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  1. I pre-ordered the Daredevil 3-pack and the X-Men retro wave on Pulse, but Dark Phoenix was already sold out - so I placed an order for her on BBTS instead. Also dealing with Target sending me 2 Iron Spiders today, one of which was supposed to be the Ned/Peter 2-pack. Annoying. This was part of their sale so Ned/Peter were supposed to be a little less than $40...I bet I never end up seeing them now. Working through their return process, but I don't think they're going to understand that I'm returning one of the Iron Spiders to get the 2-pack. Edit: Predictably after I packaged one of the Iron Spideys to ship off I opened the other one and it's forearm is loose and won't stay in (not the elbow or wrist, but the forearm), should be easy enough to fix with a little model glue, but just added another level of annoyance to this whole shipment issue.
  2. I bet they're going to have a whole lot of canceled Mojoverse sets after the new Mojo and Longshot are up for pre-order.... they should have shipped that prior to the reveal, but I'm glad I know now and can save some $$$! I've already got both of the Dazzlers that they released previously and couldn't car less about that Wolverine (or the differences in paint on Mojo for the price difference).
  3. Thanks Jay as always for getting all of this added to the sites so fast! They're adding the pre-orders a few at a time rather than having them all on right at the top of the hour. They haven't added the Marvel stuff yet, but I'm not a premium member myself so I have to wait until it opens up to everyone anyway. Is it only the Iron Man and the Daredevil 3-pack that are specifically Pulse exclusives? Not the X-Men retro wave, right?
  4. This looks really cool, but if it's a Pulse Exclusive then it's probably going to be $35-$40 and unlikely to ever be available on clearance anywhere. I think that I'll likely pass if that's the case. I'm still holding out hope for a Gargantos / Shuma Gorath exclusive from Multiverse of Madness to be announced today. There were rumors about it at one point. Although I also can't help but wonder if this was ever planned if it was then axed because they thought it might be too similar to the Suicide Squad Starro BAF that McFarlane is doing (and has spread out over 4 completely unrelated Crime Syndicate figures over basically this whole calendar year).
  5. It looks like 2023 is going to be an expensive year. There's so much on that list that I'd be interested in. The X-Men Comics wave with Monet, Kid Omega and Corsair looks to be the highlight of the year for me personally. I'd buy every single figure in that wave so hopefully it has a great BAF. I'm also very excited for Karnak and the Franklin/Valeria 2-pack! What costumes the kids are wearing might deterine which F4 figures from the last couple of years I keep and which ones I part with. I also hope they show the fan channel modern Moon Knight that is due out in Q1 either at PulseCon or NYCC before the Disney+ MCU versions ship. I might cancel those if I like this updated comic version. Lots of good stuff! Lots of stuff I'll skip too, but Hasbro will be getting plenty of my money in 2023. The #1 figure that I'm most disappointed wasn't announced is absolutely a comic version of Aunt May. C'mon, that has legitimately been my #1 want for years! As long as it doesn't look like that hideous 8" version that Toy Biz did at one point, of course. Beyond that I'm still hoping for some more X-Men like Rockslide, Pixie, Anole, Armor, Husk, Magma and Cypher.
  6. I think that number was somewhat artificially inflated when it was over 6,000 anyway. I have no idea how many people were doing this, but I've read in the Fwoosh forums how people were signing up for the max of 5 sets just to try to get the number to 9,000 by Friday despite no intention of keeping all of those orders... and they were trying to convince others to do the same and couldn't understand why everyone wouldn't just do it. Since the deadline has passed, those people have likely cancelled their extra orders. Now this may only be a handful of people or it might be quite many, I have no idea. Regardless it likely had some impact, even if it was minimal. Perhaps the only way to curtail that kind of manipulation is to require payment at time of order.
  7. I just received these in the mail today from Amazon and my first impression was that these figures reminded me more of McFarlane than Hasbro, especially Venom. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm not a huge fan of the wings on Venom, honestly.
  8. This is one of the few Spidey anniversary figures that I've decided to skip, but it looks like a very nice figure. It probably would have been better if they just skipped the underarm webbing altogether, but then of course it wouldn't have been comic accurate to his first appearance.
  9. I got this 2-pack from Amazon and love it. I had the prior versions of both characters but these are both clear upgrades (especially Silk).
