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  1. I think they could do an x-factor box set, but most of those figures would probably sell OK individually so they may just spread them out over a few waves. I'd be pretty annoyed if Angel showed up in a box set before he gets a solo release (I know we got Archangel, but he's not really a substitute for the more classic-winged version).
  2. No offense, but this review seems a bit overdue. Still, better late than never, i guess. I would say its the best comic Iron Man figure hasbro has made. I still haven't made much use of the Alex Ross Iron Man head but the other iron man head nad tony stark head are great. I know some people were fussing that his upper arms are backwards (iirc) but their original configuration seemed fine to me. I especially like the new explosive effect piece accessories as i find they are very useful in all sorts of pics, to show blows landing or characters using psionic attacks. Hope Hasbro throws more of those in different colors in with other figures.
  3. I voted as follows: Best accessory - Mystique's alternate heads. One allows you to show off her powers, the other can be used to cobble together another character! I didn't vote for the new mutants heads because i find the alternate heads don't fit well on the peg. great idea but i feel like the execution was a bit subpar, i'll probably be in the minority on this though Best boxing - i voted for 80th because i thought both the Hulk and Jugg box sets looked cool. i thought the solo packaging was cool too. I didn't pick up the 90s X-Men sets or i might have voted for them as the sets look pretty awesome, i'm guessing that will win. Best wave - I voted M'Baku wave since its the only wave i completed and i liked all but the act 1 panther suit, whereas most of the other waves had 2 or more characters i didn't dig. But tbh i think most of my favorite figures for the year are from other waves, just more spread out. I'm really not sure which wave will win, i'll guess Caliban wave since if you are a 90s fan there really aren't many duds in there. Really all the x-waves were quite good, i'll bet Cannonball prevents some people from voting for X-Factor wave though. Best BAF - I voted Kingpin even though i don't have him. I just couldn't bring myself to buy that wave but very much admire this figure. Wendigo seems pretty awesome too. I like M'Baku and Fat Thor but felt they easily could've been wave figures. The rest were skippable imo... i would say it was a somewhat lackluster year for BAFs altho hulk & colossus sets kind of make up for it.
  4. Geez, use the inartful expression of "overly patriotic" and everybody gets the vapors, it seems. Never heard the term "jingoistic", I guess, or of having a "love it or leave it", "my country right or wrong" attitude. And i kinda thought that was USAgent's whole shtick, he starts off trying to do the right thing without being squeamish about getting his hands dirty and then eventually goes completely overboard and has to rethink his approach. I mean Gruenwald's conception of him was as "a patriotic villain" who was Steve Roger's opposite in a number of ways. So it wouldn't surprise me at all if USAgent is presented as a foil for Sam & Bucky, as Tarot suggested.
  5. But as pointed out, the Byrne series introduced the 4th wall-breaking comedy stuff.. then you have the Slott series, and the Soule series. OTOH there's the original series, and i guess she's in a savage she-hulk type series now? Maybe i'm forgetting some, but on balance she's mostly been in fairly light, fun runs. Of course any number of serious takes on She-Hulk would also make for great series in the right creators' hands. Personally i wish they had introduced she-hulk to the mcu during the years when the hulk was sidelined (so i guess from end of AoU onwards) as she is a great character and deserves big-budget treatment imo. It didn't seem like the Russo bros really wanted to use Hulk for fighting much, so perhaps they could've done something cool with Jen instead.
  6. Fair point, although you could say the same about the first GotG wave. Having already been a fan of the team in the comics, though, i knew that set of characters had the potential to be super popular... not sure i can say that about the Eternals, based on the comics i've read (the 80s maxi-series, some avengers appearances, the Neil Gaiman, series, and, uh, the Chuck Austen series...). But i suppose feige can spin dross into gold, maybe. Certainly the cast is pretty stellar.
