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  1. You guys named most already. Then what about things like alternate reality teams? Mutant X X-Men: Havoc Bloodstorm Brute The Fallen Goblin Queen Ice-Man Age Of Apocalypse Teams: Too many to list. One set for each team. More villains would be good too. Nasty Boys: Ruckus Gorgeous George Hairbag Ramrod Slab Multiple Man clone Dark Riders: Gauntlet Tusk Lifeforce Deadbolt Foxbat Genesis Mutant Liberation Front: Stryfe reissue Reignfire Wildside Dragoness Forearm Strobe Reaper Locus Tempo Zero Rusty Skids The Morlocks: Callisto Marrow Thornn Sunder Dark Beast Leech & Artie There's so many more too. Force Works, Beta Flight, the XSE, Corsairs Squad, New Mutants Squad, Hellions Squad, X-Statix, The Great Lakes Avengers/X-Men, Young Avengers, Dark Avengers, Power Pack, The Runaways, a box set of Wolverine's children or clones with Albert and Elsie-Dee.
  2. How about Stryfe with the chest plate on correctly. Then again I wasn't collecting back then and I don't have one but I know that was a common complaint and I want him reissued. I think I went to Toys R Us a few times with the thought of looking for that wave but since I wasn't collecting at the time, I completely forgot to check and only went through the Transformers and Power Rangers sections. It wasn't until after I decided to make it a point to go through the Marvel Legends area regularly. There's probably others I have now that I'd like to see redone but I moved a while back and haven't tinkered with any of the older ones I have for a while as they're still packed away. How about redoing every single hand that was jointed incorrectly. Sword hands with side to side hinges and whatnot.
  3. I'll be sad to see the show go. It's had its ups and downs but I enjoyed it. I also didn't hate Iron Fist or The Inhumans though so what do I know.
  4. I somehow forgot to finish the Sasquatch wave and now Cable and X-Force Deadpool are a tad overpriced right now. I need to start stalking some Walgreens in case they show up so I can get them for a decent price.
  5. Not a bad lineup. I might have to sign up for the DIsney streaming service now. Depending on if Agents of Shield really is canon or not or if anyone even cards, they could do a show around the Darkhold Redeemers. Similar in style to Supernatural. Blade, Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider can all be involved from time to time. I was never into any of the comics related to the group but I had all the Marvel Universe series 3 cards and they had a card. It always stuck with me for some reason though.
  6. I haven't had the funds to get many this year but I did get Nightcrawler and he's pretty damn good.
  7. They did for Juggernaut and Thanos so it's not impossible for Kingpin.
  8. Looks really good. I've said it before but Hasbro could easily reuse parts between X-Factor Wolfsbane, Feral, Tigra, Hepzibah and Thornn. Furry, clawed females.
  9. Around 2005ish I all of a sudden had an urge to read the AoA story but I never did get all the books back in the day. So I went to the nearest comic book store and asked for AoA and I was pointed not to back issues but to the new releases shelf. I hadn't even realized that it was ten years later nor did I know that they were revisiting AoA for the anniversary. It was quite the pleasant surprise. So we have Blink so far with Weapon-X, X-Man and Morph coming up. Apocalypse is a must. The Horsemen would be great. Overall though, I think the ones that look the most different than their 616 counterparts should be made first. Then start doing the ones that look most like their original versions so that the rest of their waves can be taken up by obscure 616 characters to fill them out. So you can have familiar faces even though they're the AoA versions with unfamiliar figures.
  10. I can't even keep up with the ones they're releasing now. There's just so many Marvel Legends. It's like you need an extra job just to get them all but then you don't have the time to appreciate them. Well, that is if they're not your main priority for collecting anyway. We need Maggot though. With Eany and Meany. The rest of the AOA characters would be cool. Maybe the Exiles too. I'd still like another Wolfsbane though. Some of the parts could even be reused for Feral, Thornn, Hepzibah and Tigra. Just get all the female furries at the same time.
  11. The one thing I hate about not having the money for Marvel Legends when certain ones come out, the aftermarket prices. Iceman and especially Storm are going to be scalped really bad. I hope I can squeeze enough money out of the wallet to pick them up so I don't have to deal with that. I'd like to get more into Marvel Legends in general but they're killing me with all the releases. There's no breathing room. It's great for those who have the money or those who Legends are their main collection habit but not so much for the rest of us.
  12. Thundercats. There's a few highly articulated lines every so often but it's never the whole cast. I'd also want both series done. I really enjoyed the 2011 series and the designs. I might buy a few GIJoes but despite having had them in the 80's and 90's, they don't really resonate with me the way other series do. I'd love to see some Transformers though. Maybe not the actual Transformers but some of the non-transforming characters. Quintessons, Lithonians, Nightbird, those weird looking Decepticons from other planets from the first two seasons, a Paradron medic, Sari Sumdac, Hook, Line, Sinker and so on. Or maybe even some actual Transformers like Action Masters 2.0 or something. There's a lot of non-transforming Transformers out there and people buy them so why doesn't Hasbro themselves take advantage of that.
  13. I only skimmed most of the posts but pretty much anyone I wanted was already stated here or on older posts. So instead I'll add alternate universe characters. Age of Apocalypse figures. Mutant X figures. Exiles figures. 2099 figures. Just do all the X-Men related characters in all the costumes. Start by finishing the teams that have already been started while sprinkling in other characters as well.
  14. I've named off a bunch of obscure X-Men in another post last month so I'll add some different names this time. Sharon Ventura as Ms. Marvel or as She-Thing. Thunderstrike. Century. J2. Ahab. Sleepwalker. Quasar. U.S.Agent. Cerise. Meggan. Widget. Kylun. Valerie Cooper. Gateway. Slapstick. Pretty much go through the old Marvel Universe, Masterpiece and X-Men card sets and make everyone who hasn't been made yet.
  15. Thanos. I was mostly an X-Men reader back in the day but I did also read the Infinity Gauntlet, War and Crusade stories as well. So classic Thanos is something that piques my interest. Isn't there a classics Venom in both the Absorbing Man and the recent Matt Gargon Venom BaF waves? While not the most classic of costumes, I'd love to see all the X-Men in the blue and yellow uniform. The one that Forge and TAS Morph wear. It might have just been the artist, but every character I've seen in that costume looked pretty damn good. I had the old Toy Biz Wolverine, Forge, Banshee and Morph in that costume and wanted everyone in it as well.
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