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  1. I don't understand how a studio could do something THAT sloppy with the Avengers first modern video game. Those pre-order character models look horrible and those are supposed to be comic inspired? The art director or person telling the art director to create this style needs to be be replaced with an actual fan of the material who can do something truly inspired by Marvel art and not, as previous posters have pointed out, something barely low-end cosplay worthy. There's a God of War combat developer signed onto this project so hopefully the gameplay will feel heroic and cooperative but based on these early releases the only thing that's going to need Avenging after this release is our wallets.
  2. ^^^THIS. Hasbro has been doing its best over the past couple of years to acquire big licenses like Power Rangers and beefing up some of their owned brands of Transformers (Netflix deal), Magic the Gathering (Netflix deal), and Dungeons & Dragons (surging on multiple fronts). It doesn't help predict anything since it goes hand in hand with both becoming a more appealing acquisition to Disney and being better prepared to possibly lose Star Wars and Marvel. Just because Hasbro has a proven track record and fan base doesn't hold much weight in this instance, Disney may just be ready to risk it all for a bigger bid and can still have a new deal set up in time for the next big phase of the MCU and a brand new Star Wars series. Disney has already made some awkward licensing choices with Marvel/Star Wars in the recent past (one of the most prominent being their exclusive 10 year Star Wars video game deal with EA that has sputtered along with only 3 releases and multiple cancellations. Not only has EA had the Star Wars gaming license locked down so no one else can make Star Wars games, they've done it while launching their own sci-fi intellectual properties in Apex Legends and Anthem). Disney also isn't afraid to toy with the market using tactics like "the vault" with their movie releases to control sales and force demand. They have no problem locking things away for years on end if the deal doesn't seem right for them. At the end of the day, the mouse will make its money. Hasbro may not be able to afford the license if they play hardball or open this up to bids. Like the original post said, it's not quite time to start panicking, but I wish I'd started collecting Marvel Legends a few years earlier so I could feel a bit more satisfied with my collection if this truly is the end.
  3. If anyone is hunting for Sentinels, Amazon currently has their exclusive set on a prime day sale for $59...almost half off. If anyone goes crazy and army builds please post some pics, haha.
  4. TLDR summary: What's scarier than the poorly designed character models is the fact that the release date is 10 months away and there's still a complete lack of detail as to what this game actually is. It's hard to stay excited about a game that the developer doesn't seem particularly proud to show off. Hopefully they'll pull off some magic at comic con. Full rant from a gamer still looking forward to cooperative Marvel game: Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix made a huge $$$ splash at E3. They literally covered buildings in their Avenger's logo to announce the release date for a game that doesn't even have a real description yet. It was a huge opportunity to open the pre-order floodgates. At this point that whole event seems like a smoke screen to try and get some pre-order cash from the Avengers' name before having an unfinished Anthem-like release situation next year. We now have 2 teasers along with some fuzzy leaked gameplay footage and still have no idea what they're working on. If they're as lost as they seem then I feel for the developers and the possible crazy crunch-time pressure they're going to be under to make their goals. Hopefully they pull back the curtain a bit and show off something special at SDCC. If you've read through any of the developer interviews since the announcement they've only given vague descriptions of how some levels will be a more directed experience (on rails like old platformers?), other levels will have more play options (mini-open world areas?), some areas will require you to control specific characters, and some areas/missions will be cooperative. It's not the type of stuff said about a fully planned out AAA game that's gearing up to be released in less than a year. Spider-man on PS4 set the bar pretty damn high for Marvel games on this generation of consoles so the hype for this game has been insane since their first teaser 2 years ago. Insomniac had their entire team focused on creating a single playable superhero and pulled off something amazing. Crystal Dynamics somehow has to design gameplay for the core of the Marvel Universe with the weight of the post-Endgame MCU on its shoulders. They've actively brought in talent from top games across the industry to put this game together including a combat designer from God of War (image Thor/Mjolnir instead of Kratos/Leviathan Axe) so there' s still plenty of hope that they've got something good going behind the scenes. If the actual gameplay is fun and there are enough game modes to keep friends playing together then unlockable costumes will fix the early fan backlash against their character designs. PS4's Peter Parker looks nothing like any previous iterations of the character (movie or comic) but they pulled it off with amazing game design (and a multitude of instantly recognizable costumes). In a dream world, Crystal Dynamics gives us the cooperative Avengers game Marvel fans have been waiting for. A solid single player story setting up this new Avengers universe and a multiplayer that's more than just running through the same levels. Hopefully they'll include some sort of horde mode or epic boss battles with randomized objectives to really boost replayability. The real draw of this game is being able to team up with friends and run around as the Avengers with all the crazy graphics that are available on PS4 and Xbox One. What Avengers fan hasn't wanted to play a game where they can control Cap, Thor, Ironman, or Hulk as they raid a Hydra base or as waves of Ultron drones rush at them and their friends? Crystal Dynamics is sitting on a gold mine here. Hopefully there are Marvel fans sitting in those offices that are scheming together their dream game and pull off some magic for us all to enjoy.
