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  1. Literally two figures and a novelty BAF stop this from being the most underwhelming reveal ever: Jocasta and Firestar. And looking at 'retro' Rogue's face, I'm seriously beginning to agree with proponents of the 'Hasbro has issues with female body sculpts' argument.
  2. Wait, so even when all this Pulse 'activity' is virtual, and could (sorry, SHOULD) for once, actually throw a bone to collectors from the UK and Europe, it still doesn't and never will? Qu'elle surprise. Yeah, qu'elle surprise again, indeed. The biggest difficulty for US & Canadian collectors is the amount of days it takes to get store exclusives (e.g. if you can't order 87 GI Joe Classified Baroness & Cobra COILS / Dani Moonstar / Star Wars Black Series 332nd Clone Trooper to flog on ebay the very second that pre-orders become orders) or, that SDCC stuff is slightly more expensive. Meanwhile, over in the UK, the shelves of Smyths Toys (excluding our hard-working and generally excellent specialised online action figure & collectable retailers, this is the only thing even remotely comparable to the smallest, most general of North American supermarkets) are so full of up-to-the-second Marvel Legends, Star Wars, Transformers etc. etc. it's hard to know what to pick. With the Star Wars Black Series, do I go for 40th A/VC Lando Calrissian, TIE Fighter Pilot or Luke Skywalker (Hoth Pilot)? Oh, the agony of choice. Can't decide, so I'll check the Marvel Legends aisle. Oh em gee!!! They have the Gamerverse/Abomination wave! Have I travelled to the future? Oh, wait - there's a downside: they only carry four figures. Not 'There are four in stock, the good ones have sold out,' rather: there are just four, full-stop. Online, and in store - Gamerverse Iron Man (worst figure of 2020?) Gamerverse Captain America (second worst figure of 2020?), The Leader and Captain Marvel (both horrible, no question mark). That's why BAF waves work so well, because who needs two arms, two legs, head and torso??!! Never mind, I'll cheer myself up with some pity purchases: those new GI Joe Classified figures are actually kinda, really cool - I'll get one of them. Or not. They don't carry them at all. And so on. In case anyone thinks I'm having a pop at North American collectors (Latin: collectorian obsessivus amicus) I'm not. Well, a little bit, but only at the very, very whingy ones who don't know how lucky they are. And definitely at the buy-five-hold-and-flog-on-ebay brigade (collectorian subhumanas scum), but we all get screwed by them. This will never change. It has been this way since I was a little bitty baby Transformers collector who - at the age of seven - was just as irked and baffled by Hasbro's decision to never retail G1 (Dinobot) Swoop, The Constructicons and Predacons (oh and so many more) in the UK. Just the crumbs from the US Retail table, many months later. But, my collecting brothers across the pond, should you ever happen to engage in serious discourse and dialogue with Hasbro, every single collector (and retailer) in the UK would be forever grateful if you could ask them why collectors in the UK mean absolutely nothing to them, despite continued, unwavering loyalty across multiple brands and way, way, way too many decades. 😢
  3. So, this is 2x completely new sculpts: the only difference between girls is heads and capes (and Jean/Selene gets (1). a kinky whip - ultra-rubbery recast of Black Cat's whip from the ancient Ultimate Green Goblin wave and (2). A cute, spiky l'il collar) and the difference between the boys is head sculpts. The chaps do have the standard ab-crunch, and waistcoats are soft (plastic) enough to make this articulation worthwhile. Packaging is nice, but for me, it's nowhere near the beautiful, and cool Book of Vishanti box from a million SDCC's ago. It also comes with a weird, pretend letter thing that you can open, but I don't dare to (I'm hoping there's a few £20 notes in there to offset what I've spent on this). It's a big hit on some levels - head sculpts are just superb, it does look like an 'event' box set and not just a bunch of repaint thrown together in a crap box, and figure selection is good: three figures we possibly wouldn't have got, and a nice iteration of Emma. And, accessories... there are some! Yay. But no cape for Pearce (like the classic look, but Jim Lee's Reavers version is unbeatable). But... four figures?? Just a Dark Phoenix saga Wyngarde / Mastermind swap head would have been cool, and knowing a Leland figure is never going to happen makes me sad. Because now who is going to use Nimrod's mass against him and drop him to the earth's fiery core before having a heart attack?And where's Tessa? Maybe even a Hellfire Commando would have softened the blow. But the worst thing - the plastic (plasticine?) used on the girls' legs. Appalling at this price point.
