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  1. While back when we were expressing wishes for a Shang-Chi wave, here's what I put down: 1. Shang-Chi, original comic book outfit- wristbands, Yin/Yang symbol on the back; asst' hands/fists, whirling nunchucks 2. Leiko Wu (high boots, street commando Gulacy-type spy outfit, gun w/ silencer) OR White Tiger, Ayala (improved mold, unmasked head, amulet) 3. Shockwave, energy effect 4. Midnight Son 5. Cat OR White Tiger, Hector (unmasked head, amulet) 6. Black Jack Tarr (street commando outfit, guns, uzi) BAF- Shaka Kharn Clearly none of what I wanted made it
  2. Should have known that the best looking figure in this amazingly tepid wave would have the worst flaws. The detailing and work on his garb is incredible, but a martial artist has to be able to MOVE. There are more pliable plastics out there, so why not use that for the tunic robe instead??
  3. I firmly agree. Even if they decided to just use regular IM boots instead of that "scooped" look on the Stealth armor, they could have at least done the shoulder pads and backpack. The widow's peak on the helmet is more pronounced...etc. Is the figure they made terrible? No. But just like the Silver Centurion, they could've easily gotten it perfect, instead of cutting corners.
  4. I too prefer the comic version, and wish they had tried to incorporate more of that look for this character. I also think Will Yun Lee would've made a better Shang-Chi, appearance-wise (Lee is American, though, of Korean parents, so a Chinese actor was probably preferred). As for the figure, again, really appreciate the effort hasbo made into getting these faces accurate. And do my eyes deceive me or did they actually do pictures of the figure from every angle including the back this time? Well done. Still, not interested in buying these, but look forward to the movie.
  5. I wasn't crazy about how easily the Falcon gave up his wings. Sure, in the comics, Joaquin puts on the mantle sometime after Falcon becomes Captain America. Here, the Falcon just casts off his damaged equipment like its nothing. It doesn't make sense because in the first episode we saw how dedicated he was to repairing the Red Wing drone, and wouldn't even let the Air Force touch it. The wings are damaged after the fight, but they're not totally destroyed, and besides who would just give up the power of flight that easily?? Also just handing this kind of equipment/weapon system over like
  6. I like Awkwafina and think they did a great job with her face on the figure. Her outfit however looks like it totally prevents any kind of movement besides the arms. I can't be sure based on the photo. But if that's the case, just like Wenwu, no matter how greatly detailed the outfit is, a martial artist figure absolutely must have the maximum articulation possible. The figures look good and the face print tech is incredible. However I'm passing on the wave (I'm laughing at why this figure is going to be $27.00) but intrigued about the movie. Wondering why Leiko Wu isn't represented??
  7. Should go without saying, I'm looking for classic Moondragon- no head bands, no spandex body suits, no flat-as-a-board spindly thing they wanna pass off as a 6' + woman around 150lbs. This is a perfect opportunity for Hasbro to roll out some diverse female figure molds. They wanna expand their pinless tech and double jointed elbows for female figures, this is a good start off point. I know they can do it if they try.
  8. Iron Man NOW Iron Man Prometheum armor Vanguard (hammer/sickle accessories) Dr. Spectrum (Kenji Obatu, power prism accessory) Moondragon (classic) Firebrand (fire effects) Crimson Dynamo (classic, and why they were able to do it in the 4" size 10 years ago and not since, couldn't tell you) Titanium Man BAF There, next Iron Man wave all taken care of. You're welcome, Hasbro.
  9. Couldn't agree more. Mr. Hyde has never been high on my list for a figure, but if you're gonna do him, do him right. A recurring theme on this forum. At the same time, despite what a few here are saying about Hyde being a one-and-done, I do believe Hasbro is gonna give us the classic version before long. Maybe not as a deluxe release (then again if they load it up with effects, smashed furniture/debris, etc) but a two-pack or as another BAF.
  10. So, damn!! Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine! Did NOT see that coming. Even if I did, I never would've picked Julia-Louis for the role, but I will say, she did a good job in that cameo. She didn't have the white streak in her hair, though. Personally I always thought if the Contessa ever came to the MCU, Famke Janssen would've been my first pick, then either Jessica Pare or Marian Cotillard. They are gonna HAVE to do a season 2...
