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  1. Oh wow just keep teasing us. Haha. I love it give us as much info about it as possible! Hopefully show us pics of Morg and Nova as well. But in this pic I can see what everyone was meaning about the “mechanical” look to the hands and it is strange but doesn’t bother me that much. I’m very excited for this guy hopefully we get some more heralds to coincide with his release. But I’m jealous of dwights collection look at that Phoenix cyclops we never got!!!
  2. Saw some people on FB going on about this. Seems a little left field, but could be a nice read just have to wait and see. Maybe Mircaleman is going to be making an mcu appearance so I guess they might be getting him out there some more? Or just trying to write a good story hopefully.
  3. I think it was just a way to get that “infinity war” strange out to more people because that set became expensive for a while. Because this new Strange we got is a bit of a different costume in this MOM wave. And if anyone else is like me like a completist then they’re gonna want both costumes.
  4. Already in hand images???? What!!! How? I’m so jealous of over see finds. But im excited to get my hand on these D’spayre, sleepwalker and Wong have to be my favorites so far. I’m liking the new look for mordo thoigh. Just wish we had a comic style one already.
  5. I wonder if this will be our only evil strange or will Jasbro give us another for the films? Very curious. Either way I’m excited to get my hands on this figure yet to find one or see one online for a good price.
  6. Oh yeah that’s right, I forgot. Oh well, but still it’d be a nice place to put him because even though he’s like super bulky I still like that figure. I think this new one from the 3 pack is the upgrade we needed, but can’t just forget about a figure like that.
  7. You could place him with your secret Avengers. He’s in like the perfect costume for it. Black boots and all.
  8. I like the progression from the homecoming suit to the NWH one. They’ve made the web lines to be recessed instead of “kinda protruding out” but I’m not sure about these guys. Just not feeling it. I do like the Infinity War one though, a little bit. But mostly just because of the arms. We need some good arms for the legends Spidey that don’t cost an arm and a leg. 😉
  9. This is interesting. Never expected all 3 of these groups to have a big interaction together but I’m open to it. But like ADour said it’s possibly because the avengers are using a celestial as their HQ now so this’ll be a fight to watch go down. Hopefully this’ll be a good excuse for Hasbro to give us comic renditions of the externals?? Hopefully.
  10. This figure is pretty nice, but I just can’t take it or even the movie seriously with Angelina Jolie playing this character. Like even her as a person I can't take serious, like idk why the people at marvel or Disney decided she would be a good fit for this film. Idk just a nitpick of mine.
  11. I love this set, it’s a random out of field 3 pack that I was not expecting but happily glad to have. Just need a Rachel now and we have a team complete! Cap looks really good glad they gave us two options for the heads, really loving that blonde beard! As for Meegan I think she’s really good as well, no complaints as far as her body, double jointed would have been nice. But her head sculpt is nice the classic smile but I would have liked to have an extra head (maybe make the hair removable? So we could just have a more beautiful or slightly angry face perhaps? same thing with Kitty extra head where she’s not smiling so much would be nice. She’s a great figure overall and I love the smiles but when they are in a fight scene a non smiling face would be nice.
  12. These look really nice, especially the “black” suit Spidey I like that he actually has the dr strange gauntlet. Plus those effects and accessories they all come with is nice. But I just can’t get over how these guys look so slender and skinny. Like yes it’s Spidey, he’s a very acrobatic character, but Peter has a bit of bulk and muscle.
  13. I really enjoyed the Hawkeye show. It felt like a nice little pocket series that was in its own world, but still connected to the mcu at large. It was just nice and wholesome and soemthing I didn’t mind binging. I was especially stoked when I saw Kingpin show up!!!!! I couldn’t believe it! This show and the arrival of Kingpin has just got me more excited for what’s to come. And with daredevil showing up in no way home the possibilities are endless. And I understand what Vincent means about every dot not connecting. Because when these shows on Netflix we’re on and even the abc ones, there were a lot of things happening in the movies at the time with civil war, registration act, age of Ultron, and some things were referenced and hinted at in the shows and other things weren’t, so it makes sense for the things that didn’t perfectly align with the mcu continuity this far to not be really important or essential to reference for these characters appearing again. This may suck for some things, but could be great for others, like we could possibly get an even better and more bad ass iron fist out of this? And see way more things than we expected. I cnat wait, so glad the mcu is finally pulling all the people in. It’s going to be another crazy 10 years you guys.
  14. This is interesting, did not expect Figuarts to make one of these. Seems more like a revoltech kind of design and scope, but it’s pretty cool. It’s be an interesting figure to add to the iron man hall of armors but not soemthing essential or soemthing I’d want more of for different characters.
