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  1. I've had this set for a few weeks now. The Iron Man is better in person than I expected, but in full disclosure I haven't removed it from the package yet either. It's not gold gold, but it's certainly not butterscotch like it looked in some pics I've seen either. I'm very "happy" with the Happy Hogan figure. It's going to double as Foggy Nelson (from the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie) for me too!
  2. Pre-ordered Excalibur, 3 SHIELD 2-packs, 3 Skrulls, Hammerhead, Hobgoblin and Shocker. Expensive hobby!!!! Still no email on the 3 Sentinels I ordered and still just shows unfulfilled on my account on the Pulse. 🙁
  3. I'm so glad this isn't a figure that I want. I paid up for Terror, Inc. and the comic Rescue figure in red and silver when they were the exclusives. Was able to skip Ms Marvel last year and will be skipping Kitty this year.
  4. I'm excited to hear that it's likely we'll finally be getting Speedball!! I think that I'd honestly be happy with any of these options as the 2nd one. Blackout would probably be the one I'd want most though. For yesterday's reveals, I don't think there's anything that is a must-have for me. I'll pre-order Hammerhead, but he's the only that I know that I intend to get. Hobgoblin is a character that I think that I've bought every figure ever made for, so I could see myself potentially caving on this one too. I like that Shocker better than the versions that I have but might just stick with what I've already got. I passed on the previous offerings of Falcon and Loki so I'll likely pass again. No interest in any of those Spideys. Will be pre-ordering the Excalibur 3-pack, 3 SHIELD 2-packs and 2-3 Skrulls today!
  5. The wave sounded promising with Siryn and Darwin to start things off. I really have no interest in another Havok and definitely not in another Wolverine. Hopefully the BAF isn't someone I want. Rockslide, Pixie and M are my biggest X-Men wants I think, so it would be nice to see at least of one of those 3 in this wave.
  6. Well, that's disappointing but not terribly surprising. Prior to the pandemic I always supported the MCU by going to the movie theater on opening weekend religiously. The pandemic ended that. I still haven't seen either Black Widow or Shang-Chi as I wait for them to be out on DVD or Disney+ (for no additional cost). I love these movies but there is absolutely nothing that would get me in a movie theater any time in the near future, certainly not during the rest of 2021 (if ever again, quite frankly). I want these movies to do well, but I'll wait until they're available to watch in my home. The only thing that I hate about that is that it's almost impossible to avoid spoilers for 45 days.... usually within 24 hours of the movie being released half the articles on the internet have spoilers right in their titles. So Annoying.
  7. Sweet!! I've wanted a Siryn for a long time! I see lots of people wanting re-do's of characters, while there are some that truly need re-do's, I'd personally much rather see so many of the X-Men related characters that have never been done before in 6" form like Rockslide, Pixie, M, Anole, Armor, Husk, Magma, Hellion, Cypher, Chamber, Quentin Quire, Sage, Surge, Dust, Madelyne Pryor, Mercury, Dr. Nemesis, Glob Herman, Marrow, Oya, Frenzy, Elixir, Madison Jeffries, Hepzibah, Corsair, Bling!, Mariko Yashida, Genesis, Blindfold, Prodigy, Leech, Dr. Cecilia Reyes, Abigail Brand, Scalphunter, Mimic, Exodus, Skin, Destiny, Synch, Dr. Kavita Rao, Pete Wisdom, Trish Tilby, Gentle, No-Girl, Skids, Match, Trance, Deathbird, Broo, Layla Miller, Feral, Artie Maddicks, Loa, Lila Cheney, Ch'od, Vanisher, Raza, Rusty Collins, Beak, Ernst, etc., etc..... those are just some of the ones that have several hundred comic appearances and no figure yet... I'd also love to see some kind of build-a-scene for Krakoa, even if they had to spread it across multiple waves....
  8. I'm stoked to see this, but don't plan on going to a movie theater again anytime soon and certainly not in 2021. Had previously seen every Marvel movie on opening weekend up until Black Widow, which I still haven't seen. Waiting for them to be "free" on Disney+. The release windows are short enough now that there's not really any incentive for me to go drop $100+ for my family of 4 to see a movie anymore when we can watch it at home a few weeks later as part of our monthly subscriptions that we're already paying. That's regardless of the pandemic going on that I don't have the luxury of ignoring because I work at a large hospital and am confronted by it's impact every single day. My key question out of all of this is when do we get a dang Razor-Fist figure?!?
  9. Do you not like the Marvel Select version? It's the one that I use. It's still cheaper and easier to get on ebay than building this one if you weren't otherwise going to be buying the whole wave. I think that it's being re-released as well.
