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  1. Isn't it immoral for Hasbro to keep making these figures? My wallet is already empty! But seriously, I cannot wait for these guys. Cant really tell but it almost looks like they used the Omega Red mold for Thor, which is great. The TB version still holds up but I'm drooling over getting this one. And finally, Cap in his scale mail! I've always, always wanted them to make his blue darker (even moreso than the comics because that's actually closer to the actual flag colors) and to round it out, chrome Iron Man. This is pure action figure porn....
  2. Glad theyre doing this figure, as the character's not used as much. One thing though, you comment quite a bit on how nice you think the face came out, but you don't focus on the head, instead you pose the figure all the way back as far from the camera as you can (1:34). fortunately later you get the camera closer. I'm really glad they went with this costume instead of the blue and red version he sometimes wore! Good job.
  3. Kinda "meh" on this Binary. Would much more prefer the original Dave Cockrum version from X-Men #164....but to each his own.
  4. Again, not talking about totally new tooling- I pointed out they can and have modified parts for figures and could easily have done so here. Its not an issue of tooling or costs; Mysterio's gloves are unique, Omega Red's boots are as well. If tooling or costs were that big of an issue, then those figures wouldn't have gotten the detail they have. All said, the latest Vision isn't a bad figure, it just could have been done better.
  5. They modified both Iron Man and the Punisher in this line, so they could have done the same for the Vision. There's no excuse outside of laziness. They gave Black Panther a totally new head sculpt (which isn't even vintage- that's the modern day version). They came up with new boots for Iron Man that haven't been seen anywhere before or since. They could easily have given him the correct belt instead of painting up a damn girdle; Im not asking for a total re-do, I'm saying they have the tools and skills to make his outfit accurate, and they didn't.
  6. I like the colours they chose- I would've gone with a bigger body buck than this, though (the last one used in the 3pack would've worked). Also, the Vision has distinctive ear "cups" and this figure doesn't show that; the cape collar should've been a tad larger and of course the classic cord around the neck is missing. Where they really blew it was the "belt"- instead of molding an actual belt like, say, the upcoming Thrasher fig, they just painted it on. Wow, how cheap....it looks more like a corset than anything else. The lines on the belt are wrong as well; theyre not just 3 straight vertical lines. Then we have the awful boots. The Vision's boots are pointed to the knee- they painted them on, but didn't mold them and it looks really silly and cheap. DC's figures like the Batman or Hawkman have pointed boots. Even their latest Black Manta has them (although in the comics he just wears leggings). Bottom line is, we don't have an accurate classic Vision here, though they came close. It really irks me, as we know Hasbro can do a good job when they want to. If you look at Omega Red, Rogue, Mysterio, even Shatterstar (!) they did it correctly, so why flub the Vision?
  7. Talk about perplexing....this show should've been cancelled years ago. In fact the last episode seemed like the series finale. Why is it called AGENTS OF SHIELD.....when clearly the producers have just turned it into the Chloe Bennet hour. Highly overhyped and overrated actress. They would have done better to focus on May and Coulson and make it, you know, SHIELD...but I guess Disney just couldn't let a Marvel project go, even one that is so mediocre as this one.
  8. I cant imagine Marvel without Stan Lee. Stan Lee IS Marvel. Whether we're talking about comics, tv, movies or action figures on this page, its almost always Marvel and there would have been no Marvel without Stan. Comics have been and still are a big part of my life; in no small way, Mr. Fantastic, Spider-Man, the Sub-Mariner, the Black Panther, Storm and of course, the Vision (!) were very much like role models to me. But although its very sad, we should all be happy that Stan the Man lived to see his brilliant, extraordinary universe brought to life on the big screen and immortalized for all time. EXCELSIOR!
  9. They should have done a solo Black Widow movie years ago. Glad to see they finally wised up, and glad to hear she's getting the compensation she should. Personally I think this would work better as a "R" rated, virtually straight-up spy flick, but thus far Marvel has shown they can do outstanding work, so I'll sit happily and await the results. Myagkaya drevesnaya struzhka!
  10. Classifying this under "retro" is incorrect; this version is from the more modern Stelfreeze concept. His version isn't the one I like the best, but the figure itself is looking great and if you've missed any of the previous figures, this would be a fine addition. In the actual "retro" days, Marvel used a kind of dark blue/black highlights colour scheme on characters that supposedly wore black outfits (Black Widow, Black Bolt, Ghost Rider, S.H.I.E.L.D, etc) and this figure closely resembles that. Of course they would often get lazy and before long, the black shading was gone altogether and you wound up with just blue. The paint used here looks really good.
