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  1. Not seeing any value or justification for this double dipping here. Doesn't hit my nostalgic chord either.
  2. Frankly I'm not a fan of Ms. Marvel; book never grabbed me, artwork didn't impress and worse of all, I don't (as a rule) care for copycat characters. What helped her in that respect, was that her powers were different from Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel. Just like the Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel had different powers from the Kree Captain Mar-Vell (and the original Ms. Marvel). And evidently her comic has been a hit, fans love it, so putting her on screen is a great thing. But if her entire powerset has been removed, then the character is just ruined and I have to ask, why use this one in the first place? The excuses made to make her "more like Captain Marvel or Quasar" or that her powers "are too difficult for the screen, look too similar to Mr. Fantastic," etc. don't cut it. Studio should have thought all that out before even choosing this character. Just imagine if your favorite character was coming to screen and they altered him/her in this way. Hey here comes Wonder Man! But instead of being super strong, make him a high school teacher who has telekinetic powers that fizzle out after a few hours' usage. Makes him more vulnerable, more relatable, dont'cha know. Use the Mr. Clarke actor from Stranger Things! Because come on, MCU has so many super strong guys already, right? It remains to be seen how they handle this but thus far, it doesn't seem like they respect the character or the fans with this decision.
  3. This buck is an improvement over the overused, scrawny female mold but its still not there yet. Every Legends figure, male or female, should have the same level of range of motion that the super articulated (Sunfire) buck has. There should be the same range of heights/variances for female figs as there are males. Spider-Man, Cap, Thor all are on distinctive molds; there should be equivalents for female figures. The Maria Hill would've been a great jumping off point for troop building, except there's no holster for the weapons. As long as this line's been around, and considering the ever increasing prices, and considering these figures absolutely need weapons, its a no-brainer that they require some method of storage. SOMEHOW, they realized this for Misty Knight, Elsa Bloodstone and Madame Hydra, but not for SHIELD agents. Hopefully when/if they get around to 2-3 packs for troop builders they'll have fixed this.
  4. Exactly what I said earlier. Swap out drab Dazzler for an ACCURATE Spiral (such a shame I have to stress that, but look at what they did to Dormammu, Dr. Strange, Firelord, Siryn), and that price would've gone down a bit better. Still overpriced though.
  5. I'd say so. Greed Something is affecting their judgement. If they swapped out dull Dazzler for an ACCURATE Spiral, it still would be overpriced BUT more of these would bite. No, not saying the set wont sell, it will. But less people would balk at a Mojo, Spiral and Longshot package like that.
  6. You may care about them, others do. There's no reason to think if they do other groups that they can't do Dark Avengers too. I'm not the biggest fan of Box from Alpha Flight, but a lot of people want him, and I suggested a Box/Marrina two pack to finish out the team. Fact is there are a number of groups out there (New Warriors, Wrecking Crew, Starjammers, Invaders) that either aren't finished or were never done, and fans want them. Hopefully everybody will get them soon.
  7. Are you kidding me with this? No you're not, typical hasblo hijinks. Make a figure people have wanted for YEARS and then do something that defies all logic and reason. Paint a face all one color so we can't see the eyes or mouth. Paint a figure so bright it can be seen from the space station. Glue the cape on, paint over the emblem, make the figure the wrong race..... Well he's supposed to be around 6'4" and so is the Silver Surfer. Guess they're both on the same buck now so it evens out....somehow....? you cant make this stuff up....🤯
  8. I'm surprised that there are fans who like that outfit. To me, Dazzler was such a one-note character, appearing as a disco diva when disco was in its waning days, but I loved that bell bottom jumpsuit she originally wore. This blue thing looks like the designer just refused to put any thought into it at all. But is that glitter I see in her effects? Now that is cool! Jubilee should'a had those.
  9. Firelord looks good.....but that buck looks like its on the small side....he's supposed to be 6'4"....and does anyone know if he's also going up on EA or BBTS?
  10. Now's the time to get out the Warriors Three. Straight from the comics. Hogun- lots of blue/black for that mace Fandral- scabbard for sword Volstagg (They can use the Kingpin buck, minus the jacket of course). Valkyrie (classic)- high silver gloss for neck/chest/wrist bands/belt Skurge (big dude; toss in an M-16 to go with the axe) See? Nice 5 pack right there, @Hogun!
  11. Not sure anyone needs to kitbash this 'cause they definitely will make the actual astonishing suit soon (running out of Wolverines to do). Basically shorter points on the mask, take the X-Force figure's gloves and boots, change paint, call it a day. They've yet to put him in the Fang costume....so there's that....
