about getting it, but I likely will say no, since I'm off MCU/Animated, and need to see that path through, but this is a stellar figure in the end.
  19. That is the best likeness of Pratt yet, gotta say this figure looks good, I had seen someone put the comic Star Lord head on this body and thought it looked pretty sweet, I might have done that, but I'm passing on this, still appreciating how nice it turned out, they did these suits really well for this movie they are almost comic, which is why I'm almost tempted to grab a few and put their comic heads on them, but I gotta stay strong.
  20. As much as this isn't technically a Guardians of The Galaxy Star Lord, this is still really cool, it's a classic early Star Lord and I'm actually impressed they did this, I do really want this figure, apparently people in Canada have already found this on some Walmart pegs, wondering if that means it might come out for those who pre-ordered it online before july.
  21. As a massive Symbiote fan it's been pretty hard for me to dislike any of the stories that involve them, but reading the blurbs on this one I think I'm just shaking my head, it seems like too much, the whole Liz Allen Madness symbiote that's all of the Life Foundation (also what's with the horrible hair piece?), I think I'm not a fan, seems just way too much Overload, this story sounds like it's so all over the place, Carnage taking over the world absorbing villain powers, Madness, Toxin doing stuff, Venom Jr..., Eddie going back and forward in time, ack , these covers showing weirdo variant symbiotes, seems like these dudes need to chill.
  22. This is my feelings, I felt like Avatar 2 had a ton of issues with the story to say the least, I wasn't a fan of that movie, it was way too bloated yet empty, but hey I guess we will have to see if Josh can write a better Fantastic 4 Movie.
  23. In Canada it still says this figure will be coming out May 1st. 🤷‍♂️
  24. This Monica is a must get figure for me, Loved this time period for her, the Doom is cool as well, but mostly into this for Monica, but since Secret Wars is one of my fav stories and Doom was awesome in it, I'm happy to have this Doom as well, this is a pick up for me despite me having 1 of each of these characters in the collection already, I'm trying to stay away from doubling up on characters going forward and just having my fav version of everyone, but I do love having variations of characters I like so I'm into this.
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