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  1. i think it would be cool for Todd to do some marvel figs based on his own artwork on Spidey & Hulk. i look forward to wolvie with Hulk's reflection painted on the claws lol
  2. got first appearance spidey using the 25% off coupon at Target today. pretty psyched since i missed him the first time around. nice figure, especially as i've been re-reading all the ditko issues recently
  3. multiverse is cool for introducing a new iteration of a character - either villainous or quirky or what-have you. the drawback is that its hard to establish stakes which is kind of important when we already know the lead character is gonna have plot armor. so they are mostly useful for fun one-offs but not great as the basis for a sprawling epic (probably why most of DC' crises have left me somewhat cold)
  4. Disney probably trying to soften the character up somewhat, a more kid-friendly Blade so to speak
  5. feels like it wasn't too long ago Jay predicted this would fail. oh well, too bad for all the nattering nabobs of negativity
  6. Giant Man is in no way as desirable a collector centerpiece as Galactus or the Sentinel. This is reflected in both the lower price and the more modest goal of 10,000 units. I'd say its off to a good start but still questionable as to whether it end up funded or not. There aren't exactly a lot of surprises with this one so feels like anybody whos going to get on board will likely do so fairly quickly, then the numbers will probably flatline up until the final 48 hours or so.
  7. I feel like if they had to do an ML Haslab, this is a pretty good choice. Personally i don't have a need for a 24 inch Giant Man figure with all that hand articulation etc. For me, a BAF or deluxe Giant-Man roughly the same height and articulation scheme as the mcu Giant-Man BAF would have sufficed, but i get that for a Haslab its gotta be more deluxe than retail offerings. To me, it makes sense to create tiers that really only have value to someone interested in the main offering, rather than having figures like Jarvis or whomever trapped behind a $400 firewall. as for other versions of Hank or Jan etc I'm sure like Galactus they have some figures in the pipeline that they plan to release to coincide with Giant Man's shipping date. Wasp is certainly well-known enough to get her own release, although with Hasbro surely it will be as part of a 2-pack including a repaint of a figure we already all own lol. All that said, kinda doubt this gets funded. I just don't think Giant Man is that popular, plus i'm sure between the Sentinel and Galactus many collectors are realizing that its not all that easy to display your regular MLs when you have one of these colossal ones around.
  8. picked up Blob at msrp from 3rd party on amazon. Cool figure, pricey but hey still cheaper than if he was a BAF imo. Maybe he'll go on sale eventually but i dunno been awhile and it seems like he's held at msrp or higher afaik. Also picked up the Moondragon/Drax set (plus Nalan Cheel to get free shipping). That 2-pack feels like a good value as Drax is such a hefty figure. Both are pretty nice and again perhaps could've waited for the next pulse sale but since it didn't feel like a rip-off i didn't mind paying. my local target has a lot of the 60th anniv sets in, and actually if you start at the base price of $25 a figure, most of the sets are not unreasonably priced - there doesn't seem to be much of an anniversary tax like there usually. otoh everyone knows to play the waiting game with these by now and i feel like any figures 25+ are a tough sell for casuals (like parents with kids). so we'll see how things play out. I mostly want the Monica/Doom 2-pack, maybe Hawkeye with cycle. I do want Spider-Woman but find that super-skrull figure ugly (as in aesthetically displeasing) so he's a tough sell for me. THe Infinity saga wave/line is fine, cool for people who were missing members. I'm guessing they are pricier than normal so will probably only use to maybe fill in gaps like Banner, maybe
  9. Luke Cage is a must. Lady Bullseye also a likely addition. Clea and Blade are maybes. Not much interest in Fist, Daredevil, or Iron Man and can certainly live without Mindless One so my guess is I'll grab Luke and wait on a sale for Lady B then clearance for any others (or just skip them). Wonder Man and Molecule Man remain my most recent ML pickups aside from Target exclusives. Been a very slow year for ML purchases for me.
