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  1. That, leokearon, would be phenomenal. Gimme!! And we're at a point where the line-up (that we know) is pretty much confirmed here? It works because of its randomness. And that's 100% groovy for me. Very, very happy. Sabretooth (apologies if this has been covered) will probably be as per Ultimate X-Men or Supernovas (kinda psycho-hippy, trenchcoat and add-on claws like the still fairly good-looking Toy Biz X-Men Legends version); First Appearance (Power-Man & Iron Fist) or the more familiar Marauders/Classic Sabretooth (as per the Toy Biz Face Off: First Appearance Wolverine vs Sabretooth two-pack: another beautiful sculpt that looks great even now). If I was putting money on it, though, I'd go for 'Rehab' / 'tame' Creed - John Romita Jr's/Joe Mad or Roger Cruz's version with the black vest, blue jeans, Lecter-mask, chains and wraparound adamantium mittens. That could look pretty sweet and it has history: Toy Biz did a version with 'break apart chains!!' back on the old orange card. With Maggott...it's curveball choices like this that stop me (repeatedly) from saying "No more collecting." All the frustrations & difficulties & expenses of collecting suddenly seem totally worth it. This is a figure I've waited for for nearly three decades. Never, ever, ever thought I'd see this boykie and Eenie & Meenie. For as much as I complain about specific waves, distribution, characters etc. from Hasbro, as soon as they pull something like this out of the hat, everything is totally forgiven. Love ya, Hasbro!
  2. I don't speak for anybody but myself. Never have. Never will. And I'm most definitely NOT part of a collecting community. I learnt respect at a very, very young age, in very painful ways. I didn't say "What everyone wants is this..." (though I did say "...that no-one asked for..." - and I'm sticking with that for THE MAJORITY OF FIGURES revealed) I didn't say "I know better than everyone else, and if you disagree with what I said you're an a-hole." Here's the actual words: This isn't a whinge about Hasbro's choice of figure(s) and I wish no disrespect at all to people who DID like, or love, these latest batches, and the frequency of the reveals in 2021. I guess the text is kind of offensive, isn't it? The whole 'What do posters think about FREQUENCY and CHOICE in respect of Marvel Legends in 2021?" was so off-colour, wasn't it? Boy, are my cheeks red. I'm a terrible person. What can I say? And then after that - knocking it up another notch - BAM! I gave MY view. Not the paid-for YouTube view. Not the Hasbro view. Not the Marvellous News view. Just mine. If you make the mistake of thinking everything you say is a fact and universally agreed upon, a priori, you are probably either (a). Donald Trump or (b). In need of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I mean, Tarot - are YOU the collecting community? Cartesian-dualism wise? Y'know, Cogito ergo sum and all that? Of course you are! Why, you 'know plenty of people who love all these choice' (grammer/syntax) so you must be. Don't patronise. It comes back with interest.
  3. They're doing Maggott??? 🤯Rilly?????Please don't play with my emotions....that's just too good to be true. Still, that set me thinking: if Maggott and Marrow are possible, they could be three-packed with a repaint Bastion (just a repaint. Would hate HasLab Sentinel buyers to feel their purchase was being devalued.... 😝 ) as an Operation Zero Tolerance three pack. Every time I say it will never, never happen with pre-2000's Legends (please note previous AOA predictions) it does, so...ahhh, it'll never happen. But if it did, boy howdy, that's a three-pack for the ages right there. Can I crowdfund it?
