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  1. Yeah if BAFs are done away with and they just did deluxe releases i don't think we get figures for stiltman, grizzly, armadillo, sugar man, xemnu, or controller. since the alternative to a BAF piece is what, maybe an extra pair of hands or something, i think its still probably beneficial overall. I do feel getting a BAF piece represents additional value even if it just ends up in a storage bag, especially compared to retro packaging which i really don't have much use for. any other comments i have would tie into price/cost so I'll stop here.
  2. Yeah given inflation i expect the next haslab to be more expensive. i'm having a hard time coming up with anything that really feels like a huge number of collectors would commit to. personally i think they should go with something more modest in scope and price, just something that they don't think could fly at retail (even as fan channel) but that fans might be into. i just have no idea what that might be though, playsets and vehicles seem like they would be too big, and there aren't that many more giant characters that i think people would pay that much for. but feels like they are obliged to try, just wish they could channel those resources into making more of the classic comic characters we are always clamoring for on this site
  3. I wish it was a BOTBG wave 2 but tbh sounds more like an x-men wave. to me optics sounds like cyclops and belle sounds like rogue, molecule could be almost any mutant otoh WON makes me think of wonderman and Antonio of Stark, so maybe its an avengers wave. guess we'll find out soon enough
  4. yeah i know the OP indicated not to bring price into it, so i'll try and avoid doing so. To me the BAF concept works best when you have both a cool looking BAF (doesn't have to be a big name) and the wave selection is such that collectors want at least 3 figures from the wave that come with BAF parts. At that point feels like there is a good chance the collector will complete the BAF eventually. Going forward between character selection and other factors, i can see collectors cutting back and deciding maybe they only want 2 or even just 1 figure from a wave. At that point it is easy to justfiy skipping the BAF unless the rest of the wave goes on clearance or something. The deluxe model seems great but of course it tend to involve more popular characters. I really like it personally and hope Hasbro continues to utilize it. $40 for the BAF Apoc, for instance, seems reasonable. and in general, 20th aside, most deluxe prices have been pretty reasonable. Archangel was a bit overpriced and MODOK is the other exception, of course many got those on sale but it does suggest their are limits to what collectors are willing to shell out, based on the product. THe BAF model was great when i started collecting MLs, i think it still works well but requires extra care when it comes to selecting the wave characters - i think collectors will put up with lots of re-use for wave figures if it has a great BAF, but it has to be for characters they want to add to their collection.
  5. it is what it is. i expect a lot of MOC collectors will move on to other lines, and retail sales will drop since the one advantage retail had over online ordering (ability to inspect product for QC issues) will be gone. What impact those two consequences will have on the line are hard to foresee, but man tough time to implement this policy when collectors are already having 2nd thoughts about the line due to price increases... and yeah i expect swapping and part stealing to be rampant, whether you purchase in store or online
  6. I thought classic strange was great. i could've lived without some of the accessories but whatever, and i got over the price long ago. My haul from the hasbro pulse sale arrived Saturday - retro Torch, clear invisible woman, Lady deathstrike, and classic Dormammu. Plus a hand ninja that i finally broke down and ordered on amazon (just to see it go on sale on dorkside less than a day later lol). But anyhow this completes Xemnu and just about finishes Stilt-Man as well (still need prowler arm). I don't know about everyone else but the price increases have mostly caused me to focus on getting figures from the past couple of years that i skipped initially, especially if i can find them at a sale price. of course it helps that the character selection in recent waves hasn't really appealed to me personally all that much. I did pay full price for the WG exclusives but not much choice if i wanted those characters, so be it.
  7. Can't say i find the new packaging very appealing. plus as pointed out no way to inspect for QC, so there is now very little incentive to buy MLs in store vs online. Any word on whether Mattel and McFarlane have similar plans to go plastic free? Good for the environment (although lets face it, a drop in the bucket really, if that) but not great for the health of the line, imo. you will pretty much lose all MOC collectors and hurt in-store retail sales, which itself could have consequences for whether chains choose to offer the figures in their physical stores.
