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  1. After I-don't-want-to-tell-you how many years of collecting comics I've had, I can only say, I agree. For the first time since I was 16 yrs old, I've cancelled my "pull/hold" lists and haven't visited my local comic shop in over a year. Even more than the outrageous pricing, is the fact that books are just horribly written and drawn now. I didn't leave comics. Comics left me.
  2. Missed opportunity to upgrade the figure. At the increased price point, its not much of a bargain for what is essentially the same figure from 3 years ago. At least anyone who missed it the first time will have a chance to get this one, though.
  3. Ironically I was thinking of the Legends figure in the field jacket....and yeah, they'll put him in the jacket....but there's no torso articulation whatsoever, just waist rotation. Leg movement is nill due to the lower part of the jacket having zero seams. No biceps swivel and no double elbow. Glasses are removable, though....they'll give him Jubilee's. Yeah. So....hard pass.
  4. The made-up fabricated grapevine says its either Omari Hardwicke or Brad Garrett.
  5. Amazingly cool! If it were more in line with 6" they just might get me.
  6. I was JUST JOKING a few weeks ago about a Wonder Man MCU that would feature Mr. Clarke (Randy Havens) from Stranger Things in the lead role. I was being SARCASTIC. I didn't mean for that to be taken seriously. Oy vey.....
  7. Marvel did build their universe on science and academics, didn't they? Hank Pym was a genius scientist, Peter Parker a brilliant science student, T'Challa has PhDs in physics, economics, Xavier was a geneticist, Hank McCoy, Dr. Strange, Dr. Doom, Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, the Lizard, even Thor kinda-sorta gets in there if you count his Dr. Don Blake persona.
  8. Invisible Woman (negative zone) The Thing, overcoat/hat/sunglasses disguise Blastarr Ronan the Accuser Empress R'klll Puppet Master Impossible Man BAF: the Watcher The Thing/alt helmet head Mr. Fantastic (white excursion vest) Black Panther (original short cape appearance) Klaw Dr. Doom (removable face mask) Him (Warlock) Air-Walker BAF: Awesome Android I could go on, but you see the pattern: the core FF all will get done until eventually all their outfits are finished. This is just off the top of my head but they have so much they could pull from!
  9. I posted on this quite some time ago- given all the outfits, allies, villains, equipment etc the Fantastic Four has, Hasbro could easily make them the lynchpin of the figure waves. Its all organic, its already there- no need to create things like a Spider-Man fighter jet or Capt America astronaut gear thing. One example: Mr. Fantastic, classic outfit, hammer fist accessory The Thing, Future Foundation outfit Sub-Mariner, 70s outfit Thundra Mole Man Arkon Nova BAF: Dragon Man Mr. Fantastic, future foundation Human Torch in retro red/yellow outfit Triton Trapster She-Hulk Wizard Medusa BAF: Darkoth The Thing, classic outfit Invisible Woman (semi translucent) Future Foundation Sandman (green armor costume) Dr. Doom Black Bolt Karnak Namorita BAF: Annihilus Human Torch Invisible Woman (short sleeve) Agatha Harkness Silver Surfer (this time on the CORRECT buck) Gorgon Terrax Crystal BAF: Lockjaw
  10. The Fantastic Four started the entire Marvel Age. They were the premiere team for the Marvel Universe and from them, we got the revival of the Sub-Mariner, the introduction of the Black Panther, the Inhumans, the Silver Surfer, Galactus (and pretty much all of the Heralds), Dr. Doom, the Negative Zone, unstable molecules, vibrnaium, the Skrulls, the Kree....their impact on Marvel as we know it is undeniable. So its a shame the figures don't reflect that. Mr. Fantastic could've been done so much better. The lab coat's nice but stretched arms would've been better; sledge hammer/spiked fist, an arm that loops around other figures, even "stretched" legs (like what they did for Stilt Man) are just a few ideas. Aside from that, the figure they use is barely taller than the Invisible Woman and that's just incorrect. I'd love it if they were to re-do the entire team; the latest incarnation of the Human Torch is fine (love that color) but otherwise, to do them justice.....
