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  1. Call it what you want . Ive been collecting ML for 20 yrs now and I stopped buying figs that were'nt worth the price I've paid only to have to throw them away later that ship has sailed long time ago . So I do put my money with my mouth is its obvious from my comment . I will not buy figs that are poor quality and dont look nothing like the character in the comics But like i stated in my comments I do buy figs that are worth buying like the Cap , Thor , retro Spidey , Hydra Cap fig two pack , Walgreens Namor , ML Thing , Doom etc & its not "supposedly" its fact . I'm not alone in my opinions I have see Youtubers , other comments agreeing to what I've been saying all along . I want all my figs i pay for to be well painted , articulated, up to date , perfection as the others.... The Sentry is a worthy character that meets the "merit" you referred to like all the other figs . Hes been around for over 3 decades so I dont know what you mean there . I have waited and hoped for ML to produce figs like Mr Hyde , The Sentry , Superior Spiderman that are worth the money I pay for only to see the molds or choice of paint that looked horrible & didnt make sense . Now over recent years I collected great sculpted and well painted figs with perfect articulations and perfect body molds like ML Deadpool , baf Sasquatch , baf The Absorbing Man etc but the vast majority of the figs i didnt buy just could not compare in Quality to those . For my money I'm gonna buy figs that I'm going to keep for a long long time not poorly painted constructed , legs too short (Sentry) odd looking figs that im going to end up throwing away .
  2. Ofcourse but it goes both ways . That "Dude" comment reply directed towards me was not so respectful either on his part . You dont go to a stranger calling them "dude" and expect respect back. Doesnt work that way in the real world . Now if he would have a addressed me like " I disagree" or " I like that figure and I think Dwight is doing a great job " then thats fine . But this person chose a not so respectful reply . Maybe you should address that to the other party next time someone like me wants to express an opinion
  3. Oh spare me the talking points and rhetoric and the joke about the crappy Senty figure just released Dwight and the rest of those bafoons have been dishing out pure GARBAGE . Your actually gonna tell me that the Sentry is the " best representation" of the character ? Are you serious ?????? thats a joke it looks a BABY TOY compared to figs like 80th anniversary Cap & Thor . They have the means to make the Sentry so much more like the comics & that joke of a fig is NOT like the comics. Its people like you that keep this crap going by ass kissing them . I dont blame Hasbro from cancelling Marvel Legends bcz of the crappy product Dwight keeps designing . Explain to me how genius is it to put Mr Hyde who is an athletic brute force beast (that in the comics Mr Hyde is very very AGILE ) in a KINGPIN body mold . I mean ARE YOU SERIOUS ????? is that a "great decision" ??? Shall I go on let me proceed. You want to know waht a perfect body mold is ? Walgreens Exclusive Namor is by far PERFECTION at its finest they can do it like Namor's body mold but wont . And you state that the new Sentry is the best representation of character dude put your glasses on . The Sentry has a superior physical shape in the comics dont you dare lecture me about representation of a character bcz you just lost all credibility in that comment . Putting a grim reaper body mold on THE SENTRY ????? LMAO !!!! Theres no detail in the cape bright bright yellow is kind of color you would use on a kindergartener . I will never put a fig like that next to my ML 80th anniversary Cap , Thor or retro Spiderman . Heres an idea why doesnt the Sentry HAVE HIS OWN DISTINCT BODY MOLD ????? Did you see the new ML Orb ? did you see the body mold they are using ????? that crappy outdated Bucky Cap mold ??? WTF dude ? I can go on and on and on about the crap they keep dishing out how after all these years going to come out with Mephisto only to put him in a GR haslab overpriced project . I mean imagine if they just released Mephisto by itself you would have a very very hard time finding him bcz he would be selling off the shelves because he is beyond past due. I dont waht that version of GR I dont want the car . All i need is Mephisto heck his body mold & paint job is far better than the Sentry's its not perfect LIKE IT SHOULD but he'll have to do since ML never produced one
  4. I think its time for new leadership in the design of these figs Dwight Stahl is the designer well he's had a history of making horrible mistakes with the Marvel Legends line . This Item or items are really not indemand & the Mephisto fig looks so mediocre but it will have to do . All I want is the Mephisto , Think about it , Mephisto in the whole history of the Marvel Legends line have NEVER! been made until now (Where the hell have they been?) and in order to get him you have to spend an outrageous amt of money for it ???? Now if you look at the horrible designs for figs like the new Sentry , baf Mr Hyde , The ORB (Bucky Cap mold again) The Watcher , baf Odin , & the just re released same old 10 yr old baf Terrax the Tamer , I can to on and on and on with the terrible body molds hes designed for such iconic Marvel Characters. There are good designs like 80th anniversary Captain America , Thor , Iron Man , The Thing , Doctor Doom and God Doom , & Retro Spiderman which means he can make better designs of body mold and art detail in these figs but He will not do it . And to like not offer Mephisto alone is really dumb being Mephisto is such an important iconic character thats been left out the whole time . The Sentry they just released is just atrocious crap I ever seen . Hasbro needs to either reassign him somewhere else or cut him loose . He and his cohorts keep dishing out poor quality in art work , articulation , paint selection in the Marvel legends line
  5. Pure garbage I've had it with Marvel Legends line leaders and sculpters THEY SUCK !!!! They keep making crappy shotty figs that are poor quality for example The Sentry is a one of the most POWERFUL super beings in the Marvel universe and they put him a dumb sculpt where his legs are too short & the color is like baby toy type color hardly any detail on his body mold nor cape . The Senty is a mighty character that should have is OWN mold instead of using a mediocre mold like Grim Reaper mold I mean how stupid is that ? They did the same thing with Mr Hyde where they took a Marvel character like him that runs , spreads his legs and back I mean Mr Hyde moves like the Hulk & what does Marvel Legends leaders do ? They make a Mr Hyde and put it in the Kingpin Body mold where you cant hardly pose him . I can go on and on of how they screw up iconic characters by putting them in terrible molds they need to fire the Marvel Legends line leaders all 3 of them and the sculpters they obviously dont read or know Marvel Characters
  6. Hope they do a new and improved Superior Spiderman as well that would be REVOLUTIONARY !!!!!!!!
  7. Definely going to grab this one . I hope and pray they redo Superior Spiderman in this body mold with the sneaker like shoes (like in the comics) that would steal the show !!!!!!!!
