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  1. I'm ecstatic to get this figure. I actually ordered 2. I've been using the Face-Off version in the Punisher costume for years now and have long regretted selling off the white suit version. I was very pleased to get this one easily enough. I was never successful in obtaining Zemo so I'm hoping he eventually shows up back on their website or at Fanchannel sites like BBTS.
  2. The Mojoverse set ended up being $146.90 for me once shipping and sales tax (Iowa) were included. I really didn't expect it to be that much....🤢
  3. Agreed. I would have totally been all over this if it came with a Maverick alternate head.
  4. Wow, this was a lot better than I expected. Firelord is the highlight for me, he's a must have. The exclusive MojoVerse box set looks great. It will certainly be nice to get an updated Mojo and Longshot! I'm sure that I'll even get a couple of those 3.75" scale retro Sentinels! Sharon is a maybe, but I'll probably get her. Japanese Spidey is a maybe, but probably not. Bombastic Bag Man is a pass. War Machine is a pass too since I have the deluxe version. Overall these were pretty great reveals!
  5. JK Simmons is one of my favorite actors, but since I prefer comic figures the retro card JJJ is perfect for me. I still bought one of these for a civilian body and head swap, though - and I'd buy another one if the price was right.
  6. Siryn looks great! I'm stoked for her and this whole wave. This is going to be one of my favorite waves in a long time!
  7. I almost believe that this is Sony's attempt to get to Disney to just outright purchase the film rights from them for the Spider-Man universe of characters. This is getting out of hand. Venom was one thing but then Morbius, Kraven, Madame Web and (forgive me) El Muerto? There seems to be no bottom to how far down they're willing to dig down on this.... All of these characters would be fantastic getting introduced in a Spider-Man movie, but having their own movies? How desperate is Sony? Do they think that they can just throw out a bunch of stuff and even if one resonates and pays for the others that it's worth it?!? Please, Disney and Sony, please get together and come to an agreement where Disney takes full creative control and Sony just makes enough $$$ off it to make transferring the rights worthwhile....
  8. This is another very nice figure that I just don't need in my collection. I will only probably pick it up if I find it for under $15 at some point.
  9. I'm sticking with my SDCC exclusive version, but I'll likely try to get just that maskless head sculpt on ebay - I really like it. I already have several ideas for customs with that head sculpt.
  10. I like the look of this figure but I already have the prior 2 versions, I think that I'll stick with Endgame Valkyrie or maybe we should start calling her "Rihanna Valkyrie." I could see myself picking this up if I ever saw it for under $15 though.
  11. I'm generally not a big fan of MCU figures, but I'm always up for a previously unmade character. Gorr is likely the only figure I'll get from this wave, although I do like the looks of the King Valkyrie and Ravager Thor figures too.
  12. Pretty good livestream, in my opinion. The Lizard is cool but I had actually been hoping they would just be re-releasing the BAF. It's still a buy for me, though as I've been using the old Toy Biz Ultimate Lizard for years now. Toad is not quite what I expected but I will get him to replace my Toy Biz version. Pass on animated Noir Spider-Man as I'm not a fan of the Spider-Verse figures. Will definitely get the Knull/Venom 2-pack but would have strongly preferred the wings on Knull. I'll get the Peter/Ned 2-pack to use as civilian figures, but will likely do head swaps with more generic heads. Pass on First Appearance Spidey and Stealth Suit Future Foundation Spidey. Iron Spider is a great update and vast improvement on the the one I have now, although I wish they had given an option of a fourth waldo. Will definitely get the Spidey/Spinnerette 2-pack though - that Spidey might finally replace my ToyBiz McFarlane Spidey as my primary Spider-Man figure. Already pre-ordered DocOck/Silk to replace my Toy Biz ML Series VIII Doc Ock and the very first release of Silk. All in all, some great stuff! I'll echo the comments of others on the new windowless packaging. I'm all for sustainability and reducing carbon footprint, but these windowless boxes just feel wrong. I've been collecting this line for 2 full decades and didn't start keeping figures mint on card until maybe 3 years ago. Obviously I won't be doing that at all on these future releases. I already buy almost exclusively online due to never being able to find anything at retail - but I can definitely see in-store sales of these figures falling off a cliff after this packaging is standard. That paired with rapidly rising prices will likely cause sales to take a hit. I saw that the Knull/Venom is like $78. Toad is $33. Net/Pete and Spidey/Spinnerette are both $56 each. We're pushing the boundaries a bit here of what people will be willing to pay, I think. I remember when these 6" figures were under $10, now they're approaching $30 and more? And you can't see what you're buying? I'm no marketing guru but this seems like a bad combination.
