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  1. Oh, good lord, this is hideous to the power of 10. It didn't look that bad in preview shots, but....bleeeurrgh. I guess the quality of the Fantastic Four wave (every figure in the Super Skrull wave is just outstanding) necessitated a few more 'mainstream' figures in the follow-up wave. I really do think two Spidey 'armour' figures -especially game-based - in a six figure wave is two too many. Can't help but wonder why Hasbro didn't shove these out as store exclusives, as per the weird white-spider print suit they did last year. I mean, there can't have been clamour & demand for these, and it just makes more sense to put these out as store exclusives (especially when the store in question mostly sells console games). We haven't exhausted comic-based Spider-Man variants and there's a billion villains and chums that could slot in here...but instead, it's these. What a waste.
  2. Anyone who has got this set: well done - I envy you. It's widely available right now (US and/or via ScamBay) and looks exactly as awesome as I thought it would be. Although I pre-ordered mine on August 23rd, it's not coming any time soon, and I'm now at war with Amazon as a result. I'd be hugely grateful (really, hugely enormously grateful) if anyone could advise/help out here. Here's the story. So, you guys probably know I live in the UK, but no worries: Amazon ships worldwide. My boxset was scheduled to arrive early December, but on Wednesday, I had my wallet stolen & all my cards cancelled. Guess what else happened on that day? Of course, I get an email from Amazon advising that the item was shipping earlier than expected, and would get to the UK on 25th November. Then a second email, saying they couldn't process the card (no duh! It had been cancelled) so the transaction was cancelled & I had no way of paying for the item. I got in touch, asking if they could hold the item for 24 hours, as I'd get a new card by then, and could reorder it. This is where the fun really starts. Firstly, they said no, and advised that the item was out of stock. They didn't know when it would be back in stock: "Maybe December, sometime." They clarified helpfully. Much rage. Many web chats and calls. Two days pass, and the item is back in stock. Thank God! Or not. Same item, same retailer, same price, multiple items in stock, but this time, every time I've tried to buy this, the system notes the item 'doesn't ship to [my] address'. There's no workaround. So, this set, which is probably something I want more than anything, I'm probably not going to be able to buy. Amazon don't care, and won't help, so the option is basically pay double (minimum) + higher postage + eBay global shipping con. That's a ball park $300. I'm desperate for this set, guys: Can anyone help here? Either strategy, recommendation or (if you're an unbelievably kind person) buy and ship to UK on my behalf, with all costs (obviously) to be paid by me and a nice bonus for the sender: rare stuff (Legends/Star Wars Black Series or Transformers....and *good* stuff too. Or, just cash to cover your time, any costs and to convey my gratitude. I don't want to break any board/forum rules, or put my email here (until I'm told I can), but if you can help, please shout (Disqus will alert me to these).
  3. Totally nailed it, bud: I want to say 'LOL' but don't quite dare. I did wonder if anyone else would spot the potentially painful irony of Marvel Comics - founded by and (rightfully) proud of their Jewish creators - showcasing a character called Holocaust at a German expo. I feel a Fawlty Towers reference coming on..... For once, this is a Marvel Comics issue, not Hasbro or A. N. Other Licensee. The character was always called Holocaust in the AOA arc, and retained that moniker until Exiles. Hasbro's Marvel Legends BAF version was always called Nemesis, too. Totally the right decision, but I've always hated the name Nemesis - not only is it generic, but was in use by (then) current characters in Alpha Flight, Wolverine and X-Men. Honestly though, I don't care what they call the AOA figures, just as long as they keep cranking 'em out....
  4. Yay! Nearly a whole AOA x-team? Never, never, never thought I'd see even the likes of Blink or X-Man as Legends. But Wild Child now? And at least one more??? Lordy. Blissful, total toyhappinessoverdose. Alternate reality/history events in comics have become so lazy and clichéd (see DC's recent 'Metal', then feel the pain) that it's easy to forget just how good, and influential, the AOA story arc actually was. And for the purposes of whacking out new Legends, it's a goldmine. The radical character redesigns were, and are, MONEY, and I don't think many here would object to an AOA Jean Grey (already prototyped), Rogue, Exodus, Shadowcat, Colossus, Banshee, Abyss, Sinister, Nemesis (aka Holocaust), Cyclops...I'm just listing names now, but I guess that's the point. Between 1993 and 1999, in a decade of complete and utter costume (and character) blah, all the AOA x-characters had coherent, eye-popping, thematically consistent designs, which made sense, looked great and meta-referenced key X-events or character histories (Shadowcat's Wolverine claws; Storm's 'little Ororo' hair; Cyclops, for the first & only time, has one eye; Sabertooth & Wildchild's weird buddy system; Bishop's prophet of doom costume). Until now, though, the characters have never really translated well to toys. Toy Biz's 5" & 6" Marvel Legends just stank and Hasbro's 'Legends reborn' Nemesis (which still looks great, even today, but has a hard plastic, hinged canopy guaranteed to break) have all had issues. Even Blink, perfect in every other way, is Exiles Blink, not AOA blink. Ironically, the Toyfare Exclusive ML Sunfire is perfect, but he gets a do-over anyway... For the BAF, yeah: AOA Apocalypse would be a very, very safe bet. And, as for a seventh character, I'd also put money on that, and the character really has to be Sabertooth. You literally can't have Wildchild on his own, so AOA Sabertooth has to be done.
