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  1. I am cautiously optimistic about a MK show. Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke are both great actors. (not really familiar with other cast members) they can play up the whole "is Khonshu real or is MK delusional" aspect (hopefully they keep it ambiguous for the whole series and let the viewers argue about it. its not very exciting if we the viewer know Khonshu is real but the characters are constantly debating about it - see for instance the Iron Fist ep where he is institutionalized) powerset doesn't really require CGI, just need a great fight choreographer. also MK is genera
  2. Been hearing about folks finding figures on clearance at WG and Target so since i had some errands to run this morning, figured i'd try my locals. No ML at all at the nearest WG. Target had the Storm set for $25, Squirrel Girl set for $20, and Domino for $12.50. Since i already have Storm set and Domino and have no interest in Squirrel Girl, i came home empty-handed. But if you're interested in any of those figures you may want to check your local Target. Mine was clearly still in the process of resetting so i'm guessing they will have one of the newer waves of MLs in sometime next we
  3. While my personal preference would've been for more creepy stuff, the show is rated TV-PG rather than TV-14, so i wouldn't expect anything like 'too many cooks'. And the creepy stuff they did have worked pretty well imo, especially since it was such a contrast to the goofy sitcom that surrounded it. I've already seen a number of mcu fans commenting that they found it boring, not an opinion i share but i can understand where they are coming from. Probably doesn't help that this is people first mcu fix in quite awhile (aside from Agents of Shield i guess, but i'm not sure that even cou
  4. The first two episodes were fun but didn’t really scratch my itch for more epic mcu adventures. I think if you appreciate the sitcoms they are sending up you will enjoy it, if you are looking for something action-packed you will likely find it disappointing. I liked it though
  5. He had a 4-issue limited series associated with the War of Kings event in 2009, but yeah its been awhile.
  6. the weird part is you would expect to see lots of pics on IGs of supertall Stilt-Men but i really haven't yet. I'd say i've seen a fair amount of pics with a bunch of hand ninjas though.
  7. I think BAFs should come with appropriate accessories (for example, Sugarman’s hammer) I’m fine with Deluxes that are either BAF rereleases, repurposed BAFs like Toxin, or even new characters like MODOK. I definitely prefer spending $30 on a deluxe over completing a BAF but I get that w/o the BAF first the deluxe would be way more expensive. not the hugest fan of the deluxe being a figure with ton of accessories but I certainly don’t begrudge others the option for the likes of War Machine or deluxe mcu widow
  8. ditto. i think the only comics i've read with DP are Remender's Uncanny X-Force.
  9. yeah feels like we were talking about the same thing last year. But it it turns out to be true, glad i have most of the characters i want already. will probably just push me further into cherry picking and waiting on sales, but that's OK. A price increase will also likely encourage more people to figswap and/or steal BAF pieces tho.
  10. Don’t have the grey version so might pick this up to use as Savage she-hulk. The calm head looks out of place on this body though, imo
  11. good to know. someone on IG was asking me if i knew anywhere to get ahold of one outside of ebay so i'll tell them to check local comic stores, etc.
  12. a new x-factor story from the Simonsons should be fun, regardless of continuity. Will be interested to see what Larry Hama comes up with, along with Peter David. I used to be a huge Claremont fan but feels like he lost his touch years ago... but who knows, maybe this will be a return to form for him.
  13. Yup. i voted for Spidey but can't argue against Doom. btw if anyone still looking to get retro doom, amazon has him listed at $20, altho not up for delivery until 1/9. (sidenote; the photos on amazon still have the watermark hasbro was using to sniff out leakers lol).
  14. Lol what a weird thread to revive after nearly 2 years I think Target had the best sales this year. Particularly since they seemed prone to having them right after new, in-demand figures came out. That buy two get one free deal waspretty hard to beat, as was the “spend $100, get $25 off” sale right as the storm and Fox xmen sets came out.
  15. I could go for Spidey wearing a Mets jersey, cap and baseball glove over his costume. They can throw in the bat from the Riders series Punisher. Then give us a figure for the Wall !!
  16. Great pic!! Reminds me that i wish they had given Fixit one open hand rather than two fists. No big deal tho
  17. Yeah i think even if the fan demand is there for more accurate figures after the movie comes out, the big B&M retailers are very reluctant to stock them at that point, at least here in the states. Hence something like this set being an amazon exclusive. It IS kind of lame that the only way to get a new Cull figure is to buy this entire set or pay crazy aftermarket prices on ebay, but can't really blame Hasbro. Had Disney stuck with the version from the reference art they provided hasbro, there wouldn't be an issue. But I don't think Cull on his own is popular enough to merit a delu
  18. I had to go with retro spidey .. on the villain side, doom was my favorite
  19. Definitely excited about Darkstar and Ultron, wait-and-see atttitude regarding the rest. Iron Man is far from my favorite marvel character but he is definitely deserving of getting his own wave. I'd really like to see a Hulk-themed wave as well, although that is trickier since hulk and a lot of his rogues gallery are BAF sized. But would be nice to get figures for Bruce Banner, Doc Samson, and Thunderbolt Ross plus a few more villains.
  20. Good news. hopefully she gets a better treatment than the warriors three did in ragnarok but tbh i wouldn't be surprised if she has like 20 seconds of screentime and 10 of those seconds are her getting kiddled by Gorr. We'll see though.
  21. Awesome, a must-get figure for me. The cardboard insert and Ms Lion are nice touches. But i guess i'll need to get ahold of an ice man figure at some point, now
  22. Well, not all that eye-catching of a wave imo altho the movie could certainly make me want them more. Might get Sersi because i can't get enough of Gemma Chan, but will need a better look at the figure first. I assume Ikaris is double-packed since he doesn't appear to have a BAF piece.
  23. Yeah, i gotta admit i find this guy's popularity a bit mystifying as he wasn't much of a player in any of my favorite DD runs (Miller, brubaker, bendis). I mean as a solo card i could see the novelty appeal but as a BAF? To each his own, though. Hopefully this wave will work out for everyone - people only in it for spiderverse can sell off the stilt man parts, people only in it for stiltman can sell off their spiderverse figures, and of course some folks will want it all. Agree with others that another red DD figure would be nice. EDIT: also looks like the figure has trouble stand
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