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  1. You're right, by themselves those wouldn't fly; I'd bet that even amongst most Alpha Flight fans, theyre happy with the core group that's already been out now. But there's a fix to this. -A second Alpha Flight box set....Marrina, Talisman, Box and a re-done Guardian. This time with an appropriate head and "promised" red metallic paint. OR- 3 pack with Guardian, Box, and Marinna OR- a Box BAF wave, with Guardian (suit effects, Box head, Wendigo head from X-Men) , Marinna (r Leg, water effects), Talisman (Torso, magic effects), re-done Snowbird with CORRECT cape and sky blue color scheme (Arms), Master of the World (l Leg). Hey, the team may never be complete....but we're trying!
  2. If they do make Namorita, I'd like her in her traditional iridescent green fish scale bikini or onesie. Now this is one female fig you wont hear me harping on about not being "robust" enough because she's on the slender side anyway. But not spindly (actually they've changed this girl so much, from small to tall to blue to queen to whatever that I don't think she has a "normal" anymore). Her ponytail should rotate too; I've seen some collectors twist off this kind of thing, not realizing they were static until it was too late. They've pretty much completed this team already....this is one figure I'd definitively pick up!
  3. Never was a New Warriors fan, but I've collected some of their figures (and definitely want a Namorita). I wonder if that team will ever get completed. I find some of the characters to be a bit blah, personally, but I know the group is popular with a number of fans.
  4. Takes the joy out of it, right? Its why I left the one I found there. And no, price gouging on a toy isn't anywhere near as foul as the jerk in Tennessee who bought up all the hand sanitizer during a pandemic, then sold what would've normally been around $1.50 for $80.00 each on Amazon, but its still all about greed. I really, really wish people would stop paying scalpers...its the only way to get rid of them. Starve them out.
  5. No, your statement doesn't match the facts. Hawkeye, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch were "solo" and "members on other teams" way back in 1965 when Stan got rid of Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp. Bendis wasn't even born then, so "destroying the classic team" wasn't something he invented, not by a long shot. I'm not saying I like all the lineups, but he certainly wasn't alone in shaking up the roster over the last 50 years. Anyway that's really a comic book issue, not an "action figure/teams never completed" issue.
  6. Wish I had an answer! But they could release him (as you say, too easy) along with Sub-Mariner and first appearance Cap (triangle shield) to give us a Golden Age box set or wave (then give me Destroyer, Blazing Skull , Vision, Toro, Bucky, Miss America, Baron Blood, Whizzer, U-Man and Warrior Woman). It is baffling they haven't released him. At least in the 80 years anniversary line up. The Sub- Mariner and the Human Torch were Marvel's (Timely's) FIRST superheroes. What the Actual Fructose. Show some damn respect, Hasbro!
  7. On the subject of re-do's I think both the Black Panther and Black Widow should be on the list. T'Challa is way too small, they should've put him on the Kilmonger (wave 1) buck. The Black Widow has just never gotten a correct figure and she really deserves better. Her "vintage" outfit is on point, but I had to swap out the head (Jean Grey Dark Phoenix) cause we need a look that says "bad s@$$ top tier spy. And those spindly legs aint cuttin it either. Captain Marvel's derpy eyes also need to be re-done. Walgreens Emma Frost. Are you kidding me? When did she become so scrawny?? Same for Mystique! The Vulture was just released, and its a good figure but also looks like a rush job. The head sculpt- while excellent- looks more like the Tinkerer than the Vulture. What is he grinning at?? The Vulture doesn't grin, he's a mean ol' buzzard! But I can live with that. Whats really bad is that the wings aren't detailed on both sides, ab crunch is practically useless, and the vertical lines are on the cowl accessory, but not on the suit itself. While I don't think they need to re-do the whole figure, those salad tosser hands for Mr. Fantastic need to be replaced. Ridiculous.
  8. Here's a question: Hasbro's released both Captain America and Sub-Mariner; they are both in the Avengers and Invaders. While we know there are Avengers specific waves, hence the team theme, there hasn't been an Invaders roll-out. Would you all consider these guys part of that particular incomplete team? Hasbro could re-release the Walgreens Torch, give him a "face" similar to Citizen V, and we'd have the Original Human Torch which, along with Subby and Cap, give us the Invaders' core. They could then, using the Miles Morales buck, give us an all- new Bucky and a Toro. Or is this too much of a stretch for the topic, teams that will never be complete?
  9. No, DC sold Starfire to Marvel because they already had a Starfire and were in danger of infringement which would mean they would have to sue, and take themselves to court. To avoid the embarrassment they got rid of her. So Marvel replaced Firestar with Starfire. Now Marvel has to go back to the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon and swap out Koriandr with that sap, Firestar. They've already blocked the show but you can still get bootleg copies on the dark web and eBay. What a pain.
