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  1. Yeah i was able to order around 9 this morning, hopefully it doesn't get cancelled like my Zemo order did last time (fortunately i was able to order him later). He's a bit pricey but at least he comes with decent accessories and is a cool looking villain, since i'm not looking for many figures right now i didn't mind shelling out for him, especially since WG is probably the least likely to have him marked down later or somesuch. To address Jay's point, i defintely would see Zemo as more popular than Quasar, as he is pretty much Cap's # 2 villain (toss up between him and Arnim Zola imo) and of course has had more presence in other media. I'm not so sure about where Jigsaw falls on this scale. He's pretty much Punisher's #1 villain, altho how many people really know that? But i think he does have more appeal as just a great looking gangster villain and of course he fits into Spidey's rogues gallery too (maybe a bit of a stretch). As much as i love the cosmic characters, i do think they have a limited appeal, alas. surfer probably sold the best out of the WG cosmic stuff, but only bc hasbro has resisted doing a mass retail surfer for whatever reason. How WG ended up doing Hasbro's only surfer figures is beyond me
  2. the flip side to that argument is that Hasbro may have seen that MODOK pegwarmed and cooled on the idea of a Mojo general release, even if that was originally planned. Certainly the size of this production run, while nowhere retail runs, seems higher than the usual number of convention sets produced. I dunno, it certainly could get rereleased but i'm not sure how quick of a time frame it would be. And of course people will be selling individual figures from the set but i'm guessing the aftermarket prices for Mojo would end up making it better to just have bought the set. Anyhow i'm glad i'm not into Mojo world and don't have this dilemma. The hellfire club seems like such a bargain by comparison, doesn't it?
  3. My guess would be higher - I'll go with $100 - 110, leaning towards $100. I figure $25 each for dazz and longshot plus $50 for Mojo (based on MODOK pricing). Maybe a few bucks extra for the "accessory" figure plus packaging and other accessories, or maybe they are just included. WIth MOJO, i wonder if he could be priced lower if they plan on a solo release later. I'm not sure that happens without some sort of media push, but of course that could easily occur with new animated eps on the way. But then they didn't discount Elvis MODOK iirc so perhaps it doesn't matter. Anyhow still a cool set and assuming you've adjusted to the new baseline pricing (i'm not quite there yet) probably reasonably priced, as you say. EDIT: Virtualzach beat me to the punch. but actually he's right and i'm forgetting about inflation affecting MODOK-like deluxe figure prices too... nowadays he'd probably be $60 msrp, right? So at standard pricing, set is likely $110. i'lll probably eat crow when the actual price is revealed
  4. Firelord is a must-have. Not sure about the rest, Bag-man is fun but am i willing to shell out $25 for him? probably not. Mojoworld is not my thing but a great idea for a box set. feels like it could've gone on amazon, i don't think its any more obscure than that Domino 3-pack recently, but that's OK since generally the last few convention excluisves have been easy enough to order on pulse (granted i had to wait like 8 months for Hellfire Club, but that's OK i was still happy to get it)
  5. I saw a few L & T figures at one Walmart a couple of weeks back (Starlord, Jane Foster Thor, 2 armored Thors) but thats it. I presume they are waiting until closer to the movie date. Plus iirc this is the 1st wave with the new $25 price tag so perhaps some adjustments to planogram must be made. At least that's why i assume the target reset didn't have any tags for MLs in the toy aisle, i'm guessing its an endcap display for L & T MLs initially, then a return to the action figure aisle once the movie promotion endcap is done. Hope i'm right. And yeah i hate that packaging. i think its big mistake as far as retail sales for MLs go, maybe for the more kid-oriented hasbro lines it won't matter as much. My local Target has marked remaining MoM figures down to $16 and change (Wong, Chavez, Mordo). Still too high for me as i already have Wong and the movie really didn't make me want the other two characters very much nor make me want to complete the BAF at all.
  6. I don't want to overreact, i just found it weird. For all we know they plan on setting up a display with the L & T wave closer to the movie release date or something. Of course, that means collectors willing to pay msrp will have already picked up the figures elsewhere, but that's Target's problem. I do think if they were going to cut a hasbro line, I would probably choose Fortnite or even the black series before MLs (I assume target is pretty invested in the GI JOe line and wouldn't be quick to cut it).
