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  1. I get that this sentinel is set to compliment the 3.75" line, but to charge the same dough they do for the fully articulated 6" figures....that takes some big brass ones. Gall.
  2. Said it before when this set came out almost a year ago: one of the most random, weird sets they've ever done. Shirtless Wolverine, seriously?? Just scraping the bottom of that Wolverine barrel. Then there's dull-as-dishwater Cyber. Omega Red is a well done figure that I already have but I could see getting this one (if it were in another set). Probably the oddest, wtf choice though, is Callisto. Hasbro continually puts out their female figures on that scrawny, flat buck, regardless of what character they're supposed to represent. But the one character that really should be on that buck, Callisto, is given somewhat fuller torso (like Mohawk Storm), and fuller face. She's clearly dressed in her first appearance outfit back in '83, so she should be on that overused buck. Argh. Clearly the one star of this pack is the Jason Wyngarde figure, who for some reason they didn't put in the Hellfire Club boxset. If they had put Leland here instead of cyber blah, and maybe Wolverine in his astonishing outfit or even the Fang suit, I might've caved to pick this up.
  3. It never made sense to me. If they didn't have time, why not just wait till she was ready and then put out a 4 pack? Don't tell me its about "cost" 'cause this is from the same crowd that plunked down $400.00 for a Sentinel. Or, over $25.00 for a scrawny Madame Hydra that's on the same outdated figure that retailed at $19.99. Oh and if its they prefer 5 packs, fine, just toss in a Captain Britain in his original red outfit.
  4. Good set. Personally don't have a problem with Meggan's smile cause thats how she's most often shown. An alt head wouldve been nice. I remember them saying they "didnt have time" to get Rachel/Phoenix out there, but come on. I mean, they set their own time table. And by now, they've certainly had enough time to make her. Hasbro really needs to finish off these teams.
  5. I love the colors of this outfit. However it seems to me that they failed to capture Hemsworth's physique; his arms are bigger than whats shown here in the gold chain mail. LOL that so-called Stormbreaker hammer would snap in two the moment he slams it on any hard surface.
  6. Unfortunately the wave is just littered with too many disappointments for me, so the BAF is out. A shame 'cause I wouldn't mind getting this guy. Too bad they didn't add a Captain Marvel to this line up. Always loved those Jim Starlin issues where Mar-Vell and Controller faced off.
  7. My concern is, if you have to fundamentally change the character's origin and powers from the source material....the same thing that generated the fans' love and popularity for that character...which is WHY you chose that character for the screen in the first place... then you're setting the whole thing up for confusion, disappointment and failure. Not saying they can't pull it off, but it makes me question why they just didn't go with another character altogether. Killraven comes to mind. Its already in an alternate future timeline so it wouldn't disturb anything in the MCU. NightWing Restorations, great idea that wouldn't cost as much as a decent Killraven might, and its already got a connect to the tv MCU.
  8. I don't see how its not reasonable....these aren't new figures, so it doesn't make sense that they should cost anymore than when they first were released. If they want to tie into some upcoming movie, at least throw something in there that's new. But fine; they've done it, its up to the consumer to choose to buy or not buy. One other thing, not related to any movie or anything, but just the "re-release" notion itself- if theyre gonna re-release figures, how about going back to all those walgreen exclusives that never saw the light of day for most people and put those out? I bet fans would love that lol!
  9. Not really....they did the Stealth armor, Modular armor, Silver Centurion armor, and Neo Classic armor long after those were shelved. I'm not knocking them for doing this one, just would've thought those others would have been made before now. There really is no rhyme or reason with choices when it comes to hasbro. LOL yeah that promethium armor is probably the only decent thing to come out of that whole "heroes reborn" disaster. Oh and there was the Jim Lee art for the 70s Sub-Mariner.....loved that outfit!!
  10. I can see that, but I see the other side as well. Re-releasing a wave but jacking up the price, is my gripe. There's nothing new in this wave, nothing to justify that hike. But I'll say this, if they re-release this wave, why not others. How about the X-Men Jubilee wave? The Spider-Man Kingpin wave? What about some box sets? How many people missed out on the Cap/Ms. Marvel/Radioactive Man set? Hellfire club box set? See what I mean? Its endless.
  11. Thought for sure by now we'd see the Iron Man NOW or "reborn" Promethium armor before this one. What I really thought we'd see, is an actual first appearance of the red/gold suit (since the 20th "anniversary" was so half-way done). Still, I'm intrigued by this.
  12. Hey, its a Wolverine figure! Wow its been so long (not). Seriously though, he's at least a well done figure.
  13. Baffling that Jubilee has waist and boot cuff rotation while the majority of their female figures don't. Its a good and accurate depiction of Jubilee (though I wouldn't say it resembles the animated show, but thats ok) but it goes to show, hasbro could do this for the other figures and just chooses not to. smh
  14. The idea of a new Ghost Rider certainly gets the interest up, but I'm less enthused about this news. Because even if it happens, the idea winds up being a huge disappointment compared to the reality. Hasbro isn't even hiding this anymore- they are deliberately cranking out substandard (or questionable) versions of figures instead of the correct, definitive one, so they make a "better" (and even more expensive) version of the figure sometime later. I can only imagine how much they're gonna want to charge for a new Ghost Rider and motorcyle set....they will laugh at the $50.00 mark. Wouldn't surprise me if they're gonna want double this time around.
  15. Think that's supposed to be a "gripping" hand....he can probably swing Spidey by the leg/ankle or something. Could work for a gun, if there was one big enough, but yeah can't see him needing such a thing.
  16. The BAF Lizard is clearly larger and more menacing, but that's just not a lizard. They don't have teeth like that for one, for another their heads aren't shaped like that. I get it though- Marvel was going for something that looked dangerous. But its not accurate. This time however I'm not knocking hasbro here, because that dino-croc head is how they've been drawing the Lizard for years now, so the BAF is accurate in that sense. This Lizard is more of his first appearance look, and they did a great job. Love the articulation and its really great that the tail is a vast improvement over the BAF. The Erlenmeyer and boiling flasks are nice touches too!
  17. Massive improvement over the two previous head sculpts....one looked like he stuck his in a light socket, the other was masked. Which never made sense to me since police authorities already knew what he looked like, since he didn't have a mask in his previous outfit. These newer heads are just incredible and on point. Only thing that would be better, is if they could do a Romita head the way they did a Ditko head for the Lizard. A lot of fans really wanted another Rhino since they missed the BAF....good to see at least something the fans wanted is happening. Bravo!
  18. Now this looks like Ditko himself sculpted it....maybe they'll start doing other classic artists as well. They should've made him bigger though, because the pics make it look like he's smaller than Spidey. You have to wonder why Curt Conners wears a black t-shirt and purple chinos, knowing full well that's what he wears when he transforms into the Lizard. Geneticists make about $80k a year, so he can afford to update his wardrobe. And why his wife lets him out of the house dressed like that... All silliness aside, this looks like a great figure!
  19. Been holding out on going to see this, hopefully I can dodge spoilers enough not to have it ruined by the time I do see it
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