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  1. I agree, which is why I said make the figure (toy) accurate. Its worth noting that an interview out of toyark stated Hasbro knew there were some inaccuracies with the Storm figure (notably the black cuffs that should be yellow) that will be addressed. So hopefully the other problems will be taken care of too ("rushed prototypes to get ready for Toy Fair. Rogue’s hair, Storm's gauntlets. Will be addressing before retail release" ttps://news.toyark.com/2020/03/02/interview-with-the-marvel-legends-team-post-toy-fair-2020-383869) Notice no one on these forums have yet given us an actual SOURCE as to whether either Hasbro or Disney actually ever said they didn't want to portray the toys correctly (due to some perceived offense). Tarot is on point about keeping on subject, but I also think we need to be correct as possible and not spreading rumors. It could be 100% true that the company is afraid to show "curves", but there should be some factual statement from them to say that.
  2. I've pointed out a number of times that some of these female figures aren't accurately depicted. Its not a cup size fetish, its about Accuracy. If the character is typically portrayed in the comics a certain way, then Hasbro needs to make sure that's the figure we get. The Wolverine figures are smaller because he's shorter in the comics. Mysterio has an ornate and pretty much one-of-a kind pair of gloves. They got these details right so get the rest correct too. Its just that simple. As far as this "pc Disney" stuff, can any of you source that? Its pretty popular and knee jerk for people to sneer "PC" but I haven't seen anywhere where anyone affiliated with Hasbro has ever said "curvy" figures are somehow not acceptable or might be found offensive. I really would like to know why they used this body buck for Ms. Marvel (see attached), but used what they did for Black Widow and Mohawk Storm.
  3. Wulmutt is usually the worst...but seriously what even is the point of an "exclusive" outlet when that outlet fails so damn miserably?? THIS is the question that should be asked at these toyfairs and conventions and what not.
  4. Most likely he has modular alternate prosthetics that will allow for feeding, recreation, general hygiene needs. Probably where most of his henchman money goes. And he probably doesn't have ACA so he better be getting the best rate he can.
  5. Damn, sure hope this virus doesn't affect the release date of the Black Widow...but still bracing for that news. Fingers crossed....
  6. Still no luck out here, either in the wild or the website. My want for it is subsiding, however. We'll see....
  7. You bring up a good point. Its shocking how sloppy and careless they can be with casting. One of those is casting actors who are supposed to be related, yet wind up with kids that look nothing like the parents. Also infuriating is the easy fix they refuse to make. Barry Allen has blonde hair, not brown; simple dye would take care of that. Are you telling me there are no actors even close to the Iron Fist character, that they had to go with some refugee from a 90lb weakling comic ad?
  8. Think he's got a ways to go before he gets anywhere near the amount Stark has in his armory. Good thing is, that makes the "classic" armor appearance as a Marvel Legend, just over the horizon. Package him with a Titanium Man BAF and call it a day!
  9. I'd say pretty darn good, especially if its a glossier, darker shade of gray and comes in a 2pack, say, with the comic book Yelena Widow belly shirt.
  10. "Vintage" Doom could also be the version where the belt buckle isn't as ornate as the one just released, the tunic isn't as long, and the cloak has a single cord instead of the double chains. The head for that one was included. I agree that the white outfit doesn't really fit the "vintage" label.
  11. "And you can dance... For inspiration. Come on! I'm waiting...." I don't see the resemblance from the face but can see an 80s look there.
  12. Yeah, Captain Marvel was a fantastic movie and she's a worthy addition to the Avengers. I'm not happy with the MCU basically removing the Captain Mar-Vell out of their existence entirely, but otherwise she's a stellar (no pun intended) addition to the continuity. I do wish the Black Widow had had her movie years earlier, and with a costume/hair style much closer to the comics ( her debut in Iron Man 2 was very close) but that's moot now. I'm pretty confident this movie is gonna be great and just in time for summer!
  13. Here's what I liked from that interview: "Marvelicious: Modern Rogue – no white stripe at Toy Fair, sup? Rushed prototypes to get ready for Toy Fair. Rogue’s hair, Storms gauntlets. Will be addressing before retail release." Really hope that's true!! Not only did they make her cuffs black instead of yellow, they really were weak on her chest and that's just not how she should be shown. At the very least I'm encouraged some of these issues will be moot once the figure is actually on sale. Really good news and good information on the whole! Ya wallets AIN'T SAFE, boys and girls....
  14. I HATE when they do that with red! It makes no sense to me. Almost like red is too "comic-booky" or something? Who knows. I will say in this case, in the comic cover I've seen, this particular model did seem to lean more towards "brown" than anything else. Its still ugly though.
  15. Years ago they made a 6" Crimson Dynamo; articulation was actually pretty good, but the paint flakes a bit (on the one I have). But I hear you, we don't need to kid ourselves...we all KNOW which version we really want! :)
  16. I love Sunfire. He's one of those obscure types you don't see much and certainly never expect to get an action figure. So I was knocked off my feet when we got the original AOA version way back in 2016 (?). I would've been even happier to get his original red costume look, but this was very nice and being a sucker for translucent figures I had to have it. Its one of the few that actually hold up pretty well compared to whats out now. Definitely looking forward to the upgraded version this year, improved articulation and all!
  17. "Vintage" Doom could also be the version where the belt buckle isn't as ornate as the one just released, the tunic isn't as long, and the cloak has a single cord instead of the double chains. The head for that one was included. Just a thought.
  18. Green and gold of course, hands down. Add in a new "sonic" effect (use this one or something like it). Make his boots correctly, like Vision's should have been done.
  19. Not aware of any canon romance between the two, but for a brief instant when she was having identity/memory issues, they had a brief moment (Marvel Team Up #14). She wasn't a fan of Spider-Man and didn't know much about him; when she rebranded her costume, she attacked him to learn his the secret of his super powers, to further improve her equipment/skills.
  20. Never cared for this dull grey outfit; its useless when compared to her standard black bodysuit. And the whole bomber jacket thing never made sense to me. Maybe on the Widow its ok, but Black Knight?? And for the umpteenth time can somebody PLEASE tell these people not to use these scrawny legs on adult female figures? Especially not ones who are supposed to represent the peak in physical fitness. So after those objections you'd think I'd be saying "pass", but I'm actually thinking of getting it. The jetpack, the effects, pushing me in that direction. We'll see.
  21. Thanks for the heads up cause I've been hitting their website every day and no luck. Went to my local Target but they didn't have it in stock...so they claim...I don't particularly care for "hunting" for these figures so if I have to, I'll pass on it....
  22. You cant unsee that seam running down her neck/chest and its totally baffling why the manufacturers let this go into production. Its almost as bad as the one on the "rider" set; at least this body buck doesn't look as cheap and scrawny as that one does.
  23. Just playing. After all he did say the dates were presumed. At any rate its nice to see!
  24. The cape is well done! Other companies are using soft goods more and more, and I hope Hasbro picks up on this for the Legends line. Really like the "fur" mantle! Everyone else is waiting for the "right" version of Emma....but you already have it!
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