  5. Great work, indeed. The paint work/black & blue light catch sheen on the slinky kinky boots is absolutely perfect in every way - this is how Hasbro should do Venom. Hair too is fantastic. Professionally done in every way: excellent work. Has anyone done a decent custom S'ym? A la Marc Silvestri or Art Adams? That's not going to be easy...would make a great BAF, too, actually.
  6. Poor. Hard pass here - thankfully: my wallet really can't take another store exclusive (though like everyone else here, I'd probably find a way if there was something worthwhile or Stepford Cuckoos'ey). Hasbro have really worked the Legends schedule awesomely well, or awfully exploitatively in 2019, depending on your perspective, and there are no 'rest' months anymore or a period where new product isn't shown, revealed or imminent. So, the 'big' waves come out at fairly reliable points (new Spider-Man wave around December/January, Avengers related early spring, X-Men & related late Spring/Summer) and to tide us over, autumn/Fall gets a whole bunch of exclusives (this year: Cowboy Logan, Moonstar, Big Time Spider-Man, Stealth Iron Man, Agent Anti-Venom, Variant Punisher, Alpha Flight, Hulk(s)). Oh, did I forget multiple 80th Anniversary, MCU, Retro and Riders sets? Sure did. Oh, and XM Love Triangle, X-Factor 2-pack....you get the point. The constant churn is great, sure, but I'm spending money I haven't got on these. But what else can you do?
  7. Great work, man - great. Haven't seen a custom I liked this much in a long while, and the 'recipe' is one even I could follow... would not produce results this good though. Sigh. Nothing but praise for you, Frankenstein, and thank you for showing her off.👏👏👏 P.S. Hasbro - please do another Emma Frost, exactly as she is here.
  8. Yep, it sucks this bad living in the UK and trying to collect Legends. Dan Who is enthusiastic, and it's great to see someone making the effort, but he should do a bit more on the fact-check & verification elements, and maybe carve out an individual niche (quoting from Rektangular is not enough). Interestingly (or not...) Tesco have carried Marvel Legends (both at 3.75" & 6" scale). They even got a retailer exclusive on the first wave of Hasbro's Marvel Legends 'Reborn' (Annihilus BAF) and carried Spider-Man Legends long after everyone else had dropped them. It's fair to say that Marvel Legends have been invisible for at least 5 years at Tesco, but then that's true everywhere: with a dead TRU, no pick-up from Smyth's or The Entertainer and a few pegwarmers at HUGE Disney Stores only, mainstream distribution of Marvel Legends is a bad joke in the UK. Ultimately, you can go eBay or on-line/speciality dealers: Kapow Toys, In Demand & Star Action Figures are all great. American collectors - note this when complaining about retailer exclusives! So, in one way, it's good to see these, because it's...something. On the other hand, these are going to stagger - not fly - off the shelves. There just isn't the market for action figures at £15+ especially as these are (a). Nothing new and (b). MCU-based. Slight repaints of comic-based figures though, or figures split from multi-packs without BAF parts at £15? I'm in.
