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  1. Not being familiar with Toxin as a character, my first impression was that this figure WAS a venomized deadpool. the head in particular reminds me of DP's mask. And the green tongue seemed appropriately gross for Wade. That being said, yeah i'm sure a proper Venomized Wade and Frank Castle are coming.
  2. Given the timing, i gotta believe this will be an announcement is for some form of hellfire club box set that will represent this year's sdcc exclusive.
  3. I hear that. my local WM has had tons of Prof Hulk wave on the pegs since December, and they ain't moving. I think they might have sold all the Beta Ray Bills and War Machines, maybe Rescue but man do they have plenty of the other figures from this wave. Ditto here in terms of both WM and Target stocking AoA and restocking Black Widow waves. My target has restocked Demogoblin wave too, so really the FF wave is the only one that seems to be gone entirely. Been using popfindr.com to keep track of how many exclusives my local WG have in stock using the item number 40000999992 that they use for their exclusive figures. No increases in the last week so Arno hasn't made it to my area yet. From what i'm hearing it isn't selling like hotcakes elsewhere so i'm not too worried about it. I wonder if we'll ever see Endgame wave 3 show up in stores.. i'm guessing no. Oh well. Only saw it at FYE (for about $30 per figure) and i think Cap at Gamestop. Just strange.
  4. Great looking BAF! mine is missing back and legs but i'm gonna try and hold out for a sale before i finish this guy off. While it is early yet in my experience Beast and Marvel Girl seem to be the hot sellers from this wave as i've only seen each once in the wild whereas the rest i've seen multiple times at both Target and WM. One WM i visited had like 8 Wolverines but normal numbers for the rest of the wave, go figure.
  5. Great comment (the whole thing was a good read) and i'll admit i am probably biased due to being somewhat out of the loop on current comics. To my crusty old self, 2008 seems fairly new but that's just how the years fly by for me these days, so i probably shouldn't be the one deciding who counts as new or not (got into an argument on IG the other day about whether describing Singularity as "a fairly new character" was appropriate). I should also note that i am definitely down for Viv Vision, Ironheart, and Cho Hulk. Reyes seems like a tough sell because you need the car, but its not outside the realm of possibilities imo. Feels like if ML is gonna make a car for anybody it'll be Robbie. as far as looks/characters not being topical when the figures come out, i definitely agree but chalk it up to a combination of a lengthy process of manufacturing (i've heard it generally takes a year (or more) to go from design to product on shelves) and the short shelf-life that many modern costumes and new characters get. I can remember what a huge deal it was when Spidey changed costumes in ASM 252, but nowadays every new creative team tends to get their own shot at designing new looks for characters, which is fine, just makes it tricky when it comes to merchandising. Similiarly new characters are great but when they are legacies they mostly have a built in shelf-life until the "original" returns from death or whatever, and when new characters *are* originals they can be hot for a minute and be an important part of one creative team's stories but can also fade from prominence just as quickly, particularly when a new team comes aboard and isn't interested in putting as much emphasis on that character. Shiklah is a great example.
  6. I think we might have gotten more Inhumans if A) the tv series wasn't awful and B) the two Inhumans we did get had sold better. My perception (perhaps wrong) is that the Okoye wave as a whole did not sell all that well, black bolt included. And of course Medusa hung around Walgreens forever. It probably doesn't help that iirc both of these were repaints of versions from an sdcc set, so there were probably a decent number of fans who had already obtained the two via that set. Still, for characters that seem like they could made mostly with re-used parts it is a bit surprising we haven't seen any more of them, even sprinkled in waves here and there. Regarding your 2nd paragraph, its funny my perception is the opposite, that hasbro allots too many ML slots to new characters who are often flash-in-the-pan or to older characters who sport a certain costume for a very brief period (which has often been abandoned by the time the figure comes out) Although i understand WHY hasbro does this,.. its just I have a personal preference for more classic takes on characters. The entire FF wave aside from Doom is based on modern looks, and the demogoblin wave had both superior ock as well as those alternate spidey looks (i guess those may go further back in history, in addition to being skins in the game). In addition, this year we've also gotten figures for the new-ish characters of Red Hulk, and Cosmic Ghost Rider although i'm not complaining about either of those two.
  7. I would put comic Falcon and classic Doc Strange at the top of the list. I'm kinda surprised Strange didn't get a figure as part of the 80th anniv line. I'm guessing we will see a Falcon figure soon with a wings similar to the recent Vulture figure. I think Firestar would've been made already but it seems like there are unresolved issues about what sort of wave she would go in, doesn't make much sense to me but its the rumored excuse from hasbro. Thought there was also a rumor of a Spider-man and his amazing friends set coming but not sure whether there's any truth to that. Given the line's focus on 90s looks & moderns looks it doesn't surprise me that they haven't gotten around to the likes of Two-Gun Kid or Swordsman yet. But at this point its not safe to bet against hasbro making any character, so they could be just round the corner, who knows?
  8. tbf i think to an extent they tried to go with characters who have either crossed over to 616 (Dark Beast, Sugarman, X-man) or have sported their AoA look in 616 (Sunfire). That said, agree about Wild Child, he seems OK but my sugarman will go backless until i can get him on sale. He'll be legless for awhile too as i'm not rushing to get wolverine or morph either, but i'll just give him the liefeld treatment in photos for now.
  9. I got him, mainly for the Sugarman arms. he's cool enough, i guess. I like his costume and the eye effect. Haven't read any comics with him, read up on him a bit and he seems like you're typical "new guy who's unbeatable and way more powerful than everyone else, plus kinda emo" but i'm sure there's nuance that doesn't come across in a wikipedia summary.
  10. Definitely right with you on the rosters for the Hellfire Club, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Masters of Evil, Heralds of Galactus, and Serpent Society. Those are all pretty solid sets. Is Lorelei the sister of the Enchantress or a different character? Guess she must have joined the brotherhood after my x-reading days.
  11. I actually liked being able to get a bunch of magic-related characters in one wave, but the modern strange figure was kind of a rip off after the identical figure minus cape from the previous wave, although of course a few were re-releases from sdcc set. One downside was having to get 8 different BAF pieces, i don't think there have been too many hasbro waves that required getting 8 figures. Val should get a re-release simply because she didn't come with a cape, i mean c'mon. But hopefully on something similar to the newer she-hulk figure. Its not a huge priority for me though.
  12. Sure. and for the most part it doesn't bug me, since i have enough effect pieces from other figures to give flame effects/fireballs to Sunfire, and something i can use for Jean. But i can't really duplicate any more heads for morph so it feels like he would've especially benefited from an extra head accessory. I don't know that the character is in-demand enough to merit a deluxe figure. I suspect we will get an animated series morph in some sort of 2- or 3-pack at some point, or even as part of a wave.
  13. Probably the figure I have the least amount of interest in from this wave. Feels like he should’ve come with 1 or 2 alternate heads, at least one of which should’ve been a head halfway thru transforming like the mystique/rogue one. But this wave on the whole feels skimpy in terms of accessories- neither Jean nor Sunfire came with any either.
  14. tbf most of the confusion comments were from back in February. And i agree about the cherry picking approach, but when you have a popular BAF (and it seems like gamerverse Abom is quite popular) you are going to get people complaining about wave character selection, since now they have to decide what to do about figures they don't really want but need the BAF part for. Personally, i think people can reasonably debate about the the designs for Cap and Iron man but asking people to shell out for another Ms Marvel that's virtually identical to the previous version is bound to get people annoyed. But the wave gave me long-awaited classic Mar-vell and Leader figures, so i'm not complaining.
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