  11. Looks like its sold out. Too bad. Of course this means even if hasbro gets around to doing a Legends Watcher, they'll likely have him jacked up to $50+.
  12. Agree. They did the work to get Happy Hogan and Ned Leeds correct, but here it looks like it was just phoned in.
  13. It certainly can come off as goofy. Its funny how some things work well on the printed comics, but when brought to 3d form or cinema, they just look cheezy. Like Wolverine's yellow and blue classic suit...almost unmatched on the page, but in real life would look silly. Electro, though, just always looked silly to me. A guy in a starfish mask is just not intimidating. I liked how Romita drew the Rhino's face. Be great if they could capture that for Legends.
  14. I would call into question any reviewer's judgement that this is "the best MCU" and/or the "freshest thing in the MCU". Its very much like the action figure reviewers who fawn over mediocre products, or try to feebly justify the price point on these overused female bucks they have. The first episode of this show was good- it was entertaining, engaging, etc. But hardly the "best" thing in the MCU. Who knows, maybe somehow in time that'll happen but right now, no.
  15. I caught the first episode. I liked the acting and the interplay in Kamala's family, but not to the point if I miss an episode I'll worry that much.
  16. I'm on the opposite side then than you are- I thought the headsculpt was about the only good thing about this figure. I couldn't have imagined it looking any different, or better. But while I could even sign off on the torso, those ridiculous arms and legs just ruin it altogether. No biceps swivel, no double elbow, and the legs in particular just so scrawny that they don't even fit into the hip sockets. The gapage here is just awful. If they're going to keep using the same outdated buck, they could at least keep the $19.00 price tag.
  17. I dont think youre ranting- a lot of people share your same wants. Thing is, hasbro is just leaving money on the table because fans WANT AND WILL PAY FOR these figures.
  18. I'm not saying they have the same status, but facts are facts. Death is the great equalizer. The actors are dead. The characters are not. And when I said no one cared re: Hulk what I'm saying is, no producer or studio head ever said "there can't be another Hulk after Bana/Norton". Because that would have been senseless. And yes Chadwick did an incredible job, but he isn't the only black actor that ever was, is, or will be. The black and comic community celebrated the BLACK PANTHER coming to the screen. If Chadwick had passed on the role, it certainly wouldn't have meant no one else could do it. Before he was cast, I was hoping Adrian Holmes would have the spot. If you haven't seen him, he had an excellent cop show, 19-2, that he starrred in and I think he would've been perfect for T'Challa (check it out, its really good). I didn't say actors are "simply interchangeable"....THAT is a narrow view of what I said. But at the end of the day, whether its Zorro, Shaft, Superman, Batman, Black Panther, Bond, Samantha Stevens, Starbuck, Blade or Perry Mason, they're all characters and they can be played by more than one actor.
  19. Really love the color palette here and design of the costume itself. Also this is the closest rendition of Tessa Thompson yet
  20. Can't see any significant difference. Black Panther and Gen Ross are characters. If the actors portraying them resign, are fired, etc it doesn't mean the character is wiped out. Sean Connery is widely regarded as the best Bond, but if they hadn't hired other actors to play the character, then we would never have gotten all the great films in the franchise that followed his departure. I think Boseman did a fantastic job and its a shame we didn't get to see him do more, but re-casting is not unheard of; after all they've had 3 big-screen Hulks and noone had a problem with that. Its just bizarre that people are acting like there can't be another actor to fill this role. The Black Panther should be in the MCU, full stop. Not just some supporting cast or stories focused on a city.
  21. We May Never Pass This Way Again....

  22. I brought this up very recently; they could do a two-pack of Marrina and Box that would sell quite easily.
  23. Jen is a fake out. Look at the clues! Bishop- a bishop's staff (crosier) has two SNAKES Hawkeye- Hawks and SNAKES are natural enemies Moon Knight- heavy Egyptian and African influence with SNAKES Ms. Marvel- Islam is the major religion in Africa Sharon Carter- betrayed Falcon and Winter Soldier like a SNAKE The answer's obvious, its the african Rock Python, or ROCK PYTHON! ROCK PYTHON is the final figure! Which is great 'cause a lot of people missed him the first time out.
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