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  1. Not sure why folks are having such a problem with the head sculpt. It is definitely reminiscent of the original Toybiz Hulk, and comics back in the day. Might not be for you, but I think it looks great. And this was a big expensive new buck, so of course they will want to get their monies worth out of it. Only a matter of time before we get one that is retooled to be Gladiator Hulk / World War Hulk.
  2. This is a nice update, but I wish they would have re-done the knees, as they were the one sore spot of the original release.
  3. Now this is an interesting re-use of an excellent figure, so I don't mind it at all, and will absolutely be getting it! I imagine this figure as well as many others have a strong chance of being re-issued with Skrull heads around the time Secret Invasion hits Disney + in 2022...or one can hope at least! 😉
  4. This new buck is really great! It will be interesting to see which characters are slated to be re-done with this buck. Since they said the Toybiz Anniversary figures would be around 12 in total, I looked back over all of the figures TB produced, and it is amazing to see how many have already been re-done by Hasbro, or are slated to be re-done in the next year. The Toybiz figs I could see being re-done (either within the Anniversary line, or elsewhere) would be Angel, Iron Fist, Powerman, Beta Ray Bill, Daredevil, Warbird, Ant-Man, Blackheart, Vengeance, Namor (with the vest), Longshot, Marvel Monsters, Lizard, Jigsaw, Baron Strucker... and Cyclops, Phoenix/Dark Phoenix, Beast, Black Widow, and Ghost Rider since it has been a while since they re-did these. Amazing to think those are the only ones they haven't re-done yet (or in a while). Gotta hand it to Hasbro for really delivering for fans.
  5. JAY C - any news on 2022 Legends? So curious what the other Toybiz Anniversary figures will be, and can't wait to see pics of the X-Men Wave, and the Avengers Wave, including the BAFs.
  6. I think they will absolutely make a Phoenix to complete this set (maybe even two pack with a re-issued Nightcrawler). Totally agree about Liefeld - still shocked that guy was so successful.
  7. Not a chance Hasbro won't be bombarding us with Legends for this film, which is great news for all of you who collect MCU figures! As for the second Goblin - not a chance that is Franco (Disney wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole). Also not a chance the other Spidermen are not in this film, though I am guessing they will come in at the very end - leads into Multi-Verse of Madness, and it gives Sony more Spidermen for their Spiderverse, so they will continue to play nice with Feige.
  8. Bought this one months ago off eBay since Walgreens in my area haven’t had Legends in well over a year, and the website was useless. Got Quasar and Binary from the UK, so I am good, but I am glad to see things with Walgreens might be improving.
  9. I got back into collecting as an adult when this figure was in the bargain bins at Kay Bee Toys, so for nostalgia's sake I feel like I need to get this one (not to mention, it is actually a remarkable figure). Thing, Psycho Man, and Wizard are the ones I remember liking most from that line.
  10. Nice work - I am going to follow your lead! I love the simple kit bashes like this that don't take a ton of work, yet make a world of difference. I do this all the time with head sculpts I don't like (Shatterstar, and X-Man heads were replaced with Multiple Man unmasked heads with some chopping and gluing, and Quasar's head was replaced with a Cannonball head and Archangel hair. Not a kit bash, but Black Tom Cassidy got a Kraven head from the Spiderman/Kraven two pack (simple head swap, but such an improvement).
  11. Eternals was a fun film, not anywhere near top of the list of Marvel films, but nowhere near the bottom either. When people watch films sometimes they know something is off without being able to pinpoint exactly what that is (case in point, if foley isn't done correctly, you could mistake the problem as lighting - it is a weird trick your mind plays). I think people are experiencing the same thing with Eternals... they sense something is off about it, but they don't really know what that is. Audiences have come to expect a consistent experience from beginning to the post credit scenes, and they didn't get that with Eternals. This felt different, because it is the first time we have had a film filled with a band of characters we do not know, so we didn't start with any sort of investment. Yes, you could say the same was the case with Guardians, but Guardians was also comedic, and it poked fun at the fact that you didn't know them ("Star-Lord." "WHO?"), Eternals is quite serious (very little humor). There also hasn't been heavy exposition in any of the other films, and this one has a lot, which throws off the structure and rhythm. However, Eternals had some very powerful and impressive plot and character elements, some of which are the best, or most interesting in any of the Marvel films to date... which leads to what I think was the main problem of the film - connective tissue. Endgame kept up the tension from beginning to end (even the slow, or funny moments still had a tension), but Eternals has some issues with keeping up that tension between the amazing elements, so there was a loss of momentum. The film had a great cast, acting was solid, and it looked absolutely beautiful (even the odd look of the deviants works once you see it on screen). It is a good film, but it could have been great.