  4. So, I used to like posting the Fry meme ("Shut up and take my money!") or a witty gag about missing mortgage payments/going bankrupt. But, that was in the good old days before pandemic & brexit, when the main bulk of Legends would be unleashed at SDCC, and a FEW retailer exclusives and/or repaint/wtf? waves or 2-packs would trickle out throughout the year. I've got to be literally the only person on this board that is getting sick of the endless 'reveals' - which are now taking place weekly. Don't fancy the awful Eternals wave (7 figs + store exclusive Deluxe?) Well, that's cool, because this week is comic-based figures week!! Yay!! You can get 'stoked' about buying inferior versions of figures you already own, but at around +$5 to $15 (or +$30 - $50) if you're dumb enough to get an 'early release' from an ebay scalper) per figure more, and harder than ever to get hold off. Hammerhead! Shocker! Ben Reilly Spidey! Symbiote Spidey! Awesome!! Yep, figures that literally no-one has asked for, are now up for pre-order (so, go hammer that pre-order button at Hasbro Pulse, right now Pavlovian dogs - you heard the YouTube guy!!!) again on the good-cos-its-retro-cards, enhanced with pathetic paintwork and less articulation. And the sweetest sucker punch of all - no baf part. If these figures are good enough to stand as a standard Marvel Legends BAF wave, why don't they? Oh, yeah.... Now, this isn't a whinge about Hasbro's choice of figure(s) and I wish no disrespect at all to people who DID like, or love, these latest batches, and the frequency of the reveals in 2021. There are a few Retro-carded figures here I really like and will be picking up (Binary, Tigra, Hercules, Spider Armour Spider-Man). And I don’t need anyone to say: "If you don't like the frequency with which Hasbro does this, or the figures they're pumping out, don't buy 'em, ya big ijiit!" Well, duh: I've done that already. No more Star Wars Black Series or GI Joe for me. I already had a no-MCU rule, and I'm probably going to stretch that to Retro (2021 will be the first year I don't aim for 100% of comic-based Legends). Last week, I went into my local Smyths (Toys) store. They have four full waves of Legends in abundance (Tri-Sentinel, Disney +, Xenmu and half of Ursa Major) many heavily discounted and going nowhere. This is market saturation and it is NOT good. It's horrible distribution and logistics. And, whilst the increasingly red-faced Brexit-voting morons of the UK own about 70% of the blame here (and with really serious retail issues like food and medicines) but Hasbro Pulse is not working and supply chains are broken. I don't know how much better things are in the US or Canada (I'd love to know, though). I don't know if it would even be possible to over-saturate US retail markets, but I'm fairly sure the majority of US/Canadian collectors are completely & utterly sick of retailer/Pulse exclusives. Moan over.
  5. I missed Random as the BAF, and though the character is pure 1990's cliche (two parts Judge Dredd or Punisher, one part mutant angst, one rather stupid power) I'm okay with it (although the more classic AF Box pics are posted, the more I need this. And it would be an easy fix and re-part). I always hated Peter David's 1990's X-Factor run. People kept telling me I'd love it, but the book felt so z-list and I really didn't like what he was doing with characters that could have been much more interesting. And too much with gimmicks. But gimmicks make good toys. Darwin, though?? Still, can't knock that: just interested to see what they'll do.
  6. Sorry, I'm just going to wishlist this one, as I haven't done that in about a decade. This is tabula rasa at the moment, but it's an X-Men wave, not themed to an arc/movie/era, so I'm looking forward to this. Siryn is a good start, and with six slots left and a baf...here we go: 1. Rachel Summers (Phoenix II/Excalibur #1 cover) Hasbro PROMISED this, right? This had better be here. 2. Phoenix 5 Cyclops (I know there's no chance of this, but this is a wishlist, and this guy would make my decade. Plus, cheap & easy redo). 2. Classic or Mutant X Havok - there are no good Havok figures. Either of these (both have made it to prototype stage too) would be great. 3. Exodus - 'Nuff said. 4. Avalanche (v1, squared helmet) - this one is surely a no-brainer? Although I'd be even happier with an Avalanche / Classic Banshee 2-pack, like last year's Storm/T.Bird or Rogue/Pyro two-packs. 5. Spiral (X-Force or Classic Art Adams version) - the ancient Hasbro version holds up surprisingly well, but I'd kill to see a 2021/22 update. 6. Bishop (c. UXM #350, Deathbird consort) - take Cloak's head, remove cowl, add to Bishop body, repaint and add shoulder pads. Always loved the ol' Toy Biz version of this....but what a longshot. BAF - Box, Armor, Blob, Box, Cytorrak Colossus, Box, Mondo, Box, Nimrod-slayer Rogue, Box, S'ym. Oops, missed one: Box. I haven't hated anyone's lists - I'd take 'em all - but basically I always, always prefer to see new guys/gals - characters never previously done. And, even if they have to do another Wolverine, that's okay: I'd really like to see Joe Mad's adamantium-free, bone claws, blue bandana, ripped tunic, 'savage' Wolverine. Pleasantly optimistic & hoping this wave doesn't crush me like the HoX wave did. Least favourite X-wave ever, by a long way, but the Ursa Major wave has really cheered me up and AOA2 is coming. I can’t complain all the time....