  8. Figure looks good but i really didn't care for this character in the DnA War of Kings cosmic event, he just seemed pretty 1-dimensional and not very interesting visually or power-wise from what i saw. i also never managed to finish the Brubaker X-men run with him, even though usually i love Brubaker. So even though usually i really dig cosmic characters i don't think i'll pick this guy up unless he hits rock bottom prices. i do look forward to getting other figures on this buck though.
  9. i mean at this point every year is probably the anniversary of a dozen different comic beginnings/famous storylines/marvel movies, so i think its tricky to predict what anniversary theme they might choose. I wonder if they will try and continue with the 20th line or retro lines once they eliminate plastic from packaging, seems like a lot of the appeal would be gone. That said, i do expect hasbro to revisit some of the older toybiz figures they haven't redone already, feels like we've moved past the 90s and now the aughts are hitting their prime, in terms of nostalgia. i could be wrong Mainly just looking forward to getting more characters that fall into my primary collecting focus area, namely comics characters from 60s thru mid 80s. However, i anticipate the number of "new" characters that fall into that group will continue to diminish each year, and also that more and more of them will be either exclusives or part of 2-pack, 3-pack, etc. Hopefully more cosmic characters as well, from any era.
  10. this is a nice option for folks who missed the WG exclusive Mystique a few years back. The baby Kurt accessory is a nice touch. I'll pass though, since i already have the WG version.
  11. well i for one hope that next time around they don't feel all obligated to use 4 spots in the wave to give us the whole FF. as you point out they have a huge roster of related characters that could use figures, with only 2 open spots per wave (seemingly), its gonna take forever to get to some of those characters. granted many would also fit into an avengers wave or could be exclusives of some kind. Glad Firelord is coming, anyhow! Would especially like Annihilus Blastaar Triton Gorgon Karnak Crystal Mole Man Molecule Man She-hulk in FF costume Also for the 10th spot, a deluxe re-release of Superskrull since i never built him! Puppetmaster could be fun if he came with tiny FF figures like the mini ant-man, wasp and red guardian Blackbeard Ben Grimm from that early FF issue when they went back in time I could go on and on
  12. i didn't think he was that funny in Superstore but then again even Mark McKinney wasn't able to get laughs out of me from that show so i'll assume the actor does have comedic chops. Started crazy rich asians but wasn't really feeling it so i never finished, call me a philistine if you must
  13. yup, would've gotten the retro version had it come with the bendy arms instead of the freaky finger hands. oh well
  14. its a cool set imo. seems like a decent amount of accessories altho of course a lot of re-use here. $50 is reasonable given the new standard price of $25 per figure but since i'm not familiar with the character i'll try and forgo paying full price. could be a big mistake as it seems like it will be a popular set but i'll try and hold off and see if i can get it during a gamestop sale
  15. Thought the 1st ep was good. i liked the animated touches especially in the graffiti backgrounds. one of the mcu's biggest strengths has been in quickly establishing characters as ones we like, root for, and want to see more of, and i would say they were quite successful in terms of Kamala and her supporting cast. The Achilles heel of these shows has generally been flaky plotting imo. i suppose the movies would suffer from this too but the fast pace usually means you don't have as much time to think about plot holes as you do with a weekly series. also these series often introduce interesting ideas that the viewer wants to see explored more, only to (generally) fall back on relatively simplistic takes that can leave viewers feeling like "that's all there was to it?". Just my opinion of course. But likeable characters can compensate for a lot of this, and hopefully this series will have a non-flaky plot.
  16. that was the common complaint about MS Watcher that i've heard over the years, and definitely read a few warnings about it prior to this re-release. That said, as you mention his main function is to stand and watch, and seems like he will look good doing that. I hemmed and hawed too long and ended up missing preorders for the MS re-release, but i think i was also just hoping hasbro would make a comic version. Feels like both the MS Immortal Hulk and the Titanium Man figure were fairly well-received. I still think MS is a decent option for some of the "big guy" characters, at least until the hasbro version comes along.
