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  1. A must-get for me, hopefully it won't be too difficult. One of my top wants as far as figures go, i was not a huge fan of the two modern releases we've gotten.
  2. In the comics, the heroes retained their minds to some degree but were driven by an overwhelming need to feed, so they were shown using their powers in service of getting food. Once sated, they would temporarily regain control of themselves and lament what they had become. I can't see how a dead bus driver's bus driving skills would help sate his hunger in the same way that shooting an arrow at someone fleeing would help hawkeye sate his. This was also the motive for amputating Black Panther's leg in the comics - Pym kept feeding himself in order to retain a clear mind so that he could attempt to find a cure. However, the animated show didn't make much sense since the heroes could use powers (even to the point of opening teleportation portals etc) without having any real consciousness (i guess wanda shows a glimmer when she realized Vision is dead, but iirc that's about it).
  3. went to my local targets and walmarts this week but pretty slim pickings. Target had a couple of the happy hogan sets, thats it although they had an infinity saga endcap display with some basic shang-chi toys and mcu dvds, but no ML figures on the display. No MLs at any Walmart i went to. The motu lines was the one i saw most consistently, although both chains had some dc multiverse figures (with target having the most). I will have to start checking Walgreens soon for Nova but the price tag puts me off a bit, guess i'm hoping they have an online sale i can get in on before i actually find him in a store lol
  4. It did set a record for labor day weekend opening, i think, so i'm guessing disney is reasonably happy with the box office, even if it didn't beat black widow - it probably won't have quite as steep a drop off the 2nd weekend, especially with good word of mouth/critical reception. I'll probably try and catch it on a weekday sometime this week, so hopefully it won't be too crowded.
  5. seems like the Walgreens Nova is just hitting California now, so i'm guessing we are still months off from Quasar showing up... but i could be totally wrong about that.
  6. Good to see that he has finally shown up in CA. that likely means it is still a few weeks before he shows up on the east coast. usually i just start checking ebay, once i find folks within 100 miles of me scalping a figure, that means its time to begin hunting.
  7. A definite pick up for me if he is sold by himself, not sure about a box set. Should've gone with one more head and made him an army builder. But still, cool figure.
  8. Thanos fights Ikaris & gang in the current Eternals run by Kieron Gillen
  9. Kudos to Hasbro on getting all the main characters out in one wave (plus exclusives) - feels like GotG was the last movie to do that, and even then it took awhile before we got Yondu or Ronan. As for the designs, well some of them do look better close up... but Hasbro had better hope that moviegoers fall in love with these characters the way they did with GotG. it would also help if they can time the wave's release to put it close to the movie release date, if they come out too early its Shang-Chi all over again, only worse since there's no comic BAF to help boost sales. imo Ikaris and Thena are probably the best looking figures in the bunch. I also might grab Sersi just cuz i have a thing for Gemma Chan. Been re-reading the Thor issues where Roy Thomas brought the Eternals into 616 continuity - good stuff although it kind of gets away from what Kirby seemed to be trying to do with them. I think these might be my favorite appearances of the Eternals as i didn't really like either the 80s "maxi-series" or the Gaiman run. I guess their appearance in Stern's Avengers run (around 250 or so?) was OK too.
  10. Ran across 3 of the Happy Hogan sets at Target, not much interest in it but its my first sighting of any of the infinity saga line in the wild. Also saw a single Modular Iron Man at one local Walmart. That's it for ML inventory at my local Target and two Walmarts, altho in fairness it very much appears WM is still working on resetting the toy aisles. Also went to a Gamestop, where i did see the holographic Iron Man figure. Also spotted Lady Deathstrike in the wild, which makes the Hand Ninja the only wave figure i haven't spotted in the wild at least once (except for most of the iron man wave, yet). Very tempted to order Surtur from WM's website. but the fact that he's been in stock for a few days suggests that he isn't flying off the shelves (Well, out of the warehouse in this case) so I'll probably try and wait for a sale if i can resist. He looks so awesome though
  11. Good comparison. Also perhaps worth noting that ordinary figures have gone up roughly 15% (from $20 to $23)... 15% of 350 is $52.50 so a proportional increase in the hablab project alone takes you up to $400, and of course the Galactus is a bit larger, too. I do think hasbro might have been better off charging an extra $20 -30 to increase the profit per unit and subsequently making the tier levels lower and thus more easily reached, but that's monday morning quarterbacking on my part. imo the Sentinel was always going to outsell Galactus as it is both an army builder and the faction of ML collectors who are mostly nto X-men is probably the largest subgroup of comic figure collectors.
  12. People reported dusty plastic with some of the BOTBG figures too. Some posters at the fwoosh seem to think the brittle crotch is associated with a specific batch - 10751. the batch number is on the back of the package near the BAF picture. Just something to maybe watch out for... not sure i buy the theory 100% but probably if i saw a stealth iron man with that number i'd skip it.
  13. Sounds like a pretty standard mcu wave - 4 mcu figures, 4 comic/gamer figures including the BAF. Not much interest in any of these figures at the moment but i could easily change my mind.