  10. This is a no-brainer....of course I'd buy the Silver Centurion. Its one of the most requested models in the armory, and a lot of people like it because its so distinctive from the classic Red & Gold. The backpack, Also, the shape of the helmet is quite different. The toybiz version is very cool, and the 4" figures are great too, very comic book accurate. The one thing I don't like is the "Superman" unibeam- never understood why they couldn't just keep the circle. I do hope they put this out before the end of the year, and that they use glossy metallic paint on it (METALLIC RED... not maroon, not brick, or any other bullsh1t shade like that). Use the silver like we saw on Silver Surfer, please. Not gray, not white!! ) . Non helmeted Stark head, and some translucent repulsor/boot jet effects. Something like the repulsor effect from the 4" would be great too. Hopefully this year...but if not, included in an Iron Man wave for next year along with Mk42, Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man BAF....take my money.
  11. I've had the most frustrating time trying to get this Red Hulk. Finally one showed up at the store. I left it there. Just over it. An exclusive shouldn't mean ONE figure exclusive to ONE of 4 Targets in your immediate area.
  12. Spider-Man has had a lot of his classic villains done and I'm so happy they have. My ideal wave would include some that have already been made. 1. Classic Spidey, bigger mold (Spider-Man 2099 sandman BAF), web wings, darker blue, bright red 2. Iron Spider (red/yellow suit), metallic paint, and FOUR waldoes 3. Green Goblin (correct bat glider this time) 4. Mysterio *I would've picked Mysterio but he's got three recent great versions already 4. The Lizard (correct head); he doesn't need to be a large BAF. He's actually fairly human sized except for the tail 5. The Tarantula 6. Equinox 7. The Vulture- yes, he was just released. But the feeble art deco lines, the lack of detail on the wings, the excellent but grinning face...he needs a redo. That face looks like the Tinkerer. The figure should have the same detail on the suit as he does with the alt cowl that he comes with. BAF: Classic Rhino. Puffy face. Web effects, net, Spidey Sense effect, alt hands/fists
  13. No, they don't need more articulation, certainly not fingers/toes. I have a number of those Toybiz figures and in comparison to what we have today, quite a few look like pathetic custom attempts; the arms are too big for the body, the shoulder joints are just big balls, and the rest are bad as well (Scarlet Witch will scare the sh1t of you with how bad it is). What they do need, is better articulation on what they have- legs need to be able to kick up much further, kick back, there should be a calf swivel for female figs as well as double jointed elbows, ab crunches need to truly bend. I've got a Black Panther that ratchets to almost double, but the latest Vulture can barely bend in front and cant bend back at all. Fix that, but by all means don't add finger articulation. It'll just ruin things.
  14. The Angel is a quite different form from Archangel. Not to worry though because we know he's on the way. I'd say if he was on your poll, the outcome would drastically change. As it is, who's in front now, and who do YOU think will win the top spot? My money is still on....BANSHEE!
  15. Agreed, its gonna be hard to "complete" a team like the Avengers, when the writers seem to think any and everyone in the Marvel Universe should be on the team. But when you have an utter loser like Swordsman there, the bar is indeed very, very low. I despised that fool, as was the writer's intention. And HOW did he wind up with Mantis?? Anyway if he's never made it wont disappoint me because I never saw him as needed to complete them. Better off dead. Maybe for the Avengers, its better to look at completing the team based on era? You know, the Founding Members, Cap's Kooky Quartet, the 70s, Kree-Skrull war, etc.? What do you think?
  16. Guardians of the Galaxy: Vance Astro was a nice surprise, even if he's too big (the Daredevil body buck is about where he should be). Also since Marvel Universe did Yondu, I was hoping we'd see him by now in Legends...but alas, its not happened yet. They'd probably need a new mold for Martinex, and a beefier mold for Charlie 27- somewhere between Cap wave Abomination BAF and Juggernaut size (but that basis could be used for a re-do for the Wrecking Crew). I'd give Star Hawk the Daredevil mold, with a metallic blue paint (like the scheme used for Nova, just lighter shade) and plug-in parts for his solar sails. Nikki, just use Blink body mold and some translucent fire for hair. The other team I'm worried about is Inhumans. They did the heavy hitters, Black Bolt and even Medusa (though they need something to make her best feature- the Hair- stand out..instead of the blob of plastic we get). But where is Triton? They can do scaled body parts (Goblin, Cap) so whats the hold up? Gorgon? Put him on the Hercules or Kraven mold, give him some digitigrade legs (or least hooves) and youre good to go. Karnak, just modify that Living Laser or the Leader, and viola. Toss in a WELL DONE Lockjaw BAF and some alt Medusa heads, and you have yourself a great 3 pack (Triton/Karnak/Gorgon), 4 pack with Crystal, or corrected Medusa in a 5 pack box set. And the Box Set is what gives me hope that these teams can get done. If you'd asked me this question a few years back, Alpha Flight would've been on my "teams that may never be complete" list. But now we have the AF box set and its spectacular. At about $80-100.00 or so this is a reasonable and affordable price, especially for figures that otherwise we may never see. This option could be the saving grace for completing these teams!
