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  1. I’m not sure on what they plan to do, but I am pretty excited to see what we may get! They’ve impressed me with Unicron, but I just couldn’t spend $600 for him. So I do hope that this Legends project is at a reasonable price I think $300-$350 would be a good spot. I like the idea of mastermold, but I think I’d just rather have a regular Sentinel in the correct size that works with our 6 inch legends, that has all the bells and whistles we would want. As for extras, maybe include a giant master mold head like you suggested. I’d hate though for an exclusive figure to be included in only this set like Nimrod! Don’t use that idea Hasbro! And if you’re already planning it stop! Lol just give us something great.
  2. Now the million dollar question is, how are we gonna get that new head in blue to match our previous beast?!? Still love this figure though, it’ll be a nice figure to keep in the box. And it’s a classic little Nostalgia piece.
  3. Interesting I can’t believe we are getting sugar man! That is gonna be one gnarly looking figure! I’m also excited to see how this abomination will look. Maybe he can double as an MCU Version as well?
  4. Hmm very interesting. While I see it highly unlikely for them to not renew a deal let’s think of the possibilities. If they do renew, things will continue as before and us loyal collectors that are still interested in the franchises will still collect the awesome figures coming our way and will hopefully give Hasbro more ideas to fully suit our collections and make them continue growing. On the other hand, if they don’t renew that means that someone else will get the license. This a new company will be making their own style of figures of the same characters, which probably won’t fit the same design style as Hasbro. (Start all over again boys) Which doesn’t seem like the best idea. I mean sure other companies have did it, but after collecting a line so long, what collector would want to change design styles, and collect the same characters all over again? For me I think of the power rangers legacy line. Bandai was starting off and making some -okay- figures, but they were finally giving us what we sort of wanted form power rangers all along. Then Hasbro gets the rights and gives us superior figures. This making the old Bandai figures obsolete really. This was to our benefit because the Bandai figures barely had any start. This scenario would be flipped in the other case, since Hasbro Legends have such a long standing run and they know the line. It’d be crazy to switch. Just look at the latest DC dogs ugggghhhh. So if Disney knows what’s good for them then they will renew. Case-closed.
  5. Oh yes those headsculpts look much better than that first teaser image that they showed us. Overall he seems interesting and looks good with other figures, but posing is the main thing. Can he sit? Lol can he hold his gauntlet hand up in the air and do the pose? Gotta wait and see.
  6. Hopefully this turns out great with good articulation. They got the comic accurate orientation for the stones so that’s a plus for me. But that head-sculpt just doesn’t look like Thanos to me. The chin needs to be squarer. They got the liens and everything, but he just looks like an old man instead of the Mad Titan.
  7. Oh wow I hope this is true! I’d love to have an updated Leader and Mar-Vell! Rage and Mach- 1 would be nice additions. Especially Mach-1 for my thunderbolts! As far as the the new Cap and Iron Man I’ll be pretty content to see how they turn out. Even if the game doesn’t do so well, I’m still interested in them because they (Iron man so far. seems to be a good modern rendition of Iron Man that isn’t too specific, so it could work in any display. As for Kampala Kahn I would hope they would give us her in civilian clothes like this image here, but if they don’t no biggie.
  8. Hey I’m right there with you pal. I don’t know what the big fuss is about. I think his new look is pretty awesome! It combines classic with udon, while adding their own spin on it.
  9. Hmmm interesting. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully this means good things for Captain Marvel. I fairly enjoyed the first movie, so hopefully this will be the good starts of an even greater film.
  10. Ohhh man I love all these accessories! Hasbro knew how to reel us back in to get even more excited for these figures! Out of all the accretions though I really love the widow stingers with the smoke! And the shield jet pack! Lol
  11. Well this totally came out of left field. I wonder why they would re-release such a dated figure? I mean it’s still goo t an extent, but why not give us an updated Rulk that could rival the legends?
  12. So many great possibilities here with Namor! F4! BP 2! I would also love to see Mark Ruffalo get his own Hulk solo film! so many new things to play with like Rick Jones! Doc Samson! Leader! Rulk! Maybe even have the movie open with Smart Hulk at one of those old shield bases (maybe something else now) and he is being like a doctor of some kind to abomination trying to help him and “cure” him like he did to himself and things could go sour from there. Possible A-bomb? Just all sorts of neat stuff to play with in the gamma world.
  13. This figures looks pretty good, but for the price point and considering the costume. I’ll be happy with the legends one for now. However, if Mezco decides to give us a Far From Home Mysterio! With an unmasked head! Oh man I’d be all over that!!!!
  14. Yes finally! I’ve been patiently waiting and I’m so glad they didn’t forget about this! So excited! And I agree they should have paid more attention to this instead of Dark Phoenix because this looks promising.
  15. I’m pretty excited for this wave! I’ve always wanted a big BAF size Crimson Dynamo. Although not the perfect costume design I was thinking of but it works! All the figures look great, but it doesn’t seem like they’ve used the face print for them. Hopefully they’ll fix that in the final productions. Im really excited for that Taskmaster though! I wish the shield was bigger, but that whole design is awesome!
  16. Maybe Hasbro’s giving us a hint here?!?! Maybe the hair is interchangeable with each headsculpt?!?! If so that would be pretty awesome!!!!!
  17. Kevin’s right I guess we all thought it was going to last forever with all this success, but eventually it wasn’t. Hopefully another deal can be struck. But I’m excited for BP 2! I’m sure that’s a working title. They’ll probably give that two us later when they figure it out or the do know it but I may give away too much right now. Im also very excited for the Eternals!!!! Those costumes look fantastic! I can’t wait for these obscure characters to get the spotlight they deserve.
  18. I absolutely love this boxset. It is complete fan service for us and just screams comic books to me! Also, brings back fond memories of watching the X-Men animated Series. That’s where I first was introduced to Alpha Flight.
  19. To be honest Disny/Marvel has every right to want 50 % (in fact they deserve more) because the MCU has stirred up this much interest and glamour around Spidey. Do you think Sony could have made a Spider-Man film this successful? I don’t think so. The popularity and fan base of the MCU is what helped it be one of Sony’s top films. So so if you ask me, it’s Sony who was being the crappy ones in this deal. Because over at Marvel we have executives, producers, directors, and so on who genuinely care about their characters and want to showcase them to the best of their ability. Do you think Sony cares about Spider-Man and his supporting cast as characters that are cherished by fans? No they see the $$$
  20. Yes, yes, yes! I want! My only gripe is that it needs to come with another fisted hand!!!!!!! Go ahead and give us the Red Hulk while you’re at it Hasbro come on!
  21. Okay the movie was great and all, but this is redundant. It just kind of sends a bad message. With Endgame it made sense to do that, but with Far From Home? Nah.
  22. I’m pretty excited for both of these figures especially that superior octopus. However it looks like those arms aren’t poseable! Dang it Hasbro! Does anyone have any spare keyboard lights? Lol
  23. We got Doom and Cosmic Ghost Rider (With Bike!) I’m happy! Plus that She-Hulk is the female mold we all want! Yes! She looks fantastic! All the X-Stuff looks great! It is all coming together! Great reveals so far, hopefully there’s a few more tomorrow!
  24. No, it’s re-release of the 2012 Avengers Cap. It’s a good figure still but I was hoping Hasbro would give us an updated one with an-crunch and different arms. This one will still do the trick though for those who missed out on the first one. It’s got a better shield and headsculpt now though.
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