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  1. Apparently, Toybiz had a Flatman "figure" it was like a cardboard cutout or something
  2. What are some characters that for one reason or another; you think are impossible (or extremely unlikely) to get figures? Basically characters who would never be able to have a figure do them justice. I have two choices; Swarm and Dust. I don't think Swarm could ever really work as a figure; unless he was phoned in. Dust, well I gotta feeling a couple of parents (in the States at least) might complain about her design if they saw the figure in the toy aisle
  3. For sure! As does Walgreens, that Moon Knight exclusive is a pain
  4. Hey all, quick question/survey. Should Hasbro place restrictions on the SDCC exclusives that will go up on Pulse in September? Possibly limit them to one of each per account or one of each per day I'm pretty worried that alot of the SDCC stuff will sell out instantly (mainly the Hellfire Club boxset)
  5. So I've compiled a small list of larger (or bulkier) Marvel characters who could end up becoming Build-A-Figures in the future. I've also included a percentage chance that I think that figure will be made. I also included pictures, in case someone wasn't familiar with certain characters. Feel free to add more characters if you want too Fin Fang Foom- 50% chance for comic version, 80% for film version; the Hasbro Marvel team has mentioned him several times in interviews but he would be very costly to produce. He is also rumored to appear in the Shang-Chi movie. Awesome Android- 75% chance; I could see him being the BAF for a future Fantastic Four wave Dragon Man- 65% chance; another contender for a Fantastic Four BAF. The new sculpting is a usual crutch with this one. Galactus- 10% chance; given that the Haslab Sentinel is 26 inches tall, in order to maintain scale, Galactus would need to be at least 3 feet tall (Possibly Haslab, but even that seems unlikely) Ursa Major- 30% chance; given that we only need him and Darkstar to complete the core Winter Guard, it seems likely. But it hinges on if Hasbro wants to just reuse the Sasquatch mold rather than create an accurate mold for the character. WarStar- 25% chance; could work in an X-Men wave or even really any cosmic themed wave. Given that we ONLY have Gladiator from the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, this one seems unlikely. Ch'od- 5% chance; I think the name alone makes this one nearly certain to not have a figure. That being said; it would be almost a complete repaint of Abomination without the spines. Ultimo- 80% chance; it's been quite some time since (at least off the top of my head) we had an Iron Man centric BAF and this guy would certainly fit that criteria. Destroyer (Armor)- 90% chance; I feel like the only thing holding this one back is that it would need entirely new sculpting Ymir- 5% chance; I think the size of this guy is what would really prevent him from being made. No matter how cool or important of a villain he is. Surtur- 5% chance; same reasoning as Ymir. And he kind of looks like the Devil, which I assume to be the reason we haven't gotten Mephisto or Blackheart. Atlas- 70% chance; what would really help this guys chances would be if Hasbro would make a new body mold for guys like him and my next two picks. Obviously some tweaking would still be necessary. Giant-Man (Hank Pym)- 99% chance; I mean come on, it's Giant-Man. The Toybiz one was nice, but is pretty pricey now and only moderately holds up. Goliath (Bill Foster)- 75% chance; if they did a Giant-Man then I think a Goliath would follow shortly after. Granted he has been dead in the comics for awhile now (Died in Civil War in 2006). Kurse- 45% chance; I actually think we'll get a Kurse at some point. But he would need alot of new sculpting and tooling to be done properly.