  4. Oh, and one more thing. And this comes from the Extend-A-Figure idea I had for characters like Reed Richards and Kamala Khan a few years ago. What if Stilt Man was actually just a figure in the wave? He would come with the leg parts that have the feet (and hopefully the knees) and the rest of the figures would come with additional leg pieces. Would this just totally piss everyone off, or would that be something a lot of us would be open to? Well, it wouldn't cause me Venom levels of collecting distress (and, God forgive me, I actually really like Venomised Captain America, even though Hasbro cheaped out on the shield - symbiote effect clings poorly on a regular Cap shield - and VCA has no back peg hole), but I think Hasbro kinda tried this with the MCU Vulture wings BAF wave. I hated that, but it was a lousy MCU BAF, and having 'a pair of wings' as your BAF? Not such a draw. Was it better or worse than Hit Monkey BAF or Rocket Raccoon BAF though? Who knows. They were dark, dark days (shudder)..... I'm not mocking though: done well, and with the right character - so, for me, Mojo would be nice; a really good MVC3 or MVC3I Shuma-Gorath with a bunch of articulated tentacles and rolling eye; a more Toy Biz-ey Hulk Buster Iron Man or a full-on Ultron or X-Fembot Danger, could work in that way. Or maybe they'd just be better as deluxe? If I'm not mistaken, we're up to date with the deluxe stuff (which I'm loving), so doesn't Hasbro owe us a few deluxe reveals?
  5. Hmmmmm. 80th Anniversary Iron Man - fantastic. Iron Man 2020 - really liked that, especially the OTT flame/base accessories. Gamerverse (Starboost) Iron Man - cheaper grade of plastic, and a lot of haters, but I still really liked that too. Sue me. Deluxe War Machine - looks really good. So, how could yet another repaint with slight mods have ended up looking like it does? Venom wave - lot of people like it, and I'm not going to rain on their parade. I like the BAF a lot, and I like that Hasbro have made the effort here, but easy pass for me. Also, when people say (for instance) "War Machine uses the Iron Man buck" wtf does that even mean? I've been a toy collector for like, four decades. My brother and comrades customise as well as collect, and I've never heard them, or anyone from Toy Biz, Hasbro, Hot Toys, Bandai, Figma refer to a figure's 'buck'. I'm guessing this means sculpt or master mould (not the Sentinel), but if so, does it main the basic, pre-production full body and head sculpt? Or the finished production version, which is sculpt plus accessories plus paint, plus tweaks (e. g. Strong Guy wave Deadpool's neck, arm and leg bracelets, belt and wrap around parts).
