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  1. Ok, I see both valid points here. I do believe that for the consumer, there has to be a cost cut-off; if Hasbro sees fans willing to pay above current price point X, you better believe they will make that their standard price. At the same time, one man's trash is another man's treasure.
  2. Actually Kingpin's look predated Miller by decades...here is John Romita's work from 1969. Wonder where dude gets his fashion sense from...orange vest, blue cravat, purple pinstripes, white jacket? Wild!!
  3. I hear this and it does make sense, but can we predict when a BAF will, if ever, be re-released? Remember that the X-Men Jubilee wave BAF was blah (to me- but since we got the actual Jubilee in her classic costume, I'm happy). The Storm and Cyclops figures from the wave were criminally underproduced, and have otherwise not seen the light of day. Then again, quite a few of the BAFs have indeed had a second go and I'd just about guarantee Rhino's on the way. Personally I'd love to see the Lizard, and the Wendigo re-released (but with the JB head instead), but I'm not counting on it. Does it undermine collecting the BAFs? I don't have an answer. I know for me, the BAF is not usually what gets me to get the wave; I was stoked to see Sauron but would have gotten all those figures anyway. I really wanted the Kingpin BAF, but the other figures weren't worth it to me.
  4. Well damn, they did what I speculated back in Feb: So yep, question answered. Cravat it is.
  5. I was right! Its Banshee! Its the variant where he shaved his head after losing his sonic powers, gained a bunch of weight due to depression, and now poses as a corrupt businessman who has problems coordinating his wardrobe, even going so far as to special order grape purple gabardine slacks from Melvin Potter....
  6. Off the wall, but I think the only serious Spider-Man villain not released yet is Tarantula (sorry, I cant count Gibbon or Kangaroo or Hypno Hustler)….I guess you could add Will O' Wisp to that line....
  7. I've been going on for months now about hoping for a Red Wolf figure....my main concern was that the wolf mantle would restrict his head movement. However if you look at the Shaman figure from the Alpha Flight box set, they were able to get his hair posed in a way that doesn't overly restrict movement, and I think the same could be done with RedWolf's cowl. So glad you made your figure, which will give them a good template on how its done!!
  8. RED WOLF is like the #1 obscure character I wanna see in legends….this is fantastic!!
  9. Current window box is best. What I would prefer to see though, is the reusable Mythic Legions box. Unclip the plastic blister shield from the back, slide out the cardback, take out the figure and accessories. Or, leave the accessories in for storage. Or, pack everything back up and again, slide up the cardback, you're done.
  10. Binary (translucent "hair") *10 Blue Marvel ( 2 heads) *9 Crimson Dynamo (metallic paint) *2 Falcon (with Redwing, please!) *1 Mantis (original) *6 Moondragon (original) *8 Super Adaptoid (that's either a BAF or a deluxe) *7 Titanium Man (metallic paint) *3 Ultron (metallic paint) *5 Yellowjacket (Hank Pym; same visor as on the 5 pack Goliath) *4 I saw some other posters requesting Wonder Man but nowhere did I see him on the list. Should go without saying: no scrawny molds for the female figures.
  11. Nothing jumping out here to make me wanna grab it, but I will say that of the gamerverse (non comic) figures in this assortment, I find this one the least objectionable. Just makes me want the modular, Promethium, Extremis re-do (that last one was just way too skinny, no way a normal grown adult human male wouldn't have been much bigger) or Silver Centurion armor all the more. Oh and please retire these aqua blue effects. They just don't go well with Iron Man.
  12. Yes its another repaint, and yes its not even the original scheme. However....! While I wont be getting it, its great for those who missed the original when it came out ( I see that thing jacked up to $50-70$ now). For those that say, " I knew they were gonna put another one out soon", my inner skeptic says "nah, brah, you didn't" . Regardless, my advice is, get the one you want when you can. When the Storm from the Jubilee wave came out about 7 (?) years ago, it sold out immediately, had suck-@$$ distribution, hasn't been seen since, and averages around $150-200 now. I've noticed a lot of the Spider-Man villain figures soar in price and non-availability after the first release, so if you get a chance to get one you missed, GO FOR IT.
  13. It just makes no sense for them to allow this into mass distribution. An obvious flaw, much like that ridiculous seam running down Black Widow's neck and chest (riders version, and recent white outfit). Not to mention just totally omitting Cap's wings in the Captain America/Vision/Hawkeye TRU 3-pack. Where was quality control??
