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  1. I havent read new comics since the 80s, as a teen. Personally, I wish we could rewrite Phoenix destroying that Shiar planet in 136, before her death in 137. I am of the opinion that Jean grey looks sharpest in her green phoenix uniform, bar none. Wish they hadnt killed her, broke her up with Scott etc etc. This isnt Wolverine with Tan/brown or Tiger Stripe, where either is a great choice. Or even 80s Cyclops vs Jim Lee version. While the Marvel Girl dress is cute, the Cockrum cover of 101 is all time epic material. So yeah, with the exception of Jean grey and the green costume, I wouldnt mind all of the phoenix stuff going bye bye. Same with so many other things that have destroyed the Marvel Comics I enjoyed in 70s and 80s.
  2. Spider IIRC Storm had very blue eyes. Other than that, it reminds me of both Cockrum and Byrne' art during her early days of the X Men.
  3. Normally that would be my stance as well. I despise Sony since my Everquest days, but have nothing against their game system users. After this little BS that Sony pulled with the Avengers game, all bets are off. I want to see MS crush them.
  4. I am with you on your line of thinking, Zach. Except for Ghost Rider, I could of done without all of these motorcycle sets. Due to financial considerations, I doubt I ever get another Haslab figure than the Galactus I preordered. Hasbro might be able to get me on a few 80-100 buck a pop 12" figures like they did with Goliath and a couple of others in past. They could use Haslab for stuff like Celestials, or better yet, figure sets of 10 or more per crack. Imperial Guard is the first that comes to mind in that format. With 10 fig sets, they could keep the price down to 200 to 250 range. So many ways to go, and like you said, we are just giving our own opinions. I was an electronic tech in my working days....not some marketing exec, although I did work in a comic store as a teen. 30 plus yrs ago.
  5. OK my wild just woke up, and isnt remotely true guess.... The Something about Mary universe has joined Marvel, and that is the backpack of the hitchhiking psycho murderer. The figure will also come with his 7 minute abs video. The BAF will be Ben Stiller with his hoo hoo stuck in the zipper. If you push a button, you can hear "beans n franks". Back to reality....I have no clue what this figure will be. I quit collecting MCU, but think I would invest in a Ned figure.
  6. The PS was the better choice last gen. Xbox got busy giving folks more bang for their buck this time around. Even with owning the Spidey license for movies, Sony doesnt have a leg to stand on vs MS. Regardless of what system you are into, I hope my fellow gamers can snag the console of their choice at normal prices. I despise the scalpers. Whether they are jacking up prices on games or figures, they need to be run out of the market.
  7. I intend to make a display of her n Steve Rogers from the 2 pack. Behind her will be this fig, and perhaps the What if series one. Behind him will be a couple of MCU Caps.
  8. Personally, I would like to see him get a starring role in like 7 movies, 4 Disney+ series, and an Xbox exclusive game based on the work of Miller. All in the first 3 yrs that is. We are owed for the time frame that Netflix cheated us.
  9. Do you mean Falcons green costume that didnt have the wings? I would be down with that as well, friend.
  10. Jay, I dont recall if she was in Civil War, but she was in the Winter Soldier for sure.
  11. Finally got around to watching the first 2 episodes of Hawkeye. Although it kind of felt like they are turning Kate into a Mary Sue, at least she has the written background for how bad arse she is. None of the Daisy Ridley ORVIE (Off Road Vehicle Instant Expert) stuff with Rey. The writing is a little cliche thus far, but really good to see Jeremy Renner again. I saw someone mention New York scene....it was indeed a pretty cool tie in. I hope our collectors enjoy their new Pops.
  12. That art looks amazing. Having read comics as a kid in 70s and 80s, if it is that anime looking stuff, and not Kirby-esque, I have no use for it. I quit collecting Xmen when Romita Jr took over for Paul Smith about 176 of the original series. After suffering thru Smith's disgusting art, JR Jr keep the same style instead of that of Cockrum/Byrne. No thanks.
