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  1. What do you think is a reasonable price for a good sized Sentinel?
  2. You guys are gonna hate me for this, but I gotta say it: every time I hear "Deathlok" I think of the original 70s Rich Buckler creation. This grey outfit doesn't work for me, but I'm glad others like it. I also wonder how likely it is they might release him in his original Luther Manning form (the Sasquatch BAF one we got was Mike Collins I believe- not Manning) or, release another 70s dude from the future....War of the Worlds star, Killraven?
  3. Right but we weren't talking about an MCU figure either. Again, its from the Terrax BAF from years back. I don't think we have long to wait for Silver Centurian! I'm expecting that one, plus the promethium armor and maybe the 2020 Arno Stark thing will be out by next year....and keep in mind, "next year" is only about 2 months away!
  4. Who knows indeed. I certainly refuse to pay any scalpers' prices though. I'm willing to walk away from some figures; if Hasbro wants me to jump thru hoops, that zit aint happenin'.
  5. By fell through I was referring to the online ordering. I myself got a confirmation, then nobody else was able to order online, and then almost 2 weeks later I was notified it was cancelled, and the figure's never been seen (out here) since. So yeah, for me, the whole thing was a farce. I certainly never said it wasn't a good figure- if I thought that, I'd never bothered ordering it. For those of you who were successful, mazels. Hopefully when they release her White Queen form things will go better.
  6. We weren't talking about his classic suit. Go back and read the whole thread. We were talking about the Extremis Terrax BAF. The way they did the figure, his arms are just too scrawny to be a man wearing armor, any kind of armor. Even the skinniest person looks a tad bigger if theyre wearing a long sleeve shirt. That's all we were saying. Certainly he isn't as tall as Thor, but then again we never once even brought up Thor. The figure isn't terrible, but it should be redone....it should be at least as robust as the classic armor.
  7. Derpy eyed Misty Knight, who really should have more of her bionic arm showing, and Captain Marvel. Guardian had a very sloppy paint job and why they gave him that grumpy face, I'll never know. A number of female figures are on a body buck that is just too skinny. Its right for Songbird, not for others. Storm is not skinny! Longing for the days of Rogue and Ms. Marvel. A NUMBER of the Iron Man figures are either too small, too skinny, or otherwise not in any kind of normal scale. And can we seriously get an Armored figure some carbonization up in here? The Human Torch does NOT have a yellow head, nor does his body buck have to be that large. Invisible Woman needs a translucent figure. The Vision....keep the colours as they did in the "vintage" release, but make the buck bigger. Add the ear cups. Get rid of the "painted" on belt; the belt used for Adam Warlock/ Night Thrasher shows they can make larger belts that don't have to be painted on. His boots and gloves end in a point; painting those makes it look so cheap (they showed us they can do different boots, just look at Shatterstar). His cape is supposed to have a cord under his collar (like Taskmaster's, minus the big circular buttons/clasps). Rant over.
  8. Speaking of "teams" I'm wondering if they'll ever release the Hellfire club members as a team in a box set, or just have them come out as singletons. Very surprised we haven't at least seen Sebastian Shaw yet. I'm positive Emma Frost (White Queen) is on the way, since that farce over at Walgreens fell through. Imagine Black Queen will show too, probably with alternate Jean head.
  9. I will take comic book figures over MCU any day. But there are some good MCU figures out there and my favorites are Black Panther, Iron Man Mark 7, and Jessica Jones. The Panther should have been the same bulk and size as Kilmonger, but what I really like about it is outside of the "teeth" collar, the suit is basically the same as the comic book- but better. T'Challa always wore these gloves and boots that had vertical lines running down which made him look like he was wearing socks! The MCU version keeps the lines, but makes them instead molded on slivers of vibranium, which only makes sense. Of course he should have vibranium in his outfit! Jessica Jones is a simple, basic figure and she looks just like Krysten Ritter. The jacket and the jeans just came out perfect. No nonsense, ready to get down or give a beat down...love that girl. Great reflection of the MCU/Netflix version. The Iron Man armor worn in the first Avengers movie just wowed me. Thankfully they kept his "circle" arc reactor instead of stealing Superman's triangle....I HATE it when Marvel does that. You don't need to change the shape of the reactor with every different suit (and if you do change it, explain why). The best feature on the figure is the hinged speed brakes/ flaps!! They are so well done. Cant go on enough about them (I thought we'd see the same on Rescue, but alas not quite). It really is one of the best suits or armor he has.
  10. Which they shouldn't have been doing. The Iron Man armor is not a body stocking, after all. But yes some artists do forget (or just ignore) some fairly basic rules. For example, when Stark is wearing the armor, he really oughtta be at least a few inches taller, a few pounds heavier, than he would be in street clothes. When Dave Cockrum defined Wolverine's claws as being sheathed inside his forearms, his arms should be thicker than the way a lot of artists (including Dave) would draw him. Also, originally he shouldn't have been able to bend his wrists with his claws extended, but we've seen him do it anyway (yeah, I know theyre now saying the claws extend past the wrist which allows freedom of movement, but if that's so then there's no "locking" mechanism/tendon to keep them braced). So yes artists take some liberties sometimes. But when these guys are made into figure form, somebody ought to be considering that Iron Man shouldn't have twigs for limbs.
  11. They had some good figures back when hasbeen first took over, but lets face it....they are seriously outdated now. Better molds, better paints, better articulation, better options such as alternate heads/fists etc. pretty much leave all of those earlier works in the dust. I for one plan on removing the older figures out as soon as Hasbro does their modern-day update.
  12. Almost picked this set up, but decided to pass....they look like great figures, they capture the 90s excess of the era, and I absolutely loved (still have) the Jim Lee trading cards, so its great to see them reflected in Legends form. But I'd rather see Polaris in her Dave Cockrum /Sh'iar inspired outfit. And I must say, these energy/spell casting female hands are over used. From the Wasp to Lady Loki to Invisible Woman to Scarlet Witch, its beginning to look like they have no other options. Far as the effects go, they really need to start making them as translucent as possible; they re supposed to represent energy, after all. Overall, great figures, just not my cup of tea this go 'round. Im sure if youre an X-Factor fan from the 90s though, these cant be beat!
  13. Wonderful! Do some with the Green Goblin getting his butt kicked every Halloween by Spider-Man.....
  14. Accessories were pretty weak, too. I really was disappointed in the shoulder fired gun -that's pretty much the War Machine armor signature weapon- and here they just gave us this slab of plastic that mounts (in a feeble way) into a hole. So, yeah, not crazy about it and definitely looking forward to the Patriot model.
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