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  1. For the longest time I wanted his original green/red costume, the Ionic look, and the safari jacket outfit ( always felt the WM arms on the Abomination BAF were too small, not jacked enough). I figured they'd all be more or less the same buck, same ht, modified of course to the particular version. I worry now that they'll just slap something together, if they do it at all that is. Still I sure hope these other figures will turn out well and that they'll be out in 2-3 years.
  2. Right. Half azzery. Tragic, because this is the same line that put out such masterworks like War Machine, Mysterio, Havok, Rogue, Hercules and lets not forget about the upcoming Spiral. Clearly they can do great work, when they choose to.
  3. Again, not a bad figure, but a missed opportunity here in not offering a multi (no pun intended) pack option for a characters whose powers are specifically about multiples. No accessories associated with him, fairly straightforward costume....its a no-brainer.
  4. Excited to hear this was coming, disappointed in its execution and overall blandness. Why they use the Red Skull buck to make Wonder Man, is a mystery to me. This is a robust character, and should be on a mold that reflects that. On a positive note, I like the colors, the molded pockets with that "W" pattern (I've had a number of jackets and coats that had that exact pattern; its not meant to be a "W" symbol but its cool that it worked out here) and really like that they molded his hair correctly. Those twin curls were a styling choice that worked well for Simon.
  5. This is really better than I ever could have hoped for, and I'm not even that much of a Spiral fan. I just love how well it turned out, and its really good to see what the team can do when they choose. This is gorgeous. They should be proud!
  6. Good figure, especially for those who missed the last one. Yes there are some pinless updates here. Some missed opportunities though...sash could indeed have been some kind of soft goods material, thigh boots and evening gloves should have been molded on. Good figure, absolutely. But again we see hasbo's laziness and disregard for the collector on display. Other lines, like Mythic Legions, also re-use and re-use their figures....but each time, they at least add vibrant, different paint schemes and incorporate new materials to keep the figures fresh and interesting. But I'm not gonna rag on hasbo all by itself here, because if they know that re-selling figures with nothing new, and still gets sales (and it does), why should they make the effort? Wonder if they'll ever update the original Phoenix?
  7. Excellent review...if I were getting Longshot, I'd go with the flashing eye and yellow insignia star as thatswhat the comics showed.
  8. Not interested in the Blob but if the buck can be reused to get us one step closer to Volstagg, and then the rest of the Warriors Three, I'm all for it.
  9. Ant-Man vs. Kang. Now that's a matchup I wouldn't have imagined in a 1000 years.
  10. With the appearance in the upcoming Guardians III movie and now this comic, this might spur the hasbo guys to do some Warlock figures....sure would like to see him in his Gil Kane (Marvel Premiere 1972) look. They're doing Star Lord and Yondu from the 70s, so its not an impossible idea for them to look at.
  11. While I was pleased to see Valentina Allegra appear on screen, and I do love Julia, she isn't who I would have chosen for the role. Its odd that they (american movie studios) use so many foreign actors for these gigs, and then when the character really should be from another country, they use an American. Also the purple streak she's using instead of the white, really doesn't look right for her age. But hey, in this MCU version she's a different person so it is what it is.
  12. Your key phrase is "pretend Hasbro is committed to completing these teams"....we've just not seen that they are in any hurry to do. I exclude Avengers and X-Men because their rosters are always gaining new members, but some teams are more static than others. 3-4 years ago, there was Vindicator/Guardian, the Sasquatch BAF, Alpha Flight box set, but no Marrina. The first time they did the original GOTG was about 5 years ago with Vance, no members since then. I think the first New Warriors was Night Thrasher, 4-5 years ago. Last time we saw a classic Valkyrie was what, 12 years ago? If they're wanting to complete these teams, time is not something they seem to consider. In the interview Boog did during the Yondu reveal, he asked if the other og members were coming, and they said not at this time. Why, who knows. So Rachel Summers Phoenix, Marrina, Namorita, Martinex, Triton, Gorgon, not to mention any of the golden age guys like the original Human Torch or Bucky....oh well.
