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  1. Agree. If you have to dangle some other items out to bait your customers to buy the main item, then clearly you know its overpriced in the first place. Holding these other figures out there as hostage is a crappy way to deal with the fans, and not the way to do business. There's been a PR backlash against hasblo and they know it, but they figure they can weather the storm for now. I think that if fans refuse to give in (to either coersion or fomo), then the tiers won't get funded, sure. But most likely we'll see these proposed figures down the road.
  2. The Daredevil 3 pack is almost in line with what I had as an idea for a DD wave; its got some characters that are long overdue: -Daredevil, pinless Vulcan buck -Elektra, all new buck for white outfit Echo -Gladiator (stuns me he hasn't ever been done; Tombstone buck maybe?) -Nekra (Medusa buck, ORIGINAL outfit) -Mauler (original armor) -Angar the Screamer -The Owl BAF Mr. Hyde
  3. I had no intention on backing this (I cant see ever backing a haslab), but when they announced this, so many were trying to see how to get it to $300.00. I thought, why would that be, why not be more reasonable at $200.00? Well boy was I wrong. And of course its clear why. Once hasbro saw that they could get fans to back these projects at the prices they were, that $300.00 wasn't going away. Besides the HISS tank had just made record time. Thing is, that was a tank, and has so many more features and uses than this does (I still think even that is overpriced, but there is so very much there, its not overpriced by much. That thing is sweet). Asking $350.00 for this is just outrageous. Holding Mephisto out there like some hostage, is outrageous as well, and it looks like fans are expressing themselves. Bottom line, they could've handled this so much better.
  4. Its too bad Marvel didn't get Namor and Atlantis out on screen before DC/Warner bros' movie (especially since the Sub-Mariner was Marvel's first superhero and debuted 3 years before Aquaman) ; I always thought Momoa's look (especially the eyebrows) lent him more to the Sub-Mariner than Aquaman. However what's done is done. It'll be interesting to see this Aztec-influenced Atlantis, but I'm already hoping for a reboot that puts it all closer to the Namor we know. I'm glad they gave him natural wings on his ankles, instead of those just being decorations on sandals or what not.
  5. Didnt get the first Mojo and not planning on this one, but I seem to recall collectors had a problem with the legs on that one. Looks like this may be an improvement?
  6. All new tooling for these figures. They're so hot to jack up prices, well this would be the one opportunity where it could be justified. A beautiful box set, Dracula TOTALLY straight from the comics, maybe even a coffin accessory for him (Select was in there) . Frankenstein, some manacles/chains for him. The Mummy- just enough of his rotted corpse peeking under the filthy wrappings. Werewolf, digitigrade legs, maybe an articulated jaw, brand new body (that can be the basis for Man Wolf if they want), off the hook Satana, maybe some Garth Zombie or even the original Blade....
  7. For that possible Marvels line-up, its odd that they would go with current Ms. Marvel (Khan) instead of classic Ms. Marvel (Danvers), especially since they've already done her in both comic and MCU version. When that Rogue/Pyro two pack came out two years or so ago, I was so sure the classic original Ms. Marvel was on the way. For Captain Marvel, I wonder if they're going to put out the one they did for the All Father wave, this time with the eyes fixed lol. Nothing said about a BAF for that wave, but who knows, maybe .....Deathbird?!
  8. See....that's what depresses me about these. I have a clear picture in my head of what they should look like, given the actual looks of the characters, and the current/past molds and paints available to them. So many are no-brainers. But what they deliver, is a whole 'nother ball game. Will they put Dr. Spectrum on that pizza Spidey buck, or Storm on that absurd Kate Bishop buck? Will Wonder Man have torso movement in his safari/field jacket (odd that they're calling it a trench coat) ? Will Banshee actually have a screaming head? Will Commander Rogers be the exact figure they used for the Terrax BAF (in other words, nothing updated) ? That kind of thing. These are not unfounded fears. So, while I certainly welcome this news, hasblo has taught me not to get my hopes up. Fingers crossed though!
  9. Well this announcement is sure to take the bad taste out of the mouths of some, given the complaints and failures up to this point. It'll be a nice change, if done correctly. Quite a few have been on my personal wish list, and I'm surprised Dr. Spectrum is there. Wonder Man....no, I'm just gonna wait and see. Super Adaptoid- they generally do very very well on larger, BAF types like that so my confidence is high on that one. I've been beating them up over the Black Widow for some time. Here's their chance to get it right. Fingers crossed!
  10. No interest here either; certainly not at that price. But their decisions are just chaotic. Its a mixture of ineptitude, greed, and contradictions that make no sense. However the upside on this one is, fans can get it without paying that outrageous amount for the other two figures.
  11. I'm not sure that will happen, but even if it does, it could be a good thing. A signal to hasbro that their consumers are onto them and just not willing to buy anything at any price they put out. They then have their front men do a "heartfelt" message, i.e. "we hear you", low key "we'll do better", and a year or so release a Mephisto/ Blackheart two pack. Or have him in their Deluxe Dr. Strange set (with removable cloak, new head, new magic effects, Orb of Agamotto stand, crystal ball, and Clea figure). Or... Well, you get the picture. Bottom line, they wouldn't necessarily take decades to do it. I'm not even sure Marvel Legends will be around that long lol
  12. Are they, though? Has there been an actual photo of the figures from the Pulse site revealed, or are they just the digital render? Because they showed renders of both Gor and Mystique and they turned out to be inaccurate (I'm sure people would get upset if I said "misleading"). But in any event the disclaimer for renders is "final product may vary". Hasbro...Where Fans Come First
  13. Sure, those are options. They could also have him in a classic Dr. Strange wave (this time, the sorcerer supreme can have a cloak thats not glued on)....but fact is, there are no "rules"; they can do whatever they choose to.
  14. I'm just gonna put this one out there- saying "we couldn't do this any other way" is coming from the same lads who told us the mistake on Omega Sentinel was because they use google images for their reasearch? You never know....
  15. If the number isnt met, they can always do Mephisto later in some other exclusive format.
  16. I'm not sure about this look just yet. However she at least isn't a rip off of either of Iron Man's armor suits, so I do like the originality there.
  17. I really dig that look. Those cool panels/wings stretching from the waist to the wrist; can't explain why but I always thought it was so boss. The Falcon, Black Bolt, Spider-Woman and Sub-Mariner's 70s costume had them and I'd love to see them done for action figures. But yeah, we know just how hard it is to make that work.
  18. Back in the day DC Universe did fishnets for both Zatanna and Black Canary....that netting would work great for Spider-Man, but again how to attach it, and keep it attached, is the issue.
  19. The underarm webbing was so cool in the first issues but I can see how hard it is to make that work on an action figure. Actual netting looks good, but how do you attach it to the figure, factory glue? It'll rip off in time. Plastic attachments only look good on a certain angle and then they interfere with the articulation. One day someone will figure this out....
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