  12. The CGI shown here is cringeworthy. I absolutely love Tatiana but she really does not have the body, even with the CGI, for this. Still.....there's a big smile on my face and I don't even really care for the She-Hulk character. Something must be going right!
  13. Well if this forum is any guide, Box is certainly very popular and very requested. He's not a fave of mine but I hope he gets done soon. A smart move would be to make him a 2 pack with Marrina. If they do him correctly, and make her look as good as this Air- Walker fella did, it'll go fast on Amazon.
  14. Well I'm very pleased with the Select Titanium Man. No longer need to wait till the 12th of Never, or deal with something Legends will try to call "deluxe", while doubling the price and botching it in some way. Or, making it a BAF that'll require buying a bunch of figures I don't even like. So I find myself watching the Watcher....
  15. Its been almost 5 years since the release of the Alpha Flight box set and we've not seen any sign of Marrina being produced (or Rachel Phoenix that should've been in the Excalibur set). Definitely should have used her instead of Vindicator II, but it is what it is. This is a wonderful custom; it looks like its right off the page and that's what any fan should want. Its also a great base for a Namorita figure. Outstanding! Great work!
  16. Excellent info on the difficulty with the batteries. At least other buyers will be aware and have some warning.
  17. Now THAT is damn impressive...I can see a justification for the price.....wow, its gorgeous...... BUT frustrating and complicated.... Great review too!
  18. Again, best figure of the wave. And yeah, an alt head with some fury/fierce expressions would've been best here.
  19. Well there's the danger of overuse. This buck looks like its intended for 6'0" characters, so its good for Daredevil and Tarantula, but not Iron Fist who's around 5'10", nor Cardiac who's supposed to be 6'2". My concern is that this new buck isn't as articulated as I thought; it doesnt have the same range of motion the Sunfire/Spider-Man etc. has and that's a pity. I think all Legends figures should have that level of articulation, including female figs. So the current super articulated figure (which is showing signs already of overuse) covers the figures around the 5'8-5'10" mark, the Vulcan buck does the 6' 0" characters, so we need the larger mold (Magneto, Captain Mar-Vell) covering the 6'2" and up characters to get an upgrade. Actually the Vision and the Sub-Mariner should be on this buck as well. I stress again, all figures need that articulation and females are no exception. No, the Thing is not an acrobat and doesn't do kung fu, but there's no anatomical reason why he can't have biceps swivel, double elbow/knee, etc. The Nimrod sentinel isn't designed with exact human proportions so its figure wouldn't require the same. Because as everyone knows, the Hasbro design team called me in and desperately wanted my input.
  20. Its a damn hefty figure, and I may have heated him a bit too much 'cause the ankles are a bit too loose. But what I love most is that its comic book accurate. None of this "we'll make Tigra, but she's gonna have an orange paint job that can be seen from the space station" nonsense. "Want Dormammu? Here you go, we'll show you a rendition that looks exactly the way it should, but the actual figure's head will be just one big blob of red-orange 'flame'. HAHA!" And don't get me started on classic Dr. Strange. Haven't had a Legends of this in almost 20 years, and then they turn in something where the emblem is blotted out by the rest of the tunic and they glue the cloak on, which they never did before. Titanium Man is straight from the books, looks incredible, and scales perfectly with 6" Iron Man. Not sure Hasbro would've done this right. Even if they did, they'd try to charge $50.00 or so.....this one is $27.00. No BAF; don't have to buy figures I may not really want just to assemble him.
  21. Titanium Man arrived today, this is my first Select, and its great. Didn't have to gamble with the if/when of Legends making it, possibility of sloppy and incorrect alterations, or insanely jacked -up price. Lack of double jointed elbows/knees didn't bother me near as much as I thought it would. For some reason, I thought he had a clear screen over the face shield; he doesn't. Regardless, he looks perfect next to Iron Man!
  22. He's had a number of costumes throughout the years and a lot of variations on the classic/first appearance black body suit. Yes, he did have collar piece on the original Neal Adams work. Later years would see this dropped, but I'm pretty sure I've got some issues where its on for a few panels then off, then on again. Mostly came down to attention to detail.
  23. Wish this had come out in time for Neal Adams to get one before his passing. Think he would've really liked it. Only figure from the wave that's a Must Have for me. The figure's great, the face is incredibly well done, and of course the effects just knock it out of the park.
  24. Yeah they almost had something there....but it didn't quite land. Maybe if they'd been able to snag another season, they could've found some decent footing and headed for a successful run.
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