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  1. These are good, but Im thinking it might be cooler if they start releasing these two packs with the original comic version and the MCU version.
  2. Scorpion did have a darker green for the gloves, boots and briefs in the comics (but not always- in Ms Marvel's first issue the outfit was all one color), but why the figure has glossy paint in some areas and matte in the other, I don't know. I'm looking forward to his arrival.....and hope that next time we'll get the original Vulture!
  3. Far as inspiration goes, I'd say the majority of Marvel action figure collectors got into it because of the comics, not the movies (nothing wrong with the mcu either). Decades of seeing our guys in print, now come to action figure form...dream come true. Also I'd say the majority of collectors are Not 8-12 yr olds, but more than likely in the 30s-50s range. 12yr old isn't likely to know who Sunfire or Titanium Man is. Never heard of Thundra, didn't know Falcon got his wings from the Black Panther, or that Wakanda furnishes the Avengers' Quinjets. Also 12yr olds probably don't have the disposable income to afford these things! But even if you never picked up a comic book in your life, I think anyone can appreciate the work done on the Marvel Legends line.
  4. My favorite to this point would have to be Rogue, followed closely by Wasp, Gamora (Guardians 5 pack), Scarlet Witch and Dark Phoenix. Such an improvement over the first Phoenix! Speaking of improvements, I really feel that many of these female action figures should have less of the "scrawny" buck and more of the more rounded up. Its not just body type though. Medusa had a good figure, but the hair- which is her MAIN FEATURE- made the figure boring. Hasbro should look into using different materials for her hair like saran.
  5. I like this poster. Featuring the Avengers in their full costumes, not the actors unmasked. Its not like we don't know who's playing Captain America, so outside of some misguided vanity, there's no reason for these guys/gals to be unmasked on the theatre promos. I would urge everyone go see it again, because the 2nd time you see it, the dirtbag Thanos gets a sustained a$$ beating, and there's a shot of all the Avengers in their actual comic book costumes....
  6. As we all know, the upcoming Captain America "vintage" wave will include: Cap with different heads, sculpted chain mail Falcon (classic red/white outfit with wings) & articulated Red Wing Nomad (original 70s version) Moonstone (original) Viper/Madame Hydra Deadly Nightshade (didn't see THAT one coming, didja) BAF= either Dr Faustus (make some more use of that Kingpin mold) OR the Super Adaptoid! Ok....I can dream....
  7. Most def. Another obscure figure would be the Harpy (Betty Ross from way back in the day)!
  8. El Aguila, Stingray, Mantis (original), Namora, M-11 the Human Robot, Red Raven. Love to see this in ml action figure form!
  9. YES....by all means....END this dirtbag....show us the REAL Thunder God and put this vile creature down for good! I've never liked how they have Thanos just shrugging off and beating the tar out of Thor (let alone the other Avengers); at least for one shining moment, he jacked him up!
  10. Agree. A Pepper Potts head would've been nice too. This is one of the few times I didnt mind the MCU version being different from the comic version. When I saw the first photos I wasnt keen on the colour change, but now I think it looks really good, even if it does remind me of Blue Beetle. I REALLY love that hinge effect on the back pack for the air brakes/flaps. Cant wait for its arrival
  11. Bwha ha ha ha ha....I knew somebody was gonna bring up those ridiculous eyes they gave her! But another version like here might redeem them....the 2nd pic is one of her first appearances. I know we'll likely never see it, but it was always a fave of mine.
  12. Well for those of you who liked the character, that's not good news at all. This is an easy pass for me. BUT if its that hard to find he mustve been popular with quite a few of you...or they did a lousy job of stocking the figure.
  13. yeah I can see that. Must be why I only got one of the MCU Captain Marvel figures. The best of the line up was Genis-Vell. Hope to see a comic Captain Marvel wave with original Mar-Vell, plus first appearance Mar-Vell, plus Genis (all from the toybiz line). Add original Ms. Marvel and Binary, and you got a winner.
  14. Really?? She's got nothing on Wolverine and Deadpool. Its like they feel a Wolverine MUST be included or something. Id love to see the comic version of original Ms Marvel, and also a Dave Cockrum Binary!
  15. I really hope it all turns out well. Years ago when DC was doing the DCU Classics, they were going strong but never finished out a number of notable figures. If you compare Hasbro today to what the 4HorseMen were putting out then, Hasbro wins hands down. Still, it was a wake-up call for collectors, that you cant always bet on a company finishing the figures. I'm holding out hope for a completed Inhumans, Guardians of the Galaxy, Alpha Flight & Starjammers sets!
  16. That all depends on what YOU like and can afford. My personal faves up to this point have been Rogue, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Dark Phoenix, Angela and Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy 5 Pack Set Toy Action Figure version, if you can find it). Also like Misty Knight and Invisible Woman, although I really want them to re-do both. We need to see more of Misty's bionic arm, and need to see the "invisible" variant for Sue. Lately Hasbro's been overusing a skinner body mold for these figures ( mohawk Storm, Phoenix) which Im not too pleased with, but again it really comes down to which ones you want.
  17. I still wanna see Doc Samson in his 80s red outfit, and we should get the original outfit as well. While I could take him or leave him, the Leader hasn't shown up since w hat, 2011? And we never saw a Harpy figure either. That would be an amazingly obscure (and probably difficult) one!
  18. Ok now you guys are just making stuff up. Surely this outfit never saw print....its insane!
  19. Cannot argue that, brother! Go on with your bad self.
  20. On the bright side, should be easier for you to find instead of some of the others which sell out so fast.
  21. My pick 6 would be: 1. Storm (first appearance) 2. Banshee 3. Angel, either Neal Adams drk blue/white or Byrne Red/white 4. Thunderbird 5. Destiny 6. Prof X (regular chair or "combat shirt" , sleeves rolled up and gloves, hover chair)
  22. You actually like that outfit? As Kingpin said to Bullseye when he thought he'd found out Daredevil's real identity....sir, You are not Well. (just kidding, dude).
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