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  1. I think we all would but if they're gonna get silly with it might as well go all out. Of course Nicholas Hammond is 70 so he'd have to play retired spidey or something. i'm hoping these rumors amount to just quick cameos rather than Maguire and Garfield being integral to the plot, anyhow.
  2. I think it makes sense given that the previous version commanded a fairly high price in the aftermarket, which seemingly is confirmed by how quickly she sold out on pulse. all the choices were repaints of female characters so I don’t think Jim Hammond torch was ever in the cards. for better or for worse, MLs are titled towards modern characters or ones who have appearances in other media besides comics, imo. But I do think we will probably get an original torch eventually - my guess would be we get a more classic looking torch in the FF retro wave, then later that will be rereleased with minor adjustments as Hammond, probably as a fan channel exclusive. overall hasbro seems to be dialing it back in terms of female characters, with many waves only having 1 female character... for awhile most waves had 2. From your list I’m guessing the x-related characters will get figures the soonest.
  3. Have heard some reports of him showing up in MA but haven’t seen him myself. Also apparently WG has been putting him in the seasonal aisle rather than the usual toy aisle, according to some reports. Finally I don’t think popfindr is currently working for WG exclusives, perhaps they are adjusting how the track inventory? I could be wrong about that though
  4. Yup. Definitely much different from the G.I.Joe Cobra Island fiasco, or even the Red Hulk exclusive. Not to mention being discounted practically from the get-go.
  5. I think calling these guys (as well as puppet master and hammerhead) “civilians” relies on an awfully loose interpretation of the word. Certainly wouldn’t mind figures for them, though (but they are pretty far down as far as my personal priorities go)
  6. Yeah that would be top of my list for civvies, i think. We need a figure for the old bag. With stack of wheatcakes accessory. Rick Jones would be nice (with a guitar accessory and removable nega bands). Agree with Turk also. I guess i don't really count "heroes in human form/garb" as civvies, but certainly bruce banner would be welcome, especially with a "beginning to transform" head (and maybe hands)
  7. Definitely prefer the head on this guy over the hasbro WG version. I still gotta question that decision although i know there is one run where he had that look.
  8. Gotta agree with everyone else here, these are top notch. i especially love Vertigo and Riptide but they are all great
  9. That's crazy, seems like he has been very hard to find for a lot of folks (he's currently at about $40 on amazon) so hopefully some people will hit you up. Unfortunately my guess is that once the new version comes out people will lose interest in superskrull wave version since the newer one comes with the book accessories (and, to a lesser extent, the green effect pieces) Also i'm a bit confused, i thought this guy was gonna be part of an FF retro wave.. or is he a solo release? How are people getting ahold of him already if he's part of a wave. what characters make up the rest of the wave? or did someone just steal one off a factory floor or something.
  10. I don't plan on getting any of these guys until i (eventually) get my hellfire club set, hopefully some are still available then but guess we'll see. Think i will settle for just get a couple . I'm not big on army building, generally i prefer to get unique characters over nameless goons. Still haven't unboxed my hydra 2-pack from a few years back, nor my solo A.I.M. trooper from whatever wave he came in (altho that might change if i ever get a MODOK figure). Even with storm troopers i don't tend to get more than 1 of each type, if that. But it is definitely fun to see pics taken by people that do have huge sets of any of these., and i can certainly understand the urge to get a bunch of them.
  11. My understanding was that disney was obligated to give this movie a theatrical release instead of just going with streaming/vod, as part of the deal when they purchased fox.. but i could be wrong. Anyhow the movie probably did about as well as could be expected, i'm not sure it would've made a ton more money had it been released under 'ordinary' circumstances when it would have faced more competition. might've done better opening weekend but i'm guessing it would've faced a rapid decline in b.o. returns in subsequent weekends. Even ignoring the amount of time the movie (ironically) spent in limbo, after reading reviews i don't have a ton of interest in seeing it but will probably check it out someday when i'm bored. Feels like it kind of wasted a good cast but that's fox for you. At least its probably better than Trank's F4.