  7. Until I see a digital render, or Rektangular YouTubes it, there is no Excalibur Phoenix, and Hasbro's 'soon' is not my soon. Maybe they'll do one in the future, sure. Or maybe they'll do a Marvel Now! Or HoX version. And then in what, Autumn (Fall) 2022 maybe I'll be happy. I thought that 'Excalibur box-set' would mean five characters. Why didn't they pop Phoenix II out on a Retro card when they did the What-If wave & Tigra reveals? Why after? This just isn't Excalibur, and the other two characters are so obvious, and so intrinsic. But not to everyone. I know. I don't want to dump on the product, but I'm getting less and less pleasure from the endless reveals and pre-orders and no product. And this is X-Men. It should be a perfect 10. I'm also finding myself liking less and less of what they're putting out. F4 Retro, MCU bottom-carders and pegwarmers. If you love it, that's cool, and I'm neither knocking nor mocking you, or anyone else who doesn't feel the way I do. But, this sucks on a 'huge personal level' for me.
  8. Um....didn't there used to be 5 team members in Excalibur? And Legends-wise, one of them doesn't even need a redeco or headsculpt: perfect boxset character. And there's NO Rachel Summers (Phoenix II). I would literally have paid £120 for a box of literal excrement as long as it came with Rachel. Soo...what's left? Captain Britain with a beard (?????) and another brutal female body and face sculpt? And a Meggan-Joker hybrid. Not pleased at all. I fart in the general direction of this boxset.
  9. I've gotta say...that headsculpt on Sue really is as brutal as indicated. And that's not a band wagon I'm eager to jump on. And it will NOT change - with Legends (all of Hasbro) they never do change from render to release. Like the dumb neck and overall horrible-ness of Silver Centurion Iron Man, this goes in the "How the hell could they do this so badly when it's already been done (at least twice)?!?!" And also the "Thanks for varianting the worst figure in the wave for a first ML figure." There goes my actually invisible Invisible Woman. And how did this even happen? I mean, even if you were desperate NOT to use either of the existing Sue Storm bods & heads (both perfectly fine, imho) why couldn't Silk, or Retro Dazzler or one of the Stepford Cuckoos or Blink (head only) be used instead of this? Its brutal. Just poor. If Rachel Summers turns out anything like this in the Excalibur box, I'm done with Legends. Wait, what? No, I'm actually serious.
  10. Well, Dodge, clearly the team at Hasbro got the memo and pushed out their reveals before you dropped Legends and signed up with the Power Rangers line up. Yeh, a bit meh. Psycho-man & High Evolutionary and the X-Force 3-pack REALLY work for me - they look great - and I'll pick & chose from the F4 Retro line. Nothing at all to get excited about there: as a retro line, it's actually a bit lazy (the Spider-Man Retro wave was gold as was the X-Men wave. Both exceeded expectations & were waaaay better than they had any right to be). The last F4 wave was great and I've got all the Walgreens singles. There's not enough 'new' here to make me squeal like a piglet. Also, spoiler on the Excalibur box: Hasbro Pulse Exclusive. Cost: a lot. How the hell else do they release non-MCU / Disney + 'specials' now? 🐡
  11. Binary and Tigra . . . . . wooohooo! Finally! Another one ticked off my 30-year-old 'they'll never make a figure of her' list. But they did! Everything else though 🤮 I guess because I started reading comics in the 1980s, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) was never a thing. Her story was: she was an Avenger, she lost her powers and had her ass handed to her by Rogue, then she became a cosmic force to help the X-Men deal with the brood. I hated the Captain Marvel movie and the pointless cameo spot in Endgame and in the comics, she's the blankest of blank slates: what defines her as a character? What are her values as a person or a soooperhero? In Civil War (comic & MCU) you've got Iron Man and Cap as protagonists: the story tells itself (beautifully), and all the smart kids side with Captain America (😁). The tiresome Civil War II (comics) builds on Iron Man vs Captain Marvel and flounders from the get go. Ironically, Moonstone (Dark Avengers) made a far more interesting and nuanced CM than Carol Danvers did, as did Genis-Vell. The MCU has done nothing to change my mind on this, and Carol is not (in terms of origin, powers, utility, character potential for plot building) in the same league as Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Nebula, Valkyrie or Shuri (MCU), and comics-wise, I can't think of many characters who are as monotonous as Danvers is. Hopefully, when the X-Men finally hit the MCU, Rogue will just kill her outright. Do we really need a, or the, Captain Marvel? I've heard (just heard, so don't know how true this is) Marvel are planning to recast her. I don't know if it's worth the effort. But, getting back on track, this Binary is beautiful and, is a superb endpoint for Captain Marvel's story arc in my reality.
