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  1. I find it so strange to see people talking about how this one is going to fail. So, with no trailer, what would you really base such an opinion on? And given the track record of Marvel, why would you bet against them? It just doesn't make sense. I keep thinking about Guardians and how everyone did the same thing then ("A walking tree and a talking raccoon, this is going to fail"), and the film was amazing and wildly successful. I will be excited about anything Marvel until they give me a reason not to.
  2. NICE WORK, and great character selection! The cape is fantastic! I occasionally make customs for sale and for my own collection, and I found that paint with a matte finish shows better than a glossy finish, but that is just my opinion. Very nice work (and unbelievable work for a first custom).
  3. Okay, here is an idea - how about an army as the BAF for the next villains wave?! What if you bought a whole wave and got a Skrull, Hellfire Goon, and a Hydra. Something like that could work!
  4. I was so convinced the Hydra figure would be Red Skull, and I am so glad I was right. I think the Red Skull head that came with the Iron Skull figure is much better, so I hope it swaps easily. Lady Deathstrike looks fantastic, and so does Dormmamu. Odd choice for the BAF, but I am sure it will check a box for many collectors, so I'm happy for them. Now can we get a Toad, and a Blob already?!
  5. I was thinking the exact same thing (it is a great mold - of course they are going to get their money's worth out of it)...but you confused me with the last part... six figures? I can only recall 2 green hulks, red hulk, gray hulk, and Maestro... which one am I forgetting with this mold?
  6. Figured Hydra Supreme would come with a Steve head, as well as Red Skull and Struecker heads as well...just seemed logical. Excited to see more X-Men too (AOA Sabretooth, Toad, Banshee, Blob).
  7. So curious about the Fantastic Four, given there are six spots, it would be weird to have a Fantastic Four wave without the four main players, and we just got Doom, Kang, and Silver Surfer not too long ago (and another one coming soon). I'm guessing we'll get Mole Man for sure, and probably Namor (black vest version). Solid possibilities could also be Wizard, Diablo, or Psycho Man. Love to see updated Annihilus and Dragon Man, but only see them being done as Deluxe or BAF. Could also go cosmic and give us Blaastar, Ronan, or any of the remaining Inhumans.
  8. No way he is playing Bushman - the backlash casting a white actor would be too much. Interested to see how this project turns out.
  9. Sort of how I feel too, but I will be good money we see Tigra, Banshee, Blob, Toad, and Classic Doctor Strange within the next 12 to 16 months... they are just too long overdue, and given the number of figures they have pumped out the last few years, these characters are only logical.
  10. Would have much preferred the jazzercize outfit version, and the alternate head looks like it might be a bit small, but I am totally getting this!
  11. I have damn near every character I really need (only about 10 to 20 absolute must haves like an updated Doctor Strange eventually, and maybe Sandman and Lizard when they eventually do them in a proper scale), so while a price hike is annoying, it isn’t necessarily a deal breaker because I don’t need to purchase everything. It will be interesting to see how it affects sales though.
  12. The BAF a couple years ago was actually quite fantastic. I'd try and pick one up, as I highly doubt you will see another for at least ten years unless they add him to a boxed set or deluxe like they just did with Kingpin.
  13. Marvel Monsters are definitely on my must have list, so here is hoping this happens!!! 🙂
  14. I have heard folks guess that the tail the brand team referenced could be Fin Fang Foom, or Tigra, but I'm going to make a guess that with all the Spiderman love with the retro line that the tail could be for a new, more classic scale Lizard (the Lizard BAF is awesome, but I would love a smaller version...and maybe a better scale Sandman and Absorbing Man too).
  15. Funny, I almost mentioned the Bad Guys wave as the kind of thing I am excited about (most excited about Lady Deathstrike too). Totally agree with your comments about the MCU figs being necessary to a wave's success, and that separating out MCU from comic would be a great improvement. They'll never be able to please us all, but they are doing a pretty great job of keeping us all engaged even if we aren't getting exactly what we want all the time. I have a pretty extensive want list with about 30 absolute must haves and an additional 30 that would be really great. It is cool watching my list dw
  16. Not a bad suggestion! I was just commenting on this with BENN (he prefers theme waves, I prefer varied waves), but I think this could be a happy medium. Don't get me wrong, the theme waves are great too (like BENN, the X-Men Theme waves have probably been my favorites), I just love variety.
  17. BENN you're lucky you didn't commit until they started with the complete X-Men Waves - you saved yourself a lot of money and time spent replacing older versions that needed updating. I don't disagree with your take - I get the business of why Hasbro does what they do - I wasn't saying what I wanted was the strongest plan for Hasbro, it is just what I would like to see. That is the beauty of this - there isn't just one type of collector, or right or wrong way for Hasbro to do this. As mentioned, I will buy whatever they pump out (their releases just get better and better), and what we are seein
  18. I started collecting right before the Marvel Legends line started, and I remember the aim being to focus on iconic characters... not really focusing on a complete wave from one character's comics. We had waves with X-Men characters and Avengers characters in the same wave... there was a wave with Blade, Colossus, Fury, Mister Fantastic, Red Skull, Sabretooth, and Silver Surfer - that is what I think they should get back to! I like complete teams too (X-Force, New Mutants), but I think the waves would be a lot more exciting if there was a little bit of everything. Imagine a wave with Classic Do
  19. The Marvel Select Destroyer actually scales beautifully with Legends. Totally agree on everything else you mentioned, especially about Ulik - I managed to get one, and not only does it have the problems you mentioned, but I also got a defective one with two left feet (seriously).
  20. Bigbadtoystore has them on preorder - I buy most my figures there or directly through Hasbropulse (Toy hunting became too tough once Toys r Us folded, and Target is just too hot or cold...and Walmart is straight up awful, so online is the way to go for me)!
  21. I agree, there really isn’t an iconic or definitive look, and I too thought this version was/is quite good! I have four on preorder, but now you have thrown down the gauntlet and I may need to purchase more!
  22. Classic/Retro version of Doctor Strange, Ronan, Drax, Red Skull, Hercules, Blob, Toad, Banshee, Human Torch, Iron Fist, and Powerman, please! And AOA Sabretooth, Kree, Brood, Dum Dum Dugan, and Marvel Monsters!
  23. I hear you about Supreme Hydra and which version it may be, but we know they don't always get the details about the characters right (see Thunderstrike), and if you google Hydra Supreme or Supreme Hydra you get mostly the same details for who that is, so my guess is still that you are probably right about Stevil, but it would be a massive miss for them to not include alternate heads for Red Skull and Baron Von Strucker, so my guess is still that is what we will see.
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