  13. My initial reaction was Sabretooth, but I have no idea. I found the image below online that I think matches. http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0090/6647/9697/products/PSX-20191014-121111_1200x1200.jpg?v=1571027264
  14. I'm really looking forward to this figure and am hoping that he's easier to get than Zemo has been. I had both of the Toy Biz Face-Off versions and ending up selling the white suit Jigsaw and kept the one with the Punisher logo and have since regretted it for years. My thought back then was that the white plastic wouldn't hold up well over time.
  15. I have no idea, but it kind of feels like if the figures were from a previous show like "Hawkeye" or "What If?" then they would have already been shown. Although it could certainly include a Moon Knight character (or look/costume) we haven't seen yet, I'm kind of expecting that the remaining figures are from shows that haven't started airing yet, meaning the wave might be coming out later than expected. Specifically I'm thinking that the last 2 figures are likely She-Hulk and Titania. My thought process on that is that the wave was planned out long before the series schedule changes. If that were true I'm expecting Disney would require Hasbro to hold back the wave until She-Hulk airs and Titania has at least appeared. I'm totally speculating though.
  16. I'm pretty disappointed with this wave. I'll get Gorr and that will be it. I could see getting Ravager Thor to use as custom fodder if I ever saw it for under $15, but no interest in the others. I'm still hoping that we'll see a Thor comic wave sometime within the next year that will include Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, Kurse, Heimdall and Executioner.
  17. I apologize for putting this in a unrelated post, but I thought it was the one folks might actually see today. The SHIELD troopers and black ninjas are back in stock on Hasbro Pulse. The skrulls were also, but they've already sold out again. I was also able to finally pick up that Classified Baroness on the motorcycle that was a Target exclusive. No free shipping anymore thought it doesn't seem....
  18. I had the original Select figure when it was first released and really liked it back then, ended up selling it and have often regretted it. I've always said that I would buy it again if they re-released it, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of this new one next week. Right now I'm still using the old Toy Biz "variant" version in my display because I never found the Walgreens version and passed on that "modern" version that Hasbro did in the MCU Vulture BAF wave. I'm not into MCU figures unless they've never made a comic version but I'm also looking forward to seeing what Hasbro does in their Disney+ line. Honestly I'd rather they just re-release the walgreens version or a slight re-deco on retro card though. Update: now that we've got more images of the figure, I'll be passing on this and hoping that Hasbro does something better. I'd still buy the original Select version if they re-released it though (with the Khonshu statue).
  19. I realize that this is in reference to the MCU wave, but I would so love a comic based Thor wave separate from the movie stuff: Volstagg BAF, Fandral, Hogun, Kurse, Heimdall, Excecutioner, Balder and of course some required version of Thor. That would be fantastic!
  20. I was able to get him added to my cart after like 20 tries, but the near $40 price point after sales tax seems a bit excessive. I don't think that I even paid that much on the secondary market for the first Ulik that was a SDCC exclusive. A fool and his money are soon separated, I guess. Have to have my plastic fix, though....
  21. I really, really wanted to like this, but I just don't. I'm glad that people that do like it are happy, though.
  22. Missed Zemo again. He and Quasar are gone, but Binary is still available for anyone who still needs her. I'm so frustrated by all of this that I'm just going to stick with the version that I have from the Mandroid wave. This is just so ridiculous. Walgreens can suck a fat turd.
  23. I really like how they reissue these every so often. That was my go to Thanos for years. Now I use the recent deluxe version. I still have that Mistress Death in my display though. This gives me some hope that they'll reissue their Zombie releases around the time that the Marvel Zombies show hits Disney+. I picked them up all up the first time around but I know that my Zombie Magneto especially has seen better days. I'd consider buying a Moon Knight re-release too, I always liked that one but sold mine. Re-issuing the Brood/Skrull 2-pack would be cool too! I already have Mephisto but I'm sure that there would be people that would buy that too if they re-released it.
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