  12. So, they're doing a Marvel Legends AOA Mondo? I'm in! Please tell me someone gets that. Then gimme some (or a) Skin, too. AheM... I'm trying here. And there's no way I can work in Husk, Chamber, Jubilee, Synch or Penance gags.
  13. It looks amazing. I love the alternate faces too - especially Death: it's a thing of beauty. And with a price tag to match. Despite a 100% complete Marvel Legends & Marvel Universe X-Men collection, I never went for the Sentinel, even after seeing - and coveting - the Bastion and Female SenPrime (it was actually those 6" figures, much more than the equally fantastic looking mega Sentinel that would have pushed me towards purchase/financial suicide) but in the end, common-sense won out. I don't think I'll regret that. And I've got the 16" (?) massive Sentinel & Galactus anyhow ("I HUNGER!!!!" the latter says a lot). Both still work perfectly, and still look cool, but they're still in their original packaging. I just don't know what I'd do with way bigger versions. And can you imagine buying either of these and then the arm snaps off the very first time you move it? Brutal. Boy, that would sure improve your day.... Has the HasLab Sentinel actually been released yet, chaps? If not, this seems a lousy time to hawk another $400 action figure. Will that count as peg-warming?
  14. Wow. Lego really pushing thr envelope here. Can't believe it's a mech! I haven't seen a Lego MSH mech since the Sakaarian Iron Man mech they revealed almost 10 minutes before. Or the ludicrously bad Sentinel sized Iron Monger mech on June 1st. Or the twin pack of Spider-Man vs Dr Octopus mechs in May. Or the Thor, Morales and Cap mechs they did in January. Lego know this is all uninspired and boring crap. Kids know it's crap. And everyone knows people buy it for the minifigures. Still, when Lego does horrifically bad sets like this I always look forward to seeing the defense, excuses and justifications from Lego's loyal army of uncritical, on-message YouTube 'reviewers'. So, when they say "It's an interesting choice for Lego to go with another mech, but it looks great value and has some amazing minifigures." What they should be saying is "These mechs suck. They constitute over half of Lego's 2021 offerring, they are horribly overpriced, totally out of scale and devoid of imagination and interest." But then, if they told the truth, no free Lego sets. Bless 'em.
  15. Well, here's the strategy.... Designer #1: "So, we've done this guy literally every way possible, multiple times, with the same SCULPT. With a Brock head. Without. With one dumb head and two. Fists and claws. With paint splash effect on shoulder. Without. Didn't we even do the thing where we put a Punisher-symbol on the body, and the rubes still paid $80 to get that on ebay?" Designer #2: "Exactly. We know that saying 'it's a homage' or using the word 'retro' will make this literally fly off the shelves. Not that anyone can get our toys on their shelves anyway! Ha ha ha!", Designer #1: "Or even pre-order anything! You know we only ever put enough of these out to enable maximum gouging on ebay by scalpers and keep demand way higher than availability. That's vertical distribution for you." Designer #2: "Still...will a few incongruous stripes and huge gaping peg-holes guarantee this prestige figure's success? What am I saying? Of course they will! These people are idiots!!" Designer #1: "They sure are! Like we always say, though: infinitum store et convention exclusivus plus nil mainstream distri bution et Collectorius nostalgicum moronicus equalis profitin maximus." Designer #2: "Don't you mean: 'Where fans come first'?" Entire world: Ha ha ha ha!
  16. Tigra = awesome. Please make this EXACTLY as render. AOA Wave 2 = more awesome. And 2/3 of a 24 year old wish-list ticked off. Excalibur = 7/8 of a 24 year old wish-list ticked off. Everything else (Spidey Retro, Eternals, MCU) = don't care. Next thing is harder: Hasbro's ML action figures and the representation of the female body (or "Disney downsized Storm's boobies and 'booty'.") We've been here a few times before, but I'm sitting here looking at 2021 HoX Jean Grey - a whole new sculpt. I hate to say this, but I have a whole bunch of issues with it. And, although I have nothing but love for AOA Wave 2...Rogue. Hips, yeah. And contrariwise, Tigra looks great. Because of the bikini (pretty sure that Tigra has never had a non-bikini costume, even in Fox Kids animated late 1990's Avengers) and the slightly fuller figure. In the unlikely event that anyone cares, could we maybe have a discussion about this? Would have to be without politics. Or being offensive. Or writing things I wouldn't want my six-year old daughter to be reading or thinking about. And that Hasbro's Marvel Legends guys could read. Maybe respond to. Well, whaddaya think? And you, Mr JayC - worth doing?
