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  1. On 1/22/2023 at 11:58 AM, leokearon said:

    The best is updating their mold selection, espcially on the mold that and now 10 years old an dare showing signs of degradation.


    The worst is the Plastic Free Packaging. It is so boring, just a stock render on the front and a photo on the back, Why not give us some nice box art like Transformers?

    I'm inclined to agree, the ML team seems to have adapted the worst to the plastic-free packaging. GI Joe looks great with the artwork. Heck, they could just do comic art, and have the figure render on the back.



    One area that I would like to see Hasbro improve upon is accessories. Figures like Speedball, $27.99 with zero accessories and on a reused body mold, simply should not be happening. They could've just painting the Kirby crackle effect piece a few different colors and called it a day. I'm of the belief that every figure should come with an alt head and one set of alt hands at least. Throw in an effect part or weapon, and I might be able to justify $30 for a fig.

  2. Hasbro has been doing some pretty neat things as of late (retiring body molds, new bodies, etc.), so which one is your favorite?


    For me; it's the new head sculpts. Gone are the days of every character looking identical with a different paintjob (well mostly...still room to improve) I think that whoever their new head sculptor is (Paul Harding, I believe), is absolutely killing it lately.


    What's your least favorite change they've made?

    I imagine that price increases are going to top many answers. The prince increases only bother me in the case of figures like Siryn, Darwin, Speedball, and others with no real accessories. $27.99 for a figure that comes with nothing is entirely too steep.

  3. On 2/23/2022 at 9:18 PM, McHogan said:

    I can offer what may be an unpopular opinion. I still like the Bucky mold body and am just fine with the body the recently revealed Viper is on. 

    Not knocking the newer bodies, just glad to get certain characters made doesn’t matter if they aren’t on the newest model. 

    I agree, it's fine for a "basic" body, especially for army builders!

    Now, the Kate Bishop body on the other hand...

  4. On 2/8/2022 at 2:12 PM, Jmacq1 said:

    "Bare minimum" is an interesting choice of words.

    What to you is the bare minimum, and which toy line do you feel is providing the level of accessories and alternate parts in 6" scale for a lower pricepoint than Marvel Legends (or comparable Hasbro lines, even including the recent price increase)?

    Because to me "bare minimum" would a single figure with no accessories, BAF bits or alt parts whatsoever.

    You can get figures that have tons of alt-parts, FX, and display options in 6" scale...but they run you $80-$100+ at minimum (and often confine themselves largely to movie-based characters).  So that's not a comparable product to Marvel Legends, really.

    The cold, hard fact is that prices on the logistics side of things has absolutely skyrocketed in the past two years, and every business is going to be passing those costs on to their customers, not just Hasbro.



    They may come with less accessories, but the detail is way better than on ML and they have unique sculpts, and for cheaper the price.

    McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse 7" White Knight - Azrael - Walmart.comHasbro Marvel Legends Series 6" Collectible Action Figure MIster SinIster -  Walmart.com

    These were the same price, one of the best looking McFarlane figs and one of the best looking Legends.

    No accessories for Sinister minus a BAF piece, which was reuse. Painted in four colors, and with some reused parts.

    Azrael has a unique sword, with a unique effect, a trading card, and a stand. Immensely better paint work (shading and the like)

    McFarlane, to my knowledge, has yet to increase their prices since this release. ML has increased theirs twice just since Sinister released. 

    Hasbro has been giving us the bare minimum for awhile now, they're a huge company (in comparison to McFarlane), figures shouldn't be coming with nothing.

    Similarly, NECA Ultimates are $5-$10 than Legends now, and look 100x better, have a plethora of accessories, just as many QC issues, better paints apps, etc. On top of the fee NECA has to pay for licensing (so that'd be another couple bucks for the fig), they should be costing $10 or $15 more than they do. Hasbro is falling behind quite a bit, not just the ML team. Star Wars is kind of a joke at this point, and Power Rangers is literally 99% reuse (which is fine for the property) and they still have more accessories than ML. 

    Only GI Joe seems to have found the balance between aesthetic, tooling, and accessories.


    EDIT: I don't even collect McFarlane figures (too much Batman for my taste), so I'm not shilling for good ole Todd. I'm being objective, the bargain is superior with McFarlane and with NECA.

  5. I don't mean to be negative, but the lack of a screaming head for Siryn and energy effects for Vulcan (you know those cheap ones that they've been using for almost a decade) is pathetic.


    In a line with so much re-use, and already ridiculous price increases, they can't even give us the bare minimum.


    I want the wave, I do, but the figures just aren't really worth the cost anymore.

  6. A price increase seems obvious, however, we keep getting less and less with the figures.

    If McFarlane and NECA can stay at their price points, then so can Hasbro.

    I've already been losing my love of collecting lately, scalpers and availability being some of the main reasons, a price increase certainly won't help matters.

