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  1. Don't see the reason for a darker red on the armor, but it still looks good; if it ships when I think it will, I'll get this one along with Stan Lee, Mach 1, Captain Marvel, and gamerverse Iron Man all around the same time.
  2. I was never mad about this gray out fit, and the jacket made no sense, but what's great about this picture, besides the composition, is her face....THIS is what the Widow should look like. Love to see her re-issued on a better body buck (seriously, they put her on the kate bishop figure. So the premier deadly assassin has the physique of a smaller, shorter, still-under- training-teenage girl??), longer hair and this face. Bada$$!
  3. I'M hoping we get Equinox and a re-do of the Lizard. They can take the existing Lizard head, re-paint it and make it Stegron's head. I veto my previous vote slot for Will O' the Wisp.
  4. That's not what I wrote. I explicitly said I didn't think they needed to be in a 3 pack. I then wrote I had concerns about it being an exclusive.
  5. I don't mind the 3 pack but I don't see why its necessary. Both Psylocke and Fantomex would sell well as part of an ordinary wave; Nimrod could easily be sold under the "deluxe" label and will be snapped up. At a price point of around $80.00 that's about reasonable. My biggest concern is making it exclusive; I've had better luck with Amazon in this department but theyre certainly not fool proof. I want everyone who wants one to have the equal opportunity to get one.
  6. So. Giant leg for possible Sentinel baf shown. Think I heard JC say its gonna run $500.00 for the completed figure. I couldn't justify spending that, but how much do you all think it will be, and how much you willing to pay?
  7. I don't have a problem with the figure's eyes; I am disappointed they gave him that bat glider though. The toybiz glider looked like the comic, but for some reason Hasbro took the batwings off for their version. TB Hobgoblin's glider looks like his comic counterpart too (he got Xzbit to pimp his ride), but Hasbro ended up giving him a rinky dink version. Anyway, hoped they'd give Green Goblin a better one this time. Otherwise its a great figure and 'Im getting it!
  8. Yeah I don't know why anyone thinks this is supposed to be from the cartoon. Ok the cardbacks are a call back, but not the figures themselves.
  9. Moon Knight feels right First time I read a comic featuring Moon Knight, this song was popular....my child brain thought it was funny to replace "moon light" with "Moon Knight"...sorry , all....stupid nostalgia. Though now I'm wondering if they'll ever release him in his FA costume...
  10. News of box sets is great. I'm sure they have their own plans, but I see this as an excellent opportunity to finish out the Inhumans, Alpha Flight, maybe even Wrecking Crew and/or Guardians of the Galaxy. Also perfect opportunity to do my pet project, Golden Age heroes: 1. Sub-Mariner 2. Human Torch 3. FA Captain America, with first shield 4. Original Vision 5. Baron Blood 6. Blazing Skull 7. Miss America Part II would be Red Raven, Bucky, Toro, Whizzer, Warrior Woman, Destroyer, U-Man Exciting news!!
  11. Just placed order for moonknight https://www.walgreens.com/search/results.jsp?Ntt=moon knight Go get him!
  12. Yeah, if its not Shaw and turns out to be Da Costa or Leland, I guess that'll indicate the rest of the Hellfire Club is on the way. The Kingpin mold could get more use if they go with Leland. What I'm really hoping is that the club member will be accompanied by Emma Frost or the Black Queen in accurate body molds....
  13. Yeah, up til today, thought it was gonna be Warmachine at Walgreens, not Moon Knight. Hope it goes up today without a hitch...but I've vowed not to go chasing these things anymore. I have the modern day MK and both previous versions from TB days....so I'm good. Wasn't expecting to get the Green Goblin as I already have him, but what the hell, this new one's comic accurate....so BAM! 🙂
  14. Fooking hell, just read that caption....is this a comic book about superpowered mutants fighting evil, or is it some ridiculous soap opera. No wonder I stopped reading these. On the other hand, I do love that Fantomex design, so would be nice to have a Marvel Legend of him!