  14. But as I pointed out, its the comic figures that aren't selling well, not the movie figures which are all above msrp (even the double-packed spidey (OK, i'll grant that the molten man BAF probably sells at a lower price than most BAFs, although i'm not bothering to check). Presumably sales of comic hydro-man and spider-woman aren't particularly influenced by the success of the movie, but sales of the movie figures could be, which is what you seem to be asserting when you wrote "Far From Home was pretty awful and the only figure that sold well there was Mysterio. " If anything, the sales suggest that it would have been smarter for hasbro to make *more* figures in support of the movie, not less. particularly since they obviously spent some money on new parts such as hydro-man's arms & accessories, as well as scorpion's tail. But as someone who collects both comic and mcu, i enjoy the mixed waves personally. For me personally, was happy to pick up Scorpion, Hydro-man, and mcu Mysterio. I kept expecting Doppelganger to drop in price like 6-arm spidey but he never really did, alas.
  15. hmmm. seems like you're splitting hairs here. I guess technically saying a movie is pretty awful is not the same as saying people hated it. on toys, the movie figures are all now well above msrp, some of the comic figures are below. Although i will certainly grant that an underwhelming mcu BAF left mcu collectors little reason to buy the comic figs. Probably safe to say this wave will be similar to most, with 1-2 that are hard to find and a couple that pile up after awhile.
  16. Right now there are zero Marvel legends at either of my local Walmarts or at my local Target. this is pretty rare as usually at least one of them will have a few leftovers from earlier waves but it looks like the walmarts are in the process of a reset. I assume either the Iron Man wave or the Infinity Saga figures will start showing up shortly. The only line in abundance was DC Multiverse - spotted the gold label Armored Darkseid and white Azrael, plus the gold Batman-Flash guy. Picked up Darkseid.
  17. Good to know. I think Hand Ninja and Lady Deathstrike are the only two wave MLs I haven't seen in the wild this year.
  18. Psycho Man looks great, I usually think of High Evolutionary as being more fuchsia colored than red but still, good looking figure. The FF also look nice. Translucent Sue especially but Reed in lab coat is cool (although i think i would've preferred the stretch arms from the WG version over the elongated fingers from the skrull wave version. Thing is probably the toughest call for me as i'm not sure if the alternate heads are enough for me to buy him again, guess it depends on whether i get reed or not. Not much interest in the x-guys or animated Morbius but that's OK. Wonder if that hint about the fire effect working for other fire characters is a hint that Firelord is one of the tiers? Otherwise i suppose Human Torch attaching would be pretty cool, too. Since i'm not getting Galactus kind of a moot point, tho
  19. count me in as another fan of that red-and-white costume, although i'll admit i'm not a huge fan of the character. The only thing i don't like are the blue highlights on the feet, wish they'd just stuck with black, white, and red. But anyhow i'm skipping this iteration of spidey 2099; however, nice option for those that missed the previous versions even if its not as good. i'm guessing both prior versions are more pricey in the aftermarket.
  20. Doesn’t seem that overpriced considering the sentinel was $350 and the cost of everything is significantly higher than it was a year ago, plus this is bigger than the sentinel was. I mean it’s more than I’m willing to spend but it’s hard to see one can think the sentinel price is reasonable yet this one is not. The price of base figures went from $20 to $23 (15% increase).. if you increase $350 by 15%, guess what price you arrive at? showing nova makes sense to motivate some of those on the fence to take the plunge. I still think they make it to 14,000 but not sure if they’ll get to 16,000 etc
  21. Frankie looks great! I have the old vac-metal version which has its good points but I’m sure the articulation will be a lot better with this one
  22. Well, my local WM finally got rid of all the Shang chi wave figures, not sure how and I don’t really care...but hopefully this means some new stuff will be coming, either Ursa Major wave or infinity saga
  23. From what i've read it sounds like Johansson does get a cut of the D+ premium access money. Her lawsuit relies on the assumption that same day release hampered movie box office by more than $60 million (or whatever D+ made.. .plus all the "piracy") thus damaging her earnings potential, particular if her contract specified a theatrical release. Disney seems to be trying to work public opinion by portraying Scarlett as a greedy celebrity (which ok, i'm sure she is somewhat) but while ianal it sure seems like Scarlett has a case, and tbh i'm surprised Disney didn't give her whatever $$ amount she wanted just to avoid bad publicity or damage to the brand. Especially if Disney views BW as a one-off situation and are thinking Shang-chi, Eternals etc wont have same day premium access release on D+. I would think going forward to future mcu movies (and really movies in general) that big stars will start to have covid clauses in contract in case the movie ends up streaming same day and thus they dont earn the box office potential they might otherwise.
  24. Yeah i am sure a lot of people who were unable to get the WG FF for one reason or another will be all over the retro wave as it is a much more familiar costume for many fans and of course evokes the byrne era. I'm a bit unsure about the FF's popularity these days so i'm not sure how the wave will sell but i guess the super-skrull wave did well enough. I found it interesting that an "influencer" (ugh) asked the team if they had considered making waves that tie-in to haslab projects, and the team suggested that they viewed HoX/PoX and the upcoming retro FF wave as sort of tie-ins to Sentinel and Galactus, respectively. They also referenced how much of an influence Byrne-era "starving" Galactus was on the project (especially in terms of the scale).
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