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  1. Rewatched on D+ and i think i liked it even more the 2nd time around! The first hour or so in particular is just non-stop fun (imo of course). The 1st time i saw it i thought the finale was a bit too busy but this time around it didn't bother me. I definitely would like to see all of the surviving characters' next adventures. Yeah they did steal a lot from Iron Fist but whatever, he had his shot and Perlmutter, Loeb, and Scott Buck blew it pretty badly. And frankly they probably could still bring Danny in at some point - they've established that people can get super-powers by communing with dragons, not much of a stretch to expand Ta Lo into one of 7 heavenly villages or somesuch and just make K'un L'un one of the other villages.
  2. its basically $10 for a wall decoration, which isn't that costly. And there are some i could see being useful, shrinking character such as Ant-man or Wasp. The silver surfer would go well with a Galactus figure, the x-men would probably work well with a Sentinel although there the limited articulation might create issues. Bottom line, not for me. All that said, i'm becoming increasingly disenchanted with retro packaging for the ML line. It was fun at first but now just strikes me as a way to cheap out by not including additional accessories or a BAF part instead.
  3. that's my thought. just another step towards encouraging people to watch movies at home rather than going to theaters, but again a bit odd since Disney is one of the studios that has done relatively well at theaters despite COVID. I suppose they are just hedging their bets.
  4. That's cool but certainly isn't going to encourage folks to go back to the movie theaters. Altho perhaps Disney will end up going back to a longer window between theater and D+ release, as it seems like having that gap has really made a big difference in box office between Disney productions and say WB.
  5. btw asked the experts at classic comics forum and they came up with Punisher War Zone 20 from Oct '93 as the first marvel teaming of asian writer and artist - Larry Hama (no surprise there) and Hoang Nguyen, whom I am unfamiliar with.
  6. My favorite Iron Fist run is the Brubaker & Fraction run, which was all about legacy, so this is situation where i really have no issue with someone new picking up the mantle and frankly am surprised it didn't happen already. Its kind of weird to think that having an all-asian creative team is, by implication, such a rare event in comics that it is worthy of making special note of. Mainly since marvel has had asian artists for a long time, going back to the great filipino artists of the 70s, if not further. But off the top of my head (and admittedly i'm old) I can't recall many asian comic writers back in the day. My guess would be maybe Larry Hama might have worked with asian artists at some point, so perhaps he would be part of the 1st all-asian creative team but maybe other more knowledgeable can come up with something more definitive.
  7. Has Habro Pulse been refusing to allow people to return defective Sentinels for a refund? If so, that seems sketchy, but i haven't really heard anyone specifically say that this has happened to them - did someone post about it here? What seems more likely to me is that people are wanting Hasbro to do things they probably can't, like A) fix the customer's sentinel and return it to them ,or B)allow customers to exchange their "defective" sentinel for a new one. I was under the impression that there was a 30 day window for returns, and if hasbro pulse is not honoring that then should definitely be called out for it. But my guess is that a lot of the people complaining about weak knees or whatever would still rather hang onto the Sentinel rather than get a refund and have no Sentinel. As far as "fixes" go, as noted different people will have different issues, so the team could be exposing themselves to liability if they post a "fix" for the knees and someone tries that out and ends up damaging their Sentinel somehow. I do anticipate that the collecting community will continue to come up with their own fixes for Sentinel issues, probably in ways just as ingenious as anything Hasbro could come up with.
  8. they are everywhere right now (well, not Walgreens i guess). I'm sure a lot of people are savvy enough to wait it out til these hit clearance, and of course others aren't into mcu and can just skip the wave entirely. Maybe Hasbro's approach of mixed comic/mcu waves wasn't such a terrible idea after all - - as it stands, no comic figure collectors have any incentive to get these guys. The price increase isn't helping either - since it happened have only picked up Ultron and Thena (and i already kinda regret Thena, although she's a pretty nice looking figure). I will reiterate that its a bit frustrating that comic based waves barely show up at retail but yet the shelves are full of case after case of this wave (and, previously, Shang-chi wave). But i shouldn't complain too much as the only BAF wave figures i haven't seen in the wild this year are the Hand Ninja and the entire What if Wave (??).
  9. The question is why did they go from having figures available on their website to seemingly abandoning this. although tbh i can't remember if black surfer was ever on sale online or not. I guess best we can hope for is that WG either changes their ways or that BBTS/others end up selling some of these exclusives later (at a markup, natch.. but still better than ebay or abroad)
  10. Only really interested in Zemo, but him being a WG exclusive is a bummer. Happened to be online at 3:30 friday so i caught some of the stream. always cool to see these 3 even in a somewhat underwhelming, drawn-out presentation. they probably could've truncated the interviews a bit. I do miss the days of the big toyfair and sdcc reveals, hopefully someday we can get back to that but i'm not so sure, feels like the current model of having constant announcements and new preorders up probably boosted sales and increased "brand awareness"
  11. Despite the interesting look AND being one of the few marvel characters with Mayan connections AND (most importantly) being the only Eternal who can "talk to Celestials", I'm hard pressed to think of one interesting line of dialogue AJak has ever had, let alone an interesting subplot or character arc. Not in Kirby's Eternals, not in Thomas' Thor run, not in Gaiman's series. Of course i'm old so i could well be forgetting something, but as it stands the mcu character could hardly be much less memorable than the comic version.
