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  1. This was an usually good panel today! I'm most excited about that X-Men BAF wave and I do hope that Ch'od is indeed the BAF. Chamber, Corsair, Fang, Kid Omega and M all look great! I'm disappointed that they didn't show alternate heads for Fang though, hopefully that's still coming. Astonishing Cyclops is probably my favorite look for Scott so I'll likely get this update over what was one of the very early Hasbro figures. I didn't necessarily plan on getting another Emma but this looks good and likely won't pass on her. Overall this is just a fantastic wave, probably one of my favorite ever! The biggest surprise to me was the Kraven retro figure. I'll be picking that up as I missed the two Hasbro versions and am still using a Toy Biz version. I'm very happy about this one, although I'm not thrilled that it's a walmart exclusive, but will do my best to get it when it goes up for pre-order. I have the old Blob BAF, but this new one is a must have. I plan to buy both X-Men 3-packs and would likely buy extras if they hit clearance. I'd probably only buy Outback Rogue or Gamerverse Spidey if I saw them discounted, but I still think they're good figures. I could definitely see using that Rogue body for customs. I'd also likely buy multiples of Fang, M and the 3-packs for this same reason if I find them for reduced prices. I do hope that the Rose tease is indeed for the character The Rose. I've been holding off on a couple of customs I had planned for him since he showed up on Rektangular's leaks. I'm very interested to eventually see who the golf club tease is for.
  2. Due to this character's popularity, I have to believe we'll see her show up around around Halloween 2024, if not 2023.
  3. Yikes on that MODOK! From the rumors that I've read, I believe that Corey Stoll (who was Yellowjacket in the first movie) will be voicing MODOK. I'm not expecting that they would have Patton Oswalt voice both Pip and MODOK, but knows?!? I love that funny little guy, so I wouldn't mind. I enjoyed his appearances on Agents of SHIELD. I liked Corey Stoll in The Strain television series but didn't really care for his Darren Cross / Yellowjacket from the first Ant-Man movie. From that Legends wave, I'm hyped for Crossfire and Egghead, but will likely pass on all of the MCU figures save perhaps the "Future Ant-Man" figure depending on whom that actually ends up being. I won't get it if it's Cassie because I'm happy with the comic Stinger figure that they did. And it feels like that's where they're headed. I definitely don't need another MODOK since I've got both Hasbro versions and the Toy Biz version. I hope that they don't kill off Paul Rudd's Scott Lang character - but it seems likely. I'd love to see them get rid of Evangeline Lilly's Hope character though - she's awful!! Have her betray the team, go full super-villain and kill her off. 😀 I feel like I remember liking her on Lost but I find her MCU character annoying.
  4. Rektangular's leaks for 2023 have been spot on so far, so I don't expect to see anything that wasn't on that list, at least during the first half of the year. He was right about the Moon Knight re-issue, the Avengers comic wave , the Stryfe 5-pack, Blob deluxe and the X-Men 3-packs all before they were announced. He hasn't had any misses yet. If that holds true then the things expected to be released during the first half of 2023 that we've haven't seen any indication of yet are the GOTG movie wave + Groot/Rocket deluxe, Into the Spiderverse movie wave + Cyborg Spider-Woman deluxe, gamerverse Spider-Man (Parker) fan channel figure, Outback Rogue fan channel figure, Franklin/Valeria 2-pack and the comic X-Men wave featuring Astonishing Cyclops and Emma (and Corsair, Kid Omega, Monet Chamber and Fang!), Ant-Man movie wave, Marvels movie wave and the next Disney+ wave with Kingpin, Agatha etc. Now it's always possible that Hasbro tries to sneak something else in there that wasn't already leaked, but I'd expect it likely have to be during the second half of the year. The leaked Spider-Man comic wave, Hyperion/DrSpectrum 2pack or the X-Men '97 wave all could possibly hit earlier than the August/September projected dates too I guess. Regardless it's going to be an expensive year for me!
  5. I'm sure that I'll end up getting this just like I did Sentry, but I've always really liked my Thunderbolts box set version. I'm not sure that I'll actually like this one better.
  6. I bought three of these sets and I'm happy with that decision, but of course now I also have 6 extra Inner Demon heads to find bodies for. I've got enough civilian like bodies lying around that this shouldn't be a problem. I'll figure something out. For the extra Mr. Negatives, I know that I want to try to customize one of them into a Dr. Nemesis figure, possibly The Rose as well, but I think I'll likely stick to my original plan of doing The Rose on the Mr. Knight figure - but I might hold off on that one because I think that we're actually going to get a version of him from Hasbro this year (according to the leaks).
