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  1. Lots of great stuff here! Thunderstrike is a long time want and looks great! I'll likely get two Jocastas and put the Lilandra head from Mystique on one. Firestar is another long time want. The Moira MacTaggert figure is awesome and they couldn't have done a House of X wave without including her as she is arguably the main character in that story line. I'll probably pick up the Prof X as well but might pass on the white Magneto - I'm not really a fan of that look (or mostly white paint figures in general), but it probably depends on who the BAF is. I love the Stilt Man figure form the Spider-Man wave but may only buy one Hand Ninja if there aren't alternate heads or something. I still have several of the older 2-pack version. I'm not happy about having to buy crappy ITSV figures to get parts for Stilt-Man though, it feels like they should be their own separate wave. Arcade looks cool though and I'm stoked about that. I don't personally care about the Dormammu, Gambit, Rogue or Thanos figues shown as I'm already happy with versions I have. All in all, I see that I'm going to spend a lot more $$$ on plastic crack from Hasbro in 2021!
  2. I'm just glad that this isn't a figure I feel the desire to have to buy on the secondary market. The comic based Pepper Potts Rescue figure and the Terror Inc. Deadpool both cost me about $100. It's safe to say that I wouldn't buy this even if it was $20. For those who like it though, I'm happy for you!
  3. It's actually Thunderbird that I want. I wish they would have made him the single carded figure in the Strong Guy wave and put Warpath in this 2-pack so I didn't have to buy it. I still like the Storm that I have from the X-Men Classics line in the bluish white outfit.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree, Gigantor. That's the version of Carol Danvers that I most strongly associate with as well.
  5. I'm not really certain that the old movie theater model will really ever come back and be what it was. Only time will tell. I think motion picture companies will have to start taking that into account with their production costs. The future may involve just making cheaper movies that go straight to streaming. If you have a big name film that you've already spent 100s of millions to make it might be best to just sit on it for a while yet and see how all of this unfolds... but I certainly wouldn't be looking to be in a hurry to spend large amounts of money making new movies until we know how that distribution model will work out over the next few years. If I was one of these companies, I'd start thinking cheap. Prior to the recently released New Mutants I had never missed going to a first week release of any Marvel movie (MCU or otherwise) going all the way back to the first Blade movie. New Mutants was the first, but to be honest right now I'm not sure that I'll ever go back to a movie theater. It certainly won't be in 2020 or 2021. For me, that's really saying something.
  6. Yeah, I get it - it was just the TB articulation that originally pulled me in and I was pi$$sed when Hasbro got the line and stripped out most of the articulation. I may tend to be more open-minded going forward. I think that I was just so Anti-Hasbro after the initial switch that I've had a hard time kicking it. It's similar to the switch from Mattel to McFarlane for DC now - I hate it and it will probably be hard for me to change my mind if/when McFarlane ever ups their game at some point. It was figures like the original Emma Frost (for example) that turned me off so hard on Hasbro. I'm very grateful for a lot of the figures they've put out recently and think they're fantastic. I've even doubled down on ToyBiz when I've had chances to move on. When I've had a ToyBiz figure break, I've always hunted down one of those again as a replacement rather than going for the cheaper, more widely available option from Hasbro. That's happened 5 times: X-Men Classics Colossus and Iceman and ToyBiz ML Nightcrawler, Pyro and Spider-Woman. I've always replaced them with the exact same ToyBiz version. The only Hasbro figure that I've had break that I can recall was the Holocaust/Nemesis BAF and I just bought a replacement BAF part. I've even held on to some of the old really crappy stuff that TB did when they were first experimenting with the 6" scale before even the Classics lines... stuff like Frankie Ray Supernova and Pip the Troll from a Silver Surfer line, Blade movie figures of Deacon Frost and Abraham Whistler, Symbiotes Riot Hybrid Phage etc., Mecha Hulk with Gremlin from the Hulk Classics line, even a Hulk dog from that first terrible Hulk movie with Eric Bana, and of course the old Sugar Man and Dark Beast figures (which I have recently replaced with the Hasbro versions). So yeah, I continue to stick with that old Toy Biz S8 "Modern" Iron Man and the Galactus BAF series War Machine. I probably won't ever get rid of those... but maybe I'll allow myself to keep a Hasbro version of each going forward also.... 🙂
  7. Wow, I must be the exception. I still mostly prefer the Toy Biz stuff due to better articulation and better quality of plastic. In fairness, I think that I made the original decision to stick with my old Toy Biz stuff and avoid Hasbro during those first couple of years that Hasbro took over, and have just stubbornly never changed that stance. Hasbro has obviously seriously upped their game since that time however, especially in the past 2 years. Some of the figures from that early Hasbro period are really bad, though. However I also recognize now that many of those Toy Biz figures I used to love are over-articulated and look clunky - but that's what originally drew me to this line in the beginning nearly 2 decades ago. However, I make a point to only keep one version of a character so anything that ToyBiz made I've kept and passed on Hasbro versions. I have one version of every character that has been made by ToyBiz/Hasbro collectively in the 6" scale, even outside of the actual Legends line. I'll continue to buy any new previously unmade characters that Hasbro puts out, but for the repeats I'll stick with my originals. Personal preference I guess. Even though there are extreme examples like Scarlet Witch that make me second guess that sometimes!! 🙂
  8. Oh, my bad. For some reason I thought when they released the HYDRA and AIM army builders on Pulse that you had to be a premium member to even order them, or at least when they were first made available. I assumed that these were going to be the same way, only available to premium members (again, at least at first).
  9. I like it and would like to have a couple but I'm not paying an additional $50 to sign up for Hasbro Pulse Premium to buy them.
  10. In general I'm not a fan of MCU figures, but I'm more excited about this wave simply for the fact that there are no re-treads. A wave without any of the normal A-listers who have been done 20+ times? Yes, please! In fact a Kit Harrington / Dane Whitman figure might be the only one that I wouldn't buy!
  11. Yes please ASAP on Eric Masterson Thunderstrike and Quasar! Would love Sersi and Crystal also.
  12. Good luck All! There are some fantastic new figures coming out that this would go very handy towards. I'd likely use it towards the 1:12 Black Bolt and Lockjaw! Or maybe use it to pick up the Pyro/Rogue and and Old Man Logan / Old Man Hawkeye 2-packs! Can't go wrong either way!
  13. There's some great stuff there! I'm a little ticked that I would have buy crappy ITSV figures to get Stilt-Man, but I am sure I will. I actually wouldn't mind a second different type of Prowler figure - one to represent Hobie and one to represent Aaron. Firestar is a longtime want and adding Ms. Lion is a nice touch. Frog-Man is fantastic! I'm always up for another army builder, I've got plenty of Hand Ninjas from earlier releases but that won't stop me from picking up a couple of new ones! I'll probably even pick up the JJJ figure even though I've got a couple of different versions of him at this point. Will almost certainly pass on Black Cat. The ITSV figures (other than Prowler) will almost certainly be thrown on Ebay as soon as I remove the Stilt-Man parts. All-in-all, this looks very promising though!
  14. Makes me feel like a fool. I paid $35 each for 5 of them on Ebay when I couldn't find them at either of the Walgreens in my town.
  15. I got my notification. Is that Fantomex a straight re-issue from the Arnim Zola wave? If so, that's very lame.
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