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  1. And now I don't have to worry about completing that BAF red Hulk from years ago....eBay gonna be soooooooo mad!!
  2. My wallet wont be involved in this line, so that's good. I do like the Iron Man but if I miss it, no big loss. Be nice if they'd drop this blue colour for the repulsor effect; translucent yellow yellow/white would be better. That Cap figure is sadly beyond hope. Tossing in a few lines that are red-ish on this uniform doesn't improve it. And that whole flak jacket/tactical vest just makes him look pudgy. I get it, in the real world its probably what he would wear, but it just doesn't translate as Captain America for me.
  3. If they make Ultron I wonder if the head included in the last Vision will be compatible....
  4. Well, we have no idea that it WILL get done, its a rumor at this point. But if so, Hasbro has to market it to a mass audience. Target, Walgreens, BBTS, Amazon, etc. You are grossly OVER estimating the cost at $400.00. We're not talking about actual metal and glass, sound and working head/tail lights here. Even if they threw all that in it couldn't be $300+. If its done, it has to accommodate 6" figures, and also likely be a baseline jump-off for similar vehicles; the most they could get away with for a mass audience and still make a profit, would be $100-150.00. And by the way, JC got it wrong- it wont be black because everyone's expecting that. The Punisher needs to blend in, so its going to be colored like the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.
  5. We've been calling for vehicles like this on the forum for some time now. While I hate to feed speculation and rumor, a war van isn't all that unlikely. I highly doubt theyd do something as dorky as putting the logo on it. The skull symbol, maybe. And yes why wouldn't a figure be thrown in, especially one that has enough differences from the variants already out there. Somewhere around the $60-80 point. And then a Cap van that has a ramp for his motorcycle!
  6. First of all I'm not sure this entire topic qualifies as "news". If Gamestop (a company that's going under and is desperate to get what they can), upped the price it doesn't follow that all other retailers will. A lot of what I'm seeing here is rumor, speculation, and false conclusions based on shaky info. Not to mention the idiots who posted error filled posts and now have too much ego to admit they were wrong. So they double down. So lets not categorize this as anything its not yet confirmed to be.
  7. Second THAT. It makes no sense. But the bottom line for me is, I know how to walk away. Jack up the price like that and no matter how much I may want that line, I will not buy. If I cant find it cheaper elsewhere? I go without. I enjoy the figures I've already collected.
  8. The set itself is very well done, with the exception of the wrong color for Snowbird, and the wrong cape style. But I cant blame you. I feel a great deal of disappointment with him, because there's really no reason not to have made him a great figure.
  9. Another figure that needs to be corrected: Guardian. He was originally teased in a metallic red and that would do him justice, especially with that perplexing choice of the "grumpy old man" face. If they released the improved version, with, say, some other members of Alpha Flight that didn't make the exclusive box set, that would be great.
  10. It looks like the ribbing on the Drago cowl should have been on the whole figure. I need to see this in person.
  11. Second that. There's just not enough here to justify spending that kind of money on these figures. Even Hasbro knows that. They can make more money (and do) by either repainting the same figure and/or making slight changes to that figure, than they can by jacking up prices all around.
  12. Damn, that She-Hulk figure really turned out great! And to think, I had ZERO interest in buying her at first. WELL DONE DARTH!
  13. The Vision. Larger body buck like the one used in the TRU 3 pack. Same colors used as on the "vintage" figure, but use ear cups, solar gem painted shiny. CAPE: nice wide collar, WITH THE CORD ( much like the recent Taskmaster cape). Large yellow belt- see the Puma/Nightthrasher belts. NOT PAINTED ON. Boots should end in a point- NOT PAINTED ON! If they can do Thor's, Colossus', Shatterstar's and Omega Red's boots correctly, Vision's should be a cinch. Optic blast effect like Cyclops (yellow beam instead of red), translucent variant.
  14. Yes. And I forgot, he was also in the Avengers animated show voiced by Jonathan Adams.
  15. Kang was the Avengers' arch enemy for most of the 70s and was pivotal to many of the events in the Marvel timeline (no pun intended). He definitely imperiled not just the Avengers', but existence itself. Writers clearly loved having him hurl the Avengers throughout time to face all kinds of threats, but I think they got a little weary of him (overuse?) and eventually we didn't see much of Kang. The next major ongoing baddie for the Avengers was unquestionably Ultron. Loki, even though his villainy was what birthed the Avengers, wasn't much of a factor for them; Doom, Magneto, and the Red Skull also were more associated with Fantastic Four, X-Men and Capt America respectively. Not to say they weren't threats! Thanos may be a bfd now because of the movies, but mainly was a Captain Marvel foe. No doubt though, a severe danger to the Avengers. I have the old Thanos figure (which for some reason was smaller than the other 6" figures) and the Marvel Universe one. Sure would like to see Hasbro bring back this scourge of the 70s Avengers. Man. I miss Avengers Mansion, the Vision, Mantis and Moondragon.
