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  1. Of course! I mostly have her posed like she's taking a selfie, so i use the stuck out tongue head. But an unmasked head would have nice, especially for a character they probably won't remake for awhile.
  2. Easy; just add one accessory to a figure that would make it near perfect. My choice: A flat hand for Captain America, so he can salute. If you want to consider a pair of hands or a pair of identical energy effects, as one accessory then go for it!
  3. I know online retailers had issues with bots buying in bulk; but the fact that Silk is a new figure and was a Pulse Exclusive but you can't find one for less than 50 bucks on eBay is a bit ridiculous. Oh well; with that new Spider-Man 2099 reissue, I'd imagine a lot of the 2014-2016 era Spider-Man figures will be getting reissues sooner than later. I'd think Miles and Gwen reissues for next year aren't unlikely.
  4. I think it's the Skrull army builder I also want to note this Tweet he sent out; might be nothing, but I figured that I'd mention it
  5. Personally, and this is just my opinion, I wouldn't have included Silk in last years vote. She's a Spider character, so that makes the results a bit obvious
  6. In the past they've been almost every other year; and notably all female figures. I'm just curious what your opinion is on the Fan Vote stuff.
  7. Hey everyone; Amazon Prime Day deal; Alpha Flight boxset for $69.99 https://www.amazon.com/Marvel-Classic-Legends-Collectible-Exclusive/dp/B07TDH8HB4/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3IUY54S1CJAAL&dchild=1&keywords=marvel+legends&qid=1624317341&refinements=p_n_specials_match%3A21213697011&rnid=21213696011&s=toys-and-games&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&sprefix=marvel+legends%2Caps%2C219&sr=1-4
  8. Hey, everyone, I found this on eBay for my daily checking for Nova's The location is in Englewood, California. So it looks like Nova might be finally hitting the States, sooner than later. This is the first and, thus far, ONLY listing for Nova from the US https://www.ebay.com/itm/133791993371?hash=item1f269fce1b:g:DKEAAOSw1pJgyqM4 PS Don't support scalpers, just showing for awareness
  9. I feel like it will be Wanda given her prominence; but it could go either way. It'll definitely be Wanda, Magik, or Wiccan. I saw someone on Twitter mention Doctor Doom, and that's intriguing.
  10. I'm up for this; but I think one way or another a certain crowd of comic fan will complain. Most of Stephen's possible successors aren't straight white males; Magik, Clea, Scarlet Witch, Brother Voodoo, Wiccan, etc. or they could throw a curveball and do Loki or Enchantress. Personally, I'd like to see it be Magik. The way her being Sorceress Supreme could tie into the X-Men and Krakoa intrigues me greatly.
  11. So, next year is the 20th anniversary of the Marvel Legends line and I'm curious if you think Hasbro will do some sort of "Retro" wave to commemorate that. I think it'd be cool if they did some sort of "Deluxe" releases of Wave 1 with the comics and stands but that may be too much to ask for. Also wouldn't be opposed if they just did some of the figures that thus far ONLY Toybiz has made; like Toad for example
  12. Ugh, I only got a few made (Quasar, Firestar, Nova, Moira, Pyro, Ultron, MODOK Ursa Major, Darkstar, and Kang) so I'll mostly just reiterate my previous list, but I'm excluding Excalibur characters. 1. Doctor Strange (Classic) 2. Falcon (Classic) 3. Wasp (Red/Black 60s) 4. Justice 5. Speedball 6. Husk (with alternate arms) 7. Chamber 8. Namorita 9. Chinook 10. Stingray 11. Skurge (Classic) 12. Nitro (Classic) 13. Mockingbird (Classic) 14. Mandarin (Classic) 15. Swordsman (Classic) 16. Daken 17. Two-Gun Kid 18. Iceman (Vintage wave, but blueish) 19. Armor 20. Surge 21. Dust 22. Vulcan 23. Proteus 24. Nebula (Classic) 25. Uatu, the Watcher 26. Firelord 27. Crystal (Classic) 28. Mantis (Classic) 29. Moondragon (Classic) 30. Jack of Hearts 31. Rictor (90s X-Force) 32. Marrina Smallwood (Classic) 33. Feral (90s X-Force) 34. Titanium Man (Classic) 35. Banshee (Classic) 36. Siryn (Green and Yellow) 37. Destiny (Classic) 38. Avalanche (Classic) 39. Blob (Classic) 40. Toad (Classic) 41. Mephisto 42. Blackheart 43. Black Widow (Yelena Belova) 44. Giant-Man (Hank Pym) 45. Valkyrie (Classic) 46. Volstagg 47. Fandral 48. Hogun 49. Sin 50. Adam Warlock (Classic) 51. Lady Sif (The Fan Vote one) 52. Talisman 53. Atlas (Thunderbolts) 54. Fixer (Thudnerbolts) 55. Starbolt 56. Corsair 57. Neutron 58. Pixie 59. Elixir 60. Rockslide 61. Mercury 62. Cypher (New Mutants 63. Sage (New Mutants) 64. Blade (70s) 65. Luke Cage (70s) 66. Iron Fist (70s) 67. Hellion 68. Triton (Classic) 69. Karnak (Classic) 70. Gorgon (Inhumans/Classic) 71. Gorgon (Tomi Shishido) 72. Honey Badger 73. Warstar 74. Hussar 75. Anole 76. Deathbird 77. Lilandra 78. Lockjaw 79. Hope Summers 80. Nocturne 81. Sersi 82. Gilgamesh 83. Ikaris 84. Wiccan 85. Hulkling 86. Speed 87. Iron Lad 88. Patriot 89. Stature 90. Ronan the Accuser 91. Daimon Hellstrom 92. Classic Shocker 93. Destroyer (Armor) 94. Kurse 95. Clea 96. Attuma/Byrrah/Krang (Need some Namor villains) 97. Dragon Man 98. Howard the Duck 99. Spitfire 100. Boxset reissues (GOTG, Thunderbolts, Vishanti, etc.)