  9. Hey, who needs money anyway? All I need to say is: hope it's true, and yeee haw! Oh, and: Gulp. Just a few more items to get in the last quarter of 2019 and first of 2020 then... (1). Cyclops, Jean Grey & Wolverine 3-pack. (2). Havok & Polaris 2-pack. (3). 3x New Mutants Dani Moonstar. (4). Alpha Flight box-set (Amazon) (5). Variant Punisher (6). Spider-Man wave 1 [2020] - _ - _ - _ - (poss) X-Men Wave 1 [2020] (Strong Guy BAF???) (poss) 3x Stepford Cuckoos [2020??] - _ - _ - _ - I don't even want to think how much this'll be. Man, it's neverending, but I probably wouldn't have it any other way... #pleasemakeBox
  10. The 1980's Serpent Society were really kinda cool. For a bit. I guess their heyday ran from 1984 to 1989 or so (problem with comic collecting in the UK was that the dates on the comics bore no relation to actual dates - so, if my dates are wonky, bear that as mitigation!). Mainly they were built up in Captain America, but were often used wherever an easily beatable set of foes was needed. Conspiracy theorists may also note the prime era of the Serpent Society coincided with the introduction of Serpentor in GI Joe.... After this, they just faded a bit, and more useful, individual characters (Diamondback, Constrictor) were pushed instead. I have no idea if they are dead or alive in current continuity (or this week's version thereof). The gimmick died for me when they turned up in Uncanny X-Men annual (1988/1989) as part of the 'Atlantis Attacks' arc. The only part that I remember is the following exchange between Boomslang and Wolverine: Logan: Another one. What's yer name, bub? Boomslang: Uhhhn......Boomslang. Logan: Uh-huh. And what do you do? Boomslang: I throw metal balls, and little snakes come out of them. That may not be verbatim, but give me a break: this (meaningless) exchange is being paraphrased from a comic I haven't even looked at for 30 years. #pleasemakeBox
  11. Man, I hope so. I've got to believe that sometimes - just sometimes - Hasbro does some ad hoc research to get an understanding of how their core market is responding to new product by trawling social media & fan sites. If they have (or do in the future) they'll know this set went down really well (pre-ordered mine the day it was available). As you say, there's logic there, and the Alpha Flight set itself proves demand. He's a bit obscure, but I do think collectors would take Box over GotG Titus (euuuu), MCU Smart Hulk, MCU Molten Man or even the Lizard. I think if a BAF looks cool, even if you don't know the character, you buy the whole wave. And if it looks cool and is an essential figure for completists, it's a no-brainer. Box nails it on both fronts: either the classic. big, chunky badass robot in a leotard, or Jim Lee's elegant, compact and dynamic version. If you did #pleasemakeBox, would that work/help, for instance?
  12. You must know I know that, right, Tarot? You're normally quick as a fox & your Marvel knowledge is exemplary. That's why I typed 'Wanda Langkowski' not Wanda Langkowski. Now, that's how to do a story about gender and identity, without turning it into a moralistic after-school special, cheap giggles or contemporary 'representation' and PC story... There was a comment too, earlier, about the genius of John Byrne - as writer & penciller. Couldn't agree more: that these figures are being issued 34 years after #1 and are totally based on Byrne's iteration of the team (except Vindicator, of course) says it all. Have to say: every time I look at a picture of Box I or Box II, I am praying harder and harder that they BAF either of these two....needed.
  13. FINALLY. Just....delighted. Could it be a little better in places? Yes, but it's Alpha Flight. It's the full team (or close enough). Is this the best Marvel Legends box-set since Thunderbolts? Yes. Does this hammer literally everything at SDCC? Yes. This has been teased and teased for literally a decade. Probably, you'll remember when the Deadpool/Sasquatch BAF wave was previewed, it was spoken of/rumoured to be 'The Alpha Flight wave'. Then, they showed the Wendigo BAF from the X-Force wave at one of the 'cons, and then that became 'the Alpha Flight wave'. Before this reveal, best you could hope for was maybe the twins in a two-pack or in an X-wave. This though...just beautiful. McHogan - re who's missing? from the first 12 issues, it's missing just Marina, but from the classic era of Flight (up to issue #50 or so) It's also missing: Box (I) (Roger Bochs, who I would just loved to have seen), Box (II) (Madison Jeffries), Talisman (sad about that, too). Nemesis, Laura Dean, Goblin, Persuasion/Purple Girl, Wild Child, Windshear, Diamond Lil, Sasquatch (II) ('Wanda Langkowski'), 'big' Puck & Windshear.
  14. I'm trying to think of a Hasbro Marvel Legends SDCC reveal/preview that was better than 2019 and honestly can't. Anyone else have a "best SDCC ever", and why? Big thanks for the great coverage too guys - this is the reason that Marvelous news has always been my 'go to' site for HMLegends. Not much else to say other than that the remaining New Mutants can be done with the Dark Phoenix Cyclops body: swap heads and hands for Cannonball, Cypher and Sunspot and you're there (obviously, Warlock & Magik are done, and Magma was kinda peripheral anyway) Biggest no-brainer ever. I'd like to see a 'solar' Sunspot, but after legless Cannonball, I just want a decent figure. Just two quick equations: Marvel Legends Squirrel Girl + Tippy-toe = toy nirvana. Forthcoming Marvel Legends + my finances = bankruptcy in eight months.
  15. ((((Head exploding with delight))))) Serendipitously, I post a message about AOA figures, we get 'em. What's the odds? Ditto, Squirrel Girl. X-Man! Shang-chi! Dr Doom....oh, baby that's good. Cyclops, Jean, Wolverine....all great, exactly what I hoped it would be (what was it I said about swap heads? Does it for me every time - especially Cyclops). And New Mutants!!!! After that horrible, horrible 3rd wave of MCU Avengers THIS is what I want to see.... about 20- 30 more figures I've needed/craved for maybe 2+ decades and some EXCELLENT contemporary stuff & I'm ticking #$## off the list that I never, never thought I'd see. I'm gonna be bankrupt in 14 months... it'll be worth it, though.
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