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  1. I suppose a wave 3 is possible, probably something along the lines of BP where it comes in a year or so. My guess is Hasbro didn't have all that much to work with for this movie aside from the team in quantum suits. Once the movie comes out I'm sure there would be enough characters with new looks to justify a 3rd wave (for example, maybe we could get a new Vision figure or a new Valykrie figure). Or they could just go with some exclusive sets / 2-packs like they did with Loki & Corvus Glaive, or the upcoming Kor/Grandmaster set. That said, wave 1 and wave 2 look pretty weak as far as having characters that are actually in the movie. If i were a retailer, I don't think i would be ordering a ton of cases of these. But what do i know, at least the stock from those endcaps in WM does seem to have sold quickly (captain america aside).
  2. Not planning on building this guy although his head came with Hercules (and it works reasonably well on the 10th anniv thanos body). I dunno, I guess i feel like one mcu thanos is enough, plus the character selection for this wave isn't doing much for me aside from Herc and Ebony Maw. Usually Hasbro has just enough cool figures in a wave to entice me to get the rest & finish off the BAF, but this year the waves just aren't doing it for me personally. That's OK as i probably bought way more MLs last year than i should've, feels nice to scale back a bit.
  3. This is a tough one as I've really liked some of the BAFs over the past few years. For 2018, I gotta give it to Sauron altho Monster Venom was great. Probably Sasquatch 3rd, Lizard 4th, Apocalypse 5th. All very good BAFs imo. For 2017, I'd go with Gladiator Hulk, with Sandman a close 2nd due to his cool arms/hands. altho Man-Thing and Warlock were both unexpected and great. And i've grown to love the Titus BAF too. Another great year for BAFs. For 2016, its a toss up for me between mcu Giant Man and Dormammu although i'd probably give the edge to Dormammu. I also liked Abomination, and , to a lesser extent, Absorbing Man. For 2015, I only have Odin and Groot. gotta go with Odin since the later Groot re-release is at least as good as the BAF. Given the above, I think I gotta go with Sauron as the best BAF. Not my favorite character by any means, but such a cool figure. Hope they imitate his wing design to come up with a revamped Annihilus figure at some point. The only BAF i've built for 2019 is M'Baku. Not gonna bother with Kingpin, Kree Sentry, Armored Thanos, or Caliban... for each of these either the BAF itself doesn't do much for me or the character selection in the wave doesn't appeal to me enough. So mostly cherry picking waves so far in 2019, which seems to be working out.
  4. Moondragon Jocasta re-do of either Falcon or Ms. Marvel Starfox Doctor Druid, i guess Mantis is up there too but i think the MCU version is a reasonable stand-in. I'd like an updated Tigra but i know they'd never make her again with the bikini so I'll stick with the old version for now. I'd like a safari jacket wonder man too but can live with the modern version. I'd like another Wasp figure with a costume from the Stern era although when i get around to buying the Vintage version that should be a reasonable stand-in. (certainly an improvement over my toybiz version) I suppose Swordsman and Goliath (Clint Barton) need figures too but they don't seem very urgent. I think getting Herc, Black Knight, and Monica Rambeau over the last couple of years makes me want to finish the Roger Stern-era roster(s).
  5. Good looking figure but honestly I don't have much interest in this version of Baron Zemo, nor do I have a desire to build the original T-Bolts team. Nice for fans of that run and character, though. Outside of the FF, its hard for me to come up with a lot of non-MCU team or group that Hasbro has actually completed using this 1 -2 figures a year approach. I guess you could say Nighthawk completes a specific roster of Defenders, though. I suppose the Wrecking Crew counts, too.
  6. Went to Target hoping to find Caliban wave... no dice BUT in the clearance section they had the Hulkbuster sets for $35! ! I don't know where this set came from as there weren't in clearance or in the aisle last week but at that price i couldn't pass up finally grabbing it.
