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  1. Very true! I'd say that's a perfect opportunity for re-release later... which we totally know that they'll do if there's interest, especially since this wave isn't seeing release at brick and mortar retail.
  2. Yes, she's been one of my most wanted figures also - but after the failed Engine of Vengeance HasLab it is highly unlikely that Hasbro will ever make a comic version of this character. Our best hope is that someone like MAFEX, Mezco or Diamond (Marvel Select) will make her. I don't see Hasbro ever making comic versions of those characters - at least not any time soon. Of those 4 characters we'll likely eventually see Mephisto and Robbie Reyes in the MCU, so they could get movie/tv figures. Madelyne and Hellstorm are less likely but I have heard that Madelyne is going to be in the X-Men '97 animated show, so who knows - that might be an opportunity (but I doubt a figure gets made by Hasbro). Fortunately it's pretty easy to kitbash or make a custom of her from existing figures/parts.
  3. I'll likely sell off Namor, but will be keeping everybody else. This is a very good wave in my opinion. Namorita is my favorite with Crystar and Power Princess not that far behind. Who knows, maybe I'll mess around with a head swap on that Namor and end up liking it after all. It would help if it was pinless. My X-Men '97 wave is expected to arrive tomorrow. I also got the "pre-order processing soon" email from BBTS for the Marvel Knights / Mindless One wave. I ordered all of both waves. I also received the Detroit Steel and the Nighthawk/Blur 2-packs last week and picked up several Skycycles while they were 50% off at Target. (Hopefully I can get something for the extra Hawkeyes on ebay). It's a great time to be a Marvel Legends collector!
  4. Neither of Archangel or Cap doing anything for me - so those are skips.I do really like that Crimson Dynamo though and I'm looking forward to seeing more of that Annihilus figure that they're working on. Those are both likely going to be buys for me.
  5. Ok, so I got the "pre-order processing soon" email from BBTS on this X-Men '97 wave a couple of days ago - so it's decision time. Admittedly I placed the pre-orders as a placeholder until I decided for sure whether I wanted them. I'm still somewhat torn. I really only like to keep one version of a character so I really only want to buy if I think they're better than anything else that I've already got. I generally dislike animated figures as a rule, but am finding the pinless molds on these all very tempting. I'm to the point where I think that I've convinced myself "yes!" on Bishop, Magneto and Wolverine. I'm most of the way there on Rogue but the face sculpt is a little more cartoonish than I like. Storm I'm 50/50 on right now (maybe just for the head sculpt) and I'm leaning towards "no" on Gambit because the face sculpt and colors on him are just a little too cartoonish. For Wolvie, I'd be replacing the Apocalypse wave version. For Mags, I'd be replacing the Family Matters 3-pack. For Bishop, I'd be replacing the Sauron wave version. For Rogue, I currently have both the Juggernaut wave and retro carded versions and would likely be looking replace both of those. For Storm I'd be potentially replacing the black suit retro card version. For Gambit I currently have both the retro carded version and what I believe was a Wendigo or Sasquatch wave version (not sure which). This is a wave where I'd probably be perfectly content to just pass on all of them and save the $$$ because I have versions of all 6 characters that I'm already pleased with, but could also see myself later wishing I had all of them also! I'd love to read what others are thinking on these figures right now. Thursday Update: These all shipped today before I cancelled any so I guess that I'm keeping them all now! đŸ˜„
  6. I like every single figure in this Void wave except Namor. I really wish it was him that didn't come with the BAF piece instead of Panther so that I could skip him. Not to derail the thread, but just a very quick note to anyone still waiting on a good deal to buy the Avengers 60th Anniversary stuff that most Targets have these marked down to 50% off (in store only). I picked up extras of everybody today except Iron Man who they had already sold out of - which serves me right because that was the only one that I chose to skip originally and now I kind of want him. Picking up a couple of extra sky-cycles was worth $24.99 each alone and hopefully I can sell the loose Hawkeyes on ebay to fund part of that. I wanted an extra Spider-Woman Veranke for sure anyway and another Banner body can definitely be used. I can try to sell anything that I don't want to keep on ebay to those that weren't lucky enough to find in stores or waited to long and hopefully that will pay for my part of what I bought to keep.