  12. Totally agree! The Doc Ock buck could work for Dum Dum (put a vest or jet pack on him and you don't even need to change that pack piece with the ports), but other sizes like you said would be great. Eventually they could make army builder sets with combos from different groups (Hydra, Shield, Hellfire Goon, Skrull, Aim, Kree, Brood, Hand, Nova Corps). I have said it here before, I am still surprised Hasbro never thought to make Skrull accessories (heads, hands, arms, etc) for major characters (Wolverine, Cap, Ironman, Spiderman) to include with characters in a wave...seems like a no brainer.
  13. Thanks for the update! Still can't believe we are getting Maggot. Glad to hear your thoughts on the additional figures in the TB Anniversary line. So many figures have been re-done in recent years, that when I thought about all the figures TB produced from wave two on, the only ones I could imagine them releasing would be Namor, Ghost Rider, Phoenix/ Dark Phoenix, Angel, Vengeance, Iron Fist, Blackheart, Powerman, Beta Ray Bill, Daredevil, and Blade. Curious to see if any of these make the cut.
  14. Loving the brighter blue color, but I am keeping my darker ones too! Hope we get female Shield agents, and a Dum Dum Dugan eventually too!
  15. I would be happy to see him on the Odinson buck, or the Hercules buck, though that might be a bit too large.
  16. Wait, Groot is going to be the next Iron Fist?
  17. That is an amazing list of re-dos! Daredevil, Silver Surfer, Iron Fist, and Angel especially. With all of those, the ones we know of through 2022, and maybe 10 to 20 others (Classic Drax, Ronan, Valkyrie, Nebula, Gamora, Yondu, Powerman, Hela, Blackheart, Mephisto, Phoenix, Marrow, Warriors Three, and a Frost Giant), my collection will be just about complete!
  18. SO, if the TB 20th Anniversary Sub-Line is going to go past Cap, Ironman, Hulk and Toad, I am curious which figures are most likely to be re-done. Given that there is a Ghost Rider 50th Anniversary next year, Ghost Rider and Blackheart are strong candidates. Angel hasn't had a single figure release in well over a decade, so he is a very strong candidate. Since they have been showing a lot of respect to classic versions of characters lately (upcoming Doctor Strange, Retro Vision, Ultron, Dormammu), Beta Ray Bill, Powerman, and Iron Fist could be strong contenders. But we have also never been given a truly great Daredevil, so that one could make the cut (though probably more likely in a Spiderman wave). Finally, Namor with the water base from early in the line - that could also make it. Those are the ones I think might make it in the line...or at least I hope they do!
  19. Got this one a few weeks ago in the UK, but hated the head, so I replaced it with a Cannonball head and replaced the hair with hair from (I believe) Adam Warlock. I think it is a massive improvement.
  20. WAIT, WHAT?! A rumored Target Lizard Set?!!! I hadn't heard about that one, but suspected it would happen since they re-did Sandman and the only Lizard we have is that monstrously large BAF. Wondering if it will be a whole new scaled down version (HOPING), or a Deluxe Release BAF. I am guessing we will only see Pre-Orders for the TOYBIZ Anniversary Wave, but hopefully we will get confirmation (with pics) of the Avengers Wave, X-Men Wave. Love to hear more about Doctor Strange and Thor waves, but that may be asking for too much.
  21. I was fortunate enough to get one a few weeks ago while I was in the UK, and I have to say the head sculpt is honestly terrible. I am trying to figure out which head I can use to do a little customizing (the hair is fine, but the face is just brutal).
  22. Yes, on all accounts. The ankles are funky, and he is a bit taller than I would like, but I still love him! However, the Classic Loki (that is about to be re-released in the Retro wave) might be better scaled in height, but they put that one on WAY too big of a buck (it is actually bulkier than the old one we are referring to)... so, I am keeping both, but I still prefer that old one. Hoping they give Thor's supporting characters more attention over the next couple years - I would love anything from War of the Realms (I have about 5 custom Frost Giants under construction because I couldn't wait any longer).
  23. I have gotten rid of everything in my collection that doesn't really fit with today's Legends, and this one made the cut and still looks fantastic (the head sculpt is just top notch), and probably still scales because he is an Asgardian. 😉
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