  6. I'd be a happier dork if Hasbro did no more Venom Legends ever again and kept the endless, but sadly inevitable, slew of 'venomised' characters in their Titans line or those weird new Marvel squish, fiddle and throw type figures that appeal to children with ASD. A good symbiote figure is fine. The first Toy Biz Marvel Legends Venom was - and still is - 50 shades of awesome. Even with poor articulation, every thing is golden. The detail, the pose, the display stand: that's all the Venom I'll ever need. Hasbro thought otherwise. Without even mentioning Spider-Ham, the first Venom wave was a case of: "Am I really stupid enough to pay £22 (about $25/$26) to get an identical version of Venom, because it has the 1980's Eddie Brock head and a lame dollop of black plastic, back peg symbiote effect? You better believe it! And that Carnage I've bought before? Well, I'm just dying to buy it all over again, because it has a swap head and an axe hand. Totes worth it. Oh, and the Venom BAF? Can you release it in a way which makes my purchase of the entire wave - 6 x 22 = £132 -seem like a total slap in the face? Like a totally unchanged single release of same with a price point around £30? And, also, could you repaint the BAF single release, shove a bunch of tentacles everywhere and hit us again for the same cash?" Yeah, I know they do that everywhere, but there are degrees: Agent Venom, Agent Anti-Venom. Venom. Venom with Brock head. Monster Venom BAF. Venom with Punisher symbol on chest (Marvel Digital subscription version). Monster Venom BAF (again). Toxin. Anti-Venom. Space Venom. Carnage. Carnage with Cassidy head. Lasher. Toxin (Monster Venom rework). And now...Venomised Marvel Legends. What could go wrong? The three previous Venomised reveals were enough (actually, three was three too many, but I could tolerate their existence if this was a one-and-done deal. Lol.), but think of the endlessly imaginative possibilities: Venomised Wolverine! Venomised Hulk! Venomised Gvenompool (don't know what this thing is properly called, don't care)! Venomised Iron Man! Venomised Squirrel Girl! Venomised Carnage!!!! Venomised Spider-Man! Oh, my!!! I've always felt Venom was a pointless, soulless, uninteresting and irksome character. Just dumb, stupid and lazy work by Marvel from 1988 onwards. Cool in Marvel vs Capcom 2, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, but nowhere else. His backstory is that he was Spider-Man's rejected back-up costume. Swish!! No matter who wrote, drew, animated, digitised, voiced or made the toy(s) of Venom and the infinite symbiote variations (gender: Phage, Bride, Scream. Colour: Toxin. Lasher. Carnage. Riot. Anti-Venom. Hybrids: Scorpion Venom. Poison. Carnom. Venom: Space Knight. Gwenom. Spider-Man Venom. Ultimate Spider-Man Venom. Spider-verse Venom(s). Venom-Verse Venom. Venomised every Marvel character ever) it's the same stupid primary colours, crud-dripping, Cheshire Cat smiley funny toothy mouth. Endless, pointless fights and powers cancelling powers cancelling powers. And that's why I hated that Venom movie more than any superhero I have ever seen. Tom Hardy (a fine actor, but not in this movie) doing cannibalism jokes and two stupid CGI monsters (both black and white and totally indistinguishable) beating up a rocket. And why are Venom and Riot even fighting when their whole deal - clearly stated by both several thousand times - is invade earth, symbiosis, eat people? Venom is to comics and Marvel Legends what botulism is to high cuisine, and the best 'What if...?' story line Marvel could ever do would be: 'What If Spider-Man never tried to repair his costume on Battle-world?' No. More. Venom. (respect to House of M #1, 2005).
  7. Dude, you can never tell on this board. And if I did a LOL now, it would just come off as sarcastic. High five instead! 👍😉
  8. I'm not 'booing the MCU', Mr Viking! The MCU Black Widow Wave - which I hated on sight at reveal and preview - blew me away 'in the flesh'. Loved the comic iterations (wee-ell, except Crossbones) and thought Hasbro did an amazing job with ALL of the MCU figures, including the 812th version of Black Widow (but excluding Red Guardian. Ick). My personal preference is for comic based figs over movie-based and X-Men comic based Legends uber alles. But, I've never wanted X-men Legends only. I grew up with a Marvel Comics universe: teams/characters hadn't been siloed and separated as they are now and you could - even as a kid - buy Daredevil, Hulk Captain America, Avengers and X-Men/New Mutants every month. You can't do that now, and Marvel's own marketing & licensing.... issues have really been divisive. It shouldn't be: the Marvel Universe is huge and I would love to see some ML love going to all corners of it - Devil Dinosaur, Kazar, Hellstrom, Slingers, THUNDERBOLTS, F4 etc. as well as the X books. I'd also say that my favourite Legends wave of the year was/is the Fantastic Four wave (that battered the AOA wave on every point for me, and I LOVE AOA). And, honestly, as much as I love X-based Legends, I'll pop just as much for a good Thunderbolts, or Earth X or Secret Wars II wave. Variety kicks ass.
