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  1. Nothing I said reflects what you just said. That's utterly ridiculous. I don't know what you're reacting to but its not what I said at all.
  2. No, did not know what he meant. A safari jacket and a trench coat are two different things. And a lot of characters are or were sporting trench coats and trench coat- type garb. Dr. Strange had his cloak turned into a coat for a time. Nick Fury wears/wore one. Then there's Spider-Man Noir, Gambit, Multiple Man, Fantomex, Photon...I could go on. I'd not seen Wonder Man in one, though, which is why I asked.
  3. walgreens and their ilk don't need to do jack. This isn't their issue. Hasbro makes these figures, Hasbro distributes them, Hasbro has their name on the product, Hasbro entered into this arrangement with walgreens and any of these other "exclusive" outlets. Its the same bs as GI Joe/Target sh1tpile, and unless anyone's been under a rock for the last 3 years, that classified line became a joke in the action figure community. Yet so many collectors had have their heads so far up Hasbro's cheeks, they just wouldn't admit where the problem was. All kinds of excuses. But Hasbro couldn't duck it forever, and in the end, happily, stepped in to correct it. And its looking good! That Storm Shadow is bomb!! And still available all over! So Its not about walgreens' inventory practices or their number of stores or which of their zodiac signs is compatible with whatever. And please, before anyone jumps in with "they're never getting rid of exclusives so stop talking about it", I'm not saying getting rid of, I'm saying make it better. Make it WORK.
  4. They should have used that head/face for the Calisto figure. HER buck should've been on that spindly preteen thing they're so fond of using. Its just ridiculous that they rarely can get these right.
  5. Hasbro eventually listened to collectors over Target's botched handling with GI Joe. Its time they tackled this issue with walgeens
  6. Well they got the color down huh. Man, how cool would it be to see them do at least one shot of him in his comic uniform
  7. They were wrong. You gotta do your research. Wanda's shoulders aren't "exposed"; this is a coloring error. All you need to do is open the actual comic and you will see she doesn't have her cape on, and she's in the pink leotard as normal (like, as in for over 40 years in print). This kind of error is not surprising in comics when you see just how they go about the coloring process. But none of that supports your accusation in the first place, that they were censoring her. They weren't.
  8. THIS. I consider myself the Number One Fan for the Vision and yet I couldn't bring myself to buy this figure for that very reason. It doesn't look like him, and the gray is awful. I don't know what they were thinking when they came up with that "cape". However its a poor addition to a poor figure so all in all, its a poor production.
  9. The gray was a bad choice to go with that white, true. They should either have gone all white like they did with Magneto, Doom, etc. or just a hint of light blue. However, you asking about Vision's bare feet and Scarlet Witch's costume is odd, because that's the way they're supposed to look. When the Vision attempted a global take over of all computer systems a rogue government agency kidnapped him, and took him apart. Hank Pym was able to re-assemble him, but his skin had been bleached of its normal red color, and he lost all his emotions. When he rose, he was naked. USAgent, being the uptight jerk that he is, demanded that he put some clothes on but the Vision didn't see a reason to. Later he got remanants of his costume that had been shredded when he was taken, and fashioned the cape and briefs. He didn't see the need for anything else. The Scarlet Witch, for the majority of her time in print, has always worn a pink body suit leotard with the red one-piece and red gloves and boots. She isn't being censored- this is what her costume is supposed to look like.
  10. Its a personal choice; I don't collect Select because usually they're not as articulated as Legends (though I am strongly leaning towards their Titanium Man). You say you don't have the 80th version. Ask yourself why you passed? Because if there was something about it you didn't like then, you won't like it now. Maybe the Select just does it for you. Or, maybe Legends wasn't around long enough for you to get it before it sold out? I would say its a 99.9999% probability Hasbro is going with the 80th anniversary mold though. Probably gonna have a darker green like the toybiz version did. Just like Cap and Iron Man it'll probably have a different head.
  11. Whoa! I missed that Falcon! Now I have very little use for that retro line, but that Falcon is one I'm getting! Classic outfit, and Redwing too? Wonderful harbinger of the 6" that must be just around the corner!!
