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  1. They did it on the toybiz version...and yeah he does rarely use them in the comics...still, he actually does have them. I thought it was a nice touch.
  2. If youre referring to the picture I posted, that's Dave Cockrum, not John Bryne. But I did like Bryne's work too.
  3. At the very least they could have given him a sledge hammer long arm or maybe this time some stretched legs....whats he gonna do with those hands, rake leaves??
  4. YES. I could care less about these new uniforms, which to me are drab and unnecessary. Either stick with the original set or the "negative" ones. And Sue really needs an invisible variant. Imagine that instead of the Hulk, we get Banner. Instead of Ice Man, we get Bobby. And while we're at it, the Human Torch should have a smaller buck (a a la the Sunfire type) and NO yellow head. The current Torch looks way too jacked compared to the other Fantastic Four members; I would've used that version for the Original Torch instead. But the Invisible Woman should be able to demonstrate her powers, and the half-inviso arm is a good compromise for those that just wanna see her in the suit while powered down. As long as Hasbro has the license, I'd bet that we WILL see the "negative" outfits down the line, maybe the short-sleeve and probably Future Foundation too.
  5. A number of sources state that he had experiments done. Marvel Database: "Bullski underwent various experiments performed on him by the Soviet government for the purpose of handling the tremendous bulk of the Titanium Man Armor. The result was Bullski's size and strength greatly increased" Fwoosh: "Bullski’s superiors soon became displeased with his performance, exiling him from Russia to house arrest in Vietnam. There he underwent numerous experimental and dangerous procedures to quickly increase his physique to inhuman proportions" Wikipdedia:" Having the suit redesigned and undergoing medical treatments that increased both his size and strength. Traveling to the United States, Bullski fought Iron Man in the skies above Washington, D.C. but was defeated; Boris Bullski, the original Titanium Man, also possessed enhanced strength due to treatments given to him by the Soviet government to augment his physiology, making him grow into an 11-foot-tall giant" Writeups.org: "...Bullski is a giant of man, giving him great strength and authority. He then went through several rounds of embiggening through unrevealed artificial means. His enhanced size was originally presented — in 1966 — as a “hormones treatment”. Whatever those were, the were not as good at suspending normal physics as Pym particles. With his size artificially bolstered, Bullski could not physically function under normal gravity conditions without assistance. He had to wear his armour at all times".... Although I do recall he was pretty big even before getting the armor. And, there have been different pilots for the Titanium Man armor. But I sure do hope to see the original big azzed armor as a BAF; it doesn't have to be in an Iron Man wave though that would be most likely. But he was trained briefly under the Black Widow, so could do a 2nd wave with her, and this time give us a Widow worthy of the name. It would allow us to get an original Crimson Dynamo, comic version Belova, and some of the Winter Guard. Just a thought.
  6. Yes that's no accident....o'l Boris actually was incredibly big. He had genetic experiments done to him in order to fit the huge armor. In fact I think I read, for a time, BLACK WIDOW was one of his KGB combat instructors....
  7. Yes, I had no intention of buying this faux Doom/Iron Man because I knew the real thing was coming down the pipe. I'm glad he's finally here. I will say that looking at the pics, I was concerned that the tunic (especially when you compare how long it is; longer than the comics usually show it and certainly longer than the previous Hasbro version) would hamper leg movement, but they cut a seam in there and it looks great. I think they heard us! Also like the jet pack underneath the cloak; if they had a head where you could take the faceplate off to reveal the hideous visage behind it, even better. Dr Doom has always been, to me, Marvel's greatest super villain. And when Star Wars came out I couldn't help but notice the similarities- brilliant powerful psychopaths who wear armor, are scarred, and total bad a$$es....
  8. I'm hoping if/when they do the Titanium Man they use the classic armor; that's definitely "beefy":
  9. Yeah. I'm talking about an UPDATED version. A lot of those smaller ones have yet to have current 6" forms.
  10. I'm still holding out for that Prometheus/heroes reborn armor with the two tail pipes. While I hated the ridiculous storyline, I did like that armor. But the great thing about Iron Man, a lot of those 3.75" figures were really well done and haven't yet been made into the 6" Legends line...so we can all look forward to that!
  11. I LOVED Cap with the darker blue. Matches the blue on the shield and the union on the flag. But of course traditionally, he's shown with a lighter blue. 1. Classic Cap, swapped Steve Rogers head with folded cowl (shiny chain mail on torso) 2. Falcon with hard light wings, Redwing 3. Classic Nomad 4. Diamondback 5. US Agent 6. Battlestar 7. Viper/Madame Hydra BAF: Dr Faustus (gotta find SOME way to re-use that Kingpin mold!)
  12. They certainly screwed me on the Emma Frost figure from online. Good news that you didn't have to go through it, but your good fortune is not enough news to stay my wrath against them...mark my words....they shall truly pay for this....even now, my plan is in motion. And I will bring them to their knees, and they shall beg me for the sweet release of doom, which I shall never grant them....
  13. This is true, which is why I think they should have really worked harder on what they did produce. And Marvel needs to beef up comic book Black Widow's supporting cast/villain line up. She's got a new ongoing series so they have a platform to do it. Hasbro could do "part II" wave that has a top-notch comic version of Natasha (NO spindly body buck or Mary Jane face please and thank you). Yelena in the glossy black mid-riff suit, the Crimson Dynamo everyone was expecting, Vanguard with a masked MCU RG head ( remember Hasbro gave us an Ultron head with their last Vision figure, but no Ultron body, so its not unheard of ), Darkstar, Vostok or Ursa Major (human form, Soviet uniform), and Ursa Major as BAF.
  14. Wonder if the tac vest from the Thunderbolts Crossbones will fit on this one?
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