  16. Speaking of Photon (or is it Spectrum now?), I never understood why Marvel has an energy-form based hero and dresses her in a trench coat. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I'm wondering if Hasbro ever does her first appearance figure, how will they handle the "cape wings" she wears. Best to go with soft goods, I would think, something similar to the recent Storm release. Thoughts?
  17. Not sure I could see Starfox or Photon as "vintage". But I sure would get down on a Falcon (+ articulated Redwing), Wonder Man, Yellowjacket, Mantis, Moondragon, and Kang (Kang is long overdue). wave. And at some point I need a Super Adaptoid BAF.
  18. No, there was not "always a connection"; that has been retconned (spider-verse) because she wasn't part of anything to do with Spider-Man in the beginning. But its all moot now, because now she IS in it. Also, keep in mind that the MCU isn't the same as the comics. I have to remind myself of that all the time!
  19. Who cares. Really. This is what comics have been reduced to. Overblown arcs that spread across multiple books that result in status quo, that lead to pointless reboots. "Shocking" deaths that inevitably are not shocking at all, because the character will return. So why even have the death in the first place? Its a sign of poor writing and editing. Pointless side plots, silly soap opera crap. The ridiculous clone/alien/shapeshifter/robot/time traveler/alternate dimension answer they have to come up with, to explain away the idiotic corner they shouldn't have written themselves into in the first place.
  20. Oh but you're NOT the sole Wonder Man first appearance fan on this forum, not by a long shot. Many of us are clamoring for this look. In fact, we need the og green and red, the safari jacket, and the ionic translucent figure. I'd put him on the recent Hercules buck and have a party, but at any rate he'd be snapped up in a heartbeat. Some would probably argue with you the difference between Classic and First Appearance (or og) but I think all 3 looks for him are the most popular.
  21. She shouldn't be. She has no relation whatsoever to Spider-Man. Sure, she has the name and (somewhat) similar powers, but so does the Black Widow. On the other hand if you're a fan of hers and want to see her on the big screen MCU, now you've got a shot.
  22. I had really hoped they'd get a Sub-Mariner movie out before Aquaman; knew it was not to be, because of all the licensing issues. Nevertheless Namor could be great, if handled properly. Frankly I never liked the idea of him and the Black Panther as enemies, so if that's not on the MCU screen I wont complain. The Sub-Mariner was Marvel's first superhero (along with original Torch), and he deserves a great premiere. A rich character that has so much more to bring to the universe than a contrived feud with Wakanda, but again if they handle it right, it could be a great story.
  23. Beautiful work. Also, love the choice to give the mighty Thor an actual RED cloak. Lighting looks really great on all of them.
  24. Yes! Exactly why I cant get into it...its all 90s excess. Only missing a bunch of useless ammo pouches all over. On the other hand, its so unexpected they would make a figure based on so recent an appearance. And, the helmet....the glass helmet, removable, see thru...i'm a sucker for that kind of thing. But still, pass....
  25. Better to have held it somewhere else then, wouldn't you agree? I had to struggle to hear you guys, and that's not how you should want your interview to go. Its impolite to both your guest and the audience. It got so bad I turned off the sound and tried just using captions, but that was worse because they couldn't translate clearly what was being said (almost funny, actually). I'm glad you all decided to do the interview, though. Just in the future, have it somewhere where the audience can hear you. Of what I could make out, this was his take on HIS experience in the field and I really liked that. I mean, to hear it straight from someone in the know, not the half-assed rumors of a message board, is really the best. When reviewers talk to guys at SDCC and that kind of thing, I wish they'd ask these kinds of questions. Why make the Falcon's Cap outfit so near perfect, but leave out the wings? Why double jointed elbows on Rescue and Proxima, but none of the other female figures? Will we ever see the Inhumans or original Guardians finished out (like the excellent Alpha Flight set)? Why don't we see more robust female figures like Ms. Marvel or Rogue? When Hasbro completed the Colossus figure, did they weep from pride? Looking forward to more interviews!
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