  12. Well, for once we have to give them credit. We were told to lower expectations. I do agree about not leaving the audience disappointed, I can see that, but I didn't get the attempt to "shift focus to the 3 3/4"....
  13. I'm not up on the symbiote thing but if Knull is going to a reg release, I'll pick him up. I'm probably going to pass on the 20th Cap. Maybe. I just don't see the justification for the price increase. There certainly isn't justification for Iron Man. I mean, come on...the Stealth suit figure is still going for $18-20.00. That one and this both have 2 different heads, 4 hands, 2 blast effects. One has a BAF piece, the other has a postcard. The only other thing the "toybiz" has that the Stealth doesn't, is the 2 small "swirl" effects. That's not worth $7.00-8.00 more than what we've been getting.
  14. I honestly don't have a problem with the Iron Man armor being re-tooled because after his all gold armor, most suits were just variations of what would become his classic red/gold ensemble. The "horned" visor though could be raised or lowered, and there were diagonal lines that spread out on the upper torso. It didn't have hip pods either so that's accurate. That Tony Stark head, though, is clearly from the 70s-80s, not the 1960s lol.
  15. Truly. But why don't more of these "reviewers" get together and jump on the Hasbro team to explain why they're still using walgreens when their performance has been so awful now for the last 3-4 years? The last time any exclusive was seen at that chain (at least out here, and it does seem other states if these forums are accurate), at least in any reasonable numbers, was 2019. Never saw Silver Centurion in the wild, and don't even hope to find Moon Knight ( I was lucky to grab the one), Nova, Quasar, or Binary. On one of the last Fan Friday type reveals, the team did mention they were aware of the problems but weakly said they "hoped" things had improved. This time I didn't hear anything like that, no "hey guys its all good now". Until further notice, I guess I just won't have those figures....I'm not going to eBay to pay 2-3 times what the figure is worth.
  16. Lowered expectations indeed. They just repainted one of their worst Visions and didn't even put him in white, he's in some dirty gray looking thing. They kept that idiotic excuse of a cape for him, which looks like some kind of scoop, when they just could have given him something like the cape used on the recent white Doom figure. Scarlet Witch...they're patting themselves on the back for not using the metallic paints, but she doesn't have metallic look anyway. Funny how they did this for her but barely do it for Iron Man. Her boots should be pointed but I'm not gonna go on too much on that. Avengers West Coast Mockingbird would've been a better choice.
  17. To that end I hope we see Red Wolf, El Aguila, Equinox, Killraven, Deadly Nightshade, Gladiator, Blue Marvel, Dr. Spectrum, Firebrand, Firelord....those have never been done, best of my knowledge. But I doubt any of these are on the horizon except for Blue Marvel and Firelord.
  18. Hear, hear. Cap SHOULD have had some recognition there, and I was thinking they were headed in that direction. Also it would have been a great opportunity to give us the original Timely line up (Sub-Mariner, Human Torch and Cap) and open up the Golden Age. At the very least, first appearance Cap, Bucky and the Invaders.
  19. I think they're doing a good job with accessories but yeah, they could do even better. But now I'm jumpin right on this 'cause I was just thinking about it the other day. Spider-Man is one of the most popular "A" list figure in any toyline, and Legends has indeed dropped the ball in regards to him (with web effects) for over almost 20 years now. A net, a shield, a gag, a random "splatter" effect would be fantastic. They don't need to put every possible effect in every package, but a nice variation would be great.
  20. I think the Iron Spider is long overdue. And it would be great if we get another swipe at the Rhino and the Lizard. Top it off with Madame Webb and maybe Stegron or Tarantula.
  21. It would be great if "lowering expectations" regarding supply chain woes meant they will start suspending the "exclusives", especially to poor performers like walgreen, etc. It would only make sense, as they weren't supplying the merchandise for collectors anyway. Probably not gonna happen though.
  22. At first glance this figure is just an incredible jump-off point for a Tomb of Dracula figure. But, as I look at it more carefully, he's too small. They need to take this one and make him as least as tall as the white Magneto mold. As it is, its still a great figure.
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