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  1. Love this topic! Classic Skrulls are a no-brainer for me, along with Classic Kree soldiers (perhaps a private and captain). I'd also love updated Hand Ninjas too, both in black and red. Some other dream sets for me would be... Guardsmen Armored Dark Elves Generic US Army soldiers (for dioramas) Generic Policemen/women (also for dioramas) Muspelheim Fire demons Badoon warriors Atlantean warriors Doom bots Helfire Minions
  2. Cool topic! My surprise would be Angela. I remember the character well from her old Spawn days. (I collected and enjoyed her Image mini-series). I had stopped actively collecting comics nearly 20 years ago though, so I had no idea about all the beef that went down over the character between McFarlane and Neil Gaiman. I also didn't know that McFarlane killed her off, and that Gaiman won the rights and sold her to Marvel either (the things you miss out on, lol). So yeah, imagine my sheer surprise when I first saw the figure revealed in SDCC pics as a Marvel Legends figure, Lol! I still wasn't going to pick the character up because I'm more into classic characters in their classic outfits, but man am I glad I went for it anyway. While I find the whole 'long lost, more powerful older-sister' to Thor back story a bit much, the figure is sensational! She just has so much presence on the shelf! I love the posability of her hands, particularly the left hand being able to point her sword forward (every sword wielding ML should have this joint). I love the figure's great height too, and I get such a kick out of posing and displaying her. Easily one of my most favourite figures ever! My second surprise would be the Marvel Now Iron Man. Like I said, I'm mainly into classic renditions of characters and was going to pass on this. However, I got it on a whim one day, and thank heavens! It looked cool in photos, sure, but in person WOW! I love the techy anime look to the armor. Actually it reminds me a bit of Space Sheriff Gavan, which I loved when I was a kid. The bonus repulsor hands are awesome too! Such a fun figure!
  3. Great photos! And great paint job on the hands too! What type of sealant do you use to keep the paint from rubbing off the joints?
  4. Ohh no :( ! Ah, this is sad news indeed. Another legend has departed us. Sigh... Thank you Mr Stan the Man Lee, thank you for all you shared with us. Your creations comforted me, entertained me, inspired me and so many of us all over the world. It's hard to put to words just how much he impacted the world with his vision, and creations/ co-creations. World Changer for sure, and easily one of the greatest of all the modern era. Thank sir, God Bless you, Godspeed and Excelsior! RIP!
  5. Man, I'm all over this! Well, not this one, but the classic one for certain. I love the idea of taking the old design and making it look modern, or technological. Wish they took this approach in the films, but ah well. I soooo want Hasbro to give us a new Classic Iron Man, but I'd be especially stoked if they went this same route that Mezco did in modernizing the design.
  6. I wanted to add that Elektra would be a tie with my Surfer for favourite figure of the year. The face is simply gorgeous, I love the two finger Sai pose; she's just all around perfect!
  7. Air-Walker

    Most Wanted Comic Figures?

    I'm all about the Cosmic, baby! Just imagining having all these one day just makes me nerdgasm into unconsciousness. Air-walker! Captain Mar-Vell Ikaris (Classic) (and/or all the main classic Eternals) ROM!!! The In-betweener Adam Warlock (first Starlin era/ Classic version) The Stranger Ronan the Accuser (Classic) Firelord Gamora (Classic) Champion (BAF) (and/or all the Classic Elders of the Universe) Mantis (regular and green skinned) Super-Skrull Classic Skrull Army builder Classic Kree Army builder (I would love to see a box set of the main military ranks, with blue and pink skin heads!) Lilandra (exile or Empress version) Deathbird Ms Marvel (Classic Red and Blue suit complete with 1970s feathered hair! :D) Annihilus (Classic) Kang (Classic) Blastarr (Classic)
  8. Agreed! And yes, I feel you're right on the classic Kree and Skrull soldiers....waiting with fingers crossed and baited breath, lol.
  9. 1. Dragon Man! 2. Classic Annihilus (I'd say he classifies as a monster) 3. Devil Dinosaur with Moon-boy 4. Mangog 5. Werewolf 6. Dracula 7. Lilith 8. Mephisto 9. Fenrir (Fenris Wolf) 10. Surtur
  10. Well, for my part I think that Hasbro is pulling off the balancing act pretty well. Perfect? No, but pretty darn well consider all the factors involved. As an Old-School Kat, I'm thrilled to finally have figures like Dreadknight, Machine Man and Vance Astro on my shelf (which I thought I'd never see). Other figures too, like the Enchantress, the classic Ghost Rider, classic Black Widow, Gladiator, Malekith, etc.....these are all figures that are a dream come true for collectors like me, because back in the day, you'd only ever see top-tier heroes and villains. One of Marvel's great strengths as we all know is it's enormous cast of colourful obscurities. So far, I think Hasbro's doing a great job of making these characters while at the same time making the more current versions of characters. The only thing I could ask Hasbro for would be an awesome version of my namesake and favourite Marvel side-character of all time, the Air-Walker!!! Oh...and a Classic Ronan the Accuser, Mar-vell, and classic Kree and Skrull soldiers. Give me these, and I'm in permanent Plastic collecting bliss!
  11. Thanks for the clarification, friend! Hnnnn, first appearances eh? Well, it's not my ideal for SW and QS, since my eras are the mid-late 70s and 80s, but for an O.G. Magneto at last, I can dig it.
  12. Is that a classic Scarlet Witch in the image??
  13. The Kingpin is just amazing! Silver Sable and the Puma are musts for me too, as I'm an 80s child! I just may get that 6 armed Spidey too, as I'm also a child of the 70s, lol.
  14. Air-Walker

    Marvel Legends Thor wave

    BAF Kurse (I want this figure so bad it hurts!) Bearded Thor in armor (Simonson era) Sif (Simonson era) Executioner Beta-Ray Bill Forgotten One (in space armor) Hela (Simonson era design) Leir Firelord
  15. Air-Walker

    Retro Wave 3 Wish List

    A long list, I know...but lots of things to choose from if Hasbro is looking! :D 1. Classic Scarlet Witch, to go with the new Classic Vision! (All she'd need is a new tiara and a slight mod of Storms boots). 2. Captain Mar-vell in his red and blue outfit. (Oh please Hasbro make this happen!) 3. Classic Storm!!!!!!!!!! 5. Classic Moondragon 6. Nova (Frankie Raye) 7. Classic Northstar 8. Classic Aurora 9. Deathurge (this kitbash is so ridiculously easy I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet!) 10. Captain Britain (version 2/ Excalibur issue 1) 11. Doc Sampson version 1 12. Enforcer (again, suuuuuuper easy kitbash) 13. Guardsman 14. Jocasta (they could just paint on the details imo) 15. Ms Marvel (Sharon Ventura/ orange and blue costume) 16. Firelord 17. Mephisto 18. Marina 19. Snowbird 20. Jack'O Lantern

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