  13. Decades ago, like issue 43 or so in their original run, the X-Men had earned their unique uniforms. Technically, the Cyclops we got is from that era. After Giant Size 1, and the introduction of the new X-Men, Cykes visor got a bit bigger as his power had increased. I wouldnt mind getting a modified Cyclops with that visor, Angel in his yellow n red 2nd costume, Human Beast had a blue n red IIRC, and fugg Iceman. Have never liked him going back to the 70s.
  14. That is because Hasbro intends to announce that they are doing a wave that will include all of Galactus' heralds. No, I dont have any insider knowledge. No, I didnt accidently find out. It is the only thing that makes perfect sense. Well to me at least. That has to count for something. Right, guys? Um guys...hello?
  15. Personally, for characters like Crystal and Sersi, I want their first incarnation of ML to match their original look in the comics. Characters like Herc and Quicksilver are perfectly fine for alt costumes. That said, a green QS original costume would work. Wish we got that instead of the ugly blue in 3 pack with Wanda and Mags.
  16. I would take it that the bad guy is on his left. Maybe Falcon will try running by on left side, Cap will whup his arse, then give his shield to Bucky.
  17. Yeah, I didnt mean to imply it was better than Stark. It was more powerful than the avg guard IIRC. There was another group of armored goons back then. Mauler and the similar Raiders.
  18. I so hear you, Monron(yes at first glance I thought your name was moron heh). I grew up on comics as a kid in 70/80s. Worked in comic shop as teen, then sold out my stuff about 89. I carry Marvel Ultimate to read old issues that I did as a kid. I stay away from newer material just for stuff like that. They had societal issues in comics back then. It just wasnt the end all, be all, of the material. Plots leading to action used to have me hooked when younger. Then Marvel went to hell about the time of Secret Wars. Shooter chased the talent off, and been slowly dying since from what I have gathered.
  19. I was spamming about every 10- 15 minutes on the link that Jay threw up. I ordered 2....one for show, the other to keep. That was the max it showed I could get, unless I misread it. I think they might of limited this item, but no clue if you could go back to order more.
  20. No, I mean singular. While there was a force of lesser armored guards, the main guy had a more powerful version and looked different. As I recall, the armor drove the first user insane, and Stark ended up giving it to the guys brother after he corrected the flaw.
  21. Every month is a great month to make it Xmen centric. Matter of fact, I could do with the next yr or 2 worth of waves being nothing but comic related, and mostly free of Avengers/Spidey. Xmen, FF, NYC street heroes, various villains etc. Could even throw in older characters like Rawhide Kid, or Sgt Fury n the Howling Commandos. Old school invaders...including Spitfire and Baron Blood. Stilt-man was just a custom I saw....him, Deathstalker from Millers first DD number 158, Imperial Guard, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Air Walker(Gabriel), Firelord, Inhumans. If you want Avengers, lets get side chars and their enemies....I know I would like a Warriors 3 and old school Balder. Titania. What was Thors one replacement? Thunderstrike? His mace was cool. Guardian....the dude in green Iron Man armor that guarded Project Pegasus. Melter, Original Mandarin. Although if push comes to shove, Hellfire Club with their goons that Wolverine likes to dice up, John Proudstar, Banshee and a Kitty Pryde Shadowcat costume would work.
  22. Started within a few minutes of launch last night, and just finished about 40 minutes ago....sleep break in there. IMO season 3 is the best thus far. I wouldn't say the most fighting, but what is there is awesome. We got a real Bullseye this time around. More so, the drama was top notch. Great cast. Highly highly highly recommend. DD was already my favorite Marvel Netflix show. The quality is night and day vs the other series.
  23. Don't care about the game. Not going to buy a PS4 for one game. Prefer my 1X for gaming. It looks like the Devs did a nice job. Folks should have a good time. I do have a pre order in for the Legends figure based on game though.
  24. Getting my order in was pretty irking. Had been checking the site since midnight EST. Every hr. Had they given us the hr it would go live, I guess it would of been a better experience. That said, I wont be paying scalper prices for my stuff, so overall I am a happy camper. It sure beats Mezco and their 6 per person count.
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