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  1. Yep. Only noticed because I'm trying to track down both of those Sandman arms right now! Good luck on Lizard.
  2. Think you got your Lizard arms mixed up. - Lizard's left am (not right) comes with Spider-Man Noir. - Lizard's right arm comes with Punk Spider-Man. (Spider-Man UK comes with a Sandman arm.)
  3. Lol, I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who sees that! I mean, I've got enough alternate heads collected now that it's not such as issue, but still. Why would you pick one of the most punchable faces in all of entertainment? I wonder if they did a prototype that looked like Miles Teller first.
  4. Opened my Rogue and Pyro 2-pack last night and realized Rogue has two right arms. 😫
  5. That was it! It was really just a passing thought I had while he was doing that, but it did seem rehearsed. Another thought I had when they said that nobody will have seen this coming is Mephisto. I've seen a lot of people (probably reasonably) write him off as a possibility for normal retail release, but we don't know that. And Mephisto was very prominent on both of the BOtBG book covers that they showed. Time will tell. I really haven't been this excited for figure announcements in a wave in a long time.
  6. You mean for the Bring On the Bad Guys wave or the HOX wave? If you're talking Bad Guys, I remember them talking about balancing things just right one of them miming scales. I was thinking as he was doing it of Equinox, the Thermodynamic Man. I mean, if they're going for a deep cut, it don't get much deeper! And I'd be way into it.
  7. Well no, that's going to be a pretty opinon-based definition that varies from person to person. I'm not even sure what I would file under that heading. The infamous drug issue of Spider-Man, I suppose. Did Secret Wars have a message? Maybe, "hey kids, buy some action figures!", lol. But how about The Dark Knight Returns? Sure it was pretty full-up with political and social commentary, but was there an overriding "message"? I wouldn't care to guess or assume where someone would draw a line between themes, morals, messages, etc.
  8. I think now would be an odd, late point in his career for Priest to start writing his main characters as broad stereotypes or caricatures. Like you, I live in the United States. I'm also pushing 40 and this past summer has been the darkest and most violent of my adult life. Whatever a person's politics, I think it would dishonest of them to pretend reactionism and bigotry weren't centerpieces to much of that violence. People are literally killing each other it the streets. We need to talk about that and one of the venues for that discussion, as it always has been, is fictional literature. I haven't read every single one of U.S. Agent's appearances, but I've read a good amount. Yeah, Walker is jingoistic and reactionary. He pretty much always has been, right? In the interview, Priest sounds like he wants to discuss those traits and maybe delve into the how and why of such a character. I certainly don't expect caricature. I'm not sure what you mean by "MESSAGE" comics. Maybe moralistic or heavy-handed? Certainly worthwhile fiction should be socially relevant, and relevance and the fantastic aren't mutually exclusive whether we're watching a shield-throwing mystery man crash through Hitler's window to punch him in the face, or a giant, radioactive monster lay waste to Japan, or sinister space hippies try to wrest control of the Enterprise. (We miss you, Charles Napier!)
  9. I agree that the second panel looks like Apocalypse. I assumed the first one was as well. The 4th panel is in space, right? I'm guessing that space shark is one of the living starships that the Brood fly around in. Can't remember their names. I always want to say "Cotati", but I know they're something else. Brain is fried from following election coverage.
  10. They did the exact same thing to me with the grey Black Widow. But hey, now she's showing up all over the place. I don't think Venomized Cap is going to be as hard of an exclusives to grab. Hang in there.
  11. I'm going to have to make an alternate head with his mouth webbed shut.
  12. Oh, that's cool. I didn't realize they were referencing the 5" release in the name, or that there was even a precedent. Respect. Well, I guess there's only so much room on the card after all.
  13. Well, I'm definitely in the minority of looking forward to this one it sounds like. I certainly understand why. It's an absurd thing, but I'm a fan of absurd. Well, maybe it will be the Target exclusive that isn't a nightmare to try and get a hold of. Since this is the internet and therefore the place to be pedantic, is "Cyborg Spider-Man" an odd title for the figure? It's been forever since I read this story, but I think I remember that the "cybernetic" arm really just amounted to a high-tech cast to speed up healing a broken arm, and the eyepiece was just a high-tech monocle. Like that was part of the joke, right?
  14. I don't know, I'm leaning towards real. Look at the spider logo on his chest. Very clean and very deliberately Larsen-esque. Same with the eyes on the mask. Those're completely new, right? Now, assuming that mechanical eyepiece and headband are connected to each other, and assuming they lift right off of the head, you've got yourself the makings of an easy re-release for a straight-up Erik Larsen-style Spidey at a later date. And we all know that would be a classic Hasbro move. If it is real, I am in. I love absurd stuff and most things 90s Marvel. If it's a custom (and not enhanced with Photoshop trickery) then I am very impressed with the attention to detail, craftsmanship, the new webbing accessory, and the perfectly molded plastic tray in the bubble.
  15. I'm not looking this up because I've got work I should be doing, but I know at least Reed didn't begin as a freshman at State straight out of high school at a typical age. He got a bunch of advanced degrees from MIT and Cal Tech as a teenager before going to State. I can't remember if Ben did his air force stint before or after his undergrad. I'm sure it's all been retconned a few times since Byrne wrote those notes anyway, but there's probably enough wiggle room to keep those approximate ages if one wants to.
  16. I have them all pre-ordered with Amazon, and just got a shipping notice on Thunderstrike a few minutes ago. He'll be here tomorrow. In light of that, I seriously doubt they'll now wait until the 1st to ship Kang, Jocasta, and Falcon.
  17. You know, I buy so many of my figures online anymore that it doesn't really matter to me. Most of my figures are paid for sight unseen anyway. And if something is broken or incorrect, it's Amazon or Pulse's thing to fix. It is nice to see Hasbro trying to do something good and something that matters. I'd support it. Then again, if they go this route, I doubt many folks will continue to buy a copy of a figure to keep MIB anymore. Who wants to hang an opaque cardboard box on the wall of their toy room to admire? I never don't open a toy so, again, doesn't affect me negatively, but there would be at least some people who drop out altogether.
  18. Stopped in Walgreens while on a whiskey run tonight to try my luck and found a Silver Centurion Iron Man. He was the last one and obviously hidden behind some Halloween decorations for someone's later retrieval, but I could also tell that he was being displayed in the seasonal stuff and not with the other action figures. Wouldn't have checked there if not for @bashpics99's advice. Thanks for the tip! You made my night. Covington, Kentucky area.
  19. It's because she's not She-Hulk. Tatiana ---> Titania! It was right in front of us the whole time.
  20. Oh, good! Man, I remember back in the 80s when the prevailing wisdom was that female characters don't sell so don't sell female characters. Even in the 90s, I don't think I ever saw a Rogue or Jean Grey on the shelf. They seriously double-packed Lady Deadpool, though? Over Wolverine and Bishop? Crazy.
  21. Does anyone know what the situation is with Silver Centurion Iron Man? As in, is he supposed to be on store shelves yet? I haven't seen hide nor helmet, and I've been checking pretty aggressively at four different Walgreens near me in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. I've seen every other Walgreens exclusive on a shelf in the past without checking this hard, so maybe he's not in stores in my area yet? But then I thought I heard of people as close by as Louisville or parts of IN getting him. Am I waiting for a bus that's already come and gone?
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