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  1. Agree, Gmen. Bottom line, you spend your money how you please- if you want the figures to sit around and hopefully collect some value in the thousands, rock on. If you want to pose/play with them, do that too. If youre into scalping, I really don't think there's as much money there as people want to believe. The vast majority of figures just aren't rare enough to justify paying hundreds over what the figure was initially worth. I knew a guy who was convinced DCU's Power Girl was gonna be an instant hit. He bought up 20; to this day he's sold less than half, and almost of those he sold were at the price he bought them for, or lower! He bought extra Storm figures from the Jubilee BAF (don't ask me how- Very rare). But he wont part with one for less than $300.00. He's been holding onto it for 5 years now and lost his sh1t when Hasbro came out with the recent version, because he knows chances are that one from the Jubilee BAF is gonna appear again. The guy's pissed all the time....where's the fun at?? On the other hand youre never gonna convince people they cant make that pot o gold. Its like buying up all the first issues of whatever comic comes out. These guys swear its all gonna be worth huge money (he says, as he tries to hide his "The Buzz" #1)….
  2. Ive not seen any info on the head fitting on any Ultron figure...yet. Allow me to vent here. I really wanted a classic Vision...and sadly this isn't it. I was hoping these pics are not the finished product but I think now that's a pipe dream. What's wrong with the figure? I would've preferred they went with the latest version's body mold, but this is fine. What's really disappointing, is that Vision's cape has a cord around the collar, and that's never been done in action figure format. Bowen busts, and even the latest bobble head, show the cord. And yes technically in his FIRST appearance in 1968, the cape is all one-piece ending just above the diamond chest emblem. However, in the very next issue, the cord/rope is there and its been his classic look ever since. Hasbro was able to produce Gladiator's cape with the cord (of course Vision doesn't have those large disc clasps on either side) so we know they COULD do his cloak correctly. 2nd, his briefs are not shorts....just looking at Cyclops or Wolverine etc we know they can paint those correctly and for some reason, they didn't. 3rd, they then really jacked up his belt. All they did was just line-draw over his ab section. Vision's belt is large, distinctive, and all they had to do was what they did with Yondu's belt ( marvel universe) or even what theyre going to do with Night Thrasher. 4th, His boots/gloves, are merely painted on like the belt, and like the belt they look cheap and silly. Especially when we know the ability to do it right is there! His boots end in points at the knee...Hasbro has done way more complicated boots (Omega Red, Angela) so this shouldn't be so hard. Mattel does pointed boots on all their Batman figures so.... Ok, rant over. I may or may not buy this figure, just wish it was shown the same kind of attention to detail we saw for Mysterio or Rogue. Carry on, party people, and thanks!
  3. I don't have my figures just yet, but the shipping site says the THING is on the way. From what I have seen in videos and reviews, the Thing looks fantastic (no pun intended there). I do wish they'd given him double jointed elbows though, and maybe a head with an open mouth that shows no teeth. As far as the rest of the FF line...Invisible Woman should have been, well, INVISIBILE! Its not as if they don't have the tech to do this ( Dr Strange 2015 Vishanti astral form, Thunderbolts' Ghost, etc). But the figure they did give us for her looks good. Mr. Fantastic really came out well. He's damn near perfect. The Human Torch, however, just looks wrong. The yellow head, the body buck....overall just doesn't fit well with the rest of the FF. I suspect though, with all the objections to the Torch, Hasbro will come out with another, corrected version. All one color, perhaps a translucent reddish as opposed to orange, and built on the Sunfire body buck instead of the more bulky one the y have now. Maybe a 2 pack with his invisible sister?? Aha! Nevertheless I think the Thing is going to be outstanding....cant wait for arrival!!