  10. Assuming that they even do, of course. I've been collecting this 6" line since the late 90's before it was called Legends and this animated BAF version is the first time time either ToyBiz or Hasbro has put out a Watcher figure in 20+ years, I wouldn't just assume that they'll do another. I strongly prefer comic versions, but when they put out a MCU version of someone like Nebula, Executioner, Collector, Grandmaster, Yondu, Surtur, etc. or a Marvel Select version of someone like Mephisto or Uatu, or a Mezco 1:12 of Lockjaw then I make sure I get if I want them because I've learned after 20+ years that there's no guarantee that we'll see another version in this scale later (unless it an A-Lister and then you're guaranteed at least two new versions every year). Look at some of the characters that we've never gotten in all that time to see what I mean... At one point I even thought that this line might be over when Hasbro tried to pivot to the 1/18th (3.75") scale. I'm so glad that didn't work out the way that they intended. I fell in love with this line during the Toy Biz days when that type of articulation and quality at an affordable price point was still unheard of and I've been hooked ever since. Hasbro reduced the level of articulation, but has taken the level of quality to a whole different level over the last few years while still being moderately affordable compared to many other competitors doing this scale of figure.
  11. I don't believe that has been announced, but I'm expecting it to be during or right after PulseCon in late October. Hopefully sooner because that still feels like a long ways away! Of course the black hand ninja was announced before the skrull or SHIELD army builders and they're not shipping until March supposedly....
  12. I've really enjoyed all of the Disney+ shows so far! So far, Loki has been my favorite. I didn't get anything from the first Disney+ wave because I mostly prefer comic based figures, but from this one I intend to get Sylvie and Captain Carter. I've also pre-ordered the Hydra Stomper and Mobius that are separate from the main wave. I'll stick with my Marvel Select Watcher, though. I like it better than this animated style version. I'm looking forward to the rest of What If. The very first episode has been my favorite from the series so far, but I'm also really looking forward to the Zombie episode!
  13. We don't have Meijers here, so I haven't experienced that. I went to my nearest local Super Walmart and Super Target this past weekend. Super Target had a single White Vision figure and that was it. Walmart's Legends pegs were completely empty but there were still several of those larger "action" style figures that are aimed at younger kids of Shang-Chi and Wenwu...but nothing from the main line. I haven't been into Gamestop recently because I don't buy games any more, but in the past I've occasionally run across something still there that had sold out at the larger retail outlets -- but my experience is if it had been discounted it was never marked as such -- which can sometime lead to a happy surprise at the register....but I bet it's been over a year since I stopped in there...
  14. I pre-ordered the whole regular wave and Kro from BBTS. Will wait for Ajak and Thena when they hit their respective exclusive stores. I'm actually not a MCU guy and strongly prefer comic versions of the characters but I also have no expectations of ever seeing any of the comic versions of any of these figures. I also expect that the future comic versions will likely more resemble their movie counterparts anyway than their classic comic counterparts. That's what seems to have happened with most other characters who have shown up in the MCU (Nebula is a good example). I do consider myself a "character" completionist meaning I try to have at least 1 version of every character is made (and usually only keep 1 version of each) and I've been collecting these 6" marvel figures for 2 decades now so it's hard to suddenly stop being a completionist after 20 years, LOL. Also I'm just curious, I see comments on here all the time talking about waiting until figures go on clearance to pick them up, where in the world are you seeing Marvel Legends on clearance anywhere? The last Legends figure I ever remember seeing on clearance was MCU Wasp at Wal-mart 2-3 years ago. Even when these hit the shelves at Walmart or Target here they're usually gone almost as soon as they hit the shelves. By the time I get there (once per week), there's usually one or two figures total left on the pegs. Due to that I switched to ordering all of my figures online and it's certainly rare to see Legends marked down significantly on either Pulse or BBTS. So, I'd love to hear where people actually find Legends on clearance...because I'd love to shop there!! I live in a town with a population of around 60,000 people in a county with a population of around 500,000. We have multiple Super Walmarts, Super Targets, Walgreens and Gamestops locally. Those are the only stores that I know of locally that sell Legends. We have a handful of comic book stores around but they can't buy Legends at a discount themselves directly from Hasbro in order to resell, so they don't offer them. I'd just love to find out how people are finding Legends discounted or on clearance. Thanks!
  15. I'm enjoying the show, but am not really interested in the animated versions of these figures. I have the Marvel Select Zombies (Colonel America, Spider-Man, Hulk, Sabretooth and Magneto), I'm happy to stick with those. They're a little too big, but still prefer them to this animated style. Just personal preference. I did pre-order Captain Carter and the Hydra Stomper both though - they were just too cool to pass up.
