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  1. On 11/22/2022 at 7:47 PM, Outsiders said:

    To clarify what I wrote was based off of information that came from the source.  It's not a direct quote, as the source stated:

    "While it probably won’t be as dark as the previous Blade pics, Insiders say Marvel is looking to go with a darker tone on this film than other MCU projects have been in the past."

    They don't want the movie as dark as previous Blade movies, but they want a darker tone than other MCU projects.  Based on that directly, it's hard to determine how "dark" Marvel will be taking this movie.

    I wouldn't have expected Guillermo Del Toro level gore and the F-word flying every other minute from this movie, anyway.

  2. On 11/21/2022 at 6:17 PM, Atlantis said:

    Along with their other neglected areas, hasbo needs to update these suited civilian bodies. They were on the right track when they correctly realized they'd need a new buck for the Happy Hogan figure. Of course for female characters as well. The jeans and leather jacket worked perfectly for Jessica Jones. Misty Knight would be great in jeans, knee boots, and turtle neck with shoulder harness. Let's see some more thinking and execution along those lines. 

    The need to fix the ****ing dress shoes. That they're not flat is a huge problem.

  3. On 11/21/2022 at 4:44 AM, Faust said:

    Although I have my issues with Disney, Chapek was a god awful CEO, hated by his peers and tried to block others from challenging his position. Hopefully with Iger back we can also see someone come in as TV producer for MCU as Phase 4 has been all over the place

    Kevin Feige is in charge of Marvel studios (that includes both movies and tv), and there's no way Iger is going to change that.

  4. On 11/1/2022 at 12:16 AM, Hogun said:

    If Hasbro was smart, they would release Mephisto and a skimpier Madeline Pryor as single card figure to recuperate some of that money

    Dwight said they can't release Goblin queen in anything more risque than the outfit she had for the Haslab. He didn't rule out one of her other outfits (more conservative), or another look for Mephisto for the future, but from what he told folks in interviews recently, it sounds like these exact figures are never coming out without the Haslab going forward.

  5. On 10/28/2022 at 10:10 PM, Benn said:

     I don’t really know the actors who play Sif or the Warriors Three. I think they’re mostly American, but I can’t think whether they put on fake accents or not.

    Jaime Alexander (Sif) and Josh Dallas (Fandral 1) and Zachary Levi (Fandral 2) are American; Tadanobu Satō (Hogun) is Japanese, and Ray Stevenson (Volstagg) is Irish but grew up in England.

  6. On 10/22/2022 at 11:11 AM, Atlantis said:

    Yeah, a number of these comedians are actually great actors and can do great dramatic roles. Don't know about Sacha Baron but the first time I saw Bill Burr was on Breaking Bad; he played a henchman who could be reasonable, but definitely be menacing, when the situation called for it. I had no idea he was a stand up comedian. 

    Sacha Baron Cohen is very good in The Trial of the Chicago 7. He's even better in The Spy.

  7. On 10/13/2022 at 9:43 PM, superiorspidermanfan said:

    Ofcourse but it goes both ways . That "Dude" comment reply directed towards me was not so respectful either on his part . You dont go to a stranger calling them "dude" and expect respect back. Doesnt work that way in the real world . Now if he would have a addressed me like " I disagree" or " I like that figure and I think Dwight is doing a great job " then thats fine . But this person chose a not so respectful reply . Maybe you should address that to the other party next time someone like me wants to express an opinion 

    "Dude" is what set you off? Really? I didn't even see, that, I find it so innocuous, especially in comparison to your response.  A disagreement is not an invitation for a fight, and a perceived slight is not justification to get insulting. You don't get to dictate who gets respect around here and when. And I really don't appreciate the push back. Best move would have been to respond to me with an "okay" or not to say anything at all and let it go. I suggest you take some time to think about whether you want to be a part of this forum, since you seem to have trouble dealing with the most basic rule we have.

  8. On 10/13/2022 at 7:16 PM, Atlantis said:

    Yeah....think Boog asked some harder questions than they were prepped for. Thing is their bosses could've told them to say one thing, and then after they say it, corporate comes out and says/does the opposite. So I can see its probably frustrating. Still, they say they're listening....time will tell. 

    Boog always asks tough questions. If Ryan wasn't prepared to field them, it makes me wonder what the rest of his weekend was like. As the brand manager, I gotta assume this whole campaign has been running him ragged. He's usually much more composed.

  9. On 10/13/2022 at 4:57 PM, Atlantis said:

    I don't think they believe it deserves to be saved. Habsro needs to start learning from the failures of the Rancor, the Reva lightsaber, that they need to provide value for what the fans want. There were a lot of excuses given (if you've seen the Boog interview from yesterday), but if they're not gonna change their behavior, then the community has no reason to support this kind of thing. Hasbro is just waiting to see the fans blink....we'll see what happens. 

