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  1. What I usually do with MCU focussed waves is hate the reveal or preview images, buy the wave anyway (for the comic-based dudes) then end up liking the wave a lot more than I thought (Black Widow wave, though Red Guardian sucks before, during and after reveal and purchase). That said, Iron Man AI is bad and untimely: the definitive pegwarmer of this wave (why this thing, then another hologram Iron Man in the excellent & imminent Ursa BAF Wave to follow? Actually, you could do Stealth Hologram Iron Man. So exciting.) and Civil Warrior is...okayish. He really needs a bunch of accessories
  2. Thirded! I'm going to buy ALL comic figures anyway, but I do think the bespoke waves are limiting, and more likely to put collectors off. For me, 10 dedicated AOA waves would be fine, but not everyone likes that arc, and I think ALL waves should try and appeal to the broadest cross-section of fans. I don't want to think how long it's taken, or how much money I've spent to get the full 1992 X-Men #1 line-up, but it's been worth it. I still don't have a 100% complete AOA team; or an All-New X-Men team (Banshee needed), a 1985/Mutant Massacre era team (Rachel and Kitty needed) or an early y
  3. For me, this is just two figures short of being an absolutely perfect wave. Really surprised, and delighted, that they went with Ursa Major as the BAF. Never imagined they'd do this guy, so the wave was an immediate pre-order 10 seconds after I saw this. The volume (and choice) of Iron Man figures, though? Too much. And that seems to be the consensus from everyone else's posts. Stealth & Hologram aren't bad, but they are 100% NOT needed (better as store exclusives IMHO, especially as another regular Iron Man with hologram head is also imminent-ish). With those gone Titanium
  4. This is how certain? And has it become too much of a cliche after a reveal to type - a la Fry from Futurama, of course - "Shut up and take my money!"? Excalibur #1. Captain Britain. Meggan. Shadowcat. Rachel. Nightcrawler. Don't care if Kurt and Brian are just repaints, or think anything other than these characters, in their Exc.#1 costumes, is needed: just swap heads for CB & a 'no hairspray' Kitty (less of that huge 1980's hair). That just leaves Rogue before I've got a complete 1985 team of Marvel Legends X-Men. Love you Hasbro!!!!! I'll confess: I'm honestly surprised (but no
  5. Dude, I stand humble and happily corrected on both points. Just to check though: Return was the same arc as Ages of Apocalypse wasn't it? Like AOA 2? Chris Bachalo pencilled? My knowledge of RTTAOA is limited to one issue of the limited series I read in a comic store, about 10 years ago. Hated it. And, you're right with Age of X too (liked that quite a bit), although her floating around the x-world with a bunch of other telepaths didn't really make her a standout character. Hence, kinda forgot she was in it. I'd literally die for an 'Evolution of Psylocke' 3-pack (actually, left to m
  6. Psylocke wasn't in Age of Apocalypse or Ages of Apocalypse, even. Or Age of X for that matter. I don't know why she didn't make the cut, when a non-powered Brian Braddock and a half-bald Emma Frost did, but there you go. Personally, I think she would have been a great inclusion in AOA (as a baddie) and I'd really, really loved to have seen Roger Cruz or Joe Madureira's dynamic AOA take on her supercool Marc Silvestri costume (the late-1980s cowl, cape and armour in purple and lilac). That, as a figure, would go down waaaaay better than Psylocke in the recent Amazon Exc. boxset with Nimrod
  7. Sabertooth, Magneto, Cyclops, Quicksilver, Rogue, Gambit - I'd put money on all of these. Easy repaints, few new heads and straps - job done. Which is okay-ish, I guess. Maybe big okay with a stable, more bulging and rounded 2021 Holocaust - sorry, Nemesis BAF. Killer BAF but I'm on my 3rd lower torso piece (fault lines around joints: brittle plastic) and 6th head/carapace (canopy clips break over and over again....over time, they do NOT get cheaper. Although I look at that picture of AOA Wolverine from the cover of AOA X-Men Unlimited #2 and it makes me nervous....Hasbro might go with th