  11. An "invisible" shield effect (half sphere, dome, etc) would be perfect for the Invisible Woman or really any of the characters that use force fields. I'd also like a Gil Kane energy effect trail
  12. I doubt that the studio has the writing skill to cohesively bring all these actors into a decent story. Their main drive is profit, and they think fans will just wet themselves and line up in droves to see this thing, and they probably will-in that first week. But after the word gets out about how shoddy it is, and that these guys are only in there for cameo/walk on roles, theyre gonna be looking at a box office and critical flop. And with the mentality these days, I fear there will be fallout that's just going to hurt the overall Spider-Man universe. Now, I say this Today. If they c
  13. As I said before, Hasbro already has shown they can do double jointed elbows on females. So the argument that it can't be done, fails. If one has to go back to a defunct toy companies' efforts to try to prove a point, that too fails. Technology has improved greatly over the decades. The Hasbro team just stated they plan on increasing the use of double elbows; double-hinged elbows are going to be seen more and more for female figures.
  14. Ok so during the Boog interview, which by the way I appreciated 'cause he got right into it, Boog brings up the color discrepancy for Omega (brown hair, white skin instead of black hair, brown skin). The response (at 2:46) was that they "googled" the character and that was the first picture they saw so that was what they went with. Not for a second do I believe they're designing Marvel figures off of Google's image section, but ok. So, they based their Omega off of a picture. But then (at 3:29) after they're asked why Dormammu looks different from the picture THAT THEY POSTED
  15. The Extremis armor was far too skinny to house an actual human male. So it absolutely needs to be redone. Its not my favorite suit of armor but as I've said repeatedly....Accuracy Matters. And for the comments that the Blue Marvel is an "obscure" character....maybe they meant rarely used. I wouldn't call him obscure. Red Wolf is obscure. Sunturion is obscure. El Aguila. Woodgod. Mauler. The Agents of Atlas. Red Rajah. Killraven. Arabian Knight. Mystery Men. All of whom, by the way, I'd love to get Legends figures of! Please and thank you.
  16. Nicer pictures but still hardly anything to move the meter for me. I'll give them props for doing a great job on the faces, but at the same time nothing here looks anything like Shang-Chi. Of course, Hasbro has to go with whatever the studio releases them at the time; maybe there is something in the movie that looks more like the Shang-Chi we know. I don't expect an exact likeness to the comic but like Eternals, this is near-unrecognizable. And Hyde still doesnt cut it. Iron Man would be nice, except I prefer at least some attempt at a metallic look; if this had been the first Iron
  17. Unless someone can show this as a policy, either in print or on video, or an official statement from someone who has authority to make said statement, this isn't background "knowledge". Its speculation, its opinion. Regardless of how reasonable or plausible you may think it is, no matter how highly you regard the person saying it. "No idea. We're assuming there is an entirely internal decision or self-imposed restriction, but we don't know the details". This sums it up. We don't know, and the reason this kind of assumption thrives on forums like this is because nobody insists on sourcing
  18. While I still wait for the Inhumans (and others) to be completed, I can't see that this will be last and only Hyde figure. I hear that some on the forum here don't think Hyde can ever be a deluxe figure. Fine. That doesn't mean Hasbro won't put him out in his classic form. If for no other reason than fan demand, and to wash the bad taste from this one. That sounds harsh, but its not meant to be. Marvel changed Hyde's look in some issues, yeah. But we know what his most familiar look is , and if youre gonna have a Mr Hyde, that's the one we want.
  19. As much as I want that Nova and Quasar, there's no way I'm paying any more than retail price. Scalpers can kiss my ass. Don't feed these scum.
  20. -Soft goods cape, with or without posing wire, is a good idea for Dr. Strange, especially if we're talking "deluxe". He needs his iconic Cloak of Levitation, but he has to be able to wear it without it interfering with his arm articulation; soft goods allows for that. They could also use a softer plastic for the ornate collar piece, and let the rest be fabric. -He should come with classic Eye of Agamotto, with articulated eyelid movement -Brand new mystic special effects -Crystal globe stand, netherworld book and candles with floor stands
  21. I don't think you're being finicky. I can see your points and agree with them; I'm the same way about the Vision. He still hasn't been done correctly and there's no reason for it. When I saw the classic Ultron I naturally thought he'd be in an Avengers wave. Darkstar, Major Ursa- not seeing them in their own wave, but I could easily see them with Iron Man, Hulk, or even Black Widow. Bottom line, while I would expect/prefer certain figures to be associated with certain waves, I'm content to get them in waves they're normally not associated with. So yeah, you give me an excellent Watcher BAF in
  22. What I would like to see, in future Iron Man armor figures, is not just metallic-look paint, but some kind of translucent plastic "glass" over the chest uni-beam/reactor like Nimrod's. One other thing, they seem to have dropped off using any kind of boot jet treading on the soles. Wonder why.
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