  12. Heh. Selma pointed out what many of us have mentioned before - the neutral expressions that Hasbro chooses make the character look bored or sleepy, and it is not a very natural expression for a superhero or dynamic character to have. It is a very fair criticism, although at least her figure came with an alternate head. I didn't interpret her remarks as being a critique of the "likeness" per se, i mean yeah its not among ML's best but i doubt she has much frame of reference for how great action figure likenesses can get. She certainly wasn't complaining that the boobs weren't big enough or whatever.
  13. His looks don't bother me - its actually kind of refreshing that marvel didn't cast a handsome jock type in the role . I'm more concerned about Warlock being overly comedic or used as the butt of everyone's jokes, but that would be a concern regardless of who was cast.
  14. 1st of all, right now he's charging under 10% markup. $30 is a 30% markup, its not till $35 you start approaching the markup rates you are suggesting. And you are correct, for $35 you could probably get off ebay, however i'm sure some folks would rather support their local comic store and try and help keep it around as opposed to supporting an anonymous ebay seller. ymmv I am grateful for Benn's perspective a a shop-owner/collector on these here forums, he's helped me understand a lot about the ML ordering process for retailers.
  15. I think this presumes there is some reason for having exclusives in the first place. Yes, i get that the head honchos of retail chains love having them but they are a nightmare for collectors. And i don't buy for a second that herc, tigra, quasar, binary, etc. couldn't have been easily slotted into a BAF or retro wave somewhere. Also, feels like exclusives are primarily what drives scalpers, take the exclusives away and there is a lot less incentive for them to be checking toy aisles of every store every morning.
  16. I think either Gamestop or just fan channel would be preferable at this point, since the majority of Walgreen's no longer seem to stock any ML's aside from the exclusives, assuming they even carry those. It kind of boggles my mind that Hasbro allows them to demand exclusives when they otherwise don't support the line in seemingly any way. I would cut WG some slack due to the supply chain issues affecting everyone, but they seemed to abandon ship around spring 2020 when covid first hit. Which is fine, they're a pharmacy first and foremost, but just give us all a break and call it quits with Hasbro once and for all instead of pretending you want toy collectors buying figures at your chain.
  17. Definitely not. Makes very little difference to me, generally i only repurchase characters once in a while, mostly when i get sucked into buying a set or completing a BAF, or when they do a more classic/iconic look (imo) that replaces the "modern look" figure for the character.
  18. Both my local WM's have restocked the first D+ wave, although one had the figures on clearance for $17 and change. One WM had a bunch of the Iron Man Infinity Saga figures - although i spotted one of the same figure at Target on clearance for $18. My local Target also had gotten a bunch more Thena figures but nothing else from Eternals. I have seen the Thor infinity saga at WM as well but at full price so i passed. Ditto with Surtur at Target. The only set i've seen from the Infinity Saga line was the happy hogan one at Target awhile back, which eventually was clearanced for like $37 before they sold. My local Gamestop had Odin. they also had that Fortnite half-skeleton Peely but $29 just felt like too much, cool as he looked. Odin looked good but full price so again i passed. Basically not a lot out there right now that i feel like i need urgently enough to pay full price for, but there are definitely a bunch of figures i would get if there were a sale.
  19. Looks nice although i bet he's pricey - maybe not quite deluxe Black WIdow but perhaps in the $30 range? sorry i didn't watch the video maybe its addressed there. I will likely pick him up as i wouldn't mind replacing 80th Cap as mine has derpy eyes to different degrees on each of the heads, plus i like the brighter colors.
  20. From what i've been hearing, many targets seem to be getting solid cases of one or two characters rather than the wave assortment. Anyhow the one i visited on Thursday had 2 Thenas but none of the wave figures (or any other ML figures period)
  21. Since that there's probably about a 50-50 chance Walmart fulfills any given pre-order, more sleep might have been the better choice. I'll wait for now, feels like *most* Walmart exclusives end up on the website eventually (usually after they've been marked down to $5 at stores nowhere near me).
  22. A must-get for me, hopefully it won't be too difficult. One of my top wants as far as figures go, i was not a huge fan of the two modern releases we've gotten.
  23. In the comics, the heroes retained their minds to some degree but were driven by an overwhelming need to feed, so they were shown using their powers in service of getting food. Once sated, they would temporarily regain control of themselves and lament what they had become. I can't see how a dead bus driver's bus driving skills would help sate his hunger in the same way that shooting an arrow at someone fleeing would help hawkeye sate his. This was also the motive for amputating Black Panther's leg in the comics - Pym kept feeding himself in order to retain a clear mind so that he could attempt to find a cure. However, the animated show didn't make much sense since the heroes could use powers (even to the point of opening teleportation portals etc) without having any real consciousness (i guess wanda shows a glimmer when she realized Vision is dead, but iirc that's about it).
  24. went to my local targets and walmarts this week but pretty slim pickings. Target had a couple of the happy hogan sets, thats it although they had an infinity saga endcap display with some basic shang-chi toys and mcu dvds, but no ML figures on the display. No MLs at any Walmart i went to. The motu lines was the one i saw most consistently, although both chains had some dc multiverse figures (with target having the most). I will have to start checking Walgreens soon for Nova but the price tag puts me off a bit, guess i'm hoping they have an online sale i can get in on before i actually find him in a store lol
  25. It did set a record for labor day weekend opening, i think, so i'm guessing disney is reasonably happy with the box office, even if it didn't beat black widow - it probably won't have quite as steep a drop off the 2nd weekend, especially with good word of mouth/critical reception. I'll probably try and catch it on a weekday sometime this week, so hopefully it won't be too crowded.
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