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  1. Agree; cant justify the price tag and not really taken by the whole "go fund me /crowd funding" flavor Hasbro's presenting this project as. As if they need a kickstarter to get this thing out there, what, they cant afford to make it on their own? Please! Yeah its a nice ploy to draw fans in, but guys please lets be honest, youre gonna see this thing again, especially the 6" "bonus" figure it comes with. Then there's the whole "if I don't get it now, it'll be $500+ on the after market". True enough, but is it actually WORTH all that.
  2. So is it true that everyone who's a member of this forum and responds on this thread gets one haslab Sentinel free? Not a bad deal, thanks.
  3. I'm hearing it would likely go for even more than that and I cant justify that expense. I don't know how they make a profit if they market it as less than $100.00 but also not sure how theyre gonna find enough customers willing to go over that. That would have to be one perfect Sentinel. I'm talking complete articulation, lights, sounds, flight, energy blasts and able to detect mutants. 'Cause I'm sure my neighbor down the street is one.
  4. Thanks for the reply. If he's still on the way this means I've got a spare IM 2020 and have the extra special effects!
  5. Checking: any body get Moon Knight shipped already? 'Cause last week I got the Iron Man 2020 and then Monday got another one and I really don't remember ordering two. Wonder if that one was supposed to be my Moon Knight...
  6. I don’t really care about the rumored Haslab Sentinel or SDCC Hellfire set, but I’d totally be down for a movie X-Men set. Any of the teams from the various movies, maybe even a DP movie set. Still hoping we get a movie Colossus before the 20th anniversary is up. well I'm even more opposite...I wanna see the bashed-up set from Netflix's Jessica Jones PI office
  7. I don't understand why it "has" to be Shaw. If it turns out to be Pierce or Leland does that sour collectors too much that they wont pick up Shaw if he's produced later down the line? Don't misunderstand me- I personally would prefer Shaw if they only did one HC member, but I highly doubt the others would be pegwarmers 'cause the mentality would be, get them now, because Shaw is on the way. On the whole though I really believe Hellfire Club would sell better as a complete box set more than just single figures.
  8. I too want a White & Black Queen....but only if they put them on proper body bucks.
  9. You're preachin to the choir, brah. Ive been complaining for months now that they use the same generic build for the female figures....Black Widow's on the same mold as Kate Bishop?? Get outta here....
  10. I hear you but knowing Hasbro and going by what they've done with re-used figures up till now, they're more into "ball park" vs literal accuracy. Beast, for example, is very well done, but he's never been that big in the comics as he's been presented as an action figure. Toybiz did the same thing, and I never found out why. It wouldn't surprise me, or I suspect, most collectors, if they did put Leland on the KP buck. That's probably less work than re-tooling Doc Ock (although that would work too, wouldn't it?). Their Abomination BAF from the Cap wave is decent, but clearly too small compared to the Hulk we see from the Hulk/Wolverine two-pack, and we know from the comics he's supposed to be taller than the Hulk. At the same time I can see them teasing this shot and making everyone think its Shaw, and then it turns out to be another Hellfire Club member (like Leland), which just whets everyone's appetite for Shaw!
  11. This is true to an extent, but he would've had to have some development over the years given what he's been doing. His body wouldn't stay at that of a 15 year old scrawny bookworm. Could they be a bit smaller, sure, but where theyre at here doesn't bother me.
  12. Once again, if Hasbro cant do an "official" original Storm this good, then please don't even try. Its utterly insane that they're using the same stringy female buck body for every character....Kate Bishop and Black Widow virtually indistinguishable. Theyd never put Captain America in the pizza Spidey buck....so wtf!! Look what Rafelocustoms has done here, follow this. Please and thank you.
  13. I don't see them as too beefy; the Peter figure uses that standard, generic "civilian" buck which, with the exception of the one used for Wolverine, is too thin to be used for just anyone. They should have adjusted this figure so it would be more in line with Spidey's build. When you consider Peter's been jumping, running, swinging and fighting around New York since he was 15, its not surprising his body has built up muscle tone up over that time. I look at "pizza" Spidey as the younger version, a few years after he started out, and this one as the Spidey in his mid-20s.
  14. That's not a bad idea; I've seen some artists that depict him as way more massive than others.
  15. Picked up Mach-1 in the wild today, and like I said before, its great looking, really great metallic blue paint (hope if they make Starhawk they use this color). But the helmet and wing assembly definitely needed something besides white...the absence of any kind of shading color, the lack of detailing, just makes the thing look like a cheap toy. Some silver/metallic grays to the "rocket engine" area wouldve been better. They really could have done up his visor the same way they did MCU Wasp's helmet, and its a shame they didn't. The wings as we all know by now are not removable, but they do fold down in the comics so its too bad these dont have any articulation at all. That may sound like a lot of negatives but none of them got me to the level of passing it up. I like the figure and am really glad its out now. For me this is the best figure in the wave (Captain Mar-vell, they did you wrong). Only 2 members needed to finish the original Thunderbolts team now.
  16. It was a small error, you caught it, and nevertheless they polled high. But whether they polled high or never made any cut at all, its clear Starjammers would be easy to produce (perhaps theyre tooling for Madame Hepzibah, as she's the most unique on that team. Once they get her, we can see Tigra, Wolfsbane, etc). Corsair: Daredevil buck, use Mr Sinister's sculpted high boots (please don't paint), add Captain America gloves, modify a collar torso, and modify maybe a Dr Strange head, and youre done. Ch'od, come on, this is a no brainer- Abomination BAF from civil war wave. New head sculpt, add some fists, and youre good. Raza: either Namor or Kraven buck, again use Sinister's high boots, glossy black paint, bionic eye from Titus and make sure the pony tail rotates so it doesn't break off. Obviously I'm envisioning their original outfits here but this would be a great box set. You really only have 4 figures and if it retails around $80.00+, it will sell out incredibly fast.
  17. This is a great improvement over the former mold they used for Spider-Man. I like to think of that one as the younger, just starting out Spidey. The gapage on the head and the red pins in the elbow joints are a bit distracting, but overall I think this is a great job. If that is the "Ditko" head, it would've been better to have it on a Spidey who has a darker blue outfit (plus the underarm webs), but it still works. I prefer the Romita head though. What I really like is they didn't just paint the boots on- the calf rotation really fits this figure. Wish it were standard for all figures. Good to see that Hasbro is not just putting out these figures but that theyre improving techniques and features.
  18. Shiro's original outfit is my favorite too, and I was SO STOKED when they made him. Its a really great figure; I never thought they would really do it so its been one of my best loved figures. I would've liked for the yellow "flames" on his gloves and boots to be a bit lighter, but otherwise...
  19. I love the previous version, and it still holds up, however all of those earlier Hasbro figures have this a clumsy ball pelvic/hip joint that make posing a bit difficult. The new version flows much more smoothly.
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