  9. Marvelous News forum comments on this, and every, new X-Men reveal (please select one or more from the list below). - The body is wrong. [Add humorous analogy or metaphor here to show level of wit & sophistication, e. g. 'Emma Frost looks like a crack whore, '] - Disney. Body shaming debate. Political correctness. Blah blah (female characters only). - Don't like this costume. - Hasbro should have put in [insert name of idiotic, esoteric accessory from a previous figure or ancient comic that no-one cares about]. Without [accessory] this is a waste of time. - Why the hell did they have to put in [insert name of small accessory]??? - Nobody buys X-based Marvel Legends - they just warm pegs. Why don't Hasbro do a Gamerverse/MCU wave for a change? This is the second (contemporary) Marvel Legends Rogue. She's a character that has a long tradition of being done very, very badly, so this is overdue. This isn't bad, it's great. It ticks one big box for me by virtue of being a 'lost' Legends (cf. Hood, Lady Bullseye, Mutant X Havok) and thus, as close as we'll ever get to ML Puck BAF Rogue. If you are a long term fan, that counts. Another tick: love the Chris Bachalo costume. Third tick: Pyro looks superb. Long overdue. Conclusion: very, very sweet little two-pack, pre-ordered already. Room for improvement? Very much. Distribution. Price. Diminishing accessories. I know some of you think it's cool that there are more MCU (oh, and comic) Rescues and Shuris than there are Rogues, and Lord knows we could do with a few more MCU & Gamerverse Iron Man and Captain America repaints, but looking at the way ML seem to be doing at UK sellers, X-Men (based) Marvel Legends are outperforming and outselling any MCU wave. And the secondary market? Well, pretty sure we all know where ebay is.
  10. Now this is a deluxe figure. Glorious. War Machine is nice, but the price is - like deluxe BWM Black Widow, repack BAFs of Giant Man & Venom - out of line. This though, is a wholly new figure which LOOKS deluxe. And beautiful. And size, and accessories. What's not to like? The fact that this is X-orientated is a huge sell for me, but irrespective of theme/property, Hasbro should use what they've done here as the kind of figure necessary to justify that 'deluxe' price point. And there are so many (comic) contenders that could work at this scale: Kurse (Simonson version), 1980's New Mutants Doug-Lock, Iron Man Phoenix killer armour, Blob, Madame Webb, Thanos, Annhilus, Maestro... and did someone say, "Box from Alpha Flight"...? Leokearon - The swap claw from Deluxe Archangel won't fit this: the peg will, but the gauntlet/cuff attached to the piece would be too small and restrictive, even if you could remove AOA Apocalypse's spiffy red gloves.
  11. Silly Hasbro. If only they could be bothered to ship internationally - as they did throughout the nineties and noughties, very well and very efficiently - I'd probably go for this. Possibly. Although I might stop to think: I could get (a). a big Sentinel, or (b). Three full waves of Marvel Legends and one Store exclusive instead. That's between 19 and 25 individually carded figures and (up to) three BAFs or a big Sentinel & (admittedly rather cool looking) Bastion. Hmmm. Yeah, never going to happen. I'm not going to hate on this, though and I hope it does well, as a sideline to the regular Legends. But, there's a line for me where paying a certain amount of money for a single figure/ item becomes just wrong. Like that $400 Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime that gave 80's fanboys multiple orgasms. Yeah, it's cool, just like the HasLab Sentinel is cool. If I was rich and/or didn't work to buy my toys, I'd love that, but I'm not, and $400/£360 is way, way too much to spend on a 'regular' toy. So, it's regular stuff only. The only single items I could ever conceive paying £400+ for would be rarities/prototypes like Phoenix 5 Cyclops. Unreleased Jubilee BAF wave Rogue. Lady Bullseye protype. Early Toyfare Northstar/Aurora protypes.
