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  1. 4 hours ago, Gigantor said:

    Aren't the arms the same for all 3?  I figured that just the torso was different.

    At a glance it may look that way, but it is much more obvious when they are side by side. Overall the Mr. Fixit is just a bulkier and slightly taller figure (Still hoping they redo the head and proper pin striped suit for a 2 pack with a Patch Wolverine in a suit).

  2. I called most of the AOA, but Legion was a big surprise, I thought one of the spots could be Kitty or Storm but thought Storm would get the spot, and I am still convinced the BAF will be Colossus.  I hope Hasbro now does a few varied waves that work towards completing teams.  Imagine a wave with New Mutants Magik and Magma, X-Factor Wolfsbane, X-Force Warpath, Power-Man, Doctor Strange, and Hercules. One can dream!

  3. I think this is pretty obviously Galactus. There are other large items collectors want for their collections (Giant-Man, Surtur, the Fantastic Four vehicle), but only certain items would be popular enough to gather enough backers, like Sentinels, Galactus and maybe a really kick ass Frost Giant with multiple heads and attachments and the Warriors Three as a tier add-on (yeah, I’ve given this a lot of thought). Maybe a Celestial would work too, but again, I think this will be Galactus.

  4. 12 minutes ago, McHogan said:

    So the top half of the new Cannonball has different paint apps right?

    i get Hasbro usually differs paint apps when they re-release figures but doesn’t this one defeat the point of owning that legless POS they originally released? I’m mean, you can’t even set them side by side in a pre-flight / flight scene.. 

    this set isn’t for me but that’s the kind of thing that would bug me every time I saw it.. 

    obviously people can pick or choose but as an apology figure they kinda dropped the ball here. Kinda like decision to use that Derby and modern suit on Mr. Hyde in lue of his more classic look...

    I hear ya, but I doubt they will re-tool the top, so my guess is the legs will probably be removable, so the new top half can go with the powered up base or the legs that come with it. The Juggernaut BAF in the Colossus two pack was not re-tooled (it was still a BAF). And who knows, the two pack could have the powered up effect too! 🙂

  5. 3 minutes ago, shazam71069 said:

    Okay, I'm gonna say it. Why on Earth can Warner Bros. release ALL of their films on HBO Max FOR NO EXTRA COST and Disney, who made nearly double what WB did last year during a worldwide pandemic, can't release even the majority of their movies on Disney+, for any price. Premier Access is horseshit. We already pay for Disney+. If WB can do it, why can't Disney?

    Marvel has a flawless record and I am sure they want to maintain that (that is a big deal for their marketing, and for enticing investors).  The amount they would lose putting it on streaming without a fee just makes no sense (you wouldn't do that either, no matter how much money you made the previous year). Justice League in theaters was a bust - fans and critics alike panned it, so adding footage back in and spending some money on it and releasing it as a way to breath life into a struggling cinematic universe was worth them doing it for no additional fee and I think it will pay off for them in the long run. Disney and WB are not the same thing - quality of content and degree of success are VERY different. I would love to see Black Widow as soon as possible on streaming at no cost too, but I absolutely understand their strategy and why they are not doing that. 

  6. 5 hours ago, MonsterChris said:

    Right.  I don't do MCU, so this gives me a little breathing room.  Maybe I can even grab one or two things from the backlog!

    I am so with you guys! I really like the MCU Legends, but I made a decision a long time ago to only collect the comic figures, so this gives me a much needed break from hunting and purchasing. I say this as I purchase 6 Hand Ninjas! 🙂

  7. 19 minutes ago, Ironspider428 said:

    I would love a new Sandman on the Hydro-Man buck. I doubt they'd do a brand new mold for Lizard but I would definitely buy a retro BAF Lizard with a more classic or Mcfarlane style head.

    YES! The Hydro-Man buck would work perfectly for Sandman! I still love the BAF Lizard, but I just want one closer on scale to the other characters... but yeah, you are probably right about them not being likely to make a new mold.


  8. I find it so strange to see people talking about how this one is going to fail. So, with no trailer, what would you really base such an opinion on? And given the track record of Marvel, why would you bet against them? It just doesn't make sense. I keep thinking about Guardians and how everyone did the same thing then ("A walking tree and a talking raccoon, this is going to fail"), and the film was amazing and wildly successful. I will be excited about anything Marvel until they give me a reason not to. 

  9. NICE WORK, and great character selection! The cape is fantastic! I occasionally make customs for sale and for my own collection, and I found that paint with a matte finish shows better than a glossy finish, but that is just my opinion. Very nice work (and unbelievable work for a first custom).


  10. I was so convinced the Hydra figure would be Red Skull, and I am so glad I was right. I think the Red Skull head that came with the Iron Skull figure is much better, so I hope it swaps easily. Lady Deathstrike looks fantastic, and so does Dormmamu. Odd choice for the BAF, but I am sure it will check a box for many collectors, so I'm happy for them.  Now can we get a Toad, and a Blob already?!

  11. 14 hours ago, Virtualzach said:

    People are awfully critical about the re-use of the hulk mold.  Let's take a moment to acknowledge how amazing that sculpt is.  It's the absolute best hulk they've ever done, imo.  Makes sense to use it for the other color hulks as well as Maestro.  I mean they use the same body for dozens upon dozens of other heroes and people are dissing this one because it doesn't have boots.  So six figures, five of which are hulks, and that's all they're allowed to do?  To each their own, I suppose...

    Anticipated and pre-ordered.

    I was thinking the exact same thing (it is a great mold - of course they are going to get their money's worth out of it)...but you confused me with the last part... six figures? I can only recall 2 green hulks, red hulk, gray hulk, and Maestro... which one am I forgetting with this mold?


  12. So curious about the Fantastic Four, given there are six spots, it would be weird to have a Fantastic Four wave without the four main players, and we just got Doom, Kang, and Silver Surfer not too long ago (and another one coming soon).  I'm guessing we'll get Mole Man for sure, and probably Namor (black vest version).  Solid possibilities could also be Wizard, Diablo, or Psycho Man. Love to see updated Annihilus and Dragon Man, but only see them being done as Deluxe or BAF. Could also go cosmic and give us Blaastar, Ronan, or any of the remaining Inhumans.

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