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  1. Lol, thanks. I've had a lot of fun with that Watcher over the years!
  2. Agreed, I think they'd clean up with a re-release. I'm covered, but I want to get one for my friend. That Select figure is legit, especially with a custom bucket of popcorn accessory.
  3. In point of fact, he is technically the single most overdue Marvel Legends figure that wants a remake.
  4. PSA: If you've got a spare cape from the 1991 Toybiz Magneto, it looks pretty great on the Secret Wars figure. Don't have a pic handy, though... I'm coming down on the side of the Hasbro 3-pack figure as the winner along with most of you, but I think it's a little closer of a call for me. Toybiz had it's flaws, to be sure. Most of them, to my mind, were the result of the reused Iron Man body (the clumsily hidden belt buckle, armor ridges on the shoulder, striated trunks, etc.). However, there's a lot to be said for the sculpted boots and gloves. The cape did not restrict his arm movement, he had better overall articulation, and - most importantly for me - the helmet was removable. That's normally not a big deal. Black Knight's helmet is sculpted on? Fine. Looks good. But Magneto is seen in his red and purple uniform quite often without the helmet. Plus, the helmet itself is kind of a stand-on-its-own symbol for the character in the same vein as Captain America's shield or Mjolnir. The 3-pack version has it's own stuff going for it, obviously, including the better overall sculpt, energy effect pieces, and interchangeable heads. I think that the figures in and of themselves kind of break even in the pros and cons. The difference that puts Hasbro's over the top is how easily I can customize him for display. For example, I can fit the unhelmeted Apocalypse wave head on there and have him hold the Toybiz helmet (even if it doesn't fit on the head). I can also swap out the hands for Wonder Man's glowing energy fist. Maybe I do look at the Toybiz Legends through rose colored glasses as @mako suggests, but there's a lot of love put into those guys, and it still showed even when the budget did, too.
  5. Wait, when did this happen? I can't believe I missed it! You're sure they did that?
  6. I am routinely outraged when I toy company makes a toy I don't particularly want to buy. Just kidding. Whenever there's a new Deadpool or MCU Iron Man I just shrug my shoulders and keep on walking. Hasbro's making more than enough product to keep me otherwise occupied.
  7. I really hate to say it, but I don't think the Goblin Queen in anything close to a comic-accurate costume will see a mass market release. That terrible Shanna from the box set was pretty scantily clad, though, so I think they should probably be able to do her as an exclusive. In fact, they should do her, a White Queen, and a Black Queen (with alt. Jean and Selene heads) in a con-exclusive three pack and avoid all of the hand-wringing over exactly how much skin is too much altogether. Out of the three, GQ is probably the only no go for store shelves. WQ and BQ I think could get made and sold at mass retail, but imagining the internal meetings and memos about how skimpy the bottoms worn by the characters are allowed to be embarrasses even me.
  8. What!? Off the top of my head, without including anyone whose already been done (even by Toybiz), the two you mention above, or anyone who should really be done 12"-16" or not at all: Uatu; The Awesome Android; Mark I Sentinels; Box; Spider-Slayer marks II, III, V, VIII, XII, XIV, XV, and XVI; Nimrod; Grizzly; the other Grizzly; Mangog; Armadillo; Bi-Beast; Dreadnoghts; Stegron; MODAM; The Super Adaptoid; Proteus; The Supreme Intelligence; Age of Apocolyspe Abyss; certain versions of Titanium Man; The Living Tribunal; and Ursa Major. Edit: I reckon now that maybe you were talking strictly about just Spider-Man characters. In which case, yeah, definitely fewer choices, but they've still got some options.
  9. They absolutely could, and I'm really surprised that they, to date, have not. They've easily got 3-4 waves worth of stuff between his armors and bad guys. I mean, he's not getting any more popular than this, guys! Go, go, go!
  10. I assume we're all talking about The Eugene/Vincent Patillio Frog-Man (a.k.a. Leap Frog), and not the Francois LeBlanc Frog-Man of the Ani-Men. Personally, I would be beside myself if Leap-Frog was the BAF. Certainly more so than if it was Morlun. But then, I kind of hated every minute of Straczynski's Spider-Man run. I imagine Hasbro could get some mileage out of a Morlun sculpt, though. I'm thinking of Sebastian Shaw, Shinobi Shaw, and Mr. Sinister off the top of my head.
  11. Same! This kind of stuff makes me think that no character is off the table! As for the BAF, my money's on Stegron at this point.
  12. Man, my first impulse is to load up the set with all of the A-list heavy-hitter villains that still need to be done, but I also want to keep things balanced and get some fun stuff in there as well and try to cover some different eras . How about a Bring on the Bad Guys X-Men wave and a more general Marvel Universe one? Bring on the Bad Guys: X-Men Toad in his classic jester-ish uniform. Give him a couple of heads: one with a Kirby face like he looked in his original appearances, and one with a more evil Liefeldian face and modern haircut from his days leading the Brotherhood against X-Force in the 90s. The White Queen. Give me Emma Frost in her Hellfire Club getup. Avalanche as he looked in Days of Future Past. That armor is the best look for him to date in my opinion. Everything since has been kind of generic looking. Hellfire Guard. Single pack them and let the collectors decide how much they want to army build. I'd probably end up buying three. Throw in a head with some Wolverine claw marks on the mask and a terrified expression on the half-exposed face! Mesmero in the old school green and purple. Love that design! Lady Mastermind. I need somebody from post-2000. Put her in that sexy getup with the absolute cleavage from circa Messiah CompleX. Without looking, I bet you could reuse some of the recent Walgreens Exclusive Emma. Tusk rounds out the set with some awesome 90s-brand spikes on muscles. No BAF piece with this guy; just one of those little monsters he pops out. Nimrod as the build-a-figure. Bring on the Bad Guys: Marvel Universe Ultron-11. 'Nuff said. Egghead. Needs to be in his lab coat and come with a pet anteater. The Wrecker can be the start of a Wrecking Crew re-release. Death Adder keeps the Serpent Society going strong and looks like a total badass. Blastarr needs to be redone in his classic blue armor. Never got the modern box set version. I don't really have much interest in that design. Princess Python. Guess what she some with. Another feather in the Serpent Society's cap and maybe the start of the Circus of Crime! Mandrill. How can you not love this guy? He's a bank-robbing baboon in a pirate shirt and a cape with a loyal army of hot women! He's like a super villain bingo card! Griffin as the build-a-figure. Two different heads: one more animalistic and one a little more human-looking.
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