  17. Love it. I got too nostalgic with wave 1, and kinda got blinded to issues there. There really are/were some BIG faults in the first AOA wave (see eBay for reference). Some facial expressions here are odd, and I'm praying we don't have the female-action-figure-body-narks out (yes, Rogue needs bigger hips, but this is AOA Rogue. In that dystopian reality, women's hips shrink after mutant childbirth). More seriously, it's the source material: sculpt is an absolute dead match for one of Roger Cruz's solo Rogue covers (poss #3 of Astonishing X-Men, 1995). Plus, Sabertooth and Magneto....perfect.
  18. AOA Legion? Considering he wasn't in the Age of Apocalypse (I know he was the catalyst for AOA story), that's an odd choice - would have thought an early New Mutants / Bill Sienkiwicz David Haller or a contemporary Hickman era Legion would have gone over better. There are many, many more AOA characters I'd like to see, but I'm totally happy with this line up and the BAF. Kitty & Colossus - yes, please!!!
  19. That's a fair enough point - the older MCU figures seriously need a refresh - there should at least be parity between the comic and movie versions of do-over Legends. Pretty much the only MCU mainstay with 2020/21 quality is Black Widow, and older versions of Cap, Iron Man, Hulk etc. really show their age. And, I honestly don't resent these figures: I'm glad they're making the MCU buyers happy. I did buy the Fox figs (Cable, Mystique, Domino, Deadpool & Warhead) but I'm still scratching my head as to why. Box art was great, and the figures were/are not bad at all, but...I don't know, just don't care about them, really. So, with new MCUA, it's 2 figures and two figures only. Collector self-discipline, there....
  20. Snoooooore. New generic suit body needed, I think Hasbro....this is not so much ubiquitous as epidemic. And it was boring two decades ago. Still, so glad they've sandwiched the Disney+ wave between Xenmu & Ursa Major waves...3 full waves of Legends in one month is too many, so can leave the Disney+ wave untouched. June will be tough enough, especially when I've got the Lego Marvel Daily Bugle set (£275!!!!!!!) to stump up for, too...
  21. At the risk of being blunt, pretty much all of these MCUA figs suck and are brutally overpriced. I don't begrudge MCU fans these at all though, and some of them I may possibly consider buying (Quicksilver and Infinity War Cap) but all of these figures have seen multiple releases, multiple times, and have warmed pegs multiple times too: there's only so much demands for guys & gals in suits or casual wear (counting the Shang-Chi and Eternals wave here, too) and/or MCU folk that have been done to death. With this thing too, why didn't they do something different? I was thinking this could be a guy fits in armour suit deal because of the large size of the 'Monger, or if that were too complex, follow the ancient (but still totally kick-ass) Toy Biz Hulkbuster Iron Man, with the flip-up helmet and a properly sculpted, posable, Stark head inside. I've mentioned the balance issue before, so all I can say is in 6 months time these are going to be insanely cheap. And everywhere.
  22. Monron999 - dude, are you reading my mind or am I reading yours?? Clearly 'Great minds think etc. etc.'!
  23. It's an odd one, this new She-Hulk, and honestly don't know if I like it. Looking at the evolution of She-Hulk, I'm ranking good old Red at #1, new She-Hulk at #2 and 'What were Hasbro thinking here?' She-Hulk (A-Force) a distant third. She got that giraffe neck, stupid hair and face and a boring costume. The head swap doesn't work either: new She-Hulk is maybe three or four shades lighter. I'm clinging on to the vain hope that they'll go back to this sculpt for a third time, and finally give us the Lyra we missed out on with the Hit Monkey BAF Wave from about 86million years ago. Or Thundra (the face needs a fix) and I think someone already mentioned Valkyrie (comic, New Defenders era). Both of those are pretty horrible, and the Valkyrie from the early days of Hasbro still looks way better facially and bodily - she's just about three feet short and has horrible articulation though. They could also revisit Red She-Hulk (I think the body sculpt is a winner), do a super-size Polaris (Muir Island/Shadow King arc) and maybe even Secret Wars Titania. Have I missed anyone?
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