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  1. I hope they go heavier on mood and "horror" and less on humor....also, really hope they put him in an outfit closer to the comic. They weren't all that far off! Give us the real Cloak of Levitation with the big red collar, red with yellow design trim, and the Eye of Agamotto direct from the comics.
  2. I swore this crap was already cancelled. Did they cancel it before, then change their minds, and now killing it for good? Maybe I just stopped watching and heard it has been cancelled. Anyway, the best thing about it was Ming Na...she had a one shot on the Mandalorian, love to see her again there.
  3. I agree, they could have done much better here. I will say, I think the toybiz version did a better job with the hair, though. They should've given him butterfly joints...this at least allows you to simulate clanging the Nega-Bands together(which on this figure, look too big)...they at least should've made the gold/yellow paint more vibrant. The red of the outfit could also have been more vibrant. I can tell from the lighting used in the above pics that the red is too dull. And then there's the boots. Painted on pointed tops, AGAIN....so lazy! Look, we know Hasbro can do boots well (Omega Red, Mysterio, Shatterstar, Iron Man) so I cant get why they keep dropping the ball here. Captain Marvel's boots were segmented. We know they can do this because they did it with Angela (remember her? She was supposed to be the Next Big Thing. They sure went all out for her figure) but they didn't bother with Mar-Vell. I would also have loved to see some special effects included for him. His cosmic photon flying trail would've been nice, along with extra hands, fists, and another head. I'm glad the figure's coming, but sure wish theyd shown some more love for it.
  4. I used to get a sound tone for all the new alerts on the forum but now get nothing. Anyone know why that is?
  5. I don't object to the re-use of the ult Beetle mold (and who would care if I did), and I really like the metallic blue coloring. But the helmet and wing assembly definitely needed something besides white...the absence of any kind of shading color, the lack of detailing, just makes the thing look like a cheap toy. Some silver/metallic grays to the "rocket engine" area maybe. They really could have added some kind of translucence to that visor that would've made it pop, and some kind of articulation for the wings would've been nice. Still getting it though, 'cause I really dig the design. And just realized- I almost have the whole team from a comic I never read!
  6. Figure just arrived and I have to say, its not bad but I could have easily passed on it. The head is well done, but sits way too high on this neck. The arms, which should be the trademark feature of this guy, look like (at least on the figure I got) they're practically jutting from his pectorals. Turn that torso sideways, and I swear it looks like that abomination liefeld tries to pass off as art. Maybe they should've given him a tactical vest; that would help hide the flaws here. Again I'll say it: retire this torso! He comes with 4 guns; 2 silvery looking ones that will fit in the twin holsters on his belt, and 2 darker ones that almost look like modified sawed-off shotguns. No holsters for these, and while its nice he can hold 2 weapons at a time, they really should have given him some fists. I do like the boots on him. Glossy, straight cut, perfect.
  7. I love the colors on this thing. I remember once SHIELD had some agents wearing a similar orange and yellow uniform, though why an international spy agency would see fit to outfit them like this....
  8. I laugh at what 1980s artists thought the 2020 Iron Man armor might look like, when we compare it to all the armors we've seen in real time since the 80s to the actual '20s! Wish they'd commit to using all metallic paints on these. I'm so stoked to get this...but want the War Machine even more. And of course I just gotta believe Silver Centurion is coming this year! Thanks for the notice...I just got to order mine.
  9. Really good....this is how I see the Black Widow...deadly, razor accurate, ruthless...I like this face too, but not the hairstyle. Its a much better fit for the face of the Widow than the head we got for the vintage figure. Just wish the white widow figure didn't have that atrocious seam running down her neck and chest. WTF were they thinking, letting that go out to production... I love how she's just shooting that pos AIM jagoff in the back like that...
  10. Still kind of meh on this one. Hopefully the comic version will be light years better. Overall I think this entire wave was weak; Hasbro really should be pulling out the stops for the figure (Black Widow) that drives the entire wave. They've done a great job this go round with extra hands and weapons and effects, at least there's clear effort there, but the Widow herself, whether its the MCU white, black, or comic grey and white, hasn't really hit the level she should have. And then he shows those nightmarish Toybiz figures for comparison, so now I'm shutting up. Agh!!
  11. Maybe, maybe if you squint and just allow for a dark haired woman wearing green, you could say something like Sersei is on those posters. But there aint no way in hell this guy looks anything like Ikaris. NONE of those outfits look like anything the Eternals wore. But as I said the MCU has pulled off enough hits by now that I'm hoping this movie is a success too.
  12. In the comics, his gloves and boots were a lighter green. I'm not knocking the gold look, however, and like I said before this is great for anyone who couldn't get the figure released when the Lizard BAF came out, and doesn't want to spend like $60-70.00 for it today (!) so I see it as win for everyone.
  13. Its baffling to me that they would make an Eternals movie, when there are so many more properties Marvel has. On the other hand, they've pulled off some longshots before. I am annoyed, however, at how these outfits don't represent the characters from the comics. I mean there is virtually no resemblance. Sure hope they use this time to improve the work...fingers crossed!
