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  1. Ha no I corrected myself, he will be an adult again, but a different adult, go re-read what I said, and be happier 😄
  2. Apparently we will see some form of Adult groot in the 3rd Movie, but he's not going to be the Groot adult form from the first movie, but like a super alpha Groot, probably more like King Groot(?), because that first form of Groot is techinically dead, and he's been reborn, and re-growing, he won't be the same, he's supposed to not be the same, he's in a new life progression. https://screenrant.com/guardians-galaxy-original-groot-dead-return-james-gunn/
  3. What I can't believe this that they care to pay someone like Vin Diesel to do this, when it wouldn't matter who did it, because it's not even recognizable as Vin's voice, it's just a sped up version of his groot voice, and he only says his name, you could pay me to do it for waaay cheaper. either way I am looking forward to this, I'm sure it will be light hearted, funny, cute and bring some short term entertainment, I'm cool with Baby Groot doing some silly stuff, why not?
  4. Oh wow they did a Moon Knight, I am surprised by this wave, it's a pretty big leap away from the mainstream characters they have been doing, Nova, Firestar and Moon Knight, cool!, I don't collect these but I will buy that Moon Knight just to put on my wall.
  5. I never thought there was any doubt they would keep Deadpool R rated, since the previous films found such success and that being the rating, they'd be stupid to alter things now, I think the most potentially awesome thing is maybe Deadpool being rated R, might open the doors for more properties to be rated R, Punisher, Ghost Rider just to name two would greatly benefit from an R rating.
  6. I'm all for people getting a new Daredevil in the classic red, and I think the Vulcan buck seems alright, or perhaps the Retro Spidey Buck(?), I don't know if personally I care about getting a new DD since I'm pretty happy with the Defenders Box Set figure I have, but I know people really want to see a new one so I'd be happy seeing a new one for the people who are asking for it.
  7. Yeah kinda crazy this is coming out so quickly on D+ , but these seems like a move to keep people interested in the subscription service, it will also likely get a ton of people who have not seen the movie and want to, to buy a sub, and likely keep the sub, so they make bank off the person each month. I think they also figure this may have made about as much money in the theatres as it could, because Thor is right around the corner. if you think about it, if someone pays like 11.99 a ticket to see this movie, that's once.. if they subscribe for a whole year thats 11.99 x 12 = 143.88, so it's making them more money in the long run, of course that's saying the subscriber doesn't cancel, but if they like Marvel or Star Wars.. why would they? it ain't the 80's / 90's no more, when movies took like a year to make it to home video, it's wham bam...done, move it along.
  8. that is something to behold, man this thing is amazing. First Hot Toys....might just have to be
  9. Yeah I thought She-Hulk was a strong candidate for this wave, but now I'm not so sure, if they did put her in this wave that would make this the first 4 female figure wave, which seems kinda wild, I think people saying Red Dagger from Ms. Marvel might be the final figure could be right, since it would be reasonable to keep that on the Hush, I'd be super happy to see a majority female lead wave though.
  10. I'm not sure why this has been so hush hush, we already have seen Kamala in her outfit in the trailers, it's not a terrible shocking surprise we are getting this figure in the wave, I feel like nothing was spoiled by us seeing this, it looks okay I don't have any interest in it personally think I'd make a pass on this.
  11. Isn't he out in the US? he's been out and readily available here in Canada for a bit now, and thankfully in Canada he wasn't an Exclusive.
  12. I think this set was such a weird shot in the dark, it really should have been a Wolverine Retro wave, but hey, I bought this on the strength of getting Callisto, Wygarde and Cyber, did I like the price I payed for those 3 no, but Callisto is a nice looking figure, way prettier then she should be, but a good re-use of the Storm figure, and Cyber while bare bones is pretty much eactly what I would have expected from a Legend Cyber, and I am a Cyber fan so it was a no brainer, and I could't pass on Wyngarde since I already got the Hellfire club set, Omega Red was a good redeco, but I actually like the Sauron wave figure better, Wolverine was the lamest part of this. I still think this was such an out of left field 5 pack, most of these characters don't even really work together, it's a real patchwork box.
  13. I'm still super happy we even got this set, but I do wish Meggan had an alt head with a neutral expression, but I got over it, I still really like that figure, and this was the Kitty I always wanted, this is how I remember Kitty for me as a kid, because I grew up being a huge fan of the Excalibur books, it was one of my fav teams, I think this set obviously would have been superior if they gave us Racheal, which bugs me a bit they didn't , I just hope shes coming in the future, one of my gripes with this set is how brittle Kitty was (at least for me) I can't move her right arm (it's going to snap), and her hand broke out of the socket instantly, QC man! either way it's kinda a dream come true to have these 3 figures especially Meggan and this Kitty, Cap Brit is obviously the better figure over the Abomination wave so I'm happy to have it, but I kinda find some charm in that more modern look figure, I could have been content if they swapped him out for a Racheal.