  17. Exceptionally well done. As others have said here, its a little pricey. I might still get it though. Side note, I was surprisingly pleased with the Marvel Legends take on Moon Knight's current outfit. I think Mezco did a version of that too...
  18. Maybe an articulated translucent pink /red form, with a cavity in the middle so her figure (Ghost Spider/Kitty Pride mold) could fit inside? It wouldn't be the same as actually covering her like armor would, but I don't see how they could have individual pieces for her to "wear" otherwise. But I already voted LOL
  19. I've had this on back order for months now and just found one in the wild. I echo your disappointment. It's not by any means a bad figure. It's better than the Vulture in the Ult Spidey/Vulture 2 pack, but doesn't reflect the craftsmanship they could have displayed. For one thing, the head sculpt is incredibly good, with liver spots and good coloring in the mouth, but its missing the hooked nose and should have more wrinkles. I can live with that, and its wonderful that they made him so expressive....but I don't recall the Vulture being quite so joyful. I never see this guy smile! I remember him as a spiteful, vengeful ol' bastard (Hector Salamanca before the wheel chair)who had no problem with killing, so I wonder why they chose this look for him. Then we have the body itself. Its slender and that fits, but he's missing the hump on his back (which actually houses the power pack that powers the flight suit, and gives him that "hunched" look that helps with the "Vulture" image. For some reason his ab crunch lets him bend back a bit, but barely forward. They gave him butterfly joints in the arms which really look great for flying! There are vertical lines running all over the suit (they did put them on the alternate cowl helmet and they look great); these indicate the insulation, padding, and covering for the electronics running under it. On this figure they didn't bother to sculpt, they just deco'd them, and even then they skimped out, just doing an area here or there. Even the toybiz version did this better. A somewhat darker wash would've worked really well. Lastly the wings. Why on earth one side has details and the other doesn't, is beyond me. At least he has wings though, and didn't jacked over the way they did the Falcon (Captain America)! Many seem to feel that when we get the Falcon they'll use these wings; I sure hope theyre improved by that time. Overall its a good job, but it could've been great, with just a little more attention to detail.
  20. Found it odd that Angel wasn't on this list at all, or Lilandra (even though we have a head for her already). As a side note, I haven't collected X-Men in years. The endless soap operas and deaths/rebirths just got too old for me. Of the list provided, really only two or three characters have my interest. My choices would be: 1. Banshee (of course) 2. Destiny 3. Shaw 4. Fanotmex 5. Dr. Nemesis 6. Brood 7. Wolfsbane 8. Siryn 9. Selene 10. Pyro I know very little about the Armor character, who didn't make my list, but I wonder how that would work as a ML figure? Might be worth it to find out.
  21. I haven't sold anything on eBay but I'd never try to do it for unfair prices. Years back when the Sentinel wave was out I bought Mr Sinister to complete the BAF, but never removed the figure from the plastic 'cause (1. never cared for him, and (2. I wanted that Sentinel leg! That was the first and for the longest time, the only BAF I ever bothered to assemble. If I ever were to sell the Sinister it couldn't be for much. Besides the Hasbro update is better.
  22. Re-issuing the BAFS as whole figures is great for those who missed them the first time, or simply didn't like the other figures needed to make the set complete. But it can make it seem like wasted time and money for those who did buy the whole set. The BAF has never been my incentive for buying an entire wave (with the exception of the Hulkbuster and Sauron waves; I would've bought all the figures even without them, but I really wanted those BAFs). My concern about discontinuing the BAFS, is that I fear corporate marketers would eliminate the more obscure characters. They're familiar with Spider-Man, Wolverine and Deadpool (which is why we see so many) but do they know who El Aguila is? Do they believe Nighthawk from Squadron Supreme, or Equinox, Red Wolf, Doc Sampson, Nightshade- characters they've never heard of- could sell? Because if they don't think so, then they wont produce them. Hellz YES, guys like me would be all over such a set, but many consumers might not. The BAF (if its a good character) can tie all that together and give more obscure figures a chance.
  23. I just hope that when Emma Frost is released, she's on a proper body mold, and not this spindly thing they've been using over the past few years. I passed on the black suit Walgreens release, not just because its not my fave look for her, but the body mold just doesn't look right. They really need to bring back the Gamorra/ Ms Marvel mold.
  24. Yeah that's sad and it sounds like price gouging. Its a foolish business model- just think how many more consumers Hasbro could reach there if the price were more reasonable!
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