  8. Mephisto is a decade past due along with other Characters like Werewolf by Night , Moon Dragon , Daken , Banshee , Nightmare , Blackout , Red Suited Dracula Lord of the Vampires , FrankenCastle , Superior Spiderman I can go on an on and wish they can redo Wendigo , Mr Hyde , & The Watcher .... Those three were a major disappointment they needed a better detail & artwork on The Watcher especially Mr Hyde the classic version with a better more articulate body mold (not the kingpin one) would have been revolutionary !!! the Sleepwalker fig is a joke using the bucky cap mold . Since they put superior detail and artwork as well is much improved body mold in figs like ML The Thing , Dr Doom , BAF Apocalypse , 80th yr anniversary of Cap , and Thor etc they should do the same with all the rest
  9. Me !!!! which I will gladly recieve 🙂 . Bcz I've thrown away so many figs in the past for that very same reason . No way im putting a bucky cap style fig next to a Perfectly sculped, detailed and painted fig like ML Dr Doom , God Doom (perfection!!!) , the latest version of Morbius which was FANTASTIC , retro Spidey , 75th anniversay ML of Cap , Thor , Iron Man , the latest versions of Namor , Submariner , Superior Octopus , baf Apocolypse (latest version) . I want my monies worth if they continue to put perfection in those type of figs I will glady hunt find and pay for those same type of work in other figs
  10. The Point is that for years and years ML leadership we dishing out poorly detailed , poorly ENGINEERED figs & apparently didnt focus on improving the sculps and articulations over the years , AND ignoring key Marvel characters & they're still doing it today for example the new Quasar still using the bucky cap mold and no detail nor facial expessions on the face as a matter of fact the Quasar fig has a face of Robert Redford & the paint on the fig is dark than the color of Quasar on the box itself , no shading on the cape not getting that one guess I'll have to wait for the newly engineered body mold to be made for Quasar . I'm not buying anymore bucky cap style figs anymore
  11. I'm giving you an example of being long overdue as far at the body molds which they (Legends Team) were far behind on the molds and should start producing all the characters that were introduced in those molds to the new and improved molds like Banshee , Daken etc & they are way far behind on marquee characters of the Marvel World like : Mephisto (never done before btw can you believe that???) , classic marvel avengers Yellowjacket (loong overdue) , Dracula Lord of the Vampires , The Molecule Man , Terrax the Tamer , Daken , Madam Web , Mistress Death , Classic versions of Wendigo , Mr Hyde , Angel ( Warren Kenneth Worthington III version) , Blackout , Doc Samson , Valkarie , Superior Spiderman I can on and on and on , Those figs will have every single Marvel Collector like myself scrambling to get those all over the world
  12. I hope they do a haslab of Eternity , I would then have to get that one for my collection
  13. Dwight Stall is missing out on a bigger market in the past decade I've seen poorly sculped , painted , articulation of many figures like for example the donald duck type feet on figs like ML Daken , Banshee , the crappy bucky cap molds , the extremely thin spiderman figs I can go on and on tell me when was the last time Mr Stall introduced the iconic ML version of Mephisto ????? how bout never , or Molecule Man , The Grizzly , That Wendigo baf looks NOTHING like him at all the retro Spiderman finally had a perfect body mold , and detail on him same with 75th aniversary Cap , Thor , & Iron Man the past ones were crap with the ball joint bulky shoulders , Than ML version Superior Spiderman was a pathetic joke . I want quality in the money I pay for & Mr Stall is forgetting key famous Marvel Characters it took him soooooooooooo long to remember Mr Hyde & when its released they didnt even bother to offer an alternate head sculpt without the silly hat When was the last time we ever seen Ronin the Accuser , or Comic version of the Black Order . Tell me if he ordered and released those figs with a much improved body mold, paint & detail I just mentioned I guarantee you those figs would be flying off the shelves that they would be able to keep up with the demand
  14. Yes far behind bcz in the past ML made poorly styled body molds like for example the last figs of Banshee and Daken had the donald duck feet , other figs had dull poor paint jobs poorly detailed figs like sentry's cape and body mold they introduced the infamous bucky cap mold which is terrible the extremely thin spiderman figs , the horrible version of Superior Spiderman that was a joke . They need to redo all those figs that had been poorly developed especially since they are raising the prices
  15. I dont need another Rogue , I dont need another spiderman varients , I dont need another Gambit . What I do need is a classic versions of Wendigo , Mr Hyde , Sentry (with a much improved and detailed body mold) , a never before made Molecule Man (classic and current ) the comic version of the Black Order to fit with my Thanos figure , never before made Mephisto (with a great body mold, detailed paint work ) a new and improved more bulky body mold and better detail art work of Odin , Dracula Lord of the Vampires (red suit white hair version) , an overdue Daken with better body mold , paint and detail work . Oh and a new Banshee is long past overdue I can go on and on of how far behind Marvel legends leadership is I"m not wasting anymore money on remakes like this until they start redoing past due characters like those I mentioned
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