  12. For me, it's more of a call back to the 3.75" scale Iron Man (not Marvel Legends) figures that Hasbro knocked out endlessly with Iron Man 2. I'm thinking that this thing may not even be in the game. Some of the 3.75" IM figs were crimes against nature but every tenth, or fifteenth figure, they'd hit on a nice shape, colour and idea for a suit, and because they were using decent materials back then (and FIGURE STANDS! And little cards that you mounted beside the figure. And blast accessories etc. Imagine that in a £6.99/$10.00 figure) some of these were, and still are, kinda cool looking. Quality/durability isn't bad here. It's nowhere near as bad as the ML MCU Iron Man or Iron Spider (Thanos BAF wave), but it's not up to, say, War Machine (Smart Hulk BAF wave) standards. And I kinda like it: it's 86,000,000 times better than the last Gamerverse Iron Man, and it's way better than it needs to be: Hasbro could have just slapped a coat of white & gun metal gray and a funky backpack on the last Gamerverse Iron Man and called it good and it still would have sold.
  13. Well, for people wanting a four-legged land shark accessory and a Deadpool-cosplaying-as-a-pirate figure, I guess this wave nails it. Other than that, kinda disappointing and the most random wave ever. Please no more comedy Deadpool figures, Hasbro.
  14. Great stuff from end to end, and pretty sure that the absence of movie waves isn't hurting anyone. There's nothing here that I don't like or won't be buying. The announcements were a bit vague, but If I had to bet on the next closed-box army builder, I'd bet the house on a Hellfire Commando. I was a bit surprised about the lack of an AOA discussion, and not even a teaser that there would be further figures past that beautiful AOA Apocalypse, so I'd be very surprised if we got a second AOA wave. Probably they'll opt for a box set, with Sabertooth for sure (AOA Cyclops, Magneto and Bishop would all be extremely easy new heads & redecoes of Jim Lee Cyclops, any version of Magneto and Cloak respectively). The other X-box set would almost certainly be classic New Mutants (released in line with the delayed movie, probably an Amazon exclusive) and with Cannonball (with legs this time), Sunspot, Magma, Cypher/Douglock, Wolfsbane and Karma or Mirage. Again, it's a golden opportunity to knock out repaints/redecos and supplement with existing figures (Warlock, Dani Moonstar, Magik, Karma) who could be cheaply and easily added to make up numbers/limit cost. Whether it's real or contrived, I love the enthusiasm (and flat out geekiness) of all three guys, their knowledge of the Marvel Universe and eagerness to explore some of the most esoteric and arcane characters (Rock Python, Spy master, Iron Man 2020 etc) way more than Toy Biz ever did. It's cool, because ever since the AOA wave was first revealed, I stopped 'wishlisting', because sooner or later, I think these guys will get round to knocking out versions of even the most obscure characters I've been wanting to see for years, if not decades. Still not sure they will ever get round to a Landslide, Crux & Grey King three-pack, but a guy can dream... No toy line is perfect (especially one that has been this prolific over such a long time) but Hasbro are getting a lot more right than they are wrong, and it does seem that they listen to dorks with cash. So, thank you Hasbro - good work.
  15. This really can't be a surprise to anyone. I would really like to say that if anyone from these boards (and site owners/affiliates too) was going but isn't now, that sucks. I know exactly how I'd feel in your situation, so I'm just really, really sorry, and I feel your pain. You dig out the silver linings in these situations, I guess. Hasbro aren't going to stop, or slow, making Marvel Legends any time soon (as I write this 2x brand new waves of 7 figures and 2x store exclusives have either shipped or are shipping imminently) and without conventional conventions in 2020, I think Marvelous.news - still the world's best Marvel Legends resource - will just get bigger and better. More scoops, more news, maybe even exclusives. I'm still totally enamoured with my outlined 'virtual SDCC' scheme, but whatever actually happens in lieu of a 'Con, I'm very grateful to you guys for doing what you do.
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