  13. For Onslaught, I need whichever leg came with Scourge (the right one?) For Titus, I need his cannon arm Feel free to PM, if you'd like to discuss any further
  14. Yeah, I've found a few from Japan, the UK, Canada and Taiwan. So I don't think it's officially hit the US yet
  15. Completed from buying the figures needed; Sasquatch and Wendigo Completed from buying the pieces; Warlock and Man-Thing I need one piece each for Red Onslaught, Titus, Sugar-Man, and need both arms for Stilt-Man I've given up on quite a few though, especially recently
  16. Has anyone in the States found Nova yet? I can't find him anywhere online
  17. Gamestop exclusives in the US are fairly easy to get, Walgreens is a pain since we can't order online. My Walmart has 10 Gwenpools that they just won't clearance out, so I imagine the cases of every wave since is in the backroom
  18. Simple, rank the following retailers based on generally how easy it is to find an exclusive with them. This doesn't have to be exclusively Legends. Walmart Target Gamestop/EB Games Walgreens Best Buy Amazon Pulse For me; my area of Southern Ohio tends to have awful distribution. Every retailer is generally pretty barren, in my experience. So, I'm pretty sour on exclusives in general.
  19. The reason I ask is because, we're completing the core Winter Guard this year and Red Guardian is about 6 years old at this point. So, it's impossible to find anywhere that isn't a specialty shop. Do you think Hasbro would reissue the figure or just make a new Red Guardian? Personally, I'd be fine with either option; but if we get a new figure I'd like it to be one of these two suits
  20. Just to add a tiny bit of fuel to the West Coast Avengers assumption; the sleeves on the new Lady Deathstrike could easily be reused to make the classic Mockingbird suit
  21. So I recently picked up that 2017 Ares figure at a local toy shop, and I'm torn on how I feel about him. Overall, it's a striking figure with an imposing presence on my shelf. But it's also just a re-release of a 10 year old BAF with new paint apps and an axe and awful articulation + gross hips. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that the character got put back out there as the original was notoriously tough to find. Would you have preferred a new figure all around? Is there hope for a new Ares figure? Is this one of the more "lazy" things that Hasbro has done?
  22. Just sort of gauging interest/ranting about BAFs as a whole. Personally, I feel that with the rise of scalpers and a lot of stores (especially in certain areas) that the BAF format has struggled of late. It also seems that unless you complete a BAF quickly, you likely never will, most BAFs before 2018 are pretty impossible to buy online without donating an organ. I've completed 4 in my time (Warlock, Man-Thing, Sasquatch, and Wendigo) but I've just decided to completely give up on Sandman, Rhino, Allfather, and Absorbing Man. I like the gimmick, no argument here, but too often is an awesome BAF stuck in a mediocre wave or vice versa. On top of that, sometimes the individual parts skyrocket for no real reason (Allfather legs, everything but Rhino's torso, or the 2015 Abomination head). I also like the deluxe format, it allows Hasbro to release more figures and those figures would have generally been highly sought after. Seriously, imagine if MODOK or Maestro were BAFs. What do you think, do you still get the thrill out of Build-A-Figures? Or should Hasbro attempt to move away from the format (maybe to give more accessories)?
  23. Any news on the Walgreens Nova? Has it hit the States yet? I see it on Ebay from Canada and Taiwan, but I don't want to pay 60 bucks for a new figure
  24. Give me a sprawling 3 3/4 inch Looney Tunes action figure line (Never realized how many properties need great toy lines)
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