    Heck, most of these body molds are years old. Some of the accessories are nearing that decade mark. If I'm paying $25 for a figure, it better come with more than just some extra hands.

    Paying $5 more for less plastic just doesn't sit right with me.

  7. I'm admittedly a bit torn on this wave.

    It has a ton of characters that I want as a completionist; but given that Havok's accessory is being shown and no one else's are, I have to assume that everyone is coming with nil. Which is a bit of a massive bummer for Siryn and Vulcan.

    This is a wait and see scenario for me, if the price keeps climbing, but the number of extras decreases (While McFarlane and NECA remain relatively steady at their price-points), then I might end up taking a break from collecting.

  8. On 1/10/2022 at 7:50 PM, McHogan said:

    All fair points. To be honest, when they inevitably re-release this figure a better paint scheme and a few bells and whistles I think my opinion of this guy will sour a bit.

    bad enough a good portion of MCU collection had to be bought multiple times to correct an earlier release or improve one, if they start double dipping on comic figures I’ll have no choice but to become more discerning with buying figures that will obviously get a better one down the road

    This is why I'm skeptical about the upcoming Siryn; if she doesn't ship with a screaming head (and inevitably 37 hands, so they can say they gave us accessories), then I'm going to pass on it.

    I'll just wait and buy the inevitable re-release. This is getting a little too common for my liking.

  9. I don't hate the new look, but it follows the trend of modern comic costumes that I despise. They almost try too hard to make it look realistic, or believable. The weird trend of characters in hoodies is annoying, and needs to go. Either over-designed, weird mash up of MCU style and comic style or stuff like this; yuck.


    These are comic books, let them just wear dorky spandex (T-bird's original costume was already perfect). I do like his new haircut though, it sets him apart more from his brother.

    Not a fan of the cover, it's almost 90s bad (though the art itself is actually good!).


    Either way, I'll read this, love me some X-Men

  10. 10- Demolition Man (classic)

    9- Avalanche

    8- Porcupine (classic)

    7- Surge/Armor/Pixie (Really need some representation from this era of X-Men)

    6- Marrina Smallwood

    5- Namorita

    4- Two Gun Kid

    3- Swordsman (classic)

    2- Devil Dinosaur (Throw in Moon-Boy and Moon-Girl, and I'm sold)

    1- Justice


    Honorable mentions to the rest of the Runaways (once they actually got costumes/aliases) and Crystal

  11. On 12/3/2021 at 8:00 PM, watanabefan said:

    Anyway as for my wants, I'll echo Lord_Scareglow's call for more new characters and more villains. X-side of things especially. We're getting a steady stream of at least one new X-Men wave per year, but I'm always a little disappointed when they inevitably turn out to have at least a third of the line-up taken up by redos of A-listers like Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm or Magneto. I understand why (makes perfect business sense), but I want to eventually see some of the Generation X kids, especially with Synch recently seeing a resurgence in the modern comics.

    I'd list my hopes for MCU characters but let's be honest, that's about as close to a sure thing as one can get in Marvel Legends. So my desires (Echo, Wong, Agatha Harkness, ect.) are less if and more when. Though I would also like a comic Echo figure as well. 

    And as ever, really want Robbie Reyes. Next year would be perfect with the Ghost Rider anniversary promotion Marvel is running.

    I'm looking for Hasbro to reissue the Riders Ghost Rider in a Toybiz style retro card, as for whether it comes with the bike or not, who knows.

    What about a Ghost Rider wave with a build-a-cycle?

    Ghost Rider Armored Blaze Light Up Ghost Fire ToyBiz Action Figure w/ Flame  Glow & Comic Book - Walmart.com

  12. On 11/12/2021 at 1:32 PM, MODADDYDODOK said:

    I dig Sue’s hair and obviously her face is busted, but my biggest gripe is the weary body mold they used for yet another classic legendary super babe. Like dude… come on. I don’t care about this consistency argument either — if it’s an upgrade from this twig, then heck ya bring it on.
    But Reed looks fine, kinda as expected. The coat is a nice touch but they know everyone hated those rake hands the 1st time but screw it… throw them in again anyway to express his awesome abilities!! 🙄

    I love classic F4 and these are my favorite uniforms so there’s that. But these 2 aren’t very impressive. Will likely wait for discounts.

    My problem with this mold is that it was originally made for a teenage character, so Kate Bishop is too big and most characters on the mold are too small.

    Most of my issues with warped or wobbly joints have been on this body mold

  13. I've not seen the film yet, but regardless if it's good or not. The MCU tried something that is a bit different for a change, that's awesome!

    Plus, we got a freaking Eternals movie! That wouldn't have been possible 15, or even 10, years ago. What's it matter how "woke" it is, it's an Eternals movie and that fact alone, makes me want to see the movie. I think that we, as comic fans, should go see the movie in droves, that way Marvel Studios will continue to put out works that have a different feel to them. (The punch-quip-punch formula grew stale a few years ago now).

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