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  1. I got the Grey Widow. It wouldn't work if I picked delivery, but the order went through for in-store pickup. Says April 2 for pickup date. Go go go!
  2. Oh man. He's the best. Check him out via Satam's suggestions above. He's done so much great stuff and already played The Leader in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. His creepy voice is a national treasure.
  3. As long as we're speculating about what-ifs, who here would line up for a team movie featuring Cumberbatch's Dr. Strange, Ruffalo's Hulk, the newly acquired Namor and Silver Surfer, and Thompson's Valkyrie? We can call it "The New Defenders" or "Dr. Strange and The Secret Defenders" to help distance it from the Netflix thing. Maybe Dakota Fanning would be willing to shave her head for a Moondragon role?
  4. There's no question in my mind that it should be The Leader. To date, we have two standalone movies and so far only a tease that never panned out. While Tim Blake Nelson did great with the part of Sam Sterns in The Incredible Hulk, there's also no question in my mind on who should play the green-skinned, super-powered version going forward: Jeffrey Combs.
  5. I had to go with Dragon Man, Fin Fang Foom, Ultimo, and a Sentinel. Agreed, though I won't stop dreaming of a classic version. Make a good-looking version of Marks II, III, or IV, and I promise I'll buy at least three.
  6. Hmm...I don't find myself saying this very much these days, but I think I may end up preferring my old Toybiz version to this guy. I'll have to put them side by side IRL and see. This one's certainly not a bad figure by any means. The older one is just a little more Skrully I guess. I think I like the power effect arms on the old one a little better, too.
  7. Tough one! And I may change my mind at any given moment, but Ultimate Riders Captain America. If you've got him, you know he's great, but a large part of what makes him my personal favorite is that he's Cap.
  8. Agreed on the power effect. I'm sure it will get a lot of re-use. With a pink paint wash or translucent pink casting, it would have been perfect for Jean Grey. Of course, Jean's still got plenty of not-yet-produced looks. I hope they include it from now on. I don't dislike the new head, though some better paint apps would help it out. I love the hair, though. I'd be interested to see the new hair on the old head.
  9. Ideally? In a 2-pack with Red Sonja or a 3-pack with Sonja and either The Devourer of Souls or Kulan Gath. Though, I gotta say, that old Conan 2-pack from Toybiz will be very tough to beat.
  10. I posted my wave proposal last July in an MCU Thor Wave thread by mistake. No announcements or previews since then have given me reason to make any changes, so I'll repost it here in the appropriate place so that Hasbro can find it more easily. I know they like to consult my post history when planning their waves. Thor In light of the 80th anniversary Thor figure just released, I think they should go a little sideways from that for their wave anchor. I'd like to see the classic armored version from ca. 1986 with interchangeable masked and unmasked heads. Give him an ML-scaled whirling hammer like what that Select version came with and baby, you got yer next must-have figure in the line! Balder He's Braver than you. Thunderstrike He will need an interchangeable head with do-rag and sunglasses. Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man Yo, Dr. Manhattan, I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Zarrko the Tomorrow Man has one of the best comic book names of all time! The Wrecker The Wrecking Crew is in serious need of a re-do. Those older ones are both expensive and just not very good. Start at the start with ol' Dirk. Lorelei For the love of Odin, please put her on the cuvier Ms. Marvel/Rogue buck! Skurge, the Executioner I've been jonesing for this guy forever. How can you release an Enchantress and not do the Executioner!? How!!? Think of the children!! Build-A-Figure: Kurse Speaking of the children, make legit-threat-turned-protector-of-Asgard's-crumb-snatchers the build-a-figure. I still think the Warriors Three should be reserved for a 3-pack, mainly because of Volstagg. If they released him single carded, I doubt he'd be big enough for me. Conversely, I'd hate to use a build-a-figure slot for him becuase Thor has so many cool characters that would probably need to be done in that format.
  11. Agreed. It's a want that underlines the call for an Iron Man Legends wave or two. There are so many armors, among good guys and bad guys alike, that have yet to be attempted. And it's not like Iron Man is getting any more popular. Strike while the Iron Man is hot! (Sorry...)
  12. I know you said "a wave". I'mma do two. Because we need two. You're not the boss of me. Wave 1: The Captain / Classic U.S. Agent We need two heads here: one stoic and heroic for Steve, and one kind of snarling for John. Bucky Classic sidekick version. The original Hasbro effort needs to be put in it's proper place. And it's proper place is tied to some firecrackers on the 4th of July. Diamondback Interchangeable heads for her long hair and short hair looks. Baron Heinrich Zemo With a canister of Adhesive X, natch. The Red Skull In his Golden Age green jumpsuit duds. And yeah, give him a swastika. Donate a portion of the proceeds to the Anti-Defamation League, the ACLU, or the dang Salvation Army. Whatever you gotta do. Machinesmith Human-looking in his yellow jumpsuit. Then give him an interchangeable robot part or two to make the point: a head, a hand, whatever. Bushmaster Because he's a snake monster man. BAF: Armadillo He's the popular choice for a reason. Who am I to argue? Wave 2: Armored Captain America Because I love things that are stupid. D-Man D-Man was in the first actual issue of Captain America I ever read. He holds a very special place in my heart. Falcon You know, I'd take just about any version of his red & white duds with equal glee. Maybe I'd prefer the hard light wings ever so slightly over one of the more classic looks, but that's only because I've still got my old Toybiz version. Asp I love that slinky white dress she wears. Baron Helmut Zemo Classic Masters of Evil look. Master Man I know, I know. He's got a giant swastika on his chest. It's not gonna happen. Don't care. Death Adder Because he's another snake monster man, and one of my favorite villain designs of all time. BAF: Sleeper Robot There's so many cool ones to choose from, and some are more realistic options than others. I might go with the one posted above, but I love old-timey robots with big clanky feet and robo-claws and swastikas painted on them so you know that they're programmed for fascism and evil.
  13. Hate to bandwagon, but I've got to admit I'm a little disappointed as well. The wave looks pretty lackluster on the whole. I was really hoping Winter Soldier would come with an interchangeable head sporting shorter hair. I dislike the segment lines on his bionic arm being so close together. I would have gladly traded two of Crossbones' guns for just one alternate fist hand. I am jazzed for the Crimson Dynamo, even if, like other posting here, it's not the armor I was really jonesing for. Still looks pretty decent. I notice Taskmaster has some claws on one pair of hands. He must get those from studying Black Panther. Wonder if they're vibranium?
  14. Night King confirmed. That monkey on the shoulder looks to me like maybe the barrel of a gun being leveled at the camera in the character's left hand. Fantomex, maybe? Edit: joking of course on the Night King. My guess, based on the shoulders and things coming off the head (as well as the obvious Nanny silhouette) is Orphan Maker.
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