  6. This is actually a PERFECT Iceman now; excellent work!
  7. Not really in any specific order (and I could probably name a ton more) 1. Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) 2. Doctor Strange (Classic) 3. Falcon (Classic) 4. Wasp (Red and Black design from the 60's, with that bullet head helmet thing) 5. Firestar 6. Justice 7. MODOK 8. Speedball 9. Husk (With alternate arms) 10. Chamber 11. Namorita 12. Chinook 13. Stingray 14. Skurge (Comics) 15. Nova (Classic and with an unhelmeted head and energy effects) 16. Mole Man 17. Mandarin 18. Wizard 19. Diablo 20. Daken 21. Swordsman (Classic) 22. Two-Gun Kid 23. Iceman (Vintage wave, but blueish) 24. Goldballs 25. Proteus 26. Vulcan 27. Moira X 28. Armor (I don't know how they could pull it off) 29. Surge 30. Dust 31. Nebula (Classic) 32. Uatu, the Watcher 33. Firelord 34. Drax (Classic or reissue from boxset) 35. Star-Lord (Reissue from boxset) 36. Groot (Reissue from boxset) 37. Gamora (Reissue or Classic) 39. Rocket Raccoon (Reissue from boxset) 40. Mantis (Classic) 41. Moondragon (Classic) 42. Jack of Hearts 43. Captain Britain (Classic with new body mold and maybe an unmasked bearded head) 44. Rictor (X-Force) 45. Marrina Smallwood (Classic) 46. Box (BAF) 47. Titanium Man 48. Banshee (Green and Yellow) 49. Siryn (Green and Yellow) 50. Pyro (Classic) 51. Destiny (Classic) 52. Avalanche (Classic) 53. Mephisto 54. Ymir (BAF) 55. Black Widow (Classic-ish; a retool of the Riders Widow with a sculpted belt and a better head) 56. Marrow 57. Ultron 58. Blackheart 59. Giant-Man (Hank Pym; and make him at least 9-10 inches tall) 60. Valkyrie (Scaled properly and with a cape, spear, and Dragonfang) 61. Volstagg 62. Hogun 63. Fandral 64. Talisman 65. Starbolt 66. Neutron (Most of this could be a Colossus reuse) 67. Atlas (Thunderbolts, BAF) 68. Fixer (Thunderbolts) 69. Meggan 70. Pixie 71. Daytripper 72. Cypher (New Mutants) 73. Corsair 74. Blade (With his trenchcoat and hands that can actually hold his sword) 75. Sage 76. WarStar (BAF) 77. Red Guardian (Mostly a retool of the old one but with his modern kite shield and the bits of black on his costume) 78. Azazel 79. Ursa Major (BAF) 80. Howard the Duck (BAF could be the mech suit he uses in Contest of Champions) 81. Crystal (With alternate short hair head) 82. Triton 83. Devil Dinosaur (Maybe even do a deluxe release with BOTH Moon-Girl and Moon-Boy) 84. Karnak 85. Darkstar 86. Gorgon 87. Lockjaw 88. Sersi 89. Nocturne 90. Gilgamesh 91. Pete Wisdom 92. Ikaris 93. Makkari 94. Wiccan 95. Hulking 96. Speed 97. Iron Lad 98. Kang 99. Ronan 100. Reissue all characters that have been exclusive to a boxset (Ghost, Satanna, Luke Cage, Jewel, Hela, etc.) I'm cheating because this last one has a -1000% chance of ever happening 101. JLA/Avengers Superman (With Mjolnir and Captain America's shield)
  8. Hey, sorry to resurrect this thread but I wanted to add another team into the mix; that I haven't seen mentioned The Runaways! That Nico Minoru figure came out 4 years ago now and she's the only Runaway we have. Still want the New Warriors and the Invaders completed too
  9. Iceman & Pyro Avalanche & some other X-Men (Maybe Kitty Pryde) Hank Pym Ant-Man (or classic red and black Wasp, see attached image) and Classic Ultron Maybe an Adam Warlock vs. Nebula or even Terraxia Mar-Vell and Nitro
  10. I wonder if the Venom wave was pushed back to next year (like the Eternals one) because of Venom 2 being delayed
  11. Is there any news on when more Legends will be announced? As of right now we have the Regenesis Rogue, Venomized Miles Morales, and Gwenom currently without a wave. Do we even know what the wave after Strong Guy is?
  12. I think a Pixie figure would sell (It would even be pretty easy for Hasbro to make) Curious as to how they could pull of an Armor figure though
  13. Thank you! I thought I was the only one who still remembered that (From what I've seen on other toy groups, it looks like it'll either be Silk or Sif.)
  14. I would say that in a world where we have the likes of Rock Python, Titus, and Angela that any character who is more well known than those three is kind of shocking to have not gotten in figure form yet
  15. Don't get me wrong I know that characters like Iron Man, Thor, Deadpool, Wolverine and Cap sell really well but there are some really glaring omissions from the line. Firelord Rerelease some of the SDCC figures for collectors (Satana, Ghost, etc.) Ka-Zar Shanna Marrina and Talisman; but given the Alpha Flight set, I don't think we'll get them anytime soon
  16. I forgot one even bigger than all of the ones we've mentioned so far (except maybe Crystal); Quasar. How have we not got a Wendell Vaughn version of Quasar in figure form?
  17. To explain; what I mean is characters who are the most shocking to have not gotten a Legends figure from Hasbro (Or at least not for some time) I'll pick five to start off 1. Two-Gun Kid 2. Siryn 3. Tigra 4. Swordsman 5. Firestar/Justice
  18. I'm positive this question has been asked before on this forum, but I cannot find it on here. I'm specifically looking at stands that help with flying/hovering poses Cheers, Dabboi
  19. I would love a Sugar Man, he would likely be done as a BAF however I they would ever do a Jim Hammond, they would need to do an Aarkus Vision. Or even the Blazing Skull. I would actually love an entire wave of Golden Age characters like them.
  20. Sorry for the long title, but I'm fairly curious My choices would be Paibok, Titannus, Corsair (and alot of the Shiar guard and starjammers), and Equinox What are some of yours?
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