  16. I had to cancel this preorder in order to justify to myself backing Galactus. Had to save $$$ somewhere. I still have the blue comic version BAF and the smaller movie version like this one, so I'm fine with that.
  17. I'll admit that I'm very disappointed in the Doom head for the 4th tier. I was really hoping for something that would make me feel even better about this purchase. I would have been ecstatic with a Celestial head, a Galactus Cat, a Punisher robot or any of Tyrant, Air-Walker, Firelord, Red Shift, Stardust, Praeter or Anti-Man. I would have been stoked for ROM the Space Knight but I believe that Marvel no longer has his rights to that character. I would have been happy with either adult Franklin or even "Maker" Reed Richards. This Doom head honestly was kind of a let down. I did like someone's comment earlier about wondering if it would fit on a Sentinel to make a deluxe Doombot... now that might actually be a little cooler. For me, Morg was what put me over the top here, but if I had my choice I certainly would have far rather purchased Morg and Frankie Raye as stand alone figures. I know that I wouldn't have paid $20 for that Surfer as a single figure. I wouldn't have paid the $400 for Galactus without the other figures included, but it is well done and a huge upgrade over the other versions that I have and I'll be happy to have it in the end. I originally justified it to myself by thinking that I would sell either my Toy Biz BAF version or the Marvel Universe Infinite version to help fund this one, but in the end I think that I'll keep those for now. Instead I cancelled my pre-order for Obadiah/Iron Monger to save some $$$ and put toward this instead. As much as I Iove these huge figures, I do hope that the Marvel HasLab offerings are mostly a little cheaper going forward.....
  18. I hope that you're right in regards to the announcement, but seeing as it's been 36 hours since the Surfer got funded and 24 hours since Morg got announced and they still haven't updated the website or sent any Pulse emails, I can't say that I'm all that hopeful for updates or announcements until mid-day Monday - which honestly isn't all that useful when it closes to new backers just hours later. As I'm typing this, the project is at 19,665 backers with just about 51 total hours to go.
  19. I honestly don't remember what they did with Sentinel. I also understand that someone probably didn't want to work late on Friday to update a website but in this day and age that tends to be something with some sort of 24/7 coverage and likely a work from home job. My point was just that there are people who buy these figures that likely still don't know about the Tier 3 incentive. Giving them a full weekend to visit the site and purchase seems more likely than after just one more normal workday before the deadline, right?!? Maybe it wouldn't make a difference, but I feel like it would. Maybe I'm also over-estimating the Morg effect because I know that is what finally got me personally to commit when I was leaning towards not doing so otherwise. Marketing is all about maximizing your opportunity and in my opinion that just wasn't done here by waiting to update the website. That's my opinion (and probably only meaningful to me).
  20. I kind of wish that they would update the website and send an email to people that have bought Legends from the Hasbro Pulse site. I know people that would be interested to know that Morg was added to this that don't frequent sites like this and won't know if Hasbro doesn't tell them. They basically fully depend on the Hasbro emails. Waiting until Monday to update the site is probably too late to attract any other additional buyers that were on the fence.... There's a local comic book shop owner here in town that bought Sentinels last year only because I kept him up to date on the Tier add-on's.... he didn't know anything about it otherwise....
  21. Oh, I definitely agree..... Aunt May, Jarvis, Robbie Robertson, Rick Jones, Betty Brant, Valerie Cooper, Liz Allan, Foggy, does Wong count?, Ben Urich, Alicia Masters, Mariko, Cecilia Reyes, Abigail Brand, Henry Gyrich, Amadeus Cho, Dr. Kavita Rao, Pete Wisdom, Trish Tilby, Uncle Ben, Layla Miller, Gabe Jones, Lila Cheney, Clea... and so many more.... not all of those may be true civilians but came to mind for this...
  22. Wow, Morg looks absolutely fantastic. Me want! I so hope that we get to 20k.....
  23. Yes, please on Edwin Jarvis. He's my 2nd most wanted "civilian" figure right now behind only Aunt May that I mentioned earlier in this thread! Speaking of "civilian" figures, I got my Iron Man 3 2-pack of Happy and IM Mark XXI today. Now I want that Jon Favreau figure to be both my Happy from Iron Man and also Foggy Nelson from the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie!! If it wasn't a 2-pack I'd go pick up another one and do a head swap with another civilian figure in a lighter suit. That head might not look good on Mobius but I bet that I'll try it anyway when I get Mobius. A figure with a bow-tie would be even better but the only I can think of is Arcade and that wouldn't work.
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