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  1. Man, he looks good!  If this sculpt were to become available in a blue & black or two-tone blue color scheme, I grab him in a heartbeat.  Frankly, I probably would have gotten him with the intention of repainting him myself if he had come out only a year or two ago, but I can't justify compromises like that at the new price points.  Here's hoping  he gets a re-deco in the near future.  I'm also anxious to see what Marvel Select comes up with.

  2. On 5/27/2022 at 2:50 PM, SpiderS said:

    It's not my favorite rendition of Lizard even though I absolutely adore Ditko and appreciate what they were going for, my real issue is feet they are kinda accurate, sometimes they do look this big in comics but mostly they are way smaller but Hasbro clearly over exaggerated them which makes it look really weird proportion wise, I would get the reasoning if the figure had toe articulation, which would make a lot of sense for Lizard as well as give a good reason for oversized feet for better balance.



    On the plus side, they'll help him stand up.  That tail is bound to cause balance issues.

  3. Big oof.  Both heads are a major fumble.  They have seen the show, right?  I'm not collecting the animated figures, so I normally wouldn't care, but I was looking forward to the inevitable re-release without the cel shading.  I'm also guessing those legs will be reused to do some of the team in their training uniforms (including Banshee).  I wish the bands had been sculpted a little closer to the knee.

    No other alt shape-changing heads?  No alt arms to go jacketless?  Not even the gas gun he uses on the security guard?  All for (I'm assuming) $27.99?

    No.  Not anymore, guys.  Sorry.


  4. On 4/30/2022 at 3:59 PM, Satam said:

    So yeah. It arrived with a prominent scratch in the paint on the chest.  I went back and forth with Pulse CS who sent me to Hasbro CS who told me that I could send it back to them for a refund, but an exchange wouldn't be possible. I was told they had QC stock of some of the parts like hands and heads but not entire figures in case something went wrong on the body. I eventually chose to keep it, and just display it battle damaged only.

    Wow.  And for $350...  I'm astounded that they didn't have QC stock of the figures proper.  That's terrible!  So sorry to hear it.

  5. On 4/30/2022 at 3:25 AM, leokearon said:

    Looks great. I'm glad she doesn't have a screaming head because I just know they would just give us one or the other; looking at you Thunderstrike.

    Given a choice between one or the other, I would have preferred a screaming head (but just barely).  She needed two heads more than any other character in the wave needed anything that they do come with.  Is Wolverine's alternate head new or a reuse?  If it was a budgetary or some other constraint that kept a second head out of the wave, then they should have held back on the character until they could release her with two heads.  In context of the line, it's pretty clear to me that the plan from "go" was to try and sell the figure twice.

  6. On 4/29/2022 at 12:49 PM, leokearon said:

    Some people are speculating that the fiery being could be Monica Rambeau

    Assuming it's a known character, that's who most it looks like to me as well.  Either way, I hope Monica gets some more super-powered screen time one way or another in the near future.  I came to know her as Captain Marvel in the comics before I knew who Carol Danvers was, so I've got a soft spot for her.  Same thing happened with Rhodey as Iron Man.

  7. Man, browsing through all of the usual message boards this morning, I've never seen so many people saying "I'm done".  I know some of them are all talk, but even so...

    I was predicting a second dark ages in the hot takes thread a few weeks ago.  Being that it was my internet hot take, I was only a little more than half serious, but this morning it really seems more likely to me than not.  While I only really know for sure how my own buying behavior will change going forward, I also know that I've been a die-hard for about 18 years now.  If I'm dialing it back as much as I am, I have to think a significant portion of the fan base is likely to as well.

    Maybe something unexpected will happen and the line will come out the other side of this okay.  Maybe ML will have a second renaissance next year or in five years.  I really hope so, but today, things are looking pretty grim...


  8. These are some really not great action figures but they are the first good looks I've had at most of these character designs.  I love that armored Thor!  I've always had a soft spot for the #378 armor and this is such a gorgeous adaptation.  And the Thunderstrike referencing costume is awesome as well!

    Those Jane Foster and Star Lord faces look terrible, though, and I'm disappointed to see that Groot is apparently still sullen teenager Groot.  It wasn't really all that funny the first time around.

  9. On 3/24/2022 at 7:57 AM, bashpics99 said:

    I don't know about crash, but feels like current trends are not great.

    I should probably clarify that, in the spirit of a true hot take, I maybe 75% believe what I wrote, lol.

    On 3/24/2022 at 7:57 AM, bashpics99 said:

    I guess Ben and Torch from the retro FF wave are doing OK.  But Reed, Sue, Psycho Man, High Evolutionary, Morlun, Shriek, D'Spayre, Sleepwalker ,Shocker, & Hammerhead? Ok, jury is still out on the last two.

    Yeah, this!  Reed's lab coat is sweet, but not worth it for a lot of folks to invest in a repaint.  And those Salad Fingers hands...😖  A stretchy arm or two was going to break the bank!?  There's been 'nuff said on Sue's face.  And everyone else on your list before Shocker and Hammerhead just look sooooo bare bones.  With no BAF part to worry about, I'm not going to fret.  I can almost certainly pick them up mint (maybe in, maybe out of package) for the $10 - $15 that I feel they're worth in a few month's time.  And I'm a huge Marvel Legends slut, so that is, in my opinion, a very bad place for us to be in with half a given year's releases or more!  Something's gotta give soon.

  10. We're on a bubble and the Marvel Legends line is set to crash again.  Hasbro is upping prices at a pace that it feels like every other wave and they are not offering enough to warrant it.  I get the impression that they want to do two styles of figures: basic and deluxe.  The "basic" line is increasing in price all the time, but we're getting the same or fewer accessories for it while they're not-so-sneakily phasing out the BAF system.  The "deluxe" line wants to exist at a price point similar to other premium collectible figures, but doesn't begin to offer the same in terms of quality or quantity.  (I'm thinking right now of the 20th Anniversary Iron Man up against NECA's recent Usagi Yojimbo offering.  The prices are close, but nothing else is.)

    I try to be a cheerleader rather than a doomsayer, but I'm a die-hard from the early 2000s.  I've recently gone from getting everything based on a comic book incarnation to being much more choosy and it feels very familiar.  I hope I'm wrong.  I love the line and want them to be around for another 20, but things look pointed south to me.

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