    I watched that interview. Ryan got kinda pissed there.

  10. On 10/13/2022 at 5:57 AM, superiorspidermanfan said:

    Oh spare me the talking points and rhetoric and the joke about the crappy Senty figure just released Dwight and the rest of those bafoons have been dishing out pure GARBAGE . Your actually gonna tell me that the Sentry is the " best representation" of the character ? Are you serious ?????? thats a joke it looks a BABY TOY compared to figs like 80th anniversary Cap & Thor . They have the means to make the Sentry so much more like the comics & that joke of a fig is NOT like the comics. Its people like you that keep this crap going by ass kissing them . I dont blame Hasbro from cancelling Marvel Legends bcz of the crappy product Dwight keeps designing . Explain to me how genius is it to put Mr Hyde who is an athletic brute force beast (that in the comics Mr Hyde is very very AGILE ) in a KINGPIN body mold . I mean ARE YOU SERIOUS ????? is that a "great decision" ???   Shall I go on let me proceed. You want to know waht a perfect body mold is ? Walgreens Exclusive Namor is by far PERFECTION at its finest they can do it like Namor's body mold but wont  . And you state that the new Sentry is the best representation of character dude put your glasses on . The Sentry has a superior physical shape in the comics dont you dare lecture me about representation of a character bcz you just lost all credibility in that comment . Putting a grim reaper body mold on THE SENTRY ????? LMAO !!!! Theres no detail in the cape bright bright yellow is kind of color you would use on a kindergartener .  I will never put a fig like that next to my ML 80th anniversary Cap , Thor or retro Spiderman . Heres an idea why doesnt the Sentry HAVE HIS OWN DISTINCT BODY MOLD ????? Did you see the new ML Orb ? did you see the body mold they are using ????? that crappy outdated Bucky Cap mold ??? WTF dude ? I can go on and on and on about the crap they keep dishing out how after all these years going to come out with Mephisto only to put him in a GR haslab overpriced project . I mean imagine if they just released Mephisto by itself you would have a very very hard time finding him bcz he would be selling off the shelves because he is beyond past due.  I dont waht that version of GR I dont want the car . All i need is Mephisto heck his body mold & paint job is far better than the Sentry's its not perfect LIKE IT SHOULD but he'll have to do since ML never produced one 

    Dial it waaaaay back, there. People are entitled to their opinions. People are entitled to disagree. You're getting personal and a bit insulting there. If you have criticism of Hasbro and the Marvel Team, that's fine, but don't attack members or moderators and treat everyone here with respect.

  11. On 10/10/2022 at 5:19 PM, tarot said:

    they are the exact same. pins and all. If you mean the legs, you can make out those sculpted pieces on them.

    Yeah, I meant the scalloped bits on the lower legs. I couldn't see them at all before on the figure standing next to the packaging. I think they're barely visible and mostly disappear into the white of the cape and the background. I guess I'm starting to get so used to seeing Hasbro release figures across all lines where there are sometimes major differences between what's in the box and what's on the box, that I assumed this was the case again. 

  12. On 10/8/2022 at 5:44 AM, Atlantis said:

    Exactly. This and the outrageous price is the main reason this thing is failing. Understand that for me, any haslab is a greedy and unnecessary price grab. However, if its gonna be done....This car was a poor choice! They take the fans for granted and don't listen, because if a vehicle was gonna be the item, fans have been asking about others; this one was low, very low, on the list. 

    No, for fans of the Reyes Ghost Rider, this is not a slam about your taste. Its simply that some things click with fans more than others. I'm an Avengers fan through and through, but I know that in a choice between the Quinjet and the Blackbird, the X-Men's jet is gonna be at the top. Hasbo has got to start reading the room....they've been on this line too long to be making bonehead moves like this.

    A Quinjet would probably have worked, but the X-Men Blackbird even in a fudged scale would have been too big to be feasible and keep its proportions from getting too toyish. People did ask for the Hell Charger. But that's not what that car is. It almost is at a glance, but multiple details have been changed to make it NOT a Charger (so that Hasbro doesn't have to pay a fee to Chrysler, I'm sure). Couple that with a price tag that I'm sure no one who asked for the car anticipated - I sure didn't expect $350 for a generic Charger-like knockoff pretty much all by itself - and it was doomed to fail. I don't know if it's the Marvel team directly, or their bosses, but soon they're going to learn a lesson that they should have learned when the Rancor failed, which is a lesson that should have been reinforced after the spectacular failure of Reva's lightsaber: If the value isn't there, people won't spend the money.

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