  7. I'm not the slightest bit worried about it. There are lots of people like me that will back it on the final weekend, and I'll likely buy 3. I have a friend that owns a comic book store here in town and he's planning on buying 5 (all for resale), but also not until the final weekend. You usually have two big spurts, one in the first week and then again during the final week - with a lot of slow trickle in between. There's not a thing that anyone could say that would make me make it back any sooner than those last few days. There's just no reason to. It's not like they're going to cap it, and say "sorry, that's it! - no more orders will be taken!". I ordered Galactus and 3 Sentinels all on the very final day of those campaigns. I wasn't going to back the EoV no matter what (despite wanting the 4 actual figures). I've always thought that they should just make these shorter campaigns.
  8. Namorita was the star of the show for me today. They did hint at a classic version coming soon though also, so it might be worth holding out for that one. Dwight teased at the end that the figure that had been released before as just an alternate head was X-related, so he was likely referring to either Lilandra or Wolfsbane - both of which were alluded to by Dave at Displaying Model Behavior recently as likely 2024 releases. The former con exclusive could be any number of characters, so who knows?!? I'll just guess Ka-Zar because I think that Dave mentioned him on his leaks also. The Red Widow looks cool but wasn't one that I was really hoping for. I'll still buy it, though. I'll buy the entire Void wave although I wish Savage Namor was the one that didn't come the the BAF part (instead of Black Panther), because I don't really want that version of Namor. I'm not really at all interested in the No Way Home stuff - but might still buy Matt and MJ as civilian figures. I'm excited to get my pre-order in for Detroit Steel! That's been a long time want for me!
  9. If you want a fun easy intro to Lady Bullseye, watch the Hit-Monkey animated series on Hulu - it's great! (at least as far as animated series go)
  10. My expectations are pretty low for Marvel Legends at PulseCon. I think they'll use it as an opportunity to again pitch the Giant-Man HasLab. They'll also likely show the full No Way Home wave. I'm actually expecting images of these to come out before the presentation. Beyond that I'm thinking that we may get lucky enough to see how Crystar, Power Princess and Vision are being released. It's possible that these are all in one wave, but I tend to doubt it. I'm not really expecting a lot of new reveals beyond No Way Home. I'm expecting that they'll leave the 2024 stuff we've seen rumors on like the Wolverine anniversary 2-packs until the wider conventions (NYCC and ToyFair). I don't feel like they can likely show any other MCU stuff because who knows right now how long all of those future movies/shows are going to have to be pushed off due to the actor and writer strikes (other than Loki which I believe is still expected to come out in October). However I am certainly excited for Detroit Steel as I've wanted that for years!! I still have the Super Hero Squad version. đŸ˜† On marginally related topics I noticed that Target has started the markdowns on the Avengers 60th anniversary stuff. After receiving Peter/Smythe last week, I received the Blur/Nighthawk 2-pack and 4 sets of the female Hydra/SHIELD troopers this week. The face printing on those extra female heads is phenomenal!!
  11. I love what Hasbro is doing lately. This Clea has been one of my favorite figures in a long time. I'm very fond of the recent Moondragon and Totally Awesome Hulk also. M and Quentin Quire from the Ch'od wave earlier in the year were knockouts for me also. It's a great time to be a collector!
  12. I received these earlier this week from Pulse and while I'm very happy to have Smythe for the first time and I'll always take a civilian figure, these are two of the plainest Legends ever made -- just very, very boring figures.
  13. I put my pre-orders in for both Spidey and Moon Knight as I missed both of these the first time around, and I'd rather have them on the retro card anyway. Skipped the Python Patrol Joes and the holiday Star Wars figure. No interest in Joes until they get back to windowless packaging as I don't open any of them. Still waiting on my open Target pre-orders for the Marvel Tracksuit Mafia figures....
  14. Please forgive my ignorance, but I have not read the storlyline involving The Fist. I'm aware that they served under Daredevil and Elektra, but not much beyond that. Is there a storyline significance to the skull-head ninja? Was it a specific character or dead ninjas brought back? Or is this just a random unlikely thing that Hasbro decided to take upon themselves to do? Again, I apologize - but I thought that it was best to just ask our community rather that dig myself down a google rabbit hole. Anyone that can help enlighten me, please do so - thank you!
  15. I'd love for them to just have a Pulse exclusive of a package of several different Skrull heads in various comic costumes that would fit recently released figures. It would be so easy for them to do. I'd buy it instantly. I've got generic skrull heads on several comic characters' bodies already, but the "extra" of a specific Iron Man Skrull head, Cap skrull head, Mar-Vell Skrull head, etc., Elektra, Spider-Woman, Black Bolt and on and on and on.... It would likely need to include some extra hands to work really well also. For this Luke specifically - maybe not the best fit since it probably wouldn't look right without a green overlay for the bare chest also - but just my opinion.
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