  13. Let me pose this one, simple clear question: are you as a company, moving forward as the engine room of a greater organism, genuinely embracing and honoring the fundamentals underpinning the goals expressed in your mission statement? Are you nurturing your ongoing commitment to excellence at every level, both in terms of your charter and at your customer interface? Because as you know, that is your mandate. Outcome focus as a means of achieving positive deliverables, within a realizable, factual, matrix.
  14. Agree, and at the same time, not to go off topic, I'd like to see WWII Whizzer before this guy gets made....also, Nighthawk (Thanos BAF) needs a re-do... Always stunned that they designed the first Nighthawk in that Groucho Mark "beak" , and didn't see how ridiculous he looked. But its the wonder of Comics....what passes on the page will never make it in real life. Lookin' at you, yellow Wolverine.....
  15. oH, don't even get me started on how they've mistreated the Vision. And all the easy fixes they could do, that they've really already done in other figures. At least I have my Marvel Select Vision.
  16. You and me both! And I hope it didn't come off as "you're lucky it wasn't worse". I wouldn't have given Dr. Spectrum boots, and some nice spectrum constructs would've been great, but that's me. Honestly I prefer them to get it "right" the first time instead of hoping that an update will occur. In this case however they got things fundamentally correct. At any rate its a welcome surprise.
  17. I don't think you're being mean. I like what they did but sure, they could have done better (and goodness knows they could have done far worse!); I wouldn't be surprised that down the line you'll see them again in updated pinless forms. For example, an Iron Man wave could have an updated Dr. Spectrum.
  18. While I'm certainly glad to see these two, and don't mind Dr. Spectrum on the buckycap buck, I do wish they had given Hyperion that off the shoulder cape instead of the two clasps (and YES I know more modern versions show it that way). I AM glad they didn't paint his belt on, which looks cheap and tacky (that's what they did with the Vision). Also he's in red and yellow, instead of black. This is so much better.
  19. Not a chance in hell, but a Griffin, especially as he was in Namor's 90's series, or the Harpy from 1973 would be mine.....
  20. And thats the maddening thing, isn't it?? Why did they go thru all the work to make Yondu, with the unique belt and "shirt" and Yaka arrow quiver...which no other character has, so no re-use there....get his colors right, his boots etc. (the bow isnt right though) and then put him on the wrong buck? They obviously know how tall this guy is supposed to be. Take Firelord for example.... he debuted going hammer and tongs against Thor AND Hercules; these guys are all around the same height (6' 4"-6' 6" range). But stand your Firelord against your Thor and he looks like a damn kid. They keep doing this and it makes no sense at all. The Vision, the Falcon, Moon Knight, Blue Marvel all got short- changed with this.
  21. Also I don't see that by not doing Rachel Phoenix for Excalibur, or Marinna for Alpha Flight, is going to keep fans engaged; they would be (and are) whether they're done or not. I'm pretty sure a lot of people who got the Alpha Flight box set were happy with it, but if another one came out with updated figures, and this time with Marinna and a new Vindicator instead of Heather, they'd snap that up too. Just as an example.
  22. I honestly don't believe they have a plan or a coherent thought on the process of completing teams. They probably view some teams as more popular than others, so they hit those more than the others (Avengers, X-Men). At the same time, those teams have ever-expanding rosters, so there's no danger of "running out". They don't favor the Fantastic Four as much but they're missing out there, 'cause while the team itself has 4 members, they have a WORLD of other things affiliated. Tons of allies, enemies, equipment, uniforms, vehicles, etc. In fact they have so many, that you could do a number of waves and not have to carry the main 4 members: Mr. Fantastic, future foundation suit The Thing, overcoat/sunglasses Sandman, green armored chem suit Triton Air-Walker Thundra (finally some re-use for the She-Hulk figure) Impossible Man BAF: Dragon Man Invisible Woman, short sleeve suit, force field "dome" accessory Human Torch (red suit) Sub-Mariner (70s water wings suit) Arkon the Magnificent, shield and bolt quiver accessories Mole Man Nova (red skin, yellow unitard suit) Wizard BAF: Annihilus You get the idea....lots of things here they could do. They could keep that going till you have a complete set of F4 in their white suits, short sleeve, classic, Neg Zone, etc,
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