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  1. I'm looking forward to adding this one to my collection. Right now I only have the Toy Biz version (and I have 3 of those, one still in original packaging, one outside of packaging and fully intact and one missing an arm). I'm looking forward to finally adding a more modern version after choosing to pass on all of Hasbro's previous attempts.
  2. You're absolutely right. That X-Force 3 pack arrived today and it's great. The real want from this for me was Rictor, but that Cannonball is better than either of the other that Hasbro has given us and I plan to use that Domino as Copycat. I'm very, very happy with both of these 3-packs!
  3. I bought this 3-pack primarily for Meggan but ended up liking both Captain Britain and Shadowcat more than I expected. It's very well done! Now I'm waiting for the X-Force 3-pack which is supposedly en route.
  4. I greatly enjoyed the movie. I feel like this was easily one of the Top 5 movies that have come out of the MCU. It was a great way to wrap up this trilogy and provide an opportunity for an almost complete fresh start to any future Spider-Man movies with nearly no ties to anything that came before.
  5. There was a character in the New Warriors comic from 2020 where her special power was that she could pull anything out of her backpack. Her name was Trailblazer. I'm not saying this is for her, but it's the first thing that I thought of.
  6. The entire Bonebreaker and Rintrah waves look great! I went ahead and pre-ordered the whole Rintrah wave minus the regular Dr. Strange. Although I like the effect with the Defenders Dr. Strange, I'm going to pass on that. I already ordered the Walmart Dr. Strange, so I'm all Stranged out. Ragnarok is one of those figures that I've been waiting on for a very long time, always seemed like it would be super easy to do. Looks great! That's a must get. I was kind of hoping they'd stick him in a wave with Kurse and the Warriors Three, but will take him where I can get him. I have the original SDCC Ulik and don't feel like this a good representation of a Rock Troll army builder, so will pass on getting him. Are you kidding me with Jigsaw being a damn Walgreens exclusive?!? Wake up, Guys. Walgreens doesn't put these figures on the shelves. I just recently paid $40 for Nova on ebay and fully expect to have to do the same with Quasar, Binary and now Jigsaw. Please, please end the Walgreen exclusives. I hate them so, so much. 20th Hulk has a great 60s/70s look. I like it. I didn't pick up one of the previous anniversary Hulks so I went ahead pre-ordered this guy. I'm hoping that yellow Mandroid head is a precursor to a repainted re-released Mandroid in the near future.... All in all, some pretty nice reveals! Weird timing though for the week before Christmas for figures that won't be out until next year, maybe next week would have been better or the first week of January?
  7. I honestly would like to see more Spider-Man civilians in this line. Aunt May is a must. I've been collecting Legends for 20 years now and she is my #1 most wanted figure that has yet to be done in the 6"' scale. I may be the only one, but I'd also love Robbie Robertson, Betty Brant and Liz Allan. I'd like a better Harry Osborn than the James Franco "Goblin" movie figure they did for Spider-Man 3 too.... I always expected they'd do an American Son figure of him, but that story line is 10 years old now at this point...
  8. Interesting timing for this pic. My order for this figure just shipped from BBTS today! I passed on it when it first came out, but decided to order it when I saw it was being reissued. I still have the ToyBiz version, but until now had passed on Hasbro's attempts.
  9. Skipping all 3 Spideys. Hammerhead is the only must get for me to replace the Chameleon version. I've gotten every Hobgoblin figure that either Toy Biz or Hasbro has ever made, so I'm sure I'll get this one too. Shocker, I'm not sure about. I still have the Toy Biz version and the last one they did with the Deadpool smirk. So Hammerhead, yes. Hobgoblin/Shocker undecided, all 3 Spideys are a definite no.
  10. I was able to pick up the whole wave. Legion is easily my favorite figure from the wave, but the whole wave was done very well. I for one would still love to see a 3rd full AOA wave, but it sounds like that isn't happening.
  11. I'd say they should just leave it as it is. They do know that not everybody buys these to take them out of the package, right? There are a whole lot of collectors out there that display their figures in the original packaging. I didn't start that way, but I've got a whole wall of those myself.... my expectation is that putting it in a box where you can't see the figure will make people less likely to buy, period. It's good to reduce your plastic waste, but doesn't do any good if you put yourself out of business by doing so by negatively impacting sales....
  12. Great figure! I finally found Dr. Strange so was able to complete this guy. I chose to put him with my Spider-Man villains. Unlike some other BAF's, this one snapped together nice and easily without a lot of the effort some other recent ones have taken. When it comes to BAFs, I've found that McFarlane has been doing a great job making theirs that just snap together easily and satisfactorily. The Hasbro ones always require more effort. With that being said I far prefer the Hasbro product overall. I HATE HATE HATE McFarlane's 7" scale, although I'm not sure that they even try to scale their stuff together too much at all. Kind of all over the place.