  10. I actually fully believe them when they say that they wouldn't release this Mephisto or even Robbie in another way if the project doesn't fund. I think they would intentionally just ice the characters from comic figure consideration for a few years at least. I mean they have gone 20+ years without releasing them (Ok the Robbie character has only been around for 8 years). Now releasing MCU versions if/when they appear would probably be a totally different story.... I could certainly still see them pushing those out even if they put the comic versions on ice.... in the end, it won't matter - this will almost certainly fund. I'd be very surprised if it didn't, but in full disclosure I thought that the Rancor would also. I honestly believe that the only thing in question is whether the early bird civilian Robbie hits or not - and I'd say that's 50/50 right now.
  11. Yikes, not loving that MCU Ironheart armor. I knew that it wouldn't likely be terribly comic accurate, but this shocked me a little bit. I don't generally buy MCU figures, but I guess that I could see myself starting a hall of alternate armors for Ironheart like I have for Iron Man. I have both the comic and MCU Rescue but only use the comic version in my display. It would probably be the same for this.
  12. I'm all in on this one! I pre-ordered 3 sets when they first went up, but took advantage of Gamestop's 25% off sale and replaced the original pre-order. Mr. Negative is a figure that I've wanted in 6" scale for a long time and both of these figures are really versatile. I'm hoping that I'll eventually be able to pick up even more on clearance at some point... Gamestop's 50% off in store clearance sales have been fantastic here locally this summer. I went in tonight picked up of Legends / DC Multiverse / Witcher figures for under $10 each. They had so many High Evolutionary and Psycho Man for $8 each but I just grabbed one more of each. I can't help but wonder if that High Evolutionary will actually be in demand again after he's the main villain in Guardians of the Galaxy 3.
  13. I have to admit that I wasn't really all that interested in this figure when it was first announced, but now that I've seen a couple of reviews for it, I think it's a must get.
  14. I used to be in the camp that thought a Disney-licensed product would never release a toy of a devil/demon character like Mephisto....but then they let Hasbro do Surtur... and McFarlane just did Sabbac for Warner Brothers owned DC that won't even allow guns to be sold with their figures.... so I think that argument has been put to bed.
  15. Sure, I'd really like to have this... but speaking as someone who bought Galactus and 3 Sentinels from the prior HasLabs, I honestly don't think that I'd buy this at even half the price they're selling it for. The stretch goals would have to be pretty extreme for me to change my mind, I think. I'm happy for everybody that is excited for it, though.
  16. I'm already planning on making a Richard Fisk The Rose custom out of one of these, I already have all the other parts I need.
  17. I'm not a collector of MCU figures, but I really love this figure as a generic civilian figure in the same spirit that I've used the Netflix Jessica Jones figure (with a head swap, of course).
  18. Yes! I'm absolutely loving this! This is a must buy! I think the only other Selects I have are Immortal Hulk, Titanium Man, Uatu the Watcher, Mephisto, Mistress Death (that came with Thanos) and a couple of the Brood/Skrull army builder 2-packs. I don't buy them often but I will be buying this one!
  19. I honestly had been on the fence with this particular figure since it was announced, but I think that I'm firmly in the "buy" category with it now.
  20. So, I received this from Amazon yesterday. The figures are both absolutely fantastic. This was my first exposure to the windowless packaging though and I'm not a fan. I've ordered several of the other Spider-Man anniversary figures through Target and Renew Your Vows through BBTS, so I just haven't received those yet. I'll just repeat what others have said in that it would be really easy not to get all of the accessories out of the packaging before throwing it away. The only reason I didn't throw mine away was because I knew they were supposed to be included and I couldn't find them, so I triple checked. There was another extra hand with webbing for Silk that was separate that I almost missed too, even after that. So, I'll just reiterate that you'll want to be very careful. Losing those alternate heads and hands would be a real bummer because they're quite good!!
  21. I 100% agree with this. The figure looks fantastic! Puts that Christian Bale version to shame.
  22. I picked up 2 of these and am quite pleased with them. The retro card packaging is huge, the same size that was used for Rhino.
  23. I've already been buying the vast majority of my figures from online retailers for several years now anyway and will continue to do so. This change won't stop me from buying Legends, since it's the primary line that I collect, but the movement to windowless packaging will end my purchases of G.I. Joe Classified, since I don't open those and keep them in the package. I do somewhat worry that the combination of windowless packaging along with the higher price points might lead to drastically reduced Legends sales at mass retail (Walmart, Target, etc), thus eventually making the continuation of the line no longer profitable for Hasbro. I'm sure that their Market Research people have already crunched the numbers and have decided that it won't be a problem, though - or they wouldn't be doing it. Only time will tell. Will this end up swinging more buyers to the McFarlane and Mattel products which still prominently display the figures instead?
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