  8. It's a weird one, this. After missing out on Retro carded Rogue (average ebay price to UK buyers: £60 + £12 - £20 import charge, so, that's about $125 for a figure I already own, on a dumber card and with a slightly tweaked head & hand sculpt....totally worth it 😂) I now pre-order ALL Marvel Legends: good, bad or indifferent. Obsidian Surfer was one I couldn't care less about. I've got the first one (from the SE Exclusive F4 singles) and it's a nice figure, with a bunch of stuff, but it's one I also don't care about at all. I think a redo of Silver Savage would have made me more exci
  9. General point: has there even been a teaser trailer for Shang-Chi or the Eternals movies? I can't have missed both. I think Hasbro should seriously reign in details of (and pictures, even more) any waves based on forthcoming movies likely to be delayed, because we're judging these waves in a vacuum. Think about the Black Widow movie & wave. Figures have been out over a year, movie pending. Despite my huge initial reservations, it's a GOOD line, with a nice MCU/Comic split. The MCU figures are excellent (except Red Guardian) and the comic figures even better. But looking at the re
  10. I may be wrong, watanabefan, and if I am, I apologise in advance, but: (1). Is this Rektangular bashing/correcting really necessary? He's been doing this forever, he's more right than he is wrong, and he has no sponsorship or platform to 'guide' his content. If he's made a howling mistake, why don't you just politely message him on the clip/content you know is wrong? (2). As with the Eternals wave, I'm thinking the only two people in the world excited about this wave are in this forum. The last MCU Mandarin was...what it was, and this is going to be A. N. Other variation on same. If
  11. Well, this is....underwhelming. I don't know if Disney/Hasbro were deliberately aiming for a Game of Thrones meets Lost in Space or Star Trek lite vibe, but if they were, goal achieved. I have a natural comic bias, and I don't want to deflate the enthusiasm of those that like this, but gotta say: this is risky. This is an entire wave based on a completely untested corner of the Marvel Universe and the MCU. These are tough times for toys and tough times for films, and in the past, waves of Legends based on underperforming Marvel films (Spider-Man Far From Home, Captain Marvel & Dr Str
  12. That's some fine hair work, there. They've made the effort again here, and this is a damn good figure: nothing but good things to say about it and hope my Pre-order hits soon. But did I miss a Ms Lion with an ML MJ figure? Far as I knew, that was an old Marvel Universe deal only. Legends MJ just got a bag accessory and/or was a swap head for Gwen Stacey on the retro cards.
  13. I don't know, @tarot old chap. I'm working on the basis that even a six figure wave can become seven or eight (or 50) really quickly (Variant Storm, Black Cat, Gambit, Rogue etc.) There's no wave 2 X-Men or Spider-Man retro, but there's been countless singles. And all those Iron Man suits in a non-movie wave? That's pushing it!!
  14. Darkstar! Squeeeeal! Rumour or not, the possibility of Darkstar is enough to get a huuuuge pop from me (yeah, Vanguard & Ursa are needed to, but just to be able to tick this one off my 'They'll never make 'em' list of Legends, will be so sweet & historic, I'd feel anything more is pushing my luck). But this isn't a retro wave? The esoteric characters and Iron Man suit variations literally screams retro. They surely wouldn't do the always pointless stealth armour and Iron Heart in a regular wave, would they? Ah, screw it. As long as there is Darkstar and none of these guys suf
  15. Kilts & Islamic garments are very, very different things. Scottish people wear kilts (a). Because they have to in a ceremonial or military context or (b). Because they want to celebrate their 'glorious' history of clan affiliation (some people in Scotland believe that they are honouring their ancient ancestral 'clan' by wearing a specific pattern of tartan on their kilts & etc. Sadly, historical research has shown that the idea of clans dates back to the late Victoria era, and the resurgence in historical nationalism & romanticism in the literature of the time). So, it's not real
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