  4. In addition to their poor performance and higher prices (compared to other outlets and online avenues), I'm taking this comeback story with a grain of salt, because I don't think many companies will have a lot of confidence in TRU. If I'm Hasbro or Mattel etc. why would I offer a line to a store that's already proven to be a poor performer? I don't know how it worked out, but my guess is the figures that were exclusive to TRU at the time they folded, had to find other distributors, and I doubt that was a walk in the park. From some of the comments here it looks like their lack of product wasn't just shown in Alaska. And I echo what others have said, their going out of business sale prices weren't much better than the day to day prices. Bottom line, consumers likely will not have any confidence in them. Besides, even if they were going to come back, wheres the evidence they learned anything from their failures? Maybe if they'd been out of business for a few years, and used that time to improve, a comeback would be a great thing. I haven't missed TRU one bit...it looks like people are in love with the IDEA of a great toystore….but TRU simply wasn't it.
  5. I was able to order the THING from the Walgreens' site....no joy finding him in local stores. I ordered 2, gonna surprise a buddy of mine who can never find anything. Wont tell him about it till they get here, then when he's moaning about it, spring it on him. Thing is ( no pun intended) he sometimes despairs and gives in to ebay scalpers. Hope it gets here before he goes there and wastes money.
  6. Can only speak for my experiences here in Alaska, but frankly could care less if they're out of business. They never, I mean never, had any of the items I wanted in stock, the employees had NO freaking clue on the different lines, and by the time they eventually did get a series in, it was overpriced and understocked. Toys that were TRU exclusive? Nope, employees didn't know anything about it. I could go to a Target or Fred Meyers department store and get Marvel Legends, Marvel Universe, DCU etc. but going to TRU was a waste of time. It just baffled me that a dept store that sells clothes, sporting goods, electronics, groceries AND toys, would have a better selection than a store that JUST sells toys. Frankly I'm surprised they stayed in business here as long as they did.
  7. BWHAA HA HA HA HAAA! So this guy thinks "killing off" DareDevil is the biggest thing anyone could do to the character....REALLY?? Uhm, pick up virtually any Marvel (or DC) comic from the last few years; they're ALWAYS killing off characters. This isn't an "event"...its just Tuesday. At any rate I hope Noto's going too. Never cared for his style. Just too drab and blah for me. Im not sure what projects work best for him, but don't think DareDevil or Black Widow were his best work.
  8. Wow! Here I thought it had to be a mistake for them to shut it all down that fast. Good for you.
  9. 2014, Hasbro came out with Black Bolt & Gladiator; try to get those figures anywhere and youre looking at $50-80.00 bucks. 2018 Hasbro produced them as repainted singles and you can get em for $20.00. Just sayin'.
  10. I was able to order my Silver Surfer off Walgreens before they ran out. I found one in a local store and sold it at the store price to this guy I met. I don't believe in scalping. The only way to stop it, is to not buy from them. Sure, if im selling on a buyers' page, and shipping the item, then I need some compensation. But lets be reasonable. Marking up 3-4x the normal price is a crappy thing to do. Everyone has to be willing to walk away from scalpers.
  11. Yeah, mine too....I went to a few but they never arrived (according to the managers). So unless someone was able to order from the site, they made a mistake posting the Thing, and theyre not actually ready to sell just yet.
  12. Not anymore. Totally gone, not even "out of stock" message". Wondering if they jumped the gun and meant to post it for next week? Anybody get one?
  13. What?! Someone actually DIED in an X-Men book subtitled "the exterminated"? That's unheard of. Run out right now and reserve your copy of this HISTORIC event. Hate to be snarky but these crossover/crisis/death/return tropes have been DONE to DEATH....seriously, please just stop it. Theyre just gonna bring the guy back eventually, or reboot the universe again, or have some other world-shaking crisis that will restore this and any other character they kill off. Wish Marvel would impose a 10yr moratorium on these kinds of arcs. in the meantime work on some fresh, original stories that actually fit the time frame you've already established. And a few stand- alone issues wouldn't hurt.
  14. WHAT?! Again, with the forgetting to add his wings?? First it was Marvel Universe, then Marvel Legends, now this? Come on, guys! I maybe wouldn't have an issue with it if Cap was regularly wing-less in his book, but he's not. Otherwise, looks like a good statue.

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