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  1. I get what you guys are saying. I'm primarily a comic figure collector but I also buy the MCU versions when there hasn't been a comic version made (countless examples like Nebula, Collector, Grandmaster, Yondu, Skurge the Executioner, Mantis, etc) mainly because I realize they may never get around to making comic versions. Surtur is a perfect example of this... I was quite surprised we got him at all and I'm certainly not expecting that they'll ever do a second version of him. I do think some are selling short all of the comic figures that have actually been revealed relatively recently: Tigra, Hercules, the Wolverine box set, the Spider-Man retro stuff, Maestro, green She-Hulk, Nova, Quasar, X-Men AOA Wave 2, the Iron Man Ursa Major wave... those are all still to come this year and we recently got the House of X Wave, the Xemnu villains wave, MODOK, deluxe comic Thanos, AOA Apocalypse, Firestar... we know that the F4 retro wave is coming even if we haven't seen it yet, it's likely something Excalibur related is coming, we've seen new comic version of Cannonball and Domino that we know are coming... All I'm saying is that is still a whole lot of comic based figures in a relatively short period of time. Are there endless amounts of figures that could still be made? Absolutely there are, but I think Hasbro has done a good job of cranking out figures... I think we've become a little spoiled! Honestly I've been collecting this line for 2 full decades now starting when my kids were toddlers and now they're full grown. I feel like the figures are being produced so much more frequently than ever before. It's gotten to the point that no one can really be expected to buy everything -- like was very common in the Toy Biz and early Hasbro days. Honestly if I knew way back in the beginning that this line would go on for 20+ years and I'd end up spending the thousands of dollars I probably never would have started!!! LOL! All I'm saying is try to be thankful - yes, ask for you want - but also please realize it wasn't always this good and it probably won't go on forever.... just like we're in the golden age of comic related movies and tv, that's also true for comic related figures and other collectibles.
  2. Honestly the ninja was the highlight of the reveals for me. The What If waves actually looks better than I expected, knowing that it was going to be based off an animated series and that style of figure generally just doesn't interest me. For example I hated the Spiderverse figures that came in the Stilt-Man wave. Sylvie and the deluxe Hydra Stomper are probably the must gets for me personally. Captain Carter is one I'll likely pick up as well. The Watcher and Zombie Cap figures are disappointing and I feel like the Marvel Select versions of both are much better. I personally have absolutely zero interest in Star-Lord T'Challa, Sorcerer Supreme Spidey or that Dr. Strange. Since the full wave isn't necessary to complete the BAF it's probably more likely that I'll just go ahead and pick up the ones with the Watcher parts. Binary, Tigra and deluxe MCU Vulture all look good but nothing that I feel overly compelled to get as I already have figures of these characters. Binary to me is the best of those 3 but since it's a Walgreen's exclusive I expect it to be next to impossible to find, and it's not one that I'm willing to pay ebay scalper prices on like I would for Quasar. Hasbro is doing some excellent work! I wish they were this good when they first took the license over from Toy Biz. I have a lot of their early stuff that looks terrible in comparison to what they're doing now but I get pissed off buying figures of the same character for a second time. A good example of this is Tigra. I already bought her from them once - and I like this new version a lot better but paying them twice for the same character just really, really bothers me. I appreciate the improvements they've made but I feel like they should have just put out a better version the first time.
  3. The date that it becomes free as part of the normal Disney+ subscription isn't until October 6th, so it sounds like I'll be renting it from Redbox for a $1 before that. They could have at least done it the same day.... This is the first MCU movie that I didn't see in the theater (and on opening weekend!) but I have no intentions of going to a movie theater again anytime soon. Normally I would have taken my family to see Quiet Place 2, F9 and Snake-Eyes by now too, but we're going to be a streaming / DVD family from here on out I think.