  13. I'm actually personally very thankful for the MCU. There's no way that the Marvel Legends toy line would still be going without the popularity of these movies. Honestly I'm not sure the comic book industry itself would still be going if not for the popularity of comic book movies over the past 25 years. The younger generations today likely wouldn't have a clue who most Marvel characters are without the existence of these movies, and probably would never be introduced to them in any other way. People can complain about the MCU all they want, but in my opinion they're still the best thing going right now and probably the only movies made in recent history that I feel worth sitting and watching for 2 hours at a time.
  14. Go figure. I finally gave in and paid $37 for this on ebay just last week....
  15. Although I'm deliriously happy to have The Captain to finish off Nextwave (with Monica Rambeau, Machine Man, Boom-Boom and Elsa Bloodstone), I agree that the Warriors Three are comically overdue. They should do a Thor wave featuring them to also include Kurse, a classic Thor with Ragnarok alternate head and comic versions of the Collector and Grandmaster.
  16. I wholeheartedly agree. They started with their best episode right out of the gate. These 2 figures were the only two What If figures that I purchased, but I did also pick up Sylvie from the Loki show that was also in this wave. The others were easy to pass on. I generally hate the animated look in general, but just couldn't resist picking up Captain Carter and the Stomper. I wanted Uatu at first but decided to stick with the Marvel Select version because I just don't care for the animated look.
  17. Meggan looks great! Definitely the highlight of the 3-pack for me and the primary reason why I bought it. I don't think that I would have bought just the other two.
  18. Spoiler Free Review: I went and saw this movie last night (Sat, Nov 6) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Like most MCU movies, the tie to the source material is pretty flimsy - but let's be honest, they do always try to modernize and not tell the exact same story that someone would already know from reading the comics. Also as a given, you're never going to be able to do deep character building of this many new characters in even 3 hours - so it's harder to build any attachment to the characters or what happens to them. However, I don't know whether they could have told the same story with a smaller core cast. This realistically could have been 2 movies and had more development, but I think a gap of time in between the 2 halves would have likely been detrimental. We'll see how the Dune experiment works out, I guess. I personally feel that a lot of the hate for this movie has been more political than anything else. Some people just don't like the types of diversity showcased in this film. That's not an issue for me, so I came away very satisfied. I do hope that at least a few of these characters become long term pieces within the MCU going forward. Lastly I didn't feel that you have to have any knowledge of the comics or prior MCU movies whatsoever to enjoy this film. You could have jumped on with this as your very first MCU movie and not missed a beat. There may have been less than 90 seconds of dialogue through the film where Thanos, Captain Rogers, Iron Man or the Avengers were referenced - and they really added nothing to the story other than to remind you that it's supposed to be the same universe. I felt that way for the most part with Shang-Chi as well (with the exception of the mid-credits scene), so those 2 movies have felt like a new beginning. Obviously Black Widow didn't fall into the same category, nor would it be likely for next month's Spiderman: No Way Home. In the end, I enjoyed this movie, and am happy to have to it as part of the MCU and look forward to it's impact on future films.
  19. Love that Armadillo! I'm just missing his head because I haven't been able to find Dr. Strange but have the rest of the wave in hand.
  20. Rintrah would be cool! (and might help lead to a Inhumans Gorgon figure). However I'm thinking that a MCU Shuma-Gorath BAF might be more likely as the rumored primary villain in the movie.
  21. I voted for "A", but I'm not going to go back and vote every 24 hours for it. It should have been one vote per paid purchase. On a somewhat related note, I finally received the first 1 of 3 Sentinels from last year's HasLab this past Saturday. Still waiting on the other 2.
  22. I still haven't even gotten my 3 Sentinels. They haven't shipped yet. The order still shows "Unfulfilled" on Pulse. I'm starting to get a little antsy at this point because our local comic book store owner got his over a month ago and has it displayed at his store. The Vulcan mold looks good, but I'm hoping they don't just re-do a bunch of the same old characters just to put them on the new mold.
  23. I'll openly admit that I bought the Disney exclusive Marvel Select Hawkeye solely for Lucky the Pizza Dog.
  24. I'm loving D'Spayre, Knull and Vulcan!! I'm super excited for all 3 of those. I'll likely pick up the Scarlet Witch and Vision. I've still been using they Toy Biz Witch in my display. Now that they're doing another comic version of white Vision, I'm regretting buying the WandaVision Disney+ version. That was the only figure I picked up from the D+ Wave 1 and wish I hadn't. I didn't see anything else here today that really interests me. Not a HabroPulse premium member so waiting around to order my MODOK/Captain. I figure I'll actually get it 6 months later like I did with the Hellfire Club. Meanwhile my 3 Sentinels still have not shipped.....
  25. Hasbro absolutely nailed it with this figure. It's fantastic! The only figures from this wave that I haven't gotten yet are Dr. Strange (last part I need for Armadillo), and the Integrated Suit Spider-Man (because I don't want him).
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