  7. Waves always require a certain amount of reuse of older parts so an all mcu-wave seems unlikely unless they can cobble together eternal character's figures from previous comic or mcu figures (like how talos reused a lot of loki parts). If the movie is successful i would imagine a 2nd wave that is all mcu would be a possibility but for the first wave, I'd predict we get (including BAF) the typical assortment of 4 mcu characters and 2-4 comic characters.
  8. I pretty much agree. I like the mcu but don’t see any evidence that changing 616 to mimic the mcu has boosted sales or resulted in mcu fans becoming comic readers (unless they already were). Maybe if Disney promoted the comics more it would make a difference but I’m not sure about that either, and it’s a moot point since Disney doesn’t seem interested. I think it would be best to just let comic writers tell the stories they want to tell and then let the mcu poach whatever comic ideas they want. Of course ymmv as far as whether the mcu has done a good job adapting those ideas but going in the other direction hasn’t really resulted in great comics as far as I can tell. For instance, I disliked how they changed star lord from his depiction in Keith Giffen’s limited series and the DnA GotG comic. I mostly blame Bendis. Admittedly I’m a few years behind the current comics so it may well be that I don’t know what I’m talking about
  9. From what i understand, marvel's decisions are still largely based on sales of floppies, and for whatever reason, starting over with a new number 1 provides a short-term boost in sales. Same with "events" and tie-ins. Relying on these kind of stunts to boost sales temporarily is ridiculous and make it hard to get invested in a particular comic imo, but it is what it is. I tend to read comics in collected editions (although its been a few years) but unfortunately those purchases don't seem to influence whether a title continues or not (of course, the time delay plays a role). Nothing against all the comic store owners & employees out there, but it feels like a very archaic business model. Granted, i should really try the online service, but for an old geezer like me, that's a tough sell. I did give DC's online service a try (mostly to watch some of the shows) and the reading experience was more enjoyable than i had envisioned, although i didn't really end up enjoying many of the titles i read enough to continue past the trial period.
  10. Nice score!! finally ordered Binary from WM’s website since she has been marked down to $10. my local WM has gotten a few cases of Prof Hulk wave and Molten Man. Target has also restocked Prof Hulk, plus they have a lot of retro x-wave and they still have a bunch of starforce Carol figs. The figures I still need to complete Wendigo (wolvie, boom boom, and Sam) are all in the $14 - $16 range so I may pull the trigger on them soon, altho I’m tempted to wait for cyber Monday
  11. I will probably wait to see the movies before getting any of the mcu figures from an eternals wave, i just don't have a great feeling about it. but of course the film could very easily change my mind. Comic Starfox would be nice. tbh i don't have much use for comics eternals either. I'd buy comics Ronan and perhaps a battle armor Thor, although they seem like unlikely choices for an Eternals wave but who knows
  12. Eh, i'm guessing it will last 10-12 issues (probably 2 arcs and 2 stand-alone issues, probably with some sort of annoying interruption somewhere in there to accommodate an event tie-in), which seems standard for most new marvel series these days. I did enjoy Nick Spencer's Ant-Man issues, so maybe I'll try and read this when its released in trade.
  13. That would be cool, i'd definitely like a marvel select Sasquatch. My BAF Sasquatch has some loose leg joints and it takes some effort to pose him standing up without support.
  14. They better have spider-punk!!! While there was only one 2-pack specifically marketed as into the spiderverse, obviously hasbro did try to get figures out for most of the characters - Noir, Ham, sp//dr, prowler all out before the movie, with Kingpin coming out not much later. I think lady ock is really the only character that hasn’t had some form of ML figure
  15. I mean, clearly its not a scientific poll (i.e., you're not dealing with a random sample of ML collectors). I can't recall seeing one of these polls (although i completed one for Black Series awhile back) but would be interested in seeing what choices they offered. Of course they are fun ( much like the polls that leokaron posts here), build up some hype for the line, and promote the idea that hasbro is listening to what collectors have to say, so there multiple benefits.....but the results are not necessarily going to be representative of what the overall population of collectors would want. And of course being constrained to limited choices means that even the choice people selected might not be one they are super-enthusiastic about, instead being just the best option of the bunch.
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