  4. I'll be honest, I read your comment before I looked at all of the images and kind of dismissively and wrongly laughed at it, but when you follow down that checklist on the back of the Thanos card - it does look a whole lot like the recent Xemnu villains wave makes the first part of the checklist (minus Doom)... which can only make you wonder if the second half is indeed an unintended spoiler for another villains wave (or just upcoming figures in general). We've already recently gotten Kang, Leader and a deluxe Thanos... but Mephisto, Blackheart, Terrax and new comic versions of Abomination and Zemo perhaps coming soon? Only time will tell, I guess! A Mephisto/Blackheart 2-pack would be pretty sweet and I could totally see that being a fan channel exclusive rather than a mass retail offering.... Abomination could absolutely be a deluxe figure that might be released to coincide with his appearances in the Shang Chi movie and She-Hulk TV show... I have versions of all all of these characters that I'm perfectly happy with but would probably still pick up a couple of them, with Mephisto and Terrax being the most likely.
  5. Neither the Surfer nor Frankie Ray are all that great of enticements for me. I've got plenty of Surfer figures and I still have a poorly articulated 6" Frankie Ray that Toy Biz did in a Silver Surfer line that I've displayed with my Legends figures for years. Even if Galactus fully funded with both of these, I think that I'll likely pass. Neither of these are going to push me over the hump. After buying 3 Sentinels last year, I probably should take this year off from the HasLab offerings anyway. However if I'm able to sell my existing Toy Biz BAF Galactus for near $200, then I might be more inclined to come up the additional $200 for this one.....
  6. I'm very glad that I didn't bother buying the first iteration of MODOK. I chose to stick with my ToyBiz BAF at that time, but this guy honestly makes a fun alternative (and comes fully assembled unlike the regular version) and The Captain is a must have for me so I would have likely bought just for him anyway. I know that the MODOK assembly issue isn't really a big deal - but I do prefer solid figures to BAFs... (am I the only one who struggled getting the Theta Sentinel heads to go on??) I have absolutely no interest in that Venom, though.
  7. This is beautifully done. Honestly, I'm just not feeling it like I did the Sentinel, though. It may come down to what stretch goal incentives end up being included. I also have to decide if selling my Toy Biz BAF version to pay for nearly half of this new one appeals to me (assuming that the market for that doesn't tank now - currently I figure I could get $150 pretty easily for it).
  8. I'll hold judgement until after the reveal, but as someone who bought 3 of the HasLab Sentinels, I think that I'm likely going to pass on this one. I still have both the Toy Biz BAF Galactus and the Hasbro Infinite Galactus, and I think it's likely that I just stick with those rather than shell out $400 here.... but we'll see.
  9. Personally I'm still holding out hope for Mole Man's Giganto the Mole Monster with a new Mole Man figure and Moloids!! This might even be a weak opportunity for an Eternals / F4 crossover because I believe the Mole Man really came to be by using the lost/forgotten Deviants' (or at least Kro's) technology and monsters, right? That classic first issue cover is still what I think about when I first think of the Fantastic Four with Giganto holding on to Sue.... maybe even some small 3D diorama pieces included.... or maybe Willie Lumpkin or Mobius comic figures as enticements.... I definitely want teenage Franklin and Valeria though too... but maybe they could come in a 3-pack with a comic version of Agatha Harkness (and perhaps even HERBIE again too?)?
  10. I passed on the black and gold Marvel NOW armor when Hasbro did it and it's one that I regret missing on.
  11. Ok, I'm man enough to admit that I was wrong and didn't think it through. You guys are all correct. My bad. 😁
  12. I'm mostly a comic figure collector, and only tend to get the MCU versions if there hasn't bee a comic version made. So, of this group, Surtur is the definite must have for me. I'm still on the fence for the Iron Monger / Obadiah. It's cool, but that's a big price tag (but I'll probably get it). I'm definitely out on Quicksilver and Odin. That MCU Odin just looks so undersized and I love the comic version BAF I already have anyway. I still wish we could get the Warriors Three....
  13. This figure might be just a little too naked for me. Feel like we wouldn't be likely to get a female figure with similar level of coverage (but still decent). For example, Goblin Queen.
  14. Wow, now that's a big boy! Looking forward to getting him.
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