  5. Great suggestions all around. I'd definitely be on board with Hasbro using the rider/vehicle series or multi-packs to sneak in bonus accessories for recent waves or extra BAF parts. The right accessory will have collectors hunting down old figures so it only adds ways for Hasbro to sell off inventory. I've been picking up custom parts here and there from ebay and find that they really make a difference. So many of Hasbro's releases have been one or two accessories away from being absolutely perfect. Wolverine: Decent unmasked Logan head, sturdier metallic painted claws, and a plaid shirt variant (because of course they'll make more Logans) Beast: Non-snarling head, book, lab coat Cyclops: Energy blast effect that clips into the visor, smoking visor effect, Unmasked head rocking ruby quartz shades..(though maybe we'll actually get this in one of the many rumored X-men packs like the possible Cyclops/Jean/Wolverine Love Triangle 3-pack or Training suits 2-pack w/multiple heads) Iceman: The new classic Iceman is sadly missing open hands so he won't be as pose-able as the previous version. And I totally agree that an iceman rider series with a large slide and ice effects would be awesome. Human Torch: Flame effects and a Johnny Storm head that could've been thrown on the Reed Richards body for a powered down version. Thing: Trench coat and hat Apocalypse: so may different hands
  6. Amazing work! The hair sculpt is fantastic and while it definitely looks like it's pulled straight out of the cartoon show the head still looks much truer to the Jim Lee Rogue design than what we got with the Hasbro release. Definitely wish I had that figure on an X-men shelf. Great job!
  7. Sad to see Ultimate Alliance become a Switch exclusive since there was so much potential for it as a cross-platform multiplayer game. But that's on Marvel. Nintendo is going to do a great job putting together cartoony Marvel action and gameplay. The rest of us Xbox/Playstation/PC players will be left in the dust wishing Marvel Heroes Online was still a thing while waiting for some yet unannounced Marvel game to fill the void. Hopefully we get some sort of cooperative multiplayer experience on Xbox/Playstation/PC but who knows if/when that will happen. Square Enix hasn't said a word since their teaser video and that either means they're in some 5-10 year development cycle making a beast of an FF styled game (which could even mean next console generation) or they're struggling with balancing all of the possibilities and we end up with a clone of Dissidia released quickly. Either way I have my fingers crossed that they can pull off something amazing. The only multiplayer Marvel games are on mobile and they're either ridiculous price gouges or loot box based. Fun to dabble and kill some time but definitely not what fans are expecting from Marvel games. Spider-man on PS4 set the bar pretty damn high so hopefully this next slew of Marvel games follows suit.
  8. Great series! Definitely looking forward to Beast, Jubilee, and Gambit the most but this whole set looks solid. I do have to echo everyone on this thread complaining about Hasbro's Logan head sculpts. Considering how well the rest of their X-men line is looking it's disappointing that they've only given us the weird flat-faced low-brow cartoony Logan face and now this awkward attempt at a Barry Windsor-Smith styled Weapon X head. It's like they're trolling us because they know Wolverine figures sell. Hopefully, when they do get it right, they keep it on the same peg setup as the rest of these figures for easy swapping.
  9. Great job! The face/earrings/hair sculpts are amazing. Definitely one of the best Storm figures I've seen.
  10. Awesome figure. I love the head sculpts (both masked and unmasked) but this is a tough one for that price without a few more accessories. The arms aren't very bulky and those claws look a little too long for him, too. You could pick up a great custom unmasked Logan head for the Marvel Legends Tiger Stripe figure for half the price and not be missing much. Especially if you already have a classic/juggernaut wave masked head without the grimace to go with it. But having this standing next to their comic book Spider-man would be pretty amazing.
  11. If they don't go with classic X-force they could easily go with the line-up that just launched in the comic series. Most could be repaints/retools of fairly recent figures and still be a solid line-up. Cannonball, Shatterstar, Warpath, Deathlock, Domino, Boom Boom, and young Cable. They could throw in a villain and even make Warpath the build a figure if they go that route since he's still pretty hard to track down.
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