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  1. Have to agree. Personally not seen a truly decent Hulk legends yet and this one, IMO, knocks 'em all out of the park so far (had hoped he'd get double jointed elbows but its not in the cards I guess). So don't see that price going down much...and Colossus? I'm definitely grabbing that one. Classic Cockrum goodness.
  2. Missed out on the official poll. But I would've liked to see: Original Storm (and NOT in that spindly body buck, either) Banshee Angel (Neal Adams blue/white outfit, red/white variant) Thunderbird Original Ice Man Polaris (Dave Cockrum outfit) Sebastian Shaw Black Queen Corsair Hepzibah Ch'od Raza Binary
  3. Cryptid's Super articulated Blanks thus far has been a major disappointment....delay after delay, and worse, almost no communication from the company. I backed them but cancelled. I know many have had to cancel as well. I posted about this sometime ago on the forum. I was really pulling for them, and these Alphas look great too, but I cant afford to get burned. I even wrote them questioning why they were going ahead with the alphas when they've done so poorly thus far with the blanks. Best of luck....maybe it'll all turn out in the end. I just couldn't risk it. After a year and several months of delays and excuses and virtually no communication, my Spidey-Sense just kept tingling. Perhaps they'll prove me wrong....
  4. Those are all great choices! Just lets us know Hasbro has a LOT of other figures to make. My list: 1. Dr Doom 6. Firelord 2. Triton 7. Nova (golden) 3. Gorgon 8. Blastarr 4. Annihilus BAF Lockjaw 5. Namorita
  5. Don't see it yet on EE or Amazon. Dorkside has it but its even more expensive there. But its early days....prices may come down a bit. Or not.
  6. Yeah that DOES look too bright a yellow, especially compared to the last yellow & blue Wolverine they did. I agree, it will be a shame if it really is like that.
  7. The Hulk vs Wolverine 2 pack looks damn good....Its a pretty pricey duo ($70.00) compared to the Magneto/Scarlet/Quicksilver trio which comes in around $60.00. Then again, don't know if this one will hang around long enough for the prices to drop. It really does look like the best Marvel Legends Hulk I've seen to date. So I'm in! Make Mine Marvel!
  8. Overall, an excellent job by Hasbro on the Beast. Certainly surpasses the pitiful articulation we saw on the 4" Marvel Universe version (from 2015, I think?) and definitely long awaited. It would have been nice to have a few alternate heads (like the version we saw in the 70s Avengers and 80s Uncanny X-Men, glasses, etc.) but it wont surprise me if future Legends in the X-Men line have that kind of thing included. Great review, by the way.
  9. MAN, I HATE it when they do these posters without them in their superhero masks/helmets. But they DID put Thanos in his headgear, which is weird since in the comics he's almost always wearing it, and in the movie he almost never did. Regardless, looking forward to this, and hoping they beat the living snot out of the Mad Titan....AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!
  10. Never understood the concept of Doom as a superhero, especially just filling in for a hero he and the world presumed dead. This is Victor Von Doom for gosh sakes....he owns an entire nation, has a city named after him (ok, its actually his mom, but still...)! He'd never stoop to running around like someone else. So I passed on the comic and don't see much use for this figure. Not only is it bland, its not going to allow for any pose youd like, with the way that plastic cape hangs. They should've gone with soft goods for this one. And Yes it IS a repaint....which isn't a crime, but lets not kid ourselves.
  11. Received both Mystique figures today, and while I'm certainly glad Hasbro produced her, I really wish they'd put just a bit more effort into it. Just me here, but I'd preferred a more robust body buck for her, along the lines of Rogue. The paints all look good, and I'm oh-so-glad they went with white instead of that yellow "wash" that the old Toybiz figures had (some had blue, and that was bad too). Boots and gloves are painted on (ugh!) not sculpted, but at least end in the pointed tops she often wears ( to be fair, she's had a number of designs, including thigh-length boots, so I cant gripe). Her signature gold skulls belt came out well, no black wash this time around. Be nice if they were a skosh bigger. The face sculpt is excellent, and the hair colour/shading is great, but the hair itself is so stiff, it prevents most vertical range of motion. No double jointed elbows or ab crunch on this one, unlike the Toybiz version, but she does have the standard double joined knees and torso "rocker". She comes with 2 swappable heads (Rogue and Lilandra) and I must say the Lilandra is fantastic. She also has two weapons, though why theyre yellow, is beyond me. All in all, good figure, but could've been better.
  12. I'd be happier if they did a Binary from the comics- all hail Dave Cockrum! That's gonna be cool, if they ever do it....also the original Ms. Marvel outfit.
  13. JC, as a former backer of Cryptid's Super Articulated Blanks figures, all I can say is I had to back out of the project because I lost total faith that they would ever produce. They had delay after delay after delay AFTER DELAY.....this happens with other Kickstarters (but not this bad) so I'm used to it. But the critical point is this: these guys ignored the backers' pleas for information. Months of silence. I enthusiastically supported them, but after months of radio silence became concerned there was some scam afoot. I wasn't the only one. I was able to get my pledge refunded and here it is, a year later, if you go the page people are STILL complaining because nothing's been produced and worse, the creators keep everyone in silence. Only after months of complaints, do they finally respond, and even then its weak, it looks shady, and no one wants to be ripped off. So I got out, thankfully. Their production goals keep getting pushed back and they've had unrealistic production timelines. Yes, the figures look cool, but Why on earth they think anyone would commit to this Army campaign when they have such poor performance (I should say LACK of performance) on the still ongoing campaign??
  14. Isn't it immoral for Hasbro to keep making these figures? My wallet is already empty! But seriously, I cannot wait for these guys. Cant really tell but it almost looks like they used the Omega Red mold for Thor, which is great. The TB version still holds up but I'm drooling over getting this one. And finally, Cap in his scale mail! I've always, always wanted them to make his blue darker (even moreso than the comics because that's actually closer to the actual flag colors) and to round it out, chrome Iron Man. This is pure action figure porn....
  15. Glad theyre doing this figure, as the character's not used as much. One thing though, you comment quite a bit on how nice you think the face came out, but you don't focus on the head, instead you pose the figure all the way back as far from the camera as you can (1:34). fortunately later you get the camera closer. I'm really glad they went with this costume instead of the blue and red version he sometimes wore! Good job.
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