  17. i'm down with a thunderbolts movie although tbh i think it would better as a series, where you could have some characters gradually reform and others attempt to reform but backslide etc. Yes you could do that in a 2-hour movie but it would feel rushed, and if you gotta have a redemption arc (which seems inevitable cuz Disney) would be better to give it time to develop. Plus you can even have the 1st ep mimic the 1st comic with them all in new costumes and the reveal that they are all villains at the end. I dunno. I'm definitely interested though. Abom feels like a bit of a powerhouse for this team although certainly they seem to be trying to bring the character back into the limelight with appearances in Shang-chi and She-hulk. But then Emil is a highly trained soldier so i guess he fits in with the rest of the potential team members.
  18. Seems like people are seeing solid cases of members of L &T at Target (i think Groot and one of the Thors were the ones sighted at different stores). As you may recall, target removed all the ML tags from the toy section during their last reset. I'm a bit curious as to whether these are going on pegs with tags or are just being randomly put anywhere. I'll have to check out my local store sometime and see whats going on - haven't been back since they took down the ML tags. Of course, Target continuing to get solid cases of figures rather than mixed-assortment cases isn't great news, either. I think some of Bonebreaker wave has been popping in and out on Target's website but not sure if any are showing up in stores yet. That would be a rough wave for solid cases imo.
  19. yup i've said it before but it would have been mighty nice of them to have one head that could pass for regular Thor, for folks who missed the 80th version. pretty lame not to that imo, after all as you say he is supposed to be able to pass for regular Thor, not have glowing red eyes all the time like the terminator. and i thought he was more of a clone than a robot anyhow, but maybe i'm misremembering
  20. yeah he is certainly a weird case, as its not like he'd be difficult to make or anything. like i said, i think he just fell off hasbro's radar.. feels like they just lost interest. or if we want to get conspiratorial about it, they feel the need to leave 1-2 key members of teams undone just to string along collectors (or to "extend the longevity of the line", depending on your pov)
  21. I feel like a lot of the "modern" teams exist for such short periods that there is a limited window for hasbro to make figures before they are forgotten about. I enjoyed Superior Foes but it feels like a long time ago now. Similarly, would love to see hasbro revisit the DnA cosmic era but I don't see it happening* I'd like to see the U-Foes get figures. Also in addition to the Wrecking crew would like to see the remaining villains from both the Secret Wars series as well as the Zemo Masters of Evil from the Avengers Under Siege storyline. I am way on board with original GotG and Starjammers, love cosmic stuff. More imperial guard would be cool too. Inhumans as well, very surprising they haven't sprinkled a few in but then the FF waves arethus far so dominated by the quartet not a lot of space for adjacent characters. *btw i think that's why we only got Vance from the original GotG - he travelled back in time and hung out with the modern team. also helped that the figure was 100% re-use iirc (probably why we didn't also get Starhawk who also helped the modern team -woud've required some new parts)
  22. its a great idea for a set, i doubt i'll bother replacing my old GotG vol 2 figures but still, nice for folks who missed these characters the 1st time around. And good time to do it, before the costumes/looks change for GotG3
  23. I dunno about Vulcan body but i would definitely like a new DD figure in classic red. i like the sp//dr wave version i have well enough altho feels like teh face sculpt is a bit soft and really just need those classic colors. I missed the hobgoblin wave version and the defenders box set
  24. yeah i missed all the 20th figures, would've liked to get Cap at 40% off. I ended up grabbing Dormammu & Lady Deathstrike to complete Xemnu. I also got the clear version of Sue and the retro FF wave Torch to replace my WG Torch. Both the snake eyes/timber set and the elf/panther Dungeons & Dragons sets were tempting at $25 each. Good sale if you are trying to build Ursa Major as well as i think most were there. I'm just not a huge Iron Man fan.
  25. eh from their point of view they also want people to stay tuned to D+. i don't think its a coincidence that this comes out the day that Obi Wan wraps up. Altho i agree to an extent. i didn't rush out to see Batman and by the time i got around to thinking of seeing it, they had announced it was coming to HBO Max so i just waited and watched it there. If i had to wait 6 months or something than i would've saw it in theaters before it left.
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