  14. That's an odd choice...in his original outfit, he had green gloves and boots....but if this is correct, its a good chance for those who missed it first time out.
  15. I love that idea. Its a long shot, but I for one would welcome a second Widow wave. I think the first wave overall was underwhelming; I'd love to see a new Black Widow figure, but this time done RIGHT. Never been satisfied with the figures so far and don't think they've done her justice. A more robust, comic accurate figure with the proper face would be nice. The vintage version came close, but the body was still a bit too slender and the "mary jane" face just didn't belong (I swapped out the alternate Dark Phoenix Jean Grey head for mine). She's supposed to be Marvel's premiere super spy, bad-ass assassin, so lets give her a figure that reflects that. Also, they could use that wave to do a better Red Guardian and include a helmeted head this time. The Yelena figure was all around weak, too. Doubt they'd do another movie version this close to the one just released so it would likely also be the comic version. I'd add a Madame Hydra/Viper, Vanguard from the Soviet Super Soldiers, maybe even the Crimson Dynamo we all REALLY like, tied together with a Titanium Man BAF...
  16. As far as the economy goes, this is gonna be a hard sell no matter how you look at it; unemployment has skyrocketed and disposable income wont be as available, with all these businesses' being affected. Haslab may have no other choice than postponing a bit. To answer JC's original question, It just makes more sense to hold off on this project for now. If they wanna put out some conceptual art, fine. But take the time to perfect this thing, see the best way to give it the best quality and bring in the price so that more people can buy it once economy improves.
  17. Very very nice....yes. As befitting the Sorcerer Supreme. It'd be great if they could work the Eye with an actual articulated "lid" feature too. And to be clear, I'm talking about the original Eye, not the movie variant. Your idea is perfect and I'd snap that up in heartbeat. Not even the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak could hold me back!
  18. The Falcon- classic red/white outfit, standard underarm wings, translucent "hard light" wings, fully articulated Redwing (wings, head) Invisible Woman- TWO pack figures: clear translucent figure, semi translucent figure. Large "dome" force field effect (covers 2-4 figures), plus smaller field effect. Include "blast/smoke" effects to simulate strikes on force field The Vision- CORRECT costume with cord collar cape, sculpted belt, boots. "Phasing" translucent effect arm (bonus if they figure a way to get it to simulate going thru a person- one end flat against foe's chest, other end with peg that fits into most marvel legends back maybe?) , optic blast beams (translucent yellow). 2 heads. Red Wolf- coup stick, fully articulated Lobo wolf ( jaw, body, legs) Angel- classic Neal Adams dk blue/white costume, fully articulated feathered wings (at least as good as the 4" marvel universe figure from years ago) Iron Spider-Man- metallic red/gold outfit, fully articulated gold spider "legs"
  19. This is hardly "fear mongering". It could be over in 60 days, hopefully....but it might not be. But even if it is, immediately going back to jamming 1000s of people into confined spaces, from all over who knows where, is a risky notion. Haslab can go on the back burner for now. There's still uncertainty around the mortality rate, but annual flu typically has a mortality rate of around 0.1% in the states. In comparison, recent data suggests COVID-19 has a mortality rate more than 20x higher, around 2.3%(according to a study published Feb. 18 by the China CDC Weekly). The death rate varied by different factors such as location and an individual's age. All the people dying in Italy, Spain, and elsewhere is not fear mongering- that's reality. Even a certain someone who said the 2-3% fatality rate was a "false number", is finally starting to come around to realizing its a serious issue. I have a friend who's now on a ventilator, too weak to breathe on her own or even talk. She was totally fine 2 weeks ago. The Sentinel and the conventions can hold off for now. Stay safe! Stay healthy!
  20. This movie has Fail stamped all over it and they know they've sunk a lot of money into it already. Now I'm not saying they created this epidemic as a cover to hide this box office failure. Some people say that. You might think that. I couldn't possibly comment.
  21. Not sure at this point they even could move forward with this proposal...but at this time, I would say hold. Stay in place, re-think and re-work it. I'd rather they took their time and did it right. Whatever project they decide on will ultimately cost a bit more than we're used to, and if they want it to be successful, the quality is gonna have to be top-notch. The best way to achieve that is to really put some time and effort into it.
  22. Agree! Titanium Man just demands a BAF. With the right shade of metallic green, and the correct head sculpt, it would be incredible. I'd love to see them do the face plate much like what they did for the MCU Yellowjacket...clear plastic over the face, making it look like he's got a face shield. For TM, I'd have the yellow eyes really glow, and have tinted clear shield over the face.
  23. And there you have it , you basically answered your own question. I'm not seeing how its irresponsible; JC is entitled to his opinion here like anyone else, even if he's he webmaster. Now if he was blocking anyone's posts who don't agree with his, that would be irresponsible. He doesn't speak for everyone, but certainly the majority of fans, when they hear Crimson Dynamo, are expecting the classic armor and not this BAF. Yes, "best" and "worst" are all subjective opinions in a matter like this, as you point out. And I maintain that the version most of us prefer will be showing up very soon, maybe in a wave that has Titanium Man as the BAF.
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