  14. I wouldn't be interested in these, but its not a bad idea. Would it ever get executed, I doubt it. But if nostalgia is what you're into, I'd recommend going Golden Age. Box set, make it look like a WWII foot locker. -First appearance Sub-Mariner -First appearance Human Torch (translucent, no face) -First appearance Cap, triangular shield -Bucky -Toro -Original Vision -Red Raven
  15. What annoys me is how they continue to use these lackluster, inadequate physiques to portray these female characters...they did as good a job as they could with this figure (its not awful, just not good as it could be), but really, it doesn't reflect the muscle tone needed for the apex spy/assassin the Widow is supposed to be. Same for the comic versions ( I used the same head on my BW, looks great, but the legs look so spindly). Please retire these body molds and come up with something better, more accurate.
  16. I don't like the idea of exclusives, because their availability is too hit-and-miss, but I do think Amazon has a somewhat better track record than others. I would also like to see that Gamorra/Moonstone buck return, because the other "standard" they're using for female figures is just too scrawny and ill-proportioned. The Black Widow figures, to date, are far too puny to reflect the character she's supposed to be. Sadly I have no reason to think that if this rumored set is true, it would include a better female buck. But who knows... Great to see that the Nimrod is confirmed though.
  17. This is an easy pass for me; not to harp on the lack of a masked/helmeted head, but the head they do have could look a lot more like Harbour, if they'd put more effort in. The figure's shield has an interesting design, but has anyone noticed that its not centered properly?? On the other hand it looks just like a trash can lid I used to have, sans the star (and somebody needs to tell shart and Marvel the Soviet Star is red, not white; funny that when they debuted Red Guardian, the star was correct but since has been white). Wouldn't surprise me if we see a re-issue of this figure, with updated corrections, in the near future. Maybe a Black Widow second wave.
  18. Agree. It wasn't a bad series as cartoons go, but it didn't do much to keep my attention. It wasn't so much that the animators basically had everyone in the same build (and yes I realize most cartoons do this) but worse, I didn't care for the voice acting. And really hated that opening logo & theme song (I'm too old school I guess!). Now if Hasbro were to go retro, my pick would be the Golden Age Timely characters...talkin WAY back...Sub-Mariner, original Human Torch, Cap with triangular shield, Bucky, Toro, Red Raven, Original Vision...yes! 5288645-amazing_spider-man_logov.bmp
  19. Only a fool would by Legends or any line sight unseen. Paint botches, warped joints, even mismatched parts ( I still have an old Colossus with 2 left feet) run rampant.....I don't need the box to be super fancy and like the idea of reducing the cost, but make sure they balance that with quality.
  20. Looks very good....hopefully we'll see it soon! Wish I had some custom skills like you!
  21. I'm so pleased they made this obscure figure. I wasn't asking for and didn't expect it, but its great nonetheless. The attention to detail is really good here....there are some variants of his outfit that have light green boots and a darker shade of blue in overall, but what really gets me is how well they did the belt. Really good sculpting of the "S" here. Makes you wonder how they get that right, but omit Cap-Falcon's wings or Quicksilver's tufts!
  22. The version you're talking about isn't the "classic" Iron Man 2020. And yes, by our standards today, that looked retro, or even crude (seriously, what were the gears/cogs on the shoulders supposed to do, anyway??). Back in 1984, the creators likely didn't envision what Stark's armor would/could look like in 30+ years; they didn't even forsee the Silver Centurion armor which would be in print just a few years later. Drastic change from the red/gold template. Or the even more drastic change, the War Machine armor, which debuted in the 90's. All said, if youre going to make a Iron Man 2020 armor, this is what is should look like, and they pretty much did that.
  23. They'll just do it online. Its not like people cant get new figures unless theyre shown at a convention first, anyways. Think about it: block buster movie debuts in Hollywood, superbowl takes over the city, either way most people are gonna see that movie, see that game in some way other than in person. SDCC will return once there's a cure for this virus.
  24. Now that I believe. They didn't want to let this go, despite crappy ratings, and despite cancelling shows that had better ratings. Frankly, there is no SHIELD without Fury (just like GOTHAM without Batman). Its just not sustainable without being artificially put on life support. But realistically youre not gonna get Sam Jackson for a weekly tv show; that would decimate the show's budget. While they did do some good episodes (the fight scene where May fights her double is a thing of beauty) outside of Ming Na, Gregg, and maybe Henstridge and Iain, the cast was blah. The SHIELD they gave us has virtually nothing to do with the comic book and barely seems to match the movies. The idea was to tantalize viewers into thinking they MIGHT see Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Vision etc on an episode or two, but of course they were never going to do that. But ABC could lure the viewers in on that hope. I would have done the show much more closely to the agency we see in the comics...and would've had Nick Fury in it. How? By having a "flashback" season, where we get a somewhat younger version, played of course by another actor. You could still have May and Phil plus Fitz Simmons. You could have AIM and LMDs and a more "Steranko " SHIELD...have storylines that could be exciting and not step on any plans the MCU had. Instead they take a 20-something emo hacker, and promote her over agents who have decades more experience and knowledge than she has.
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