  7. Anybody else hearing rumors about Target phasing out MLs from stores? I noticed that the there were no SKU tags for MLs in the toy aisle at my last visit to my local Target, but thought maybe it was just temporary. They did have a few MoM figures on a random endcap (not the Marvel endcap elsewhere that has Funkos and the Defender Strange tag) as well as eternals in clearance section. Anyhow i heard other stores have completed resets but without skus for MLs and again leftover MLs put on random endcap
  8. Yeah but i don't hold the $25 price tag against the wave, that's just standard pricing now. But i agree there would be less controversy if the price was $20.... its just that you can say that about any wave now, re-use or not
  9. Yeah i still need to get Lady D and Dormammu to finish Xemnu. I will surely pick up Lady D soon but Dormammu is a tough pill to swallow. How could they mess up the head that badly? sigh. i much prefer the BAF even if the BOTBG version is so much more classic. but that head screw-up is a real shame
  10. The only people upset about the legacy panther wave are folks who assume that if this wave didn't exist then they would've gotten a wave full of comic characters they wanted instead, be it the Warriors Three, Count Nefaria, Mr. Negative, Banshee, whatever. There's really no other reason to have any negative feelings about his wave, aside from perhaps the lack of Okoye... but i would assume she is getting a slot in the proper BP 2 wave.
  11. If i can order this guy online, I'll get him. Not my favorite character or anything but he looks awesome and of course is Punisher's arch-enemy, as much as he as one. The last WG exclusive i saw in store was Quasar, and feels like that was a fluke - like a small amount of Quasars made it into stores here in southern MA/ RI and that was it, nationwide. But was able to order Binary and Zemo online so I'm not too worried. The price increase hurts but tbh i've scaled back on ML purchases in the past couple of years just based on character selection, so I'm willing to pay the increased price for the handful of characters i really want to add to my collection, especially if they are exclusives that are unlikely to get marked down. Maybe WG is onto something with their crazy distribution as a i feel like I pay full price for figures there more often than with any other retailer.
  12. I dunno, its just hard for me to imagine another giant-size character or vehicle that would have the same mass appeal as Sentinel to X-fans or Galactus to marvel comics fans. I just can't see them succeeding with a 6" scale Quinjet, Fantasticar, or Blackbird. Character is probably the best bet but I don't think Giant-Man, a Celestial, or Foom will generate that much enthusiasm, either. Maybe a Danger Room playset? but it would have to come with an awful lot of bells and whistles to make it worthwhile. And let's not forget any haslab project is likely to be at least 20% more expensive than it would've been last year. All that said, it could succeed if they keep the expectations reasonable - i don't think they should expect the same numbers they got on previous marvel labs.
  13. Female faces can certainly show expression, but i can't recall any figures with open mouth or screaming, gritted teeth is as close as you get. To me that suggests that hasbro is opposed to having screaming/yelling female figures for whatever reason. Some say it makes the figure look like a blow-up doll... i'm not sure that is the rationale, but i'm sure there is some reason whether its a hasbro edict or something coming from disney or marvel FWIW i think very few of ML's "human" men have open mouths either - Thunderstrike, Bullseye, the Hood, maybe Weapon X iirc? Mainly we get open mouths on more monstrous/inhuman characters that have crazy tongues (Monster Venom, Sugarman, Demogoblin) or articulated jaws (Sauron, Lizard BAF, Beta Ray Bill, Ghost Rider). And Ultron, i guess (although not Jocasta!) EDIT: Is gwenpool closest to having an open mouth? she has a tongue sticking out on at least one head, i think
  14. Hey, it could be worse... at least hasbro still allows their figures to come with firearms, even if its mostly sci-fi type guns. I don't really get too worked up about the chest size of female figures, but i do agree that Hasbro could stand to have more variety in body types among the molds for female characters. A lot of them look like they might have an eating disorder, but i guess that's preferable to hinting at sexuality by making them too curvy or something. I am glad that more female character are getting double jointed elbows.
  15. I think it was a Lebron James toy people kept stealing the heads off of, it was some internet trend. I don't think new packaging will affect my purchases much, but certainly isn't going to help in-store sales much since being able to inspect the figure ahead of time was one of the few advantages of buying at a store. The tone/content of some of the posts here make me wonder if the poster actually enjoys this hobby or if its more like one of those cursed ebony blade things, where they hate collecting action figures but feel a compulsion to do it anyhow.
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