  15. This figure is pretty nice looking. The gold really sticks out. But I was hoping they would have given him a magical gauntlet, but I guess that was too spoilery?
  16. Im really excited for this Shocker figure! He is fantastic! I kind of like the look without the black lines being colored, but I also want one with the black lines, so I might have to snag two to have both looks, but all in all a very solid figure. He looks a lot more buff than I thought, and I like it!!!
  17. This movie is going to be mad! I love it, the whole schebang. It is one I am definitely going to theaters for, I’m just curious as to all the cameos!!! Maybe we’ll see Hayley at well as Captain Carter? (Spoilers) The Spider-Men again? Possibly Miles from Spiderverse? Maybe some Fox characters like Wolverine, prof or dare I say it Deadpool? Also, does anyone think this is the same evil strange? Or is it a different one? Also, is he perhaps the main antagonist of the film? Or is that just a twist and rabbit trail for us to chase while the real villain remains hidden or could be Mordo? I’m not sure what to believe. But either way I’m ready for it.
  18. I agree comeplteyl with all of these. I want them. I think we need the updated spideys first, so we can finally do some cool scenes with all the Spidey Bros, then a doc ock and Green goblin for sure. I would prefer two goblins though. An updated one with the 2002 look and one with the 2021 look. Then all of the others you mentioned then hopefully, we can continue to get more Spidey waves and they give us more updates like maybe a black suited Spidey? Topper Grace venom just to have? James Franco Harry goblin? The rhino and goblin from asm2? It’d be nice to receive all those updates, along with everyone we saw in the film.
  19. With each new reveal and picture of this guy I am just so amazed at the scale, I know it’s not like super huge, but looking at this guy on a shelf or next to a regular figure. He’s huge! And articulated! So I’m very pleased and just can’t wait!!!
  20. It’s just so amazing to see this film be up there with the big boys and all 3 of them to be marvel movies. This film was spectacular and definitely deserves the full recognition. Very well pleased with it and excited to see what else may come forward.
  21. I am so happy and excited for this. I cnat believe we’re getting this. I’m really excited to have a premium and definitive Galactus that should be a lasting rendition in the collection for some years. I’m also really hoping they give us a cosmic wave that coincides with the ship date of galaxy us like they did with the Sentinel. A good way to get some more heralds and any other cosmic heroes we need to round out our shelves.
  22. These are pretty cool, if I had the extra cash I probably would get a few especially black Panther to see what they’re about. They remind me of the avenger bots from the next avengers animated movie.
  23. I am loving all these reveals. Very excited for the anniversary wave, not sure why they didn’t show us Toad? I guess saving it for a bigger reveal on another stream? This is a nice X-Men wave see some needed figures. Not sure why we’re always getting a Wolverine and or Sabertooth in every wave though. Not too keen on that wolvie but that Sabertooth is pretty nice. I like it. Really excited for maggot and Vulcan though and bonebreaker! That’s an amazing piece, he’s going to be huge on the shelf but nicely done. Really stoked for that Jigsaw and Zemo. I’m getting big EMH vibes from Zemo, hopefully we get a series of figures around that show at some point. Just hope these figures will be easier to find. All in all a lot of cool stuff I just hope they reveal a no way home wave soon with some more movie figures.
  24. Oh man this looks bad ass as well, I can totally see people buying multiples of these just to have more of that effect, hopefully hasbro will realease like a 3 pack of these so we can have more of these effects, it’d be a great endgame set up haha, but that is a fantastic costume for strange! I wonder if this means a defenders spin off? Or perhaps a little multi versa defenders line up in the film? That would be great! I’ll be missing the old costume but if this is what strange starts wearing now I won’t be disappointed.
  25. All these figures are nice! I pretty much love the whole wave. I know they’re mostly MCU figures but some great additions that we needed. Like Wong has been needed for a very long time, and his costume is so colorful this time it’s great! Of course needed a new starnage and he has an run crunch! Mordor is looking super super bad ass with his new look and we got our first America Chavez figure!!!!! Hopefully get a comic one soon after this, but this wave is very nice. Along with the two comic figures sleepwalker and d’spayre, they go nicely on my shelf, I love having new characters, the only one I’m not too pumped over is the astral doc, it’s cool, I definitely want it too, but they could’ve saved that for a wave two and given us a clea or another comic figure like everyone else has said already, but all in all a pretty solid line up. Rintrah looks really really good as well, surprised we’re getting a figure of him he must play a significantly role? Of course kro barely did anything in externals and we got a figure of him. So idk, I’m excited either way.
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