  10. yeah too bad i already bought MM and Wonder Man. Hope Orb and Strucker go on sale for $12.50 soon ,though. I wouldn't mind Cap or IM either altho at that point I'd probably just finish the wave to complete BAF
  11. Spotted full cases of Puff adder wave at 2 local Walmarts, grabbed a Wonder Man and Molecule Man. I also want Orb and Strucker but they will have to wait for a sale. Really digging Wondy and while Molecule Man has his flaws glad to finally have this guy in the collection. One Walmart also had a full case of the Spiderverse wave so i finally got a good look at all of them in person. Just not my bag - Spider Punk is the most appealing to me, but he looks so skinny i find myself doubring his joints will hold up. But if he's on sale later might grab him. But for now I'm happy with the 3 spider-verse figs i have from the Stilt man wave (skipped Prowler) So i guess the only wave i'm still looking out for is Ch'od. My next most anticipated figure is probably Blob or Ronan, but i'm still hesitant on both due to the price. I'll have to get them eventually though
  12. i think dropping all the eps of Echo at once suggests Disney doesn't have much confidence in how the series turned out
  13. i did find a case of Yondu at my local Target this week, on the same endcap with the mcu GotG. So if you haven't seen any in your store yet, maybe check that display in the next week or two.
  14. yeah of the 2023 figs out now Wonder Man is probably my most wanted. I would have thought Molecule Man would be my top priority but he's not classic enough for me - he's too tall and not a huge fan of the head sculpt. Plus i don't get why fireballs he should have those cosmic bubbles like silver surfer / havok etc have
  15. I think that Molten Man figure was pretty lame. mostly i think the BAFs are pretty decent, even though lately the comic ones are mostly re-use. feels like at this point they are moving more to deluxe figures instead of BAFs when it comes to more well-known characters (e.g., Lizard, Ronan, Blob) and making BAFs for characters that aren't as well known. I still think comic BAFS may go the way of the dodo altho mcu BAFS continue to make sense imo.
  16. have gone back and forth about getting this guy but at the moment i'm passing. now a new DnA era Starlord figure, that i could definitely go for. I only know this look from the character's original appearances when he was very different from the character who formed GotG. But if he gets clearanced out i would probably pick him up. i'm sure he's worn the old costume in the post-DnA era some writer must have thought it would be a good idea to get him back in it, even temporarily.
  17. will add to the chorus and ask what in the world you are talking about? compared to the fireballs, spellcasting hand effects, bubble hand effects, etc? i mean they barely even use the stretchy arm with Reed figures, only the WG version got them.
  18. well now that i know a jessica drew head is included i'm probably in, i don't really need the super-skrull figure but he's fun and will fit into the villain's collection just fine. i still need a traditional super-skrull though
  19. eh not my thing. at least its 2 new characters i suppose. makes me wonder how much classic spider-woman is on the aftermarket. i'm guessing this set on sale is probably cheaper, although of course you'd have to use the head from the upcoming spider-woman figure which i otherwise don't really want
  20. i dunno what they plan next but i really dislike these 5 packs. knowing hasbro they will put like Titania in with 4 unrelated characters i don't want. the irony of course is that we can all come up with many 5-packs of villains that we would eagerly purchase, even if they were mostly figures made with re-used parts. if they center it around one character, deadpool or even venom would be logical choices. but i could see a more generic Avengers villain set. after the last FF wave tanked i'm not sure there is much appetite for a 5-pack there.
  21. My guess would be that retailers complained about it, both in term of making the product less appealing (compared with competitior's action figures) thus reducing sales, plus too many issues with returns based on people getting fig swapped. I'm sure all the collector's complaints helped a bit too but i suspect its really WM and Target that were the main influences behind the decision. i think hasbro also assumed that their competitors would follow suit and they could then portray themselves as green pioneers. Or maybe they just thought saving the environment was more of a priority for toy collectors. i'm sure they are under pressure to reduce plastic from a lot of folks who, in the end, don't buy the product anyhow. personally i didn't have any problems with missing parts or fig swaps etc, and in fact i think the plastic-free packaging cut down on stuff like warped weapons etc. my only real beef was that is was just very unappealing packaging when you walk down the toy aisle, especially compared to Mattel, McFarlane, etc.
  22. while i have yet to really warm up to the stylized designs of this wave, i do like this spider-punk figure. he's definitely a figure who wouldn't blend in well with other ML but pretty cool looking on its own.
  23. i don't get the deal with the glasses. still new character so happy for those who want him in their collection. i'm not sure i would really even need a Morrison era Quentin for my collection , so this version of Q is an easy pass. Of course i say that now but we'll see how far i get with ch'od, never say never etc
  24. same here, ditto for my local Targets - just various D+ and BP figures right now. haven't seen any proper 2023 figures at either WM or Target yet
  25. don't blame hasbro at all for re-releasing Miles, its just too bad that now we constantly compare the accessories coming with new figures to what we used to get with previous figures. Still if you need a Miles figure, not bad especially if you don't already have one of those cats, i guess. pass for me though i'll stick with the into the spider-verse animated version
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