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  1. Picked up Guardian recently. A very bittersweet figure indeed! If they hadn't shown us those prototypes with the gorgeous metallic paint, then this would have been fine. As is, and with the grumpy-grampa face it's ok. Still happy to have a new Guardian figure at long last though. I would really love it if Hasbro included some bonus alternate heads as pack-ins with some future Alpha Flight character, ideally a neutral expression and a grit teeth expression. Some bonus hands would have been nice, but I find Quicksilver's open palm hands work really well as zap-em-up hands on good ol' Mac!
  2. The Birthday Gods were good to me this past weekend! Got the Hulk/ Wolvie set, the Juggernaut/ Colossus set and 80th Thor. The Juggernaut is one big, beautiful, honking huge hunk of Brown plastic that I just can't take my eyes off of! I was not able to complete the BAF as it would have cost far too much money on the secondary market, so this release with the more accurate paint deco and extra accessories is sweeter than sweet! Colossus is awesome too, though I really wish they gave him a calf swivel. Thor...ahhh Thor! For me, it's the Simonson Era and everything else...so having this gem of a figure is also a dream come true! Love the extra hand, and I am really really happy they gave him the forward tilting joint on his right hand for sweet hammer poses (Hasbro...if you're reading this, please give every figure who uses a melee striking weapon this joint...this is the natural joint for any hand held weapon!) Lastly, I'm most happy with the Hulk. He's just so big and green and Hulky! He's right by me at my studio desk and I can't look at it without getting the awesome theme from the 80s cartoon in my head and/or making a growly Hulk noise, lol. I've waited 40 flippin years for a Hulk figure like this, so man is this Middle-aged super-nerd ever on cloud 9!
  3. No need for teenage sarcasm friend, I didn't see the panel. But my, that is most good news. Shang-Chi is back on the list!!
  4. No idea who or what any of these characters are, but that's all good. I'm happy for the fans who dig them, and happy to give my wallet a break so's I can catch up on Transformers Siege, lol. Any how, it's a pity that Shang-Chi looks to be coming with no extra hands, which means no sale. I'm happy enough to get the Vulture though!
  5. Seriously, they need to just re-release the lot of them, because as Walgreens exclusives they weren't available in Canada, and what specialty shops did carry them charged black market organ donor prices. That being said, a classic Annihilus would do quite nicely and nice big, huge Dragon Man Baf!
  6. I can understand why some would feel that it's too much too fast. I definitely understand budgetary concerns as well. But for me, I remember times when there were no cool Marvel figures at all. When there were...namely the Secret Wars line, they were few, they were 5poa (even back then I wanted Superhero figs that could pose like G.I. Joes), and they were only A-listers. Forget getting characters like Guardian, Union Jack, Colossus and Silver Samurai, all characters I would have went nuts for back in the day. To now be able to get all these and more, just within the span of a few months?? This is a time of unprecedented riches for this Old-School Kat to go cherry-picking through! I'm just really grateful for it all man, and I hope the party lasts as long as possible.....especially for the sake of getting my namesake made in glorious plastic form.
  7. Thanks dude! And Amen! We have come a long way indeed!
  8. Just got the 80th Anniv. Iron Man yesterday from a local Collector-Shop. Man....this figure is so beautiful, so perfect, so gorgeously golden...I'm on cloud 9! I've wanted a great classic Iron Man figure since the very first Secret Wars version (I'm old enough to remember the Mego version, but even as a kid I thought it sucked, lol). I didn't get the first TB version because it looked off. I never got the IM Classics version either because the head was too small and no ankle pivots. This one is perfect, and I love that they sculpted the proportions to look as though a person were under the armor, instead of it being 'painted' on. Super happy with this man! It's been a wickedly awesome year for Old-school collectors and fans!
  9. Oh by the Gods of Plastic, we need an all Thor wave! Nothing save for an all-Alpha Flight wave or all-Galactus Herald wave would make me happier! Actually, we'd need two all Thor waves, because along with everyone's excellent choices thus far, I would add: Leir...the Celtic God of Lightning, from that great story in Thor #386 Forgotten One in Space Armor, from the Celestial/ Eternal story arc in Thor #s 283-293, specifically issue #288! That was such a glorious hard hitting, heavyweight slug-fest that it should be immortalized in plastic! Quicksand! Beta Ray Bill! A new classic version to be precise! Karnilla, Queen of the Norns!
  10. Class Act! Much respect to Wesley Snipes! The way he was able to take such a totally obscure Marvel character and make him such a powerhouse of Badassery...Legend! The first movie really set the tone, especially stylistically for all action films in the new millennium. While I would have preferred to see WS return to the role, if there was anyone who could fill his Blade Boots, it's Ali. Really looking forward to the film!
  11. Mahershala Ali is as Blade is pitch perfect. So looking forward to that. As for the Eternals, what, no Sersi?? Come on now. I'm hoping that Salma Hayek as Ajak is a typo, and that they really meant that she's Sersi. This has the potential to be either amazing or just laughably bad. Fingers crossed, because I love the Eternals. My enthusiasm for the new Thor movie has now gone from excited optimism to a plummeting meteoric fireball, blazing its way downward to a fiery and explosive end. No way I'm going to see that now. I'm excited for Doctor Strange 2! Shang-Chi sounds promising, but, I'm on the fence about it. Not really interested in a Loki series, and I could care less about a Hawkeye series. The Black Widow...I'm torn. It sounds good, and I like the inclusion of Red Guardian. But...if it's merely a backstory that leaves off with her still being dead in the present, I don't know. Too sad, plus I didn't like how they handled her in the last Avengers film.
  12. I'd dig any of these classic character choices too. For Canada, Snowbird or the twins! For England, I want a classic Captain Britain!
  13. Well, looks like some more money saved for me this Spring, as I'm not into the X-factor and 90s stuff. I'm happy for the peeps that are getting wishes fulfilled there of course. Shang-Chi though.....Yes! That is another dream come true figure for me to tick off the list, though I really do hope he comes with a set of fists (come on Hasbro, a Martial Artist has to be able to punch things, and how's he supposed to look squaring off against Iron Fist if he's got no dukes? Lol) Classic Vulture, Heck Yes!! ✔️Check! Doctor Doom, ✔️Check! (Still would have preferred the classic look, but this figure still looks dope and the classic bonus mask will do). She-Hulk, I'm on the fence with. She looks dope, but nnnnnnnnnn.....I really want a classic version. Either in her torn white shirt and bare legs, or in her totally tubular 80s outfit complete with orange leg-warmers. Still might pick her up. I'm surprised we're not seeing any more Classics/ Retro figures teased. Or is that to come later? Any how, all in all, I'm relieved there's some dope comic figures on the way.
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