  15. So very cool we live in an era where we get to buy these! This photo really captures it. Excellent work!!
  16. Hey I was thinking they had been chipping along with finishing the Serpent Society but actually there's only four done that I can think of: Cobra, Cottonmouth, Eel, and the star of any show, Rock Python. They've not done any of the female members to date, I know the Viper (aka Madame Hydra) was done (way back) , but I'm not counting her. The Constrictor was also done a long while back, so I'm not counting him (though I hope when/if they do,they'll give him those cool translucent coils the 4" version had) either. Or, do you all think since they already did Rock Python, there's no need to finish out the team, since he's the only reason to even get them, right?
  17. This is shocking! Who could have possibly foreseen this!! And so out of the blue. I was totally not expecting this announcement. Totally unheard of !
  18. 1. Iron Spider (metallic, red/gold, FOUR waldoes) 2. Namorita (iridescent green scaled one piece bathing suit) 3. White Tiger (translucent green amulet) 4. Basilisk (optic beam effects) 5. Tarantula 6. Madame Web (BAF chair?) 7. Cardiac 8. Man Wolf (good base for Jack Russell Werewolf By Night) 9. Swarm (like Cloak, figure is opaque but made of bees) 10. Wil-O' -the Wisp *Equinox would be a great figure...all translucent, one part ice the other fire...and it alternates so you could have ice/fire or fire/ice and both would be correct)
  19. I'm laughing here, as your post reminds me of the time back in the 80s when Warner bros floated the idea to sell off their DC characters to Marvel. Imagine if that deal had actually gone through. Then Hasbro doing DC figures wouldn't be an issue at all!
  20. The pictures I posted are from the comics and other formats used over the years that show they do reflect a "metallic" sheen on the outfit. And if you look at the last picture there it wasn't a different body buck. Far as the paint scheme goes, again, No, it doesn't "have" to be "metallic" but there it is. That's how a lot of fans think of him, and judging from the initial press releases from Hasbro, that's what they thought too. Why they changed from that to what we actually have, I couldn't tell you. Sometimes the prototype shown is not what we get and that's gonna be a good thing for the new Storm that's coming- the first pic showed her cape cuffs as black when theyre supposed to be yellow, and they may change her figure from the deflated scrawny thing they showed, to a more robust form she's supposed to have. Who knows if they'll actually come through...
  21. She breaks my rule of no sidekicks/copy cats. Generally I cant stand "kid/female version of" type characters. No to Batgirl, even more no to Batwoman. No to Supergirl, etc. ( in fact DC seems to be the worst offender of this trope). Kate Bishop is a no-go too. Cant stand Bucky, 3rd rate rip-off of Robin. Toro I'm meh on. But I did like Robin (Dick), Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), and really like Miles Morales. Namorita gets in there, and even Namora from Agents of Atlas. Now theres a team I'd like to see, but none of them have ever been Marvel Legends so they don't fit the "teams never completed" theme.
  22. Considering the sloppy work done on his Batman and Superman DC figures, no, I 'm not interested in a McFarlane type Marvel figure. Now if its based on his art style, but neither he nor anyone affiliated with his company have a hand in the production, that's a different story. Besides I think he's too wound up with his kickstarter. That work looks great by the way. Figures inspired by Cockrum, Buscema, Perez, Bryne, Lee, Adams? Id sure be interested in those.
  23. When Guardian was announced as a figure, the first release pics were of him in a chrome/metallic look. The final release didn't have it. They slapped on a sloppy deco job, and the red they used just looks cheap. Many fans were looking forward to that chrome version. Is it mandatory? No. But it sure would've helped this figure from being so blah. And don't get me started on that face sculpt. A lot of people like this guy, I think theyd be jazzed to get a decent re-do. Tie that improved version to a wave or box set, and I think fans would love it.
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