  7. This is the one that came to mind for me. I think I remember someone from Hasbro saying they had designed a Firestar figure but had issues figuring out where to put her (in an x-wave or a spidey wave), putting her in a 2-pack would get around that issue. And it seems like a lot of people weren't thrilled with the Jugg wave Iceman so a new version (or just one made of less gummy plastic) with some cool effect pieces would be nice. If they wanted to make it more in line with the deluxe 80th anniv sets they could even throw in an ice slide and some sort of fiery stand for Firestar.
  8. Maybe an FF box set with the 'negative' costume colors (mostly dark blue with white for neck, boots, gloves). To make it more enticing to those who have the WG exclusives, a few suggestions based on complaints i've read about the WG versions: Make Sue fully visible with a swappable arm or two that are partly transparent Maybe give Johnny a powered down body, not on the same buck as Reed's. Or if they go with flame-on Johnny, make his head the same color as his body this time Give Reed an alternate head with a stretched out neck or a different stretched out arm. or just a head with a different expression. Give Thing a new alternate head, this time with a yelling expression Of course they could go all out and throw in Mole Man and some Moloids (although then we'd all want the giant Mole-man monster) or a classic Doom lol.
  9. While i wasn't thrilled at having another Loki ( Hasbro, why couldn't you have included mcu Vision in his stead?), have to admit he is a bit improved over the Ragnarok version. But Glaive definitely makes this 2-pack worth getting, amazing amount of detail. Throwing in a tesseract accessory is a nice touch for those like myself that didn't have one already. All that said, the way WM handled preorders for this set is nothing short of a fiasco. I was able to grab the last set my local WM had on 4/2, but hearing others' horrific experiences has convinced me to never, ever, pre-order anything from WM. And frankly, combined with the lack of a Binary figure to this day, suggest that Hasbro should probably steer away from in terms of exclusives. Frankly, WM is one of the few stores that carry legends around here anyway, so its not like they need exclusives to get me to go to there and buy figures from them.
  10. First figures were from the Groot BAF wave. I was a big fan of the GotG comic and was so pumped up for the movie that when i saw the toys on the shelves i had to get them. Think i got Drax, Star-lord, Gamora, and Rocket in that 1st purchase and got Nova and the space-armor Iron Man later to finish Groot. The Drax and Nova figures have probably held up best from that wave, the rest were replaced by improved versions when GotG 2 came out (well, except space-armor Iron Man). Feels like Hasbro has only gotten better since then, not only in terms of mcu figs but the comic figs as well.
  11. Have heard a lot of horror stories similar to yours, with pre-orders being delayed and being charged multiple times for the same 2-pack. One theory i heard is that WM was expecting to get separate cases of just the 2-packs, instead the 2-packs came packaged as part of the endcap dispays we are seeing in the stores. I'm not sure if that is true or, if so, whether that would result in the pre-order backlog we're seeing. The "being charged multiple times" sounds like a separate, but horrific, issue and it doesn't sound like they've resolved the problem yet which is kind of crazy.
  12. I've rewatched Infinity War in bits and pieces numerous times lately and watched Black Panther again over the weekend. Rewatched Age of Ultron recently as well. Gonna see Captain Marvel a 2nd time and I think I'd like to see Civil War and maybe the Avengers again before seeing Endgame. I have re-watched a number of other mcu movies over the past year or so though so i don't feel like i need to see them all again now. OTOH if one is on TV sometimes i only intend to watch a scene but then end up getting drawn into it...
  13. Don't know Maggot altho he looks cool. The rest i would get, although some are more "must-have" for me than others (which just means i would probably wait for a sale before grabbing a few of them)
  14. Good luck dude! are you going for the whole wave or just picking a few? I read about another sighting in Canton, OH. i'm not quite sure my wallet is ready for another wave but really just hoping to get beast at first anyhow. Nothing in WM or Target near me in Massachusetts.
  15. Just felt like the 80th didn't fit the wave format or price points, and also (somewhat presumptively) assumed it would be everyone's favorite since it seems like it has a ton of highly-anticipated figures! I know for me personally it blows away any of the upcoming waves, both in terms of comics figs AND mcu figs. I'm with you in terms of mostly looking forward to cherry picking individual figs from the waves, x-factor is the one i am most on board with as a whole wave, so far.
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