  7. I'm pretty sure that we're getting an animated version of Spot for Into the Spiderverse 2. I have a pretty nice custom that I made many years ago from the old Toy Biz Bullseye buck. Pretty easy one to do. It wouldn't surprise me if we start to see Spider-Verse figures soon. I found that "cheaper" version of Cyborg Spider-Woman for $17 at Walmart this weekend but decided to pass for now in the hopes we get a Legends incarnation (which I think we are).
  8. I'm also hoping that both Gambit and Storm have normal non powered hands. If not, I guess that I've got enough spare hands to make what I want. Of the seven figures expected in this suit I'll likely only keep Banshee, Forge, Psylocke and Wolverine as themselves and will likely use Gambit, Jubilee and Storm as customs for other characters that haven't been made yet. I've got high hopes for Psylocke specifically as the only two versions I have of that character are the Toy Biz version and the Nimrod 3-pack version which I prefer to use as Kwannon/Revanche. I'd also love to pick up some duplicates of these if they ever got to a nice clearance price anywhere.
  9. Here is another example of Hasbro giving us a slightly improved version of a figure that we just recently got not too long ago. Sure, I do think this is an improvement over the BAF wave Beast but I'm not going to double dip - unless it happens to hit 50% clearance or better somewhere. Honestly I still live the Toy Biz version that I already have also.
  10. I think this month is too early to start showing movie figures for Quantumania, GOTG3 or ITSV2, so I'm thinking they'll likely officially announce Blob and possibly show a couple of more figures from the X-Men 3 packs (probably one male and one female again). I could also see them choosing to show the leaked/rumored Gamerverse Peter Parker Spider-Man instead in order to get that reveal in this year (as part of 60th anniversary) and then pivot back to the X-Men in Dec/Jan. The leaks also mentioned fan channel exclusives of Rogue (Outback) and a Franklin/Valeria 2-pack as well, so it's not impossible that it could be one of those. Ronan is certainly another possibility also, but my expectation is that will likely be closer to the time The Marvels MCU figures are being revealed - so I think that's a ways off yet. That might be true for Franklin/Valeria also honestly. So probably Blob or Gamerverse Spider-Man and if they're feeling generous maybe we'll also get a look at a couple of the other X-Men 3-pack figures. Then in December they could do which ever of these didn't get shown this month to finish off their reveals for the year. Then maybe start the year off in January with Outback Rogue.
  11. This is such a weird little figure. I got my box set on Tuesday night and this is the only figure that I don't like.
  12. I received these on Tuesday and I'm happy with all of the figures except the weird little purplish Spider-Man figure. It looks so weird with these. Razorback is probably my favorite, he's massive with that Boar's Head, but I don't really consider him a villain or even a Spider-Man related character, I usually think of him as a supporting character of She-Hulk.
  13. I initially have only pre-ordered two of these but hope to pick more at a lower price point down the line. I have four of the older trenchcoat version from the Hasbro Apocalypse BAF wave. He was the only figure that I bought from that wave and have long since regretted not getting the others. In hind sight that was a fantastic wave.
  14. Immediately pre-ordered this 5-pack. I'm happy that portal is in included. I couldn't bring myself to buy that MCU "Defenders" Doctor Strange that came with the similar effect. Pretty happy with all the figures in this pack, although I already had Stryfe. I'll never complain about never before done characters like the other 4 though!
  15. I'm certainly excited for this Bullseye/Daredevil/Elektra 3-pack! I didn't get the Man-Thing wave Bullseye unfortunately so the only that I currently have is the Toy Biz version. I would have preferred that prior version but I'm not paying secondary market prices for it. I understand the disappointment in the buck used for Daredevil, but this is a must buy for me as the only two I currently have are the Toy Biz Face Off version and the Hasbro Shadowland version. This is an improvement over both of those. The Elektra is a fantastic figure, but I'm just not a fan of the white costume and will likely stick with the red costumed version that I already have (SPDR wave?). I have the Toy Biz version as well and the one from the older Hasbro 2-pack also. I'm hoping that enough people will want only the white costume Elektra from this pack so that I can get a nice price on ebay for just her. I fully expect that we'll be getting her new Daredevil costume before long but I'm not really interested in that look for her either.
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