  14. Yeah I feel the same, I would have loved it if they had given us a actual Legends Series smaller Sentinel like they had in the X-Men Arcade game, they could have even called it a gamerverse figure, but if you are a collector of the 3.75 stuff this is pretty cool for that line, which is what it's for, so I can't knock it's lack of articulation, I'm still grabbing one for a small sentinel representation on my shelf, I guess I just won't be posing it in any dynamic ways, it is what it is, the colors are nice, and it does look good for what it's supposed to be a figure in the 3.75 to compliment those figs.
  15. Totally a fan of this figure, I just never really expected to ever get a Controller figure, this does the right job, it does have a bunch of Thanos parts beng re-used but that's appropriate for this character, I think it looks really good and well executed, and I'm excited to get this BAF and get the figures in this wave as well.
  16. Yeah this is an easy pass for me, this Armour doesn't do anything for me, not terribly familiar with it, and it doesn't seem memorable and the figure some how just looks way to kid line oriented, his helmet looks too happy and reminds me too much of Rudy the Robot from Invincible and I can't unsee it, I'm happy the fact this doesn't come with a BAF piece so I don't have to buy it to build Controller. I do however like this figure more when I see it standing next to Hellcat, since this is the armour he is wearing currently and in his series with her.
  17. my thoughts exactly, this is a nice custom, and would be really cool to see Hasbro give us a Kylun figure, would be nice on a retro card to get those feels. great work done here on this fig.
  18. Don't Need anymore Deadpool's I say all the time, but I'm a sucker for a Deadpool, a new toy store opened up in my neck of the woods, and this was the first time I've seen this Retro DP on an actual shelf, I had to buy it, looks too good, no shame in the game Ha
  19. Speedball here is just as I'd have imagined he'd be in Legends form, the buck suits him, the classic colors are great, the way they actually put the eyes behind the clear lenses of the goggles is a really nice touch, I've been hoping we;d see a Speedball at some point for our New Warriors team and I'm happy with how they did him, he's a pretty goofy looking guy and they captured his comic likeless pretty right, the Deco on the boots, gloves and belt are very well done, I'm stoked to get this guy finally, only thing is they could have at least given us a little sumpthin extra, a alt head, alt hands..some magic ball effects to go around his feet whatever anything..he's so bare bones, Now can we get Namorita and Justice?
  20. As much as I really love that BAF Lizard, to me that figure is one of my favourite Legends, I know people really wanted to see a more classic version, and they gave it to us, this figure is awesome to me, as a huge Lizard fan I am really pleased, I don't care if I have the BAF I need this one as well, I really like that more Modern head, that would be my preferred display head, now I just hope that this figure finds its way out here in Canada, because Walmart here is pretty lackadaisical with their in Exclusives, pretty much never see them, but as of recent times Many Exclusives are coming out a etailers and comic shops as well as the big box stores, which is really awesome! so here's to hoping.
  21. A new Ghost Rider rumour is good news to me, I really hope it's a Dan Ketch figure, I have been hoping for that for years, although I'd really take anything as long as it's Ghost Rider and classic, I think it seems sad that this may not come with a Bike, but I'll take it, if so pretty please Hasbro do give us a full wave of Retro carded Ghost Rider figures, this would be a dream come true.
  22. Yeah this figure is great IMO, super happy we got a new Jigsaw after all of these years, Frank doesn't have much of a rogue gallery and this guy is the top dog of them, I think this was a well executed figure for a guy in a suit, that face sculpt is really amazing, he comes with some solid and appropriate accessories, always happy to have more muzzle flashes and smoke for all my ML. I don't normally care to much about suited body figures but Jigsaw is such a cool villain and they did him right, I had no questions about picking this guy up. I'm super curious about what the other 2(?) Walgreens Super Villains figures we get this year (since they usually have a Walgreens theme and clearly so far it's villains), so far both Walgreens exclusives this year have hit it out the park, let's hope it stays on course, and people in the US can get these as relatively easy as they have so far this year.
  23. While I get some of the gripes people have with this, I actually like it, It's a serious improvement over the previous, do I wish it was on maybe the new Shriek Buck yah blah blah, I'll take what I can get, and I don't think this looks bad, I need me a Viper for Serpent Society and Hydra, that this one looks good for what it is, I don't see them revisiting her again for many years, and yeah hey hey, I'm not a stickler for bucks, if the figure looks good I'm down, the greens are nice, shes not hideous in the face.
  24. I;m sure Target isn't done selling legends, but with the supply chain issues likely they don't see new product being available to them in the nearest future and removed the alotted peg spaces, and are just going to wait till the next re-configure to put out the legends, with so many delays and unknown variables on when these figures will be shipped from the vendors I could bet they just don't want to put up empty pegs. but my fav take away, which is off topic a bit is, I love that Spider-Man Noir is a "2pack" with Spider-Ham, that's a slick trick, when only a year ago we got Spider-Gwen who came with Spider-Ham and a BAF piece for a lower price.
  25. Sadly I'm very sure that all of the Animated X-Men figures are Hasbro Pulse exclusives, so not likely.
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