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  1. Psylocke, Jubilee, Silk, and Lady Deathstrike for not looking Asian really at all. Captain Britain for that big head Union Jack, it's a good figure but Hasbro changed the body mold when they shouldn't have
  2. It can be anything you'd like from any line, of a relatively similar price point. I'll list a few The Black series head/neck articulation scheme Cloth capes, preferably with a posing wire. (If NECA can do it and only charge 30 bucks, then so can Hasbro) I don't believe it's from another line, so I'm cheating on my topic, but I'd really like for characters to look more like their ethnicity. For some reason, Hasbro heavily struggles with making faces look anything Asian
  3. Dark Phoenix wave Dark Phoenix- straight rerelease of the 2 pack one Empress Lilandra Mastermind Angel Hussar Starbolt BAF- Warstar
  4. My personal method to collecting Legends is fairly simple. I buy the version of a character that I most identify with or that I'm most familiar with (i.e. 90s X-Men, and general classic versions), once I have my preferred version of a character then I don't purchase another version. Because I have the Apocalypse wave Wolverine, I didn't buy the X-Force one and etc. If there's a Wolverine in a wave for a BAF that I want to collect, then I'll try to find his BAF piece loose on Ebay or Dorkside or at some of my local shops. In my view, I don't need an X-Force Wolverine because it isn't my ideal version of the character (it's a cool look and all) but it could be someone else's perfect version of Wolvie and I don't want to rob them of that.
  5. Double packing Peter B. Parker instead of the Hand Ninja in the Stilt-man wave was not the decision I would have made
  6. Simple, do you think that the Toybiz figures are looked on fondly today as a sort of nostalgia bias or were they generally good figures? Personally, I like the idea of including a diorama piece or a comic book with the characters. However, I think that most Toybiz figures have aged pretty terribly (especially the female ones). While the paint shading was generally pretty good, the faces are almost always rough in my experience. In my opinion as well, the figures look rather gangly, like not human-like at all. Just curious what everyone elses thoughts are. What are some things that Toybiz definitely did/does better than Hasbro? Why was Giant Man split up into a 12 figure wave, rather than 6-8 figure wave like everyone else?
  7. It's often talked about which Legends figures are underrated, but which ones are not as good as people tend to claim? The Man-Thing wave Blade is one that I personally find to be slightly overrated The heads are near perfect; but he can barely hold his sword and I personally would've liked some butterfly joints.
  8. I don't think I saw it mentioned on here; but a generic Doombot would be nice
  9. I'm not entirely sure if this counts but the original 2 pack of Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales. Given that it's supposed to be figures from Into the Spiderverse, yet the figures look absolutely nothing like their film counterparts and are just repaints of older figures.
  10. I personally look for them to re-release the "Super-Skrull" as just a generic Skurll as a Pulse army builder at some point
  11. Definitely think Man-Thing and Titus are underrated; Sasquatch too once we got most of Alpha Flight
  12. Oh, those look almost perfect, thanks! Any tips specifically for the new War Machine?
  13. Personally, they hold my female figures great but struggle to support any of the male figures. Especially War Machine with all of his accessories. What are some other stands to use, that are fairly cheap? What are your general thoughts on the Pulse stands? Should Hasbro make a new one for the male figures? Maybe one that isn't massive
  14. I like the classic look; but I kind of want her to come with an alternate head with the short hair
  15. I had this figure a long time ago as a kid, and I loved it. I loved the design and his level in the Ghost Rider PS2 game, which I played dozens of hours of, so I have a soft spot for this character. How does it hold up? Would you like a new Legend of this character? (Sorry for my amount of posts lately, trying to be more active on the forums)
  16. I think we can all agree that the Hand ninja not being the double pack for this wave was a really baffling decision. Update: Still have yet to see this wave in stores
  17. Just a quick poll to see where the collector community stands on these topics. Feel free to discuss further, if you like
  18. NEW 1. Justice 2. Jack of Hearts 3. Firelord 4. Marrina Smallwood 5. Feral 6. Yondu (Comic version) 7. Golden Age characters (Destroyer, Angel, Human Torch, Toro, Blazing Skull etc.) 8. Titanium Man 9. Quasar 10. The Hood 11. Corsair 12. Crystal 13. Nova (Frankie Raye) 14. Atlas 15. Blue Marvel 16. Anti-Man 17. Warwolf 18. Noh-Varr (Marvel Boy) 19. Hepzibah 20. Mephisto 21. Swordsman Redos/New Costumes 1. Classic Doctor Strange (Be cool if it were a Deluxe release and the Cape was cloth and had a posing wire in it) 2. Classic Black Widow (The vintage wave one was just before Hasbro started to get really good at faces) 3. Classic Mandarin 4. Classic Banshee 5. Red bullet helmet Wasp 6. Hyperion (Modern black/gold outfit) 7. Classic Hawkeye (The vintage wave one is fine, but I think Hawkeye needs butterfly joints and a better bow) 8. Jim Lee Cyclops (New, and slimmer, body mold. Plus an optic blast effect) 9. Classic Captain Britain (He has such a big head on the last release; that's really all that needs tweaked. Bonus points for an alternate bearded head. 10. Sharon Carter (From that era of every female character having the same head) 11. Classic Iron Fist (open shirt) 12. Doc Samson (I'm pretty sure he has a Legends figure) 13. Mojo 14. Blade (Make sure he can actually hold his sword) 15. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers; her current design really. The last figure has a very "plastic" face and could do with the current skills of Hasbro's face painting) 16. Classic Shocker 17. Red Skull 18. Daken 19. Baron Zemo These might not count 20. Re-release certain BAFs that are insanely expensive 21. Re-release every character that was a boxset exclusive (GotG, A-Force, comic Defenders, Thunderbolts)
  19. Hey, is the Eternals wave that's been circulating for months a true leak or a bunch of customs? They don't look particularly extraordinary. I'm curious because Thena, played by Angelina Jolie, is noticeably absent and I doubt they'd not make a figure for character being played by such an accomplished actor.
  20. I'm only familiar with Grizzly from X-Men Legends 2; so, my pick would be Ursa Major. Something about a Russian bear-man just hits perfectly
  21. Couldn't they just use most of the AOA Sunfire and make a decent Firelord? Obviously they'd need to sculpt him a new staff I'm kind of hoping for a comic Yondu, Quasar, or maybe some re-releases of the Guardians of the Galaxy from the boxset
  22. I'm for sure getting 1, but I want at least 2. Do you foresee this type of practice being done more in the future (i.e. army builders being included in waves for optional parts)? What other characters could it work for? Is Ninja already plural?
  23. I have another to add Characters with swords, or any weapon really, whose hands don't hold the sword properly (Blade, Black Knight, etc.)
  24. I'm literally only making this topic to say that I desperately need a Wasp figure in this outfit for my collection Actually, given that she changes her costume every few panels, I'm surprised Wasp doesn't have more Legends figures What are some other characters that you'd like a very specific version of? Namely characters that have already been done
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