  12. Yeah, this definitely feels like some Sony exec saying, "Hey, that Spider-verse film was really popular! Let's made the live version just like it!!" Although i guess Feige as input here and the multiverse is supposedly a big part of phase 4 so who knows. I do know that i am not particularly eager to revisit Maguire or Garfield Spidey. I enjoyed Maguire spidey back in the day but its a different beast from the Holland films, and i didn't particularly enjoy the Garfield movies. Much like in the comics, seeing versions of characters from other universes is fun once in a while but having constant interactions just lowers any dramatic stakes imo. Hopefully Spidey 3 will be good anyhow and i'll end up eating my words
  13. Was able to place an order for the Storm 2-pack on Target at about 7:30 ET this morning. Its still up for delivery so go go go if you missed out. Was also able to get it for $40 as the target app has offers for $10 off a $50 purchase and $25 off a $100 purchase. Had to add a $1 beach ball to put me over the threshold but feels a lot better paying $41 than $50. However this offer is only for purchases thru the app (or for pickup, i think). Ordered a bunch of figures yesterday too so i am way over budget for figures this week. Assuming the storm set doesn't get cancelled or something i will probably end up returning a set or figure to balance things out a bit, although that will take a lot of self-discipline as these figs all look great.
  14. used the target app deal to get Deadpool, Negasonic, Domino & Logan for $80 (including tax).
  15. grandmaster, I guess. Juggernaut, hulkbuster, and cull were all BAFs who were/are being released as part of a set. Solo deluxe releases are a relatively new thing. Not sure if there are other figures who have only been released as part of sets.
  16. The surprise to me is that they waited this long, Feels like people would’ve been more excited about this a year ago or even earlier this year. but overall agree. Having only completed prof hulk BAF recently i will not be surprised to see a version with glasses and tacos released sometime. And we all know that armored Thanos is getting rereleased at some point too. one thing that does surprise me is that they haven’t gotten around to rereleasing mantis or okoye yet, feels like they could’ve been part of some sort of set. Or maybe they would’ve been part of a Disney plus wave, I dunno. And on the comic side I think it’s a safe bet that both Venompool and fixit get deluxe rereleases a year or two down the line. Dunno about less popular characters like Strong Guy and Sugarman though, they seem more like a one-time deal
  17. I mean, its a cool option for anyone who skipped out on these guys the 1st time around. But I'm just not sure how large a group of collectors that is. Yeah, plenty of folks would like a more movie accurate cull obsidian, but the rest seemed pretty good the 1st time around, at least good enough to not make me want to shell out $120 for a replacement set. Guess we'll see how the preordering goes but feels like the market is pretty limited for something like this, probably hasbro trying to capitalize on mcu collector's desperation for something 'new' to buy since eternals wave etc are postponed. I predict it sits around for awhile and then gets marked down, at which point some folks might scoop it up (especially after they've sold off their previous versions on ebay - i'm guessing many are doing that right now)
  18. Yeah her being double-packed in that wave is pretty crazy, seems like they assumed having the -pool suffix alone would render her very popular. I do like the figure though and the tongue out is my default head for her so I’m not complaining
  19. But on the flip side, doesn’t Anthony have an incentive to rag on the retail lines, since his whole thing is that his customs are *better*? It’s not like Shartimus has his own custom line (aside from the usual t-shirts and patreon requests). personally I find Anthony tends to repeat his complaints over and over again to the point where it’s annoyingly, plus placing too much emphasis on realistic anatomy for figures based on comic nook characters, but to each his own. on topic, silk is a good looking figure but since I’ve never read any of her comic appearances I don’t feel any need to pick up this figure, especially with a lot of other figures out there I still want to get
  20. No interest in either xmas themed MLs or Star Wars (altho the range trooper in Santa colors is clever and seemed tailor-made for the Fwoosh’s Robo’s Gus character). The Star Wars ones did sell our quickly (at least preorders). Feels like ML could get away with doing certain A-listers in green and red or red and white, iron man, Spidey, deadpool, wolverine, etc. If they had something at a lower price point they could probably sell a lot of these to casuals, but hard to see non-collectors shelling out $20 each for holiday themed figures. Plus it seems more likely given recent trends that hasbro would sell them in 2-packs for $50 or something
  21. Even though I think it’s a pretty lame figure I have been tempted to grab him just to get the mini wasp. Really bugs me that I don’t have one although I was glad to get a mini Antman with the wasp figure
  22. So by that measure, every exclusive would be a cash grab, too. Plus every $40 2-pack with no BAF pieces (not to mention sets at a higher price point). Basically anything but a BAF wave figure is now a cash grab, including the double packed figure that doesn’t have a BAF piece. Personally I think this is a silly argument
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