  11. These "vintage" figures are a good way to get figures buyers may have missed before, and they (so far) are better than the original Toybiz figures. I'm not happy with how the Vision turned out ( I posted a LONG rant on that) but its still not bad. That Ant-Man, however, is just not gonna fly. That is not Hank Pym's helmet...that is the Black Ant from 2015, just re-colored. The original Pym toybiz version was also removable. Just saying, if youre a stickler for vintage/original appearance, just know theyre taking some liberties here. I like this Wasp but she's a pass for me, as I think the best outfit was the 2015 figure. I'd snatch her up if they do the late 70s purple suit, or the white/blue one sleeve-one legging outfit.
  12. Agree, Gmen. Bottom line, you spend your money how you please- if you want the figures to sit around and hopefully collect some value in the thousands, rock on. If you want to pose/play with them, do that too. If youre into scalping, I really don't think there's as much money there as people want to believe. The vast majority of figures just aren't rare enough to justify paying hundreds over what the figure was initially worth. I knew a guy who was convinced DCU's Power Girl was gonna be an instant hit. He bought up 20; to this day he's sold less than half, and almost of those he sold were at the price he bought them for, or lower! He bought extra Storm figures from the Jubilee BAF (don't ask me how- Very rare). But he wont part with one for less than $300.00. He's been holding onto it for 5 years now and lost his sh1t when Hasbro came out with the recent version, because he knows chances are that one from the Jubilee BAF is gonna appear again. The guy's pissed all the time....where's the fun at?? On the other hand youre never gonna convince people they cant make that pot o gold. Its like buying up all the first issues of whatever comic comes out. These guys swear its all gonna be worth huge money (he says, as he tries to hide his "The Buzz" #1)….
  13. Ive not seen any info on the head fitting on any Ultron figure...yet. Allow me to vent here. I really wanted a classic Vision...and sadly this isn't it. I was hoping these pics are not the finished product but I think now that's a pipe dream. What's wrong with the figure? I would've preferred they went with the latest version's body mold, but this is fine. What's really disappointing, is that Vision's cape has a cord around the collar, and that's never been done in action figure format. Bowen busts, and even the latest bobble head, show the cord. And yes technically in his FIRST appearance in 1968, the cape is all one-piece ending just above the diamond chest emblem. However, in the very next issue, the cord/rope is there and its been his classic look ever since. Hasbro was able to produce Gladiator's cape with the cord (of course Vision doesn't have those large disc clasps on either side) so we know they COULD do his cloak correctly. 2nd, his briefs are not shorts....just looking at Cyclops or Wolverine etc we know they can paint those correctly and for some reason, they didn't. 3rd, they then really jacked up his belt. All they did was just line-draw over his ab section. Vision's belt is large, distinctive, and all they had to do was what they did with Yondu's belt ( marvel universe) or even what theyre going to do with Night Thrasher. 4th, His boots/gloves, are merely painted on like the belt, and like the belt they look cheap and silly. Especially when we know the ability to do it right is there! His boots end in points at the knee...Hasbro has done way more complicated boots (Omega Red, Angela) so this shouldn't be so hard. Mattel does pointed boots on all their Batman figures so.... Ok, rant over. I may or may not buy this figure, just wish it was shown the same kind of attention to detail we saw for Mysterio or Rogue. Carry on, party people, and thanks!
  14. I don't have my figures just yet, but the shipping site says the THING is on the way. From what I have seen in videos and reviews, the Thing looks fantastic (no pun intended there). I do wish they'd given him double jointed elbows though, and maybe a head with an open mouth that shows no teeth. As far as the rest of the FF line...Invisible Woman should have been, well, INVISIBILE! Its not as if they don't have the tech to do this ( Dr Strange 2015 Vishanti astral form, Thunderbolts' Ghost, etc). But the figure they did give us for her looks good. Mr. Fantastic really came out well. He's damn near perfect. The Human Torch, however, just looks wrong. The yellow head, the body buck....overall just doesn't fit well with the rest of the FF. I suspect though, with all the objections to the Torch, Hasbro will come out with another, corrected version. All one color, perhaps a translucent reddish as opposed to orange, and built on the Sunfire body buck instead of the more bulky one the y have now. Maybe a 2 pack with his invisible sister?